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“Great fortunes are made through Fellowship, Knowledge and an Abundance of Opportunities.”

Volume 8 — Issue 9
Let Uncle Sam Help
Let Uncle Sam Help Pay a Pay a Portion of
Portion of Your Care Costs .
Parents Across America
Should Take Advantage of
Your Care Costs
This Tax Credit.........................1
Parents Across America
Your Wealth-Building
Web Strategy
Should Take Advantage of
Save Money and Time with
These Five Invaluable Web
This Tax Credit
Sites for Your Small Business ....2 If you send your child or children to day care or pay a childcare provider to
watch your children at your home, you may be able to get part of the care costs
Expert’s Corner back on your tax return.
15 Magic Words to Make The Child and Dependent Care tax credit can cover up to 30% of a portion
Sure Your Press Release of your day care expenses for children younger than 13. The dollar limit of
Gets Published ........................3 allowable expenses recently went up to $3,000 for care of one dependent and
$6,000 for two. The credit rate ranges from 20% to 35% of expenses, depend-
Priority:Post Your Way ing on your income. The percentage amount increased for income earners mak-
to Profits ing up to $15,000 to 35%.
12 Great Places to Find and
This means you could possibly get a $720 credit for the care of one child, or
Buy a Mailing List .....................4
twice that for two or more. You may not get to use the full amount if you owe
Another Fantastic less taxes than that. The care credit is non-refundable, meaning it can only take
Opportunity your tax bill to zero.
Achieve Wealth Liberty! ...........5 While the care expense limits mean many taxpayers won’t get the maximum
credit, there is good news. The tax break isn’t restricted to child-related care
HELP—I Need Somebody! costs. If you pay someone to look after your spouse or an incapacitated depend-
Are There Government ent of any age, then you might be eligible for this tax break too.
Benefit Programs Available To be eligible for this tax credit the care must be necessary so that you can
to Help You? ...........................6 look for or go to work. If you’re married, the Internal Revenue Service requires
Network for Profits both husband and wife to be employed or seeking a job. The only exception is
Reach Out to Other where one spouse is either a full-time student or is physically or mentally inca-
Members and Share Your pable of self-care. ■
Great Fortune ..........................6

But I Wasn’t Like This Priority: Post Your Way to Profits

Before… 12 Great Places to Find and Buy the Perfect Mailing List
Put the 3-2-1 System into Play
for a Longer Life .......................7 Since compiled information—like fish—gets old rather quickly and doesn’t
age particularly well, you’ve got to find the best sources you can for your mail-
How to Use the Internet ing lists. Once you understand to which groups you’re marketing and what
to Keep More Money in your most responsive audience may be, you need to start your search for the
Your Pocket perfect mailing list for your purposes. Lucky you, you’ve got the Highlander
Our Director’s Top Picks Club to help! Join direct mail master Jeffrey Dobkin on page 2 and learn his
on the Net...............................7 12 top sources for mailing lists that will make you profits!
September 2003 • Volume 8 - Issue 9


Michael Newman
Nina Walters
Executive Director
Your Wealth-
Building Web
Save Money and
Time with These
Five Invaluable
Web Sites for Your
Small Business
If you’d like to shave time off your schedule and keep more money in your
pocket…you’re in luck. We’ve discovered five invaluable web sites for your
small business.
Jeffrey Dobkin
Editor 1) Trademark search and registration. Within 24 hours of your inquiry you
Moving? Missed an issue? Please let us will know if the trademark you want is available. The initial inquiry cost is
know within 90 days of moving or if you $99. Then it costs another $99 plus government fees to have the site reg-
have not received an issue. After this time
period, missed issues can be purchased for
ister your trademark. You can save as much as $1,000 on the process. Go
US$10 each including shipping and han- to:
dling. Write to: Highlander Club, 777 S. 2) Overnight professional reports. Software from this site lets you upload any
Flagler Drive, Ste. 800W, West Palm
Beach, FL 33401-6163, USA. Or call
word-processing document to the Internet. Your document is then con-
between 9am to 5pm EST; (905) 760-9929 verted into a hard copy in the format and binding you choose, then sent
x300; Fax (905) 760-2809. by FedEx to the location you designate. You’ll find prices competitive with
those of major retail copier chains. Go to:
Contact Us
If you have a question or comment about 3) Free Intranet. This password-protected source acts as a network for your
the monthly memorandum, write to the business. Your documents are posted in a centralized location where busi-
Editor in care of Highlander Club, 777 S. ness associates and your employees can then access and work on the doc-
Flagler Drive, Ste. 800W, West Palm Beach,
FL 33401- 6163, USA, Fax (905) 760-2809. uments. Go to:
Subscription rate for the Highlander Club 4) Discount office supplies and equipment. Fast and easy ordering at whole-
newsletter is $80 per year. If you have a sale prices. Go to:
question about your subscription, or want
to renew your subscription, change your 5) Stationery and business cards. Get your professional looking, personally
address, or order a Highlander Club Special designed stationary in as little as 10 days for a fraction of the cost of typi-
Report, write to Member Services, 777 S. cal prices. Go to: ■
Flagler Drive, Ste. 800W, West Palm Beach,
FL 33401-6163, USA. Or call between 9am

