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CHDK and Canon A480 Quick Start Guide
CHDK is an alternative firmware for some Canon cameras. It provides access to lots of cool features
that are found only on high end SLR cameras, plus some features that are not found anywhere.

Why the Canon A480? Because refurbished cameras are available for $75 from Adorama with a one
year warranty and only one version of firmware has been seen on them to date. This means that there
is a very good chance the firmware in the A480 you receive will be compatible with CHDK.

This short guide shows how to quickly access some useful features. It is not intended to be exhaustive
or replace the CHDK wiki or forums.

CHDK can be set to automatically load when the camera is turned on, however I don’t use that feature
because I want to use an 8Gb SD memory card. Cards of 8Gb create complications when autoloading
CHDK, but I want the extra space for long time lapse photography.

Download and extract the A480 “full” CHDK zip file from the CHDK website. Extract the files to the top
level of your SD card and put the card into your camera.

Loading CHDK

1. Turn the camera on by pressing the Play button
2. Press the Menu button
3. Scroll down to “Firm Update” and select it, then select “OK” to confirm. After a delay the CHDK
logo and version number will appear.
4. Half press the shutter button to switch to record mode

The rest of this guide assumes your camera is in record mode, unless stated otherwise.

Turn on Histogram

1. Press Mode and “<Alt>” appears at the bottom of the screen. This allows access to the CHDK
2. Press Menu. Note that the menu may occasionally disappear while you are using it. It’s still there,
just press the navigation buttons and it will reappear.
3. Choose Histogram Parameters 10/10/2013

com/2010/06/03/chdk-and-canon-a480-quick-start-guide/ 10/10/2013 . Choose Histogram Parameters then change Show Live Histogram from “Always” to “Don’t” 3.CHDK and Canon A480 Quick Start Guide Página 2 de 17 4. Press Mode to get into Alt mode then Menu 2. Press Mode to get into Alt mode then Menu 2. To turn it on: 1. Choose OSD Parameters then DOF Calculator 3. Change Show DOF Calculator from “Don’t” to “Separat” 4. To turn off the histogram: 1. Press the right button to change Show Live Histogram from “Don’t” to “Always” 5. Press Menu to exit the menu 6. Press Menu to exit the menu then Mode to exit Alt mode Choose a subject and half press the shutter button. Press Mode and “<Alt>” disappears from the bottom of the screen. On the screen you will see a set of values in meters. Press Menu to exit the menu and Mode to exit the Alt mode Display Depth of Field CHDK can display depth of field information. • S = distance to subject • R1 = distance towards camera before subject is out of focus • R2 = distance away from camera before subject is out of focus • DOF = depth of field (R2 – R1) • HYP = hyperfocal distance http://www. A live histogram will now be displayed on the screen.britishideas.

