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Version 7.58.0 (23 Jan 2018)

Daniel Stenberg (23 Jan 2018)

- RELEASE: 7.58.0

- [Gisle Vanem brought this change]

progress-bar: get screen width on windows

- test1454: --connect-to with IPv6 address w/o IPv6 support!

- CONNECT_TO: fail attempt to set an IPv6 numerical without IPv6 support

Reported-by: John Hascall

Closes #2257

- docs: fix man page syntax to make test 1140 OK again

- http: prevent custom Authorization headers in redirects

... unless CURLOPT_UNRESTRICTED_AUTH is set to allow them. This matches how

curl already handles Authorization headers created internally.

Note: this changes behavior slightly, for the sake of reducing mistakes.

Added test 317 and 318 to verify.

Reported-by: Craig de Stigter


- curl: progress bar refresh, get width using ioctl()

Get screen width from the environment variable COLUMNS first, if set. If
not, use ioctl(). If nether works, assume 79.

Closes #2242

The "refresh" is for the -# output when no total transfer size is

known. It will now only use a single updated line even for this case:

The "-=O=-" ship moves when data is transferred. The four flying
"hashes" move (on a sine wave) on each refresh, independent of data.

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with bb0ffcc36

- libcurl-env.3: first take

- TODO: two possible name resolver improvements

- [Kartik Mahajan brought this change]

http2: don't close connection when single transfer is stopped

Fixes #2237
Closes #2249

- test558: fix for multissl builds

vtls.c:multissl_init() might do a curl_free() call so strip that out to

make this work with more builds. We just want to verify that
memorytracking works so skipping one line is no harm.

- examples/url2file.c: add missing curl_global_cleanup() call

Reported-by: XhstormR on github

Fixes #2245

- [Michael Gmelin brought this change]

SSH: Fix state machine for ssh-agent authentication

In case an identity didn't match[0], the state machine would fail in

state SSH_AUTH_AGENT instead of progressing to the next identity in
ssh-agent. As a result, ssh-agent authentication only worked if the
identity required happened to be the first added to ssh-agent.

This was introduced as part of commit c4eb10e2f06fbd6cc904f1d78e4, which

stated that the "else" statement was required to prevent getting stuck
in state SSH_AUTH_AGENT. Given the state machine's logic and libssh2's
interface I couldn't see how this could happen or reproduce it and I
also couldn't find a more detailed description of the problem which
would explain a test case to reproduce the problem this was supposed to

[0] libssh2_agent_userauth returning LIBSSH2_ERROR_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED

Closes #2248

- openssl: fix potential memory leak in SSLKEYLOGFILE logic

Coverity CID 1427646.

- openssl: fix the libressl build again

Follow-up to 84fcaa2e7. libressl does not have the API even if it says it is
late OpenSSL version...

Fixes #2246
Closes #2247

Reported-by: jungle-boogie on github

- unit1307: test many wildcards too

- curl_fnmatch: only allow 5 '*' sections in a single pattern

... to avoid excessive recursive calls. The number 5 is totally

arbitrary and could be modified if someone has a good motivation.
- ftp-wildcard: fix matching an empty string with "*[^a]"

.... and avoid advancing the pointer to trigger an out of buffer read.

Detected by OSS-fuzz
Assisted-by: Max Dymond

- SMB: fix numeric constant suffix and variable types

1. don't use "ULL" suffix since unsupported in older MSVC

2. use curl_off_t instead of custom long long ifdefs
3. make get_posix_time() not do unaligned data access

Fixes #2211
Closes #2240
Reported-by: Chester Liu

- [rouzier brought this change]


Closes #2239

- smtp/pop3/imap_get_message: decrease the data length too...

Follow-up commit to 615edc1f73 which was incomplete.

Assisted-by: Max Dymond

Detected by OSS-fuzz

- openssl: enable SSLKEYLOGFILE support by default

Fixes #2210
Closes #2236

Patrick Monnerat (14 Jan 2018)

- mime: clone mime tree upon easy handle duplication.

