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• 0% VAT and tariffs on foreign goods. Customs officers: • Customs extraterritoriality. introducing innovative products. 2. always seeking a competitive advantage between the local market and international. • 0% Equity tax CREE (outside free zone is 9%) . with the purpose of giving detailed information about the product that the customer will buy. consult the following training material: Make a technical data or specification sheet about a product that Colombia imports in agreement with the FTA. It must have the duty rates and the custom valuation according to the country of destination. Taxes:  15% Single rate of income tax for industrial users of goods and services (outside the free zone is 25%). Incentives 1. • Partial payment of taxes on merchandise from abroad to be used just in time in Colombia. equipment. integrating it as a means of development and diversification of their local market. the departments of Colombia have taken advantage of. . supplies and spare parts from abroad. • Non-payment of customs duties for capital goods. 0% VAT on national goods.Evidence 12: Import process To make this evidence. TLC Since the Treaty of Free Trade signed between Canada and Colombia.

which Shows that before 2012 Bogota did not import this product. a figure that in previous years did not present any participation by the country towards the department and also in general terms.PRODUCT Other types of Wheat Other Wheat is identified under tariff heading 1001991090 and relates basically to other wheats not included in other tariff headings falling within Chapter (1001) Wheat and Morcajo. which were USD $ 10.536. which places the country in the number one position in the ranking.85% in imports. imports of this product totaled US $ 103.111. In 2012. basically because there are not many suppliers and the market is small.918 million dollars. . on the total imported in its category.922 million dollars.882. However. It is clear that Canada's share of total imports from Bogotá is quite significant. it can be observed that in 2012 they were USD $ 68. with respect to August 2012 and August 2013.429.982 in 2012 and USD $ 33. With respect specifically to imports of this product from Canada. there was a decrease of 10.567.90 in 2013.