to 5pm EST; (905) 760-9929 x300; Fax
(905) 760-2809.
© 2003 by Highlander Club, 777 S.
Flagler Drive, Ste. 800W, West Palm Beach, Priority: Post Your Way to Profits
FL 33401-6163, USA. All rights reserved.
Images by Corel, Corel Stock Photo 12 Great Places to Find and Buy the Perfect Mailing List
Library, and PhotoDisc. The Club is not
promising or guaranteeing that you will By Jeffrey Dobkin
become wealthy because of the informa-
tion in this newsletter or our special There are two types of lists, determined by their origin: Compiled lists and
reports and programs. There is no guaran- response lists.
tee of future profits. Copying any of the Compiled lists are a common source of names and records that have been
Club’s published information is strictly
prohibited. The ideas expressed herein are gathered, collected, and entered into a database. The names might have been
the opinions of Highlander Club only. That acquired through public records such as vehicle owner registrations or high
said, we believe you’ll discover vital money school teachers. Directories, such as a directory of plant maintenance engi-
secrets and wealth angles not available any-
where else. neers, are usually compiled lists. Many lists are compiled from categories in
The Executive Staff, Research phone books across the U.S. Examples would be all the photography shops, all
Department and the Editors of Highlander the luggage dealers in the United States, or all the plumbing supply dealers.
Club are proud of the reputation we’ve
built since our inception in 1991. Simply, Keep in mind that compiled information—like fish—gets old rather quickly
we believe the advice presented to you in and doesn’t age particularly well.
our published resources and seminars is Response lists are data from people who have responded to an ad or who
the best and most useful available to you,
the global entrepreneur.
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September 2003 • Volume 8 - Issue 9

headline (format: New Product Offers Benefit) centered

Expert’s Corner and in bold. Follow with the body copy in a brief newspa-
per style of writing (no adjectives)—if it looks or smells
like an ad, it won’t get printed. Double-space the body
copy, and keep the whole release less than one page.
Simple, even if you’re not a press agent!
Prepare your release and a well-written cover letter (to
Dear Highlander Members: Last month build credibility) along with a high-quality 5” x 7” black-
I received an avalanche of responses and-white photo to be sent to the editor.
regarding the Press Release article, How Here’s the old way: Most people send the release, wait
You Can Get $1,000 Worth of Advertising a week, then call the magazine or newspaper and ask the
for A Mere $60. It looks like Highlander editor if he received their release. The editors must get
Club members want more information about tired of hearing that. “Sure,” says the editor, “I got your
this invaluable marketing instrument, so release. I get everyone’s release!”
we turned to our marketing expert… The caller explains what the release was about, and
then the editor usually doesn’t remember which release it