A mime tree attached to an easy handle using CURLOPT_MIMEPOST is

strongly bound to the handle: there is a pointer to the easy handle in
each item of the mime tree and following the parent pointer list
of mime items ends in a dummy part stored within the handle.

Because of this binding, a mime tree cannot be shared between different

easy handles, thus it needs to be cloned upon easy handle duplication.

There is no way for the caller to get the duplicated mime tree
handle: it is then set to be automatically destroyed upon freeing the
new easy handle.

New test 654 checks proper mime structure duplication/release.

Add a warning note in curl_mime_data_cb() documentation about sharing

user data between duplicated handles.

Closes #2235
- docs: comment about CURLE_READ_ERROR returned by curl_mime_filedata

Daniel Stenberg (13 Jan 2018)

- test395: HTTP with overflow Content-Length value

- test394: verify abort of rubbish in Content-Length: value

- test393: verify --max-filesize with excessive Content-Length

- HTTP: bail out on negative Content-Length: values

... and make the max filesize check trigger if the value is too big.

Updates test 178.

Reported-by: Brad Spencer

Fixes #2212
Closes #2223

Marcel Raad (13 Jan 2018)

- [Dan Johnson brought this change] append extra linker flags instead of prepending them.

Link order should list libraries after the libraries that use them,
so when we're guessing that we might also need to add -ldl in order
to use -lssl, we should add -ldl after -lssl.


Daniel Stenberg (13 Jan 2018)

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 6fa10c8fa

Jay Satiro (13 Jan 2018)

- setopt: fix SSLVERSION to allow CURL_SSLVERSION_MAX_ values

Broken since f121575 (precedes 7.56.1).



Patrick Monnerat (13 Jan 2018)

- setopt: reintroduce non-static Curl_vsetopt() for OS400 support

This also upgrades ILE/RPG bindings with latest setopt options.

Reported-By: jonrumsey on github

Fixes #2230
Closes #2233

Jay Satiro (11 Jan 2018)

- [Zhouyihai Ding brought this change]

http2: fix incorrect trailer buffer size

Prior to this change the stored byte count of each trailer was
miscalculated and 1 less than required. It appears any trailer
after the first that was passed to Curl_client_write would be truncated
or corrupted as well as the size. Potentially the size of some
subsequent trailer could be erroneously extracted from the contents of
that trailer, and since that size is used by client write an
out-of-bounds read could occur and cause a crash or be otherwise
processed by client write.

The bug appears to have been born in 0761a51 (precedes 7.49.0).


- [Basuke Suzuki brought this change]

easy: fix connection ownership in curl_easy_pause

Before calling Curl_client_chop_write(), change the owner of connection

to the current Curl_easy handle. This will fix the issue #2217.


Daniel Stenberg (9 Jan 2018)

- [Dimitrios Apostolou brought this change]

system.h: Additionally check __LONG_MAX__ for defining curl_off_t

__SIZEOF_LONG__ was introduced in GCC 4.4, __LONG_MAX__ was introduced

in GCC 3.3.

Closes #2216

- COPYING: it's 2018!

- progress: calculate transfer speed on milliseconds if possible

to increase accuracy for quick transfers

Fixes #2200
Closes #2206

Jay Satiro (7 Jan 2018)

- scripts: allow all perl scripts to be run directly

- Enable execute permission (chmod +x)

- Change interpreter to /usr/bin/env perl


- mail-rcpt.d: fix short-text description

- build: remove HAVE_LIMITS_H check

.. because limits.h presence isn't optional, it's required by C89.


- openssl: fix memory leak of SSLKEYLOGFILE filename

- Free the copy of SSLKEYLOGFILE env returned by curl_getenv during ossl


Caught by ASAN.