Press Func/Set and enable continuous mode. Half press the shutter button to focus then hold down the shutter button to take a series of pictures Every time a picture is taken CHDK will “oscillate” the subject distance in front and behind the auto focus point in steps of 20 mm. At the top left in red the current SD value should be shown 8. but CHDK does. up). To turn off: 1.e.CHDK and Canon A480 Quick Start Guide Página 3 de 17 To turn off: 1. Change Show DOF Calculator from “Separat” to “Don’t” 4. At this point in red at the top left will be “BRACKET: +/. 2369 is the subject distance in millimeters 3. Choose Extra Photo Operations followed by Bracketing in Continuous Mode 3. Press Menu and then Mode to exit the Alt mode 7. Press Menu and then Mode to exit the Alt mode http://www. 40 mm. Choose OSD Parameters then DOF Calculator 3. Press Mode to get into Alt mode then Menu 2.britishideas.SD:20″ 8. Press Mode to get into Alt mode then press Menu 2. Half press the shutter button and the auto focus mechanism will focus on the subject. Set the Value Factor (mm) to “1″ 5. 140 mm. right) to change the factor to 10. Choose Extra Photo Operations followed by Bracketing in Continuous Mode 3. Dist. 10/10/2013 . etc.e. Press Mode to get into Alt mode 2. Press the zoom buttons to change the subject distance 10 mm at a time 7. Bracket Valu to “20″ 4. CHDK will then immediately change the focus to the previously set value. For example if the auto focus subject distance was 100 mm then the sequence will be: • 100 mm. In record mode press Mode to get into Alt mode 2. 60mm. Press the flash button (i. ISO and subject distance every time a shot is taken in continuous mode. Set the Value Factor (mm) to “Off” 4. left) to change the factor back to 10. Press the zoom buttons to change the subject distance. It will change 100 mm at a time. Press Menu to exit the menu then Mode to exit Alt mode Manual Focus The Canon A480 doesn’t have manual focus. Press the Macro/Infinity button (i. To turn off: 1. Press Mode to exit Alt mode. Continuous Bracketing CHDK can configure the camera to change one or more of the shutter speed. 80 mm. 5. Press it again to change it to 100 4. Press ISO (i. Press Mode to get into Alt mode then Menu 2. Press ISO (i. up). If the Bracketing type is changed to “+” then the camera will keep increasing the subject distance for each shot and it will keep reducing the subject distance for “-”. 160 mm. Set the Bracketing type to +/- 6. The red text showing the SD and factor values will disappear. 120 mm. To enable: 1. Here is an example using the subject distance: 1.e.e. The at the top left in red something like “SD: 2369 FACTOR: 1″ will appear. Set Subj.

Press Menu then Mode to exit Alt mode Changing Camera Modes When not using CHDK pressing the Mode button switches between Auto. Press Menu. Copy the script at the bottom of this post and save as “LAPSED3. Choose “LAPSED32. Press Mode to get into Alt mode then Menu 4. you read that right. The widescreen images taken by the Canon A480 have better than 1080P resolution. Choose Scripting Parameters then Load Script From File… 5. At red in the top left it should display “TV: 1/100k” Now take a picture of something bright. At the bottom of the screen it should show the name of the script “Time-lapse DIII V2″ 11. Choose Extra Photo Operations 3. which is 34 minutes! To turn off: 1. To run the script: 1. At this point the camera should start taking one picture every two seconds.LUA” in the folder CHDK\SCRIPTS on the SD card. Press Mode to exit the Alt mode http://www. How can the original functionality be obtained? When CHDK is loaded press and hold the Mode button down to switch between the camera 10/10/2013 . Press Mode to get into Alt mode the Menu 2. Failure to do this will stop the time lapse script from working 10. Make sure Display off frame is always “0″. Press Mode to get into Alt mode then Menu 2. To enable: 1. Change Sequence minutes to “10″ 8. P. However when using CHDK the Mode button switches between Canon menus and CHDK menus. Put the camera into record mode 2. like a macro of a lightbulb. Press Menu and change Review to “Off” 3. Time Lapse Scripts The CHDK forum has a lot of different scripts.CHDK and Canon A480 Quick Start Guide Página 4 de 17 Extreme Shutter Speeds It is possible to set the Canon A480 to a shutter speed of 1/100. Press the shutter button again to stop the script 13. as the pictures will have the correct aspect ratio. Setting the Override Shutter Speed to “2048″ will use 2048 seconds. Yes. Press Menu and then Mode to exit Alt mode. Scene and Movie modes.LUA” 6.britishideas. I found the one which looked the best to me and tweaked it for the Canon A480.000. Change Focus to “1″ 9. Change the Value Factor to “Off” 4. Choose Extra Photo Operations 3. which is pretty much as fast as it will go when using scripts 12. For high definition movies it helps to switch the camera to widescreen pictures first. It is also possible to take very long exposures. Change Secs/frame to “2″ 7. Fully press the shutter button to start the script. Change Override Shutter Speed to “1/100k” and change the Value Factor to “1″ 4.

