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Understanding some aspects of

Islam and art from Muslim

Culture (Azem Palace)
Baylee Warner: Period 8
Who was Muhammad?
Muhammad was an orphan who eventually married a very wealthy woman named
Khadija. She was about 15 years older than him. A few years after having children with
his wife, Muhammad has his first vision where he says God gave him a message. It
takes him several years before Muhammad actually tells his vision to people outside of
his family. What he says to the public is later written as the Qur’an which is scriptures
to them.
What is the difference between Sunni, Shiite, and Kurd.
Sunnis and the Shiites believed differently in who was the next prophet after the
prophet Muhammad died. The Shiites believed that the next prophet was related to
Muhammad, while the Sunnis believed it was someone that Muhammad’s followers

The Kurds live in a few different countries in the middle east and are the minority
there and struggle to have equality with the Arabian people that they live with. Kurds
are mostly Sunnis with some Shiites.
Does Islam Incite Terrorism?
Islam does not incite terrorism. Most Islamic people actually don’t believe in what the
terrorists do and dread when they do it, because it brings a bad representation on their
people. The Islamic people who are terrorists are extremists and twist what the Islamic
people believe in. They do this so they can have a sick reason to do the things that they
do. Just because they are Muslims doesn’t necessarily mean that they are terrorists.
Most of them are actually great people, just with a small portion of people who give
them a bad representation.
What is the difference between Islam and Muslim?
Islam is the actual religion and the beliefs.

Muslims are the people who believe and practice Islam.

What is your impression of the people of the Islamic
Faith/Culture? Do you know a Muslim?
I do not personally know a Muslim, but I believe that they are just like the rest of
us. There are some amazing, some good, and some bad people. Just with the Muslim
people only the bad ones are talked about so we just believe that they are all bad.
Which they aren’t. Some are amazing people.
How are Muslim Women treated in their culture?
The women are treated with respect and that women and men are equal. Women
can and are encouraged to get an education and can also receive an inheritance from
her parents and/or her husband. Women also have the right to accept or deny a
marriage request and can divorce her husband if she feels the need.
What type of imagery is accepted by Muslim culture?
Muslims believe in iconoclasm. They do not want pictures of humans especially of
Muhammad because it’s considered idolatry. Instead of pictures of living beings they
use geometry and beautiful colors as their artwork. They have a lot of mosaics in their
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