- Revert "curl/system.h: fix compilation with gcc on AIX PPC and IA64 HP-UX"

This reverts commit c97648b55080343bb371522bf4233e94a2a13a99.

SIZEOF_LONG should not be checked in system.h since that macro is only

defined when building libcurl.


Michael Kaufmann (30 Dec 2017)

- test1554: improve the error handling

- test1554: add global initialization and cleanup

Daniel Stenberg (29 Dec 2017)

- curl_version_info.3: call the argument 'age'

Reported-by: Pete Lomax


Patrick Monnerat (27 Dec 2017)

- [Mikalai Ananenka brought this change]

brotli: data at the end of content can be lost

Decoding loop implementation did not concern the case when all
received data is consumed by Brotli decoder and the size of decoded
data internally hold by Brotli decoder is greater than CURL_MAX_WRITE_SIZE.
For content with unencoded length greater than CURL_MAX_WRITE_SIZE this
can result in the loss of data at the end of content.

Closes #2194

Jay Satiro (26 Dec 2017)

- examples/cacertinmem: ignore cert-already-exists error

- Ignore X509_R_CERT_ALREADY_IN_HASH_TABLE errors in the CTX callback

since it's possible the cert may have already been loaded by libcurl.

- Remove the EXAMPLE code in the CURLOPT_SSL_CTX_FUNCTION.3 doc.

Instead have it direct the reader to this cacertinmem.c example.

- Fix the CA certificate to use the right CA for, Digicert.

Reported-by: Thomas van Hesteren


- [Gisle Vanem brought this change]

tool_getparam: Support size modifiers for --max-filesize

- Move the size modifier detection code from limit-rate to its own
function so that it can also be used with max-filesize.

Size modifiers are the suffixes such as G (gigabyte), M (megabyte) etc.

For example --max-filesize 1G



Steve Holme (22 Dec 2017)

- build: Fixed incorrect script termination from commit ad1dc10e61

- Added our standard copyright header

- winbuild: Added support for VC15

- build: Added Visual Studio 2017 project files

- build-wolfssl.bat: Added support for VC15

- build-openssl.bat: Added support for VC15

Jay Satiro (22 Dec 2017)

- [Dimitrios Apostolou brought this change]

curl/system.h: fix compilation with gcc on AIX PPC and IA64 HP-UX


- [Mattias Fornander brought this change]

examples/rtsp: fix error handling macros


Patrick Monnerat (20 Dec 2017)

- curl_easy_reset: release mime-related data.

Move curl_mime_initpart() and curl_mime_cleanpart() calls to lower-level

functions dealing with UserDefined structure contents.
This avoids memory leakages on curl-generated part mime headers.
New test 2073 checks this using the cli tool --next option: it
triggers a valgrind error if bug is present.

Reported-by: Martin Galvan

- content_encoding: rework zlib_inflate

- When zlib version is <, process gzip trailer before considering
extra data as an error.
- Inflate with Z_BLOCK instead of Z_SYNC_FLUSH to maximize correct data
and minimize corrupt data output.
- Do not try to restart deflate decompression in raw mode if output has
started or if the leading data is not available anymore.
- New test 232 checks inflating raw-deflated content.

Closes #2068

- brotli: allow compiling with version 0.6.0.

Some error codes were not yet defined in brotli 0.6.0: do not issue code
for them in this case.

Daniel Stenberg (13 Dec 2017)

- CURLOPT_READFUNCTION.3: refer to argument with correct name

Bug: #2175

[ci skip]

- rand: add a clang-analyzer work-around

scan-build would warn on a potential access of an uninitialized

buffer. I deem it a false positive and had to add this somewhat ugly
work-around to silence it.

- krb5: fix a potential access of uninitialized memory

A scan-build warning.

- conncache: fix a return code [regression]

This broke in 07cb27c98e. Make sure to return 'result' properly. Pointed

out by scan-build!