was or where it’s hidden amongst the 100 or so other
15 Magic Words to Make releases the editor received that week, the 10,000 other
papers, and the half-eaten pizza all competing for space
Sure Your Press on his desk. And the press agent winds up sending anoth-
Release Gets er. Hmmm. Double effort.
Here’s the Jeff Dobkin trick way to send a press
Published release: I usually don’t like to recommend phone calls
By Jeffrey Dobkin in any of my campaigns, but this call is not a “selling”
call. You simply call an editor and use those 11 words
Just so you don’t accuse me of
you found at the top of this article: “Are you the person
making you wade through the entire article to get these
I should send this press release to?” What does this do?
words, the first eleven words are: “Are you the person I
It sets up a “Can you help me?” relationship with the
should send this press release to?” Keep reading to find
out more!
Editors—like teachers—are generally helpful by their
Face it: The most valuable single page in all of market-
very nature. If the editor answers, “Yes, I’m the person!”
ing is a press release. A press release is a one-page type-
that’s the signal to give him a 30-second pitch of your
written sheet of paper that is sent to editors who, if they
product and the nature of your release. Tell him your
like it, will publish it in their magazine or newspaper. If
release will go right out and thank him for his time. Send
your release is selected, the publication will typeset it, for-
it promptly.
mat it in the same style as the rest of the publication, and
The other four words you need to say, and you say
print it as a story. Free.
them in the first paragraph of the cover letter you send
Most magazines have new product sections where
with your release, are “Nice speaking with you,” even if it
press releases are published. And newspapers—outside
wasn’t. That reminds the editor you cared enough to call,
the first few pages of hard news—get about 70% of their
and that you spoke with him personally on the phone.
editorial content from press releases. Yours could be
This will assure his personal attention to your release—
included in this percentage.
not to mention his help and some push.
Imagine being the editor of the travel section. Ugh.
What happens if the editor you speak with isn’t the
You’d have to fill up that section of a newspaper every day.
one you send your release to? When you ask, “Are you the
It would be impossible if you had to do all your own writ-
person I should send this press release to?” and the editor
ing. Press releases are your lifeblood. The entertainment
says, “No, send your release to Jim Reidy, he gets all the
section—even more so! The editor of the entertainment
releases,” then what do you do? You call up Jim Reidy
section lives on stories generated from press agents.
and—knowing full well he’s the correct editor to send
Television talk shows rely on press releases to find interest-
your release to—you say, “Are you the person I should
ing guests. So do radio talk shows. The media WANTS
send my release to?” You see, this sets up a “Can you help
your news stories—as long as you follow a few simple rules.
me?” relationship.
Here’s a quick synopsis of my press release formula:
Editors want quality releases. They rely on press
Large header at the top stating “FOR IMMEDIATE
releases for news about new products, people, companies,
RELEASE.” Follow directly by “For More Information:”
and current events. If they didn’t like press releases, they
and then a contact name and phone number. Next line, a
wouldn’t be editors. It’s part of the business. But they get
kill date (I usually write “No Kill Date”). Then the release

September 2003 • Volume 8 - Issue 9
Jeffrey Dobkin is an original Highlander
so many press releases that your release—and your Board Member. Well liked because of his
pitch—must stand out from the crowd. Most press funny, yet information-rich writing and
agents haven’t the time or the inclination to call every speaking presentations, he has written
editor every time a release goes into the mail. So your two books on direct marketing, plus an
call and pleasant conversation separate you from the awesome course on classified ads and
pack. You become special. direct mail. His articles on marketing have appeared
Editors delight in talking to real people, not just in more than 100 magazines.
press agents. If you have a product or service to sell and
can come up with a well-written press release and a nice my office, we send out 400 press releases a month—every
pitching angle, give it your best shot. The cost is just two month. Do I call the magazine editors with every release
sheets of paper, one photo, an envelope and stamp and a we send? Sure. I call the magazines where we really want
phone call to get perhaps $10,000 worth of publicity. At our press releases to be published. ■

12 Great Places to Find and Buy the Perfect Mailing List
have purchased from a catalogue,
direct mail package, TV ad, or other
With any mailing you are consider-
ing, first ask precisely what groups or
what characteristics make up the per-
continued from page 2