CHDK and Canon A480 Quick Start Guide Página 5 de 17 The following script was taken from the CHDK wiki and modified by me to work on the A480. with pre­focus and screen power off options. 006 007 Features: 008 ­ input is frame interval plus total desired run­time (or "endless") 009 ­ displays frame count. 019 ]] 020 021 ­­[[ 022 @title Time­lapse DIII V2 023 @param s Secs/frame 024 @default s 5 025 @param h Sequence hours 026 @default h 0 027 @param m Sequence minutes 028 @default m 5 029 @param e Endless? 0=No 1=Yes 030 @default e 0 031 @param f Focus: 0=Every 1=Start 032 @default f 0 033 @param d Display off frame 0=never 034 @default d 0 035 ­­]] 036 037 ­­ convert parameters into readable variable names 038 http://www. I didn’t modify the version in the wiki because I am not sure which cameras have that feature. 004 Modified by andy atat britishideas dotdot com for the A480 ­ uses camera's autofocus lock and Digic III propcases 005 An accurate intervalometer script.britishideas. should work on most cameras. which I found works a bit better than calling 10/10/2013 . displays frame count and elapsed time) 011 ­ honours the "Display" button during frame delays (so you can 012 get it running then turn off the display to save power) 013 ­ can turn off the display a given number of frames after starting 014 (might take a couple of frames longer to cycle to correct mode) 015 ­ can pre­focus before starting then go to manual focus mode 016 ­ use SET button to exit 017 018 See bottom of script for main loop. I also added notes to the CHDK wiki page describing the propcase change needed. 001 ­­[[ 002 Author: Fraser McCrossan 003 Tested on G9. This version differs from the wiki version in that it uses the camera’s auto focus lock button combination. frame total and remaining time after each frame 010 (in endless mode.

CHDK and Canon A480 Quick Start Guide Página 6 de 17 secs_frame. ". but using wait_click().. frame . hours. " . " . start_ticks. total_frames . m . endless. "s") 056 else 057 local h. "m " .. and false if 088 ­­ none 089 while next_frame_sleep (frame.. (e > 0). start_ticks. m. "h" 10/10/2013 . else false 086 function frame_delay (frame.. h .. hours. total_frames. minutes.. h. s . start_ticks.. free . m.britishideas. ticks_per_frame) do 090 ­­ honour the display button 091 if is_key("display") then 092 click("display") 093 end 094 ­­ if set key is pressed.. s 069 end 070 071 ­­ sleep. h . indicate that we should stop 095 if is_key("set") then 096 return true 097 end 098 end 099 return false 100 end http://www.. m. end_ticks 049 end 050 051 function print_status (frame. ticks_per_frame) 073 ­­ this calculates the number of ticks between now and the time of 074 ­­ the next frame 075 local sleep_time = (start_ticks + frame * ticks_per_frame) ­ get_tick_count() 076 if sleep_time < 1 then 077 sleep_time = 1 078 end 079 wait_click(sleep_time) 080 return not is_key("no_key") 081 end 082 083 ­­ delay for the appropriate amount of time. display_off_frame = s.. ". m.. d 039 040 props = require "propcase" 041 042 ­­ derive actual running parameters from the more human­friendly input 043 ­­ parameters 044 function calculate_parameters (seconds_per_frame.. (f > 0). total_frames. endless) 052 local free = get_jpg_count() 053 if endless then 054 local h.. s = ticks_to_hms(frame * ticks_per_frame) 055 print("#" . " left") 059 end 060 end 061 062 function ticks_to_hms (ticks) 063 local secs = (ticks + 500) / 1000 ­­ round to nearest seconds 064 local s = secs % 60 065 secs = secs / 60 066 local m = secs % 60 067 local h = secs / 60 068 return h. start_ticks) 045 local ticks_per_frame = 1000 * secs_frame ­­ ticks per frame 046 local total_frames = (hours * 3600 + minutes * 60) / secs_frame ­­ total frames 047 local end_ticks = start_ticks + total_frames * ticks_per_frame ­­ ticks at end of sequence 048 return ticks_per_frame.. ticks_per_frame.. "h " .. m . s . minutes. "m" . return true if a key was pressed. s = ticks_to_hms(end_ticks ­ get_tick_count()) 058 print(frame . else false 072 function next_frame_sleep (frame. ticks_per_frame) 087 ­­ this returns true while a key has been pressed. focus_at_start. "/" . but respond to 084 ­­ the display key (allows turning off display to save power) 085 ­­ return true if we should exit. "s/" . end_ticks...