- curl: support >256 bytes warning messsages

Bug: #2174

Michael Kaufmann (12 Dec 2017)

- libssh: fix a syntax error in

Follow-up to c92d2e1

Closes #2172

Daniel Stenberg (12 Dec 2017)

- examples/smtp-mail.c: use separate defines for options and mail

... to make it clearer that the options want address-only, while the
headers in an email can also have the real name.

Assisted-by: Sean MacLennan

- THANKS: added missing names

... as I reran the contrithanks script after the mailmap name fixups.

- mailmap: added/clarified several names

- setopt: less *or equal* than INT_MAX/1000 should be fine


Reported-by: Dominik Hölzl


Closes #2173

- [Dmitry Kostjuchenko brought this change]

vtls: replaced getenv() with curl_getenv()

Fixed undefined symbol of getenv() which does not exist when compiling
for Windows 10 App (CURL_WINDOWS_APP). Replaced getenv() with
curl_getenv() which is aware of getenv() absence when CURL_WINDOWS_APP
is defined.

Closes #2171

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 3b9ea70ee

- TODO: Expose tried IP addresses that failed

Suggested-by: Rainer Canavan

Closes #2126

- curl.1: mention http:// and https:// as valid proxy prefixes

- curl.1: documented two missing valid exit codes

- CURLOPT_DNS_LOCAL_IP4.3: fixed the seel also to not self-reference

- Revert "curl: don't set CURLOPT_INTERLEAVEDATA"

This reverts commit 9ffad8eb1329bb35c8988115ac7ed85cf91ef955.

It was actually added rather recently in 8e8afa82cbb629 due to a crash

that would otherwise happen in the RTSP code. As I don't think we've
fixed that behavior yet, we better keep this work-around until we have
fixed it better.

Michael Kaufmann (10 Dec 2017)

- tests: mark data files as non-executable in git

- tests: update .gitignore for libtests

Daniel Stenberg (10 Dec 2017)

- multi_done: prune DNS cache

Prune the DNS cache immediately after the dns entry is unlocked in
multi_done. Timed out entries will then get discarded in a more orderly

Test506 is updated

Reported-by: Oleg Pudeyev

Fixes #2169
Closes #2170

- mailmap: fixup two old git Author "aliases"

Jay Satiro (10 Dec 2017)

- openssl: Disable file buffering for Win32 SSLKEYLOGFILE

Prior to this change SSLKEYLOGFILE used line buffering on WIN32 just

like it does for other platforms. However, the Windows CRT does not
actually support line buffering (_IOLBF) and will use full buffering
(_IOFBF) instead. We can't use full buffering because multiple processes
may be writing to the file and that could lead to corruption, and since
full buffering is the only buffering available this commit disables
buffering for Windows SSLKEYLOGFILE entirely (_IONBF).


Daniel Stenberg (10 Dec 2017)

- RESOLVE: output verbose text when trying to set a duplicate name

... to help users understand what is or isn't done!


- [John DeHelian brought this change]

sftp: allow quoted commands to use relative paths

Closes #1900

Jay Satiro (8 Dec 2017)

- [Richard Alcock brought this change]

CURLOPT_PRIVATE.3: fix grammar

- Change "never does nothing" double-negative to "never does anything".


Daniel Stenberg (8 Dec 2017)

- curl: remove __EMX__ #ifdefs

These are OS/2-specific things added to the code in the year 2000. They
were always ugly. If there's any user left, they still don't need it
done this way.

Closes #2166

Jay Satiro (8 Dec 2017)

- openssl: improve data-pending check for https proxy

- Allow proxy_ssl to be checked for pending data even when connssl does
not yet have an SSL handle.

This change is for posterity. Currently there doesn't seem to be a code

path that will cause a pending data check when proxyssl could have
pending data and the connssl handle doesn't yet exist [1].