800-843-7323; $28.95 PPD) and The

Directory of Mail Order Catalogues from
Grey House Publishing (www.grey; 800-562-2139; $250).
Trade associations are usually an
excellent source for mailing lists.
fect audience. Then try to find a list Better associations always list the
that matches these definable character- industry’s major players. Local asso-
istics closely. ciations like the Chamber of
Good delivery percentages of your Commerce in your area are usually
mailing piece to a specific audience can good for local business names. You
usually be found in lists of magazine can select by business size, number
subscribers. These lists are usually very of employees, SIC code (the govern-
targeted to their audience and good because most pub- ment’s industry classification of each business), or any of a
lishers are extremely prompt with their name and address multitude of other selection parameters. Two great
corrections. Call a magazine publisher and ask if their sources for finding associations are reference books from
subscriber list is for sale, then ask for the name of their list Columbia Books, Inc. (888-265-0600; www.columbia-
broker. publishers of the State and Regional Associations
There are over 10,000 magazines published, so you Directory ($79) and The National Trade and Professional
can probably get a magazine subscription list that goes Associations of the United States ($99). Mailing lists of the
straight to your perfectly targeted buyers. If you’re not associations are $100/M and are available on labels or
sure what magazines would be best, there are some easy- disk.
to-use periodical directories found in most reference Association lists and data are also available in the
libraries. The best directories of magazines are Burrelle’s Encyclopedia of Associations by The Gale Group (800-877-
Directory of Magazines (800-USMEDIA), Bacons (800-621- GALE) on disk, CD, and on-line through Lexis-Nexis.
0561), SRDS (800-851-SRDS), and Oxbridge This hardbound, three-volume set ($505) is the mother
Communications Standard Periodical Directory (800-955- load of associations—showing detailed information on
0231). If you can’t find the exact targeted magazine filled more than 23,000 local, state, national, and international
with the eager-to-buy-your-product subscribers you are associations.
looking for in any of these directories, the publication Trade show lists are also great marketing tools—lists of
doesn’t exist. You can find any industry—and all the mag- both attendees and exhibitors. Check out two great web
azines that are sent to that industry—in under 10 minutes sites: and for
in these useful directories. trade show information. The Tradeshow Week Data Book
Catalogue houses earn a good portion of their revenue (213-965-5300; $355) is a great tool published by the edi-
from the sale of their lists. Call the catalogue and ask for tors of Tradeshow Week Magazine. Another great trade show
their business office, then ask who handles their list sales. directory is the TradeShows and Exhibits Schedule from Bill
Almost all catalogue houses sell their lists. Catalogue Communications (800-266-4712, 856-619-5800)—organ-
houses can be found in the Catalogue of Catalogues from ized by industry, location, date, and in alphabetical order
Woodbine House Publications (; for fast look-ups.

September 2003 • Volume 8 - Issue 9

Two excellent resources for investigating lists at the

library are the SRDS Direct Marketing List Source (800-851-
SRDS) and the Oxbridge Communications National Directory
of Mailing Lists (800-955-0231). We use both in our own
office—they’re thorough and exceptionally easy to use.
These reference tools are each about the size of the
Manhattan phone book and contain nothing but list data: Another Fantastic
who owns what list, number of records in each, source of
names, and list pricing. Both tools are available in major
libraries. to Achieve
List brokers are found in the phone book in every
major city. They can be heaven, supplying incredible Wealth Liberty!
information, or hell, looking for a fast buck. Make sure Hello Highlanders! Adrian Newman from the
you ask tons of questions before handing over any money.
Wealth Liberty Institute here again with some more
While you pay the broker, he actually works for the list
owner—so consider that when you ask questions and exciting opportunities for wealth! Keep an eye on
negotiate price. your e-mail inbox for the Five Minute Millionaire.
A plethora of list managers of mailing lists can be I've come up with some new opportunities that can't
found in the direct mail trade magazines such as Catalogue be missed! They could be the key to your new wealthy
Age & Direct Magazines (203/358-9900), Target Marketing lifestyle.
(215/238-5300), Direct Marketing (516/746-6700), and DM
News (212/741-2095).
Some list brokers sell through their own catalogue of All the wealth to you and yours,
mailing lists. These handy reference tools will give you an
idea of just what’s out there—what kind of lists are avail-
able and counts of how many records exist in the thou-
sands of different list categories. Want to know how many Adrian Newman, Wealth Liberty Institute
dentists there are? It’s a piece of cake: 190,168 are mem-
bers of the ADA. Want to know if there is a list of picky ale
drinkers? Find the list of “Ale in the Mail-Continuity stay—you might as well get on and get used to it. It’s a
Members”—70,973 of them. Selling an accounting prod- great—and probably the best—research tool available for
uct? Try the list of Accounting Institute Seminar almost anything, if you can filter out the crap from the
Attendees—all 78,634 of them. Looking for college pro- good stuff. But, isn’t that the way with all research tools:
fessors? Did you want the 43,347 who teach English, the You’ve got to figure out what is the good stuff that you can
18,184 who teach history, the 8,477 in marketing, or the use, and what is the bad stuff that’s pretty worthless.
9,194 philosophy teachers, etc? You’d be surprised how many of your competitors will
If you need additional information—like how many sell your their customers’ names. If not competitors, how
doctors specialize in allergies and are the head of their about asking other businesses that serve your market if
practice with four or more employees can be found in you can purchase their mailing lists.
Pennsylvania—call any of these catalogue houses and ask Of course, the best list of all—bar none—is your own
them to run a count. You’ll be able to get that information house list of current and past customers. These folks know
in about ten minutes: Hugo Dunhill: 800/223-6454, you and trust you; they’ve experienced that great cus-
American Business Lists: 800/555-5335, Best Mailing tomer service you offer and are now willing to buy some-
Lists: 800/692-2378, CompilersPlus: 800/431-2914, and thing else from you if you would only let them know it’s
Edith Roman: 800/223-2194 to name just a few. available.
Several companies now offer lists of every business or Spend some extra time in this most important area—
every person in the U.S. on CD-ROM. These products list research: tighten your list criteria, do your homework,
allow you to create your own list criteria and generate spend time in research, and find the best lists you possibly
your own precisely targeted mailing lists. Some of the bet- can. Then test several. It’s worth the extra time and
ter programs make it easy and fast to use their CD-ROM money to target your audience with precision and increase
products. Mailing list CDs are available from InfoUSA: the chance you’ll come up a winner at the post office.
800/321-0869, and Global Business International: There is no single more important factor in creating a
407/568-5037 to name but two. greater response to a mailing than mailing to the best pos-
One of the best resources for lists is the Internet. sible list. Whatever you do, don’t settle for a mediocre list
There’s no getting around it now, the Internet is here to unless you want mediocre results. ■