hours. ticks_per_frame.DISPLAY_MODE) == mode then 106 return false 107 else 108 click "display" 109 return true 110 end 111 end 112 113 ­­ switch to autofocus mode. try) 121 press("shoot_half") 122 sleep(2000) 123 if get_prop(18) > 0 then 124 focused = true 125 ­­ lock autofocus 126 press("left") 127 ­­set_aflock(1) 128 end 129 release("shoot_half") 130 sleep(500) 131 try = try + 1 132 end 133 return focused 134 end 135 136 if focus_at_start then 137 if not pre_focus() then 138 print "Unable to reach pre­focus" 139 end 140 end 141 142 start_ticks = get_tick_count() 143 144 ticks_per_frame. start_ticks) 145 146 frame = 1 147 original_display_mode = get_prop(props. minutes.CHDK and Canon A480 Quick Start Guide Página 7 de 17 101 102 ­­ if the display mode is not the passed mode.. then go to manual focus mode 114 function pre_focus() 115 local focused = false 116 local try = 1 117 ­­ set focus mode to infinity 118 ­­ set_prop(6. end_ticks. ticks_per_frame) then 159 print "User quit" 160 break 161 end 162 frame = frame + 1 163 end 164 165 ­­ restore display mode 166 if display_off_frame > 0 then 167 while seek_display_mode(original_display_mode) do 168 sleep(1000) 169 end http://www. total_frames. pre­focus.britishideas. total_frames. click display and return true 103 ­­ otherwise return false 104 function seek_display_mode(mode) 105 if get_prop(props. endless) 154 if display_off_frame > 0 and frame >= display_off_frame then 155 seek_display_mode(target_display_mode) 156 end 157 shoot() 158 if frame_delay(frame. end_ticks = calculate_parameters (secs_frame.DISPLAY_MODE) 148 target_display_mode = 2 ­­ off 149 150 print "Press shutter button to exit" 151 152 while endless or frame <= total_frames do 153 print_status(frame. 3) 119 while not focused and try <= 5 do 120 print("Pre­focus attempt " . 10/10/2013 .

time lapse This entry was posted by Andy on June 3.CHDK and Canon A480 Quick Start Guide Página 8 de 17 170 end 171 172 ­­ restore focus mode 173 set_aflock(0) Bookmark to: a480. my A480 sees it as a TXT file… ? #6 written by John about 3 years ago There is a red square top left saying CHDK Unk Stat http://www. Share Print Follow any responses to this post through RSS 2. COMMENTS (49) TRACKBACKS (2) RELATED POSTS #1 written by John about 3 years ago Sorry to say. but on my A480. If you can’t get it to work then I recommend you post on the CHDK forum. chdk. and is filed under Photography. If you scroll to the top of the script and put the pointer over it. the line numbers I should strip out of the script before loading it? #4 written by Andy about 3 years ago Yes. You can then paste it into Nodepad and save to your memory card. #5 written by John about 3 years ago When I save as an LUA file. pressing ISO (up) does not get me the SD 2369 Factor 1 screen… ? #2 written by Andy about 3 years ago You have to be in shooting mode AND alt mode.britishideas. 2010 at 10:35 pm. I just tried it and it works for me. #3 written by John about 3 years ago As I am new to 10/10/2013 . canon.0. Click on the one that copies the script to the clipboard. some icons should appear. You can leave a response or trackback this post! article from your own site.