[1]: Recall that an https proxy connection starts out in connssl but if
the destination is also https then the proxy SSL backend data is moved
from connssl to proxyssl, which means connssl handle is temporarily
empty until an SSL handle for the destination can be created.



Daniel Stenberg (8 Dec 2017)


That data is only ever used by the CURLOPT_INTERLEAVEFUNCTION callback

and that option isn't set or used by the curl tool!

Updates the 9 tests that verify --libcurl

Closes #2167

- curl.h: remove incorrect comment about ERRORBUFFER

... error messages are _not_ sent to stderr if this is not set.

- [Michael Felt brought this change]

configure: add AX_CODE_COVERAGE only if using gcc

Fixes #2076
Closes #2125

- curl: limit -# update frequency for unknown total size

Make it use a max 10Hz update frequency for this case as well. Return
early if the "point" hasn't moved since last invoke.

Reported-by: Elliot Saba

Fixes #2158
Closes #2163

- BINDINGS: another PostgreSQL client

...the former link is dead.

Reported-by: Frank Gevaerts

- [Zachary Seguin brought this change]

CONNECT: keep close connection flag in http_connect_state struct

Fixes #2088
Closes #2157

- [Per Malmberg brought this change]

include: get netinet/in.h before linux/tcp.h

... to allow build on older Linux dists (specifically CentOS 4.8 on gcc
Closes #2160

- openldap: fix checksrc nits

- [Stepan Broz brought this change]

openldap: add commented out debug possibilities

... to aid debugging openldap library using its built-in debug messages.

Closes #2159

- examples: move threaded-shared-conn.c to the "complicated" ones

... due it relying on pthreads to link.

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with b261c44e8

... and bump next release version to 7.58.0

- [Jan Ehrhardt brought this change]

URL: tolerate backslash after drive letter for FILE:

... as in "file://c:\some\path\curl.out"

Reviewed-by: Matthew Kerwin

Closes #2154

- [Randall S. Becker brought this change]

tests: added netinet/in6.h includes in test servers

- [Randall S. Becker brought this change]

configure: check for netinet/in6.h

Needed by HPE NonStop NSE and NSX systems

Fixes #2146
Closes #2155

- curl-config: add --ssl-backends

Lists all SSL backends that were enabled at build-time.

Suggested-by: Oleg Pudeyev

Fixes #2128

- conncache: only allow multiplexing within same multi handle

Connections that are used for HTTP/1.1 Pipelining or HTTP/2 multiplexing

only get additional transfers added to them if the existing connection
is held by the same multi or easy handle. libcurl does not support doing
HTTP/2 streams in different threads using a shared connection.

Closes #2152

- threaded-shared-conn.c: fixed typo in commenta

- threaded-shared-conn.c: new example

- conncache: fix several lock issues

If the lock is released before the dealings with the bundle is over, it may
have changed by another thread in the mean time.

Fixes #2132
Fixes #2151
Closes #2139

- libssh: remove dead code in sftp_qoute

... by removing a superfluous NULL pointer check that also confuses


Fixes #2143
Closes #2153

- sasl_getmesssage: make sure we have a long enough string to pass

For pop3/imap/smtp, added test 891 to somewhat verify the pop3


For this, I enhanced the pingpong test server to be able to send back
responses with LF-only instead of always using CRLF.

Closes #2150

- libssh2: remove dead code from SSH_SFTP_QUOTE

Figured out while reviewing code in the libssh backend. The pointer was
checked for NULL after having been dereferenced, so we know it would
always equal true or it would've crashed.

Pointed-out-by: Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos

Bug #2143
Closes #2148

- ssh-libssh.c: please checksrc

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos (4 Dec 2017)

- libssh: fixed dereference in statvfs access

The behavior is now equivalent to ssh.c when SSH_SFTP_QUOTE_STATVFS

handling fails.

