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2º BAC.

ABAU TEST February 2018

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Relaxing at a bar after a long day is nothing new. But the oxygen bars that are springing up all over the
United States are certainly something different. These bars don´t serve alcohol. In fact, they don´t serve
drinks at all. Instead, they serve 95% pure oxygen, which is inhaled through a nose tube.

Oxygen bars look a little like hospitals, with people sitting around with plastic tubes sticking out of their
nostrils. Yet, oxygen-bar users are not ill. They are healthy people who pay about one dollar a minute to
breathe fresh air. The oxygen is mixed with scented oils, and people can choose to inhale a variety of
different scents. Each flavour is said to have a specific effect on your body. While one flavour promises
to reduce stress, another will give you energy.

Oxygen bars first opened in Japan in the early 1980s, to counter the effects of highly-polluted city air.
Since then, bars have opened in India, China, the USA and all over Europe. Because it is relatively cheap
to buy or rent the equipment needed to run an oxygen bar, many entrepreuners are getting in on the
act and trying to cater to health-conscious consumers.

But are there real medical benefits to inhaling fresh, flavoured air or is this simply another fad? Although
oxygen-bar users swear that they feel healthier and have more energy, doctors are not convinced. They
claim that healthy people already have the maximum concentration of oxygen in their blood, and that
inhaling oxygen has no effect on a person´s health. Furthermore, they suggest that too much oxygen
can, in fact, cause severe health problems and can inhibit heart, lung and memory function.

It is true that the benefits of using the oxygen bar haven´t been scientifically proven. However, if
customers choose to visit an oxygen bar rather than to drink alcohol and breathe cigarette smoke at an
ordinary bar, that has to be a good thing!

1. Write a summary of the text in English, including the most important points using your own words
(approximately 50 words; 1 point)

2. Mark the following sentences True or False (T/F) according to the text. Then write the part (and ONLY
the part) of the text which justifies your answer. (1 point; 0.25 each)
a. Oxygen bars sell different flavours of air.
b. Everyone agrees that inhaling oxygen is good for you.
c. Doctors believe that healthy people breathe enough oxygen.
d. Research has shown that inhaling oxygen has a positive effect on a person´s health.

3. Find words or phrases in the text that correspond in meaning to the words and definitions given here.
(1 point; 0.25 each)
a) appearing suddenly b) advantages c) new fashion d) shown to be true

4. Pronunciation (1 point; 0.25 each)

a) Write the word where the combination "ea" sounds differently
learn pear heard early
b) In which of the following verbs is the ending -ed pronounced /t/ ?
cleaned ended enjoyed stopped
c) In which of the following words the ending (-s /-es) is pronounced /iz/
opens cups houses Jim´s
d) Which of these words have the schwa /ǝ/ sound?
coffee danger more cup
5. Rewrite the following sentences without changing the original meaning (1.5 points; 0.5 each)
a) We in no way want to be associated with that project.
In no way ...
b) I prefer using a keyboard to writing with a pen.
I´d rather ...
c) It is possible that codes of attraction and beauty are millions of years old.
Codes of attraction and beauty ...

6. WRITING. Choose ONE of the two options (Approximately 120 words; 3 points)

A) Retell the story of an interesting film or book you enjoyed.

B) Write about a significant event in your life or a frightening / exciting experience that you had in the

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