britishideas. #12 written by John about 3 years ago Got the time per shot (set at 2 seconds as per tutorial) – down to 3 seconds – by turning OFF RAW+JPEG. Even though it’s on the Raw menu it also affects jpegs. and am considering using an a480. Made sure you disable picture reviewing in the regular Canon menu. you have a problem somewhere. If it is still slow try disabling raw mode in CHDK and also try disabling noise subtraction in CHDK. and using smallest JPEG size of 640×480 (fine resolution). will try the wi-fi SD card and see if that simultaneously will write to my server so that I can review all photos remotely… #11 written by Andy about 3 years ago Nope. flipping page between each shot). Any further trimming is due to write-delay. I’m sure! http://www. what with write-time to the SD card… perhaps a faste card? Thanks again. CHDK is assuming the script is uBasic and not Lua because of the extension problem. a question: will manual focus settings as you’ve described remain constant across multiple shots? Or will the camera automatically revert to autofocus after the first shot? #9 written by Andy about 3 years ago You have to enable hidden file extensions in Windows then rename the file to remove the txt extension that Notepad secretly added.CHDK and Canon A480 Quick Start Guide Página 9 de 17 #7 written by John about 3 years ago Sorry not 10/10/2013 .7 seconds per shot with a regular 8Gb Sandisk card. If the scene is dark then noise subtraction can significantly slow things down. I’ll be using CHDK for ‘remote’ shooting via USB. So. but UBASIC Unk stat #8 written by Jonathan P about 3 years ago Thank you so much for posting this guide! I’m trying to take multiple shots (of a book. #10 written by John about 3 years ago Works like a dream – the 2 second setting on my camera translates to about 7 seconds per shot. I’ve been concerned about lack of Manual Focus. I get an average of 2 – 2.

DNG set as raw suffix – I am assuming that setting . #17 written by John about 3 years ago Its confusing – RAW dialog lets you set . but CS3 it works fine! #20 written by Ram Pathak about 3 years ago http://www. #14 written by John about 3 years ago My A480 “seems to shoot in RAW” but only my Picasa viewer can open it – CS3 doesn’t like.CR2 command? If so.lua” … #16 written by Andy about 3 years ago Doesn’t sound like a bug to me. solved that last by running badpixel.DNG files… any offers? @:) #19 written by John about 3 years ago PS7 I haven’t yet been able to open the DNG files.CR2 as raw suffix.CHDK and Canon A480 Quick Start Guide Página 10 de 17 #13 written by Andy about 3 years ago The widescreen option is smaller than 10MP and allows you to create high definition time lapse movies.bin Please run CHDK/SCRIPTS/TEST/badpixel. Now all I need is a RAW editor that can open A480 CHDK 10/10/2013 . then later asks if you want .britishideas. mine is not allowing the change… #18 written by John about 3 years ago OK. Sounds like instructions.DNG overwrites the previous . neither does another dedicated RAW editor called Picture Style Editor… #15 written by John about 3 years ago It may be a small bug in my CHDK but when I try to select DNG Format a dialog box shows up saying “Cannot load CHDK/badpixel.

britishideas. http://www.Balaji. Sorry.V.thm file. the output file format is .Balaji about 3 years ago Dear Mr..CHDK and Canon A480 Quick Start Guide Página 11 de 17 Sir . I have used your scripts for Timelapse and KAP in timer and full remote control. please help. really helped me to get into CHDK. It works. its perfect. #23 written by Dr. Now I’am waiting for wind. I want to setup a time-lapse camera for my new house build – only trouble is it is taking 8 months and i have no external power – and i don’t think the A480 batteries would last that long! I’m visiting the site every 2 weeks so could change batteries then and am wanting to take around 5 photos a day. #25 written by 10/10/2013 . #22 written by Peter about 3 years ago Hi. I don’t know how to open .Thanks #21 written by Pawel about 3 years ago Nice page. The A480 sounds the perfect camera for my project.thm file!!! please help me…. CHDK and relatively low cost. some tuning of fardware and scripts are still necessary as well as learning of CHDH. India #24 written by Andy about 3 years ago Never heard of a . I have also bought A480 for its small size.preload['propcase'] ” using A480. Andy thank you very much for sharing the very useful information on timelapse photography.thm.Balaji about 3 years ago Dear Mr. I use A480 canon.on running the script i am getting the error “40: module propcase not found no field package . I tried Time lapse as per your instructions. But. Any ideas on how i can setup an external power supply for the A480? I was thinking of using a car battery and wiring to the battery compartment – with the appropriate voltage/current conversion. Dr. Andy.