Fixes #2142

Daniel Stenberg (4 Dec 2017)

- [Guitared brought this change]

RESOURCES: update spec names

Closes #2145

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos (3 Dec 2017)

- libssh: corrected use of sftp_statvfs() in SSH_SFTP_QUOTE_STATVFS

The previous code was incorrectly following the libssh2 error detection
for libssh2_sftp_statvfs, which is not correct for libssh's sftp_statvfs.

Fixes #2142

Signed-off-by: Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <>

- libssh: no need to call sftp_get_error as ssh_get_error is sufficient

Fixes #2141

Signed-off-by: Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <>

Daniel Stenberg (2 Dec 2017)

- libssh: fix minor static code analyzer nits

- remove superfluous NULL check which otherwise tricks the static code
analyzers to assume NULL pointer dereferences.

- fix fallthrough in switch()

- indent mistake

- openssl: pkcs12 is supported by boringssl

Removes another #ifdef for BoringSSL

Pointed-out-by: David Benjamin

Closes #2134

- [Jay Satiro brought this change]

travis: use pip2 instead of pip

.. since now mac osx image expects pip2 or pip3, and doesn't know pip:

0.01s$ pip install --user cpp-coveralls

/Users/travis/.travis/job_stages: line 57: pip: command not found



- [Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos brought this change]

lib582: do not verify host for SFTP

This SFTP test fails with libssh back-end due to failure to verify
the peer. Disable peer verification in the test as there seems to
be the intention of the test.

Note that the libssh back-end automatically verifies the peer's

host using the default known_hosts file.

Signed-off-by: Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <>

- [Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos brought this change]

libssh: added SFTP support

The SFTP back-end supports asynchronous reading only, limited

to 32-bit file length. Writing is synchronous with no other

This also brings keyboard-interactive authentication.

Signed-off-by: Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <>

- [Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos brought this change]

symbols-in-versions: added new symbols with 7.56.3 version

Signed-off-by: Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <>

- [Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos brought this change]

.travis.yml: added build --with-libssh

Signed-off-by: Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <>

- [Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos brought this change]

libssh2: return CURLE_UPLOAD_FAILED on failure to upload

This brings its in sync with the error code returned by the
libssh backend.

Signed-off-by: Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <>

- [Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos brought this change]

libssh2: send the correct CURLE error code on scp file not found

That also updates tests to expect the right error code

libssh2 back-end returns CURLE_SSH error if the remote file

is not found. Expect instead CURLE_REMOTE_FILE_NOT_FOUND
which is sent by the libssh backend.

Signed-off-by: Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <>

- [Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos brought this change]

Added support for libssh SSH SCP back-end

libssh is an alternative library to libssh2.

That patch set also introduces support for ECDSA

ed25519 keys, as well as gssapi authentication.

Signed-off-by: Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <>

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with af8cc7a69

- curlver: towards 7.57.1

- [W. Mark Kubacki brought this change]

lib: don't export all symbols, just everything curl_*

Absent any 'symbol map' or script to limit what gets exported, static
linking of libraries previously resulted in a libcurl with curl's and
those other symbols being (re-)exported.

This did not happen if 'versioned symbols' were enabled (which is not
the default) because then a version script is employed.

This limits exports to everything starting in 'curl_*'., which is

what "libcurl.vers" exports.

This avoids strange side-effects such as with mixing methods

from system libraries and those erroneously offered by libcurl.

Closes #2127

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

SSL: Avoid magic allocation of SSL backend specific data

Originally, my idea was to allocate the two structures (or more

precisely, the connectdata structure and the four SSL backend-specific
strucutres required for ssl[0..1] and proxy_ssl[0..1]) in one go, so
that they all could be free()d together.

However, getting the alignment right is tricky. Too tricky.

So let's just bite the bullet and allocate the SSL backend-specific
data separately.

As a consequence, we now have to be very careful to release the memory

allocated for the SSL backend-specific data whenever we release any

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

Closes #2119

- examples/xmlstream.c: don't switch off CURL_GLOBAL_SSL

Reported-by: Dima Tisnek

- travis: add boringssl build

Uses a separate build without --enable-debug and no valgrind.

