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6:30 p.m., Tuesday, March 6, 2018
District Office Conference Room

I. Call to Order
A. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Agenda Changes

III. Visitor’s Comments

IV. Communications

V. Board and Staff Reports:

A. Jason Compo – Buildings and Grounds Budget.

VI. Items for Consent Agenda:

A. Approval of the Minutes of the Board of Education meetings on February
6 and February 27, 2018.

B. Approval of the Monthly Treasurer’s Report for January 2018.

C. Approval of the Monthly Financial Report for January 2018.

D. Approval of the Minutes of the Committee on Pre-School Special


E. Approval of the Minutes of the Committee on Special Education.

VII. Items for Board Action:

A. Approval of Educational Trip.

B. Approval of Educational Trip.

C. Approval of Educational Trip.

D. Approval of Independent Participation on Trapshooting Team.

E. Approval of Independent Participation on Trapshooting Team.

F. Personnel Report:
 Resignations
 Leave of Absence
 Appointment(s)
o Permanent
o Part-time
o Provisional
o Temporary
o Instructional Substitutes
o Non-Instructional Substitute
o Spring Coaching – Boys
o Spring Coaching – Girls
o Spring Coaching - Volunteer

VIII. Items for Discussion/Information:

A. Superintendent of Schools’ Report
B. Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Report.
C. Assistant Superintendent Personnel/Transportation Report.
D. Business Manager Report.
E. Second Reading of Board of Education Policies: 5201, Automated External
Defibrillation (AED); 6302, Leaves of Absence; 7301, School-Sponsored
Student Expression
F. Extra-Curricular Classroom Activity Reports for WHS, Case and Wiley
Wiley Intermediate for December 2018.

IX. Upcoming Dates:

 March 7 (Wednesday), Knickerbocker Science Fair
 March 7 (Wednesday), Music in Our Schools – Gymnasium at Watertown
High School @ 7 p.m.
 March 8 (Thursday), North Elementary School Science Fair @ 6 p.m.
 March 9 (Friday), Case 7th & 8th Grade Dance @ 7 p.m.
 March 13 (Tuesday), Starbuck Science Fair @ 6 p.m.
 March 14 (Wednesday) Knickerbocker 1st Grade Concert @ 6 p.m.
 March 14 (Wednesday), JLSBA Dessert Workshop, 6 p.m. @ Howard G.
Sackett Technical Center; Glenfield
 March 14 (Wednesday), Ohio 1st Grade Concert @ 6 p.m.; 2nd Grade @ 7
 March 16 (Friday), Staff Development K-12 (a.m.)/Parent Conferences K-12
(p.m.) – NO SCHOOL
 March 16 (Friday), First Day to Pick Up Petitions for Board of Education
Election, 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
 March 20 (Tuesday), H. T. Wiley School Family BINGO Night, 5:30 p.m.
 March 21 (Wednesday), WHS Performance of “Sister Act”, 1:00 p.m. at
Watertown High School for Senior Citizens’ of the Watertown City School
District, early bird dinner to follow.
 March 21 (Wednesday), Sherman 2nd Grade Concert @ 6 p.m.
 March 22-24 (Thursday-Saturday) WHS Performance of “Sister Act”, 7:00
p.m. at Watertown High School.
 March 23 (Friday), Sherman Science Fair @ 5:30 p.m.
 March 23 (Friday), Ohio Family Movie Night @ 6:30 p.m.
 March 27 (Tuesday), Board of Education Meeting @ Knickerbocker School @
6:30 p.m.
 March 28 (Wednesday), Jefferson-Lewis School Boards Association (JLSBA)
National Honor Society Recognition Program, 6 p.m. @ Watertown High
School Auditorium
 March 28 (Wednesday), Case Music Night @ 6:00 p.m.
 March 30 (Friday) Good Friday – NO SCHOOL

X. Adjournment