September 2003 • Volume 8 - Issue 9

Network for Profits

on this business opportunity or saving with this dental plan, con-
tact Paul McCord, PO Box 267, Bryceville, FL 32009-0267 or
* * * * * * * * *
Widowed grandmother seeking grant for new business start-up.
Funds to be used for professional fine-art prints, color Help your Friends and Family Enjoy Better Health:
brochures, certificates of authenticity, etc. Please respond to: Highlander’s at-home business offers immune system balancing
Patricia Pavian, 3644 Heath Trace, Canal Winchester, OH products that are all natural and come in a variety of great fla-
42110. Phone 614-837-6757 or 614-759-1050. vors. Over 100 patents worldwide and a 90-day guarantee. Call
Tanya or Jason Asklund at (515)835-1319 or visit www.mylegacy-
* * * * * * * * *
For Sale: Complete Internet Business: 10 e-books and the web
sites—all on one CD-ROM. Site pulls in $700 a day! Fellow Has Highlander Club helped you forge ahead in business? If so, we
Highlander can have it for $350. Pay with a money order and want to hear all the details about your climb to success. Send a let-
receive $100 discount. Alan Wickenkamp, 1254 N 59th Ave W, ter describing your steps to success to The Editor, Highlander Club
Newton IA 50208-8660 777 S. Flagler Drive, Ste. 800W, West Palm Beach, FL 33401-6163,
* * * * * * * * * USA, Fax (905) 760-2809, and we’ll immediately ship you a beau-
tifully printed cloth Highlander bag containing a Highlander lapel
Kim’s Country Wreaths: Gorgeous grapevine wreaths made from pin, a handsome Highlander money clip, and an authentic collect-
native Pennsylvania vines. Different varieties for different sea- able coin from centuries gone by. Encased in plastic, this coin is
sons. $25 per 18” diameter wreath (includes shipping and han- something you’ll definitely want to display. We reserve the right to
dling). Contact Kim’s Country Wreaths, Dept. 7, 1092 West grammatically edit all letters received.
Leesport Rd., Leesport, PA 19533
Do you have a legitimate business opportunity you’d like to share
* * * * * * * * * with Highlander Club members? Are you seeking a loan to start a
business? If so, describe your opportunity and we’ll publish it in
Super Fantastic Home-Based Business: Highlander Diane
our new Highlander Club “Network for Profits.” Send your materi-
Studdard has a suitable for entrepreneurs, business owners, stay- al to: The Editor, Highlander Club, 777 S. Flagler Drive, Ste. 800W,
at-home or single parents. 31-year old company that trades on West Palm Beach, FL 33401-6163, USA, Fax (905) 760-2809.
the NYSE pays daily and provides a service suitable for every-
one. Residual income available after one year. Call 212-461- Please note that Highlander Club maintains the “Network for Profits” to
8736 or visit provide a forum for sharing ideas and opportunities. Although every
attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, we can
* * * * * * * * *
make no guarantees. We will, of course, make every effort to correct
New Highlander looking to start environmental waste auditors errors brought to our attention. The inclusion of businesses, opportu-
business. If you are interested in investing in this business which nities, or offers should not be considered an endorsement of articles,
could save businesses money, please contact Donnie Walpool of products, or materials. Nor is it intended to endorse any views
EWA, 254 West 74th Street, Shreveport, LA 71106 for a free no expressed or products or services offered, by the author or organiza-
obligation evaluation. tion. Highlander Club expects that its members will act with honor, and,
therefore, we trust that the products, services, and business opportuni-
* * * * * * * * * ties mentioned in their advertisements are legitimate. However, we do
not have the resources to investigate every product, service, or business
New Highlander is offering a unique business opportunity in
opportunity that is advertised in the newsletter; therefore, we cannot
which a member can retire in 31 months with $5,000/month
personally guarantee what they’re offering.
residual income. This dental plan business will save customers
80% on their dental services. If you would like more information