CHDK and Canon A480 Quick Start Guide Página 12 de 17 After following your valuble instructions. I notice there is a DC input on the camera.wikia. the camera works perfect. 9am and 4pm ? Also need to disable the flash – but i guess i can do this before i run the script. which would be the easiest option.britishideas. I just found that I have video file and . say. if I can get a car charger that fits the camera then i can use this to power the camera off a standard car/motorbike 12v battery (with the right connections). Found the spec of the DC-In socket and bought a regulated car charger with the right DC fitting and it works great with the 12V battery! http://www. But. #28 written by Peter about 3 years ago This is working really great – well done on some good tips……. Just need to find a compatible car charger for the A480.thm file (in the same name).com/wiki/FAQ/Mac If you are not seeing the ‘Firm Update’ menu and you are using a Mac then this is the problem! #29 written by Peter about 3 years ago I’m trying to take photos over a number of days – any ideas on how i can not take photos overnight? I was wondering if i could use the clock and restrict it to take photos only 10/10/2013 .Balaji #26 written by Dr. How to adjust the camera to get the time lapse photos (jpeg) instead of video thanking you Dr. as the Mac adds some hidden stuff to the SD card you need to get rid of – see http://chdk. #30 written by Peter about 3 years ago Have now managed to power the camera from a car ‘cigarette charger’. I need to take time lapse photographs (jpeg).although watch out if you are copying files from a Mac rather than a PC.Balaji about 3 years ago Finally I got it #27 written by Peter about 3 years ago I think i’ve worked out how to do my remote camera.V.

ie. The difficult bit was the 10/10/2013 .britishideas. #33 written by Peter about 3 years ago My house build cam is all setup now – many thanks for the script Andy.75 x 2. I’ve even modified slightly to only take pictures in the daytime as I’m running my time lapse over a number of days. while endless or frame <= total_frames do wait_for_light() print_status………etc Works a treat! #34 written by Mike. After a bit of research I added the following function to test the light before taking a picture and then wait until it is light enough….CHDK and Canon A480 Quick Start Guide Página 13 de 17 #31 written by Jay about 3 years ago This guide is great. function wait_for_light() repeat sleep(5000) print(“Waiting for light…”) t=read_bv96() until t>0 end Just added a call to this function as the first line after your ‘while’ loop.5 DC jack. They just don’t do a car charger one. based on the spec for the ACK800 official canon power supply. it needs a 0. @ Peter what type of regulated car charger did you use? How much is the rated output current and voltage of the regulator? Thanks… #32 written by Peter about 3 years ago Jay – I bought a universal charger witch adjustable voltage on Amazon – it has 2Amp output and variable voltage – i set the voltage to 3v. which was much smaller than the ones supplied with the universal charger – so i had to buy an additional ‘tip’ for the charger.noob about 2 years ago “Change Secs/frame to “2″” Can you change this to another number other than 2 or do you have to edit the script to change the interval? http://www. The time lapse script works like a charm on my A480 thanks Andy for sharing it with us.