HELP—I Need Somebody!

Are There Government Benefit Programs Available to Help You?
You’ll find the answer at This a series of questions about yourself, and then
on-line screening tool helps you find government bene- returns a list of government benefit pro-
fits you may be eligible to receive. grams you may be eligible to receive along with informa-
The service is free, easy-to-use, and completely confi- tion about how you can apply.
dential. You don’t have to disclose your name, phone Whether it’s a direct payment, a loan, insurance,
number, Social Security number, or any other informa- training, or other services—there may be government
tion that could be used to identify you. You simply answer benefit programs available to help you. ■

September 2003 • Volume 8 - Issue 9

But I Wasn’t Like This Before… By Stephen Douglas

Yes, I know, it sneaks up on us all… eyes that start to blur and get tired, creeping weight gain, aches and stiffness
in the morning… We’re getting older, face it. But, let’s acknowledge that we can age gracefully, energetically, and
healthfully. How? We need to embrace nutritional power to reverse and delay these nagging age-related symptoms.
Yes, you are what you eat—so make smart food choices. Best bites: deeply colored fruits and vegetables that are
packed with antioxidants. For years we’ve been told to eat our fruits and vegetables, and now we know why… they’re
full of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and fiber—all powerful allies in the aging process.
Here’s an easy way to think of getting your fill: It’s the 3-2-1 system. Eat three servings of vegetables, two pieces
of fruit, and one whole grain serving, every day and throughout the day.
In one study, men aged 40 to 75 who ate two or more servings a week of tomato products, which are rich in
lycopene, reduced their prostate cancer risk by up to 36% (Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 2002, vol. 94, no.
5). Lutein, an antioxidant found in green leafy vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli, appears to protect against
cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, the major cause of blindness among those over 65 (Journal of
Nutrition, 2002, vol. 132, no. 3).
Thinking of heart health? Don’t forget your legumes, spinach, broccoli, avocados, wheat germ, orange juice,
and fortified cereal. They’re important sources of folate, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 that work together to reduce
artery-damaging homocysteine in your blood. Most adults over 50 lose their ability to absorb vitamin B12 effec-
tively. That means we should turn to supplements to boost
our “B12-ability.”
Stephen Douglas is an award-
The ideal anti-aging meal… a piece of wild salmon, winning journalist and health
baked. A large bowl of dark green leafy vegetables and specialist. He has contributed
steamed broccoli. And, maybe a side dish of whole-grain to national magazines and
couscous. Oh, and please stay away from soda drinks and written books on health,
nutrition, families, and children.
candy… They add pounds and take away years. ■