so i’m curious if the cold will gum things up. and the cameras will be outside.noob about 2 years ago The shit works. I’m in Minnesota.noob about 2 years ago I just purchased an a480. i’m on a mac. i now have two a480s rolling on a home 10/10/2013 .CHDK and Canon A480 Quick Start Guide Página 14 de 17 #35 written by Mike. make sure you use something that will save the script to ANSI text. but leave it unconnected to anything else. Is there a particular reason for using 8gb or can you go higher? #36 written by David about 2 years ago i keep getting this error with this script – UBASIC:1Unk stmt – ? it’s very small and difficult to read. I got it working without help from anyone and have never done this before. I’m looking at another memory card. #38 written by henry about 2 years ago I’m trying to use the script above as is and I can’t seem to turn off the display while in time lapse mode. There is plenty of forum info out there. Dave with the Mac…. Thanks #39 written by Andy about 2 years ago Plug the video out cable in. #41 written by Bob about 2 years ago http://www.britishideas. I know the author said to set the ‘Display off frame’ to zero in order for the script to work but then how does one turn off the LCD to achieve longer battery life? the A480 doesn’t have a display button so I can’t turn off the display and then run the script. Help please ! #37 written by Mike. #40 written by David about 2 years ago i used acid and SDMinst – works like a charm.

CHDK and Canon A480 Quick Start Guide Página 15 de 17 Thanks for posting this. #44 written by Peggy about 2 years ago 1) Never mind on the 1st one.5M 3) In the Adobe Bridge Advanced Dialog. I see files with .britishideas. as far as being outside in the cold: I place mine in a modified plexi-glass box with a chem pack hand warmer that lasts about 12 hrs for cold overnights. No wonder I couldn’t figure anything out. For some reason I had a lot of trouble getting it running on my 480 but thanks to your complete guide it works like a charm. #42 written by Strype about 2 years ago @Peter and others looking for external power: Check ebay. #43 written by Peggy about 2 years ago Hello. Thanks. I finally chdk installed on my Canon 10/10/2013 . when I upload the files to the Mac. #46 written by Aaron A. 3 Qs: 1) I can’t get the camera to give me shots with 10M resolution. Any ideas? Thanks so much. My new A480 is my third CHDK equipped Canon. MacGyver not needed.CR2. Aaronson about 2 years ago Thank you! Everything works just fine after half an hour of setting up all of this stuff! #47 written by John about 2 years ago http://www. #45 written by Peggy about 2 years ago Never mind on 3) either for now. they still display as . Adobe Photoshop CS3 won’t open them. I just found a CHDK user guide in Wikipedia. which is also new to me. I found many external power supplies available specifically for the A480 at around $10.RAW extension.RAW and Adobe Photoshop CS3 still won’t open them. I just discovered that the tiny brochure with my used camera was only a “Quick Start” & not a manual. In chdk I changed the file extension to . Each shot is only about .

britishideas. I also intend to make a Eurostar movie – London to Brussels – and post it to YouTube #48 written by Mike about 2 years ago Hi Guys. Any one know why this is? M #49 written by Spanish about 2 years ago Thanks! It works like a charm.1 TOP 3D Printing (20) CNC (47) Computer Aided Design (9) Flash (2) http://www.CHDK and Canon A480 Quick Start Guide Página 16 de 17 . Name (required) E-mail (required. and will have 3 x A480 cameras shooting at 10 second intervals – which I can render into a movie using VirtualDub – economic security cameras with great detail and 10/10/2013 . will not be published) Website Submit Comment Mystique theme by digitalnature | Powered by WordPress RSS FEEDS XHTML 1. i’m also using a power supply bough on ebay however when ever i try and enter camera mode to start the time laps script the camera tells me to “charge the batteries” but only when the power supply is connected i’ve tried fully charged batteries and no batteries same result. I’m using a A480 with chdk.thm file is a THuMbnail file! CHDK works very well – recently. there have been burglaries in my area – I have just purchased some cheap power-supplies.

britishideas.CHDK and Canon A480 Quick Start Guide Página 17 de 17 Linux (21) Mac OS X (2) Mapping (18) Miscellaneous (6) Photography (13) Software Engineering (23) Windows (5) Search ENVIAR CONSULTA 10/10/2013 .