How to Use the Internet to Keep More

Money in Your Pocket By Nina Walters

Over the years, as Director of the Highlander Club I’ve met

many wealthy people. I’ve noticed that they all share one
trait in common—no, not just having money—but know-
ing the value of a dollar.
Even though these people are very wealthy (many are • Type in your age
millionaires), they took care before buying and the size of the annuity you want, and the site gives
anything…from wine and cigars to automobiles to real a price.
estate. They researched and sought out the lowest price • For term life insurance
before they made a purchase. information and quotes in the U.S. and Canada.
I’ve come to believe that this is one of the secrets to • A good resource
financial independence. from Long Term Care Insurance National Advisory
The great news is that saving money through bargain Council.
shopping is now easier than ever, thanks to the Internet.
Visit the following web sites to save on anything from Bargains for Travelers
insurance to taxes: Domestic Airfare Comparisons: These sites search other
airlines’ web sites for airfare bargains.
Insurance Comparison Shopping •
• Covers auto, health, homeown- •
er’s, life and small-business insurance. •

September 2003 • Volume 8 - Issue 9

More Ways to Save Money Outlet shopping

• To research the cost of hotel • For links to cyber-outlet sites, price comparisons,
rooms and car rentals. product reviews and discounts of up to 40% visit
• For even lower hotel rates,
sometimes less than $40/night for top-quality hotels.
Cut Your Taxes
Car Shopping Stop paying for tax advice you can get for free by sim-
• ( A car buy- ply visiting the following web sites:
ing site that directs you to the dealership that has the
car you’re looking for. Free From Uncle Sam
• ( Another The IRS web site, ( offers:
car buying site, acts as a broker for you rather than • Free help from your local IRS office. Including citi-
directing you to a dealer. zen advocacy groups, free tax small-business work-
• Microsoft Car Point ( Has shops, free counseling for seniors, and much more.
information on new and used cars, including con- • Timely tax news. The IRS’s e-mail letter provides
sumer articles offering buying tips. national tax news and news of your local IRS district.
• ( The best • Tax research. Official IRS regulations, rulings, proce-
place to get pricing information for a new car. dures and announcements, along with the IRS manu-
• Kelley Blue Book ( Lists how al and many other official documents.
much a used car is worth—i.e. the “blue book cost.” • Free advice. Submit questions to the IRS through its
• ( web site and you’ll receive a response via e-mail.
The most comprehensive guide to used cars on the
Internet. Pricing information as well as recall and More Ways to Cut Your Taxes
repair records are available. • U.S. Tax Court. ( Learn
how to use the Court’s “small case division” to contest
Comparison Shopping a tax bill involving up to $50,000 (excluding penalties
Web-based shopping “bots” search retail sites for the low- and interest) per year—without a lawyer—and under
est price on what you want, rank sites by price, and link simplified rules. This site also lists all Tax Court deci-
to them. Bots are updated daily and display toll-free tele- sions issued since the beginning of 1999.
phone numbers, item availability, taxes, and shipping • State and local tax agencies. Find a listing of your
charges. local agency plus many local taxpayer advocacy
• A free comparison service groups which assist individuals and local businesses at
that lists the best price for books, CDs, movies, etc.
• The best-known and largest
Bot scans thousands of merchants by keyword or by Answers from Tax Professionals
specifying the make or model of the item. • E-mail discussion groups. If you want to find infor-
• Searches bricks-and-mortar mation on a specific tax matter, you can join a special-
retailers as well as on-line vendors. ized Internet discussion group. Usually hosted by pro-
fessional groups and universities, questions and com-
Discount Sites ments are submitted via e-mail to a moderator, who
Visit these sites often because bargains, promotions, and
compiles them in a document that is e-mailed to the
coupons expire quickly.
group members. Visit a top discussion forum at:
Coupon sites This site is
• hosted by Tax Analysts and covers topics including
• estate taxes, real estate, insurance and pensions. To
Message boards to exchange information find a discussion group on a particular topic use the
• University of Chicago’s Law Lists search engine,
• Type in
On-line rebate programs “tax” for a list of tax groups.
• You’ve heard the saying “every little bit helps,” and,
Closeout, overstock or surplus goods as you’ve just learned, a “little bit” of research from the
• comfort of your home can add up to a great deal of
savings. ■