The debug option causes far too many warnings in boringssl's headers
(C++ comments, trailing commas etc). Valgrind triggers some false
positive errors in thread-local data used by boringssl.

Closes #2118

Version 7.57.0 (29 Nov 2017)

Daniel Stenberg (29 Nov 2017)
- RELEASE-NOTES: curl 7.57.0

- THANKS: added contributors from 7.57.0 release

- openssl: fix boringssl build again

commit d3ab7c5a21e broke the boringssl build since it doesn't have

RSA_flags(), so we disable that code block for boringssl builds.

Reported-by: W. Mark Kubacki

Fixes #2117

- curl_ntlm_core.c: use the limits.h's SIZE_T_MAX if provided

- libcurl-share.3: the connection cache is shareable now

- global_init: ignore CURL_GLOBAL_SSL's absense

This bit is no longer used. It is not clear what it meant for users to
"init the TLS" in a world with different TLS backends and since the
introduction of multissl, libcurl didn't properly work if inited without
this bit set.

Not a single user responded to the call for users of it:

Reported-by: Evgeny Grin

Assisted-by: Jay Satiro

Fixes #2089
Fixes #2083
Closes #2107

- ntlm: avoid integer overflow for malloc size

Reported-by: Alex Nichols

Assisted-by: Kamil Dudka and Max Dymond



- wildcardmatch: fix heap buffer overflow in setcharset

The code would previous read beyond the end of the pattern string if the
match pattern ends with an open bracket when the default pattern
matching function is used.

Detected by OSS-Fuzz:



- [Jay Satiro brought this change]

url: fix alignment of ssl_backend_data struct

- Align the array of ssl_backend_data on a max 32 byte boundary.

8 is likely to be ok but I went with 32 for posterity should one of

the ssl_backend_data structs change to contain a larger sized variable
in the future.

Prior to this change (since dev 70f1db3, release 7.56) the connectdata
structure was undersized by 4 bytes in 32-bit builds with ssl enabled
because long long * was mistakenly used for alignment instead of
long long, with the intention being an 8 byte boundary. Also long long
may not be an available type.

The undersized connectdata could lead to oob read/write past the end in
what was expected to be the last 4 bytes of the connection's secondary
socket https proxy ssl_backend_data struct (the secondary socket in a
connection is used by ftp, others?).




- ssh: remove check for a NULL pointer (!)

With this check present, scan-build warns that we might dereference this
point in other places where it isn't first checked for NULL. Thus, if it
*can* be NULL we have a problem on a few places. However, this pointer
should not be possible to be NULL here so I remove the check and thus
also three different scan-build warnings.

Closes #2111

- [Matthew Kerwin brought this change]

test: add test for bad UNC/SMB path in file: URL

- [Matthew Kerwin brought this change]

test: add tests to ensure basic file: URLs

- [Matthew Kerwin brought this change]

URL: update "file:" URL handling

* LOTS of comment updates

* explicit error for SMB shares (e.g. "file:////share/path/file")
* more strict handling of authority (i.e. "//localhost/")
* now accepts dodgy old "C:|" drive letters
* more precise handling of drive letters in and out of Windows
(especially recognising both "file:c:/" and "file:/c:/")

Closes #2110

- metalink: fix memory-leak and NULL pointer dereference

Reported by scan-build
Closes #2109

- [Alessandro Ghedini brought this change]

connect: add support for new TCP Fast Open API on Linux

The new API added in Linux 4.11 only requires setting a socket option
before connecting, without the whole sento() machinery.

Notably, this makes it possible to use TFO with SSL connections on Linux
as well, without the need to mess around with OpenSSL (or whatever other
SSL library) internals.

Closes #2056

- make: fix "make distclean"

Fixes #2097
Closes #2108

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 31f18d272

Jay Satiro (23 Nov 2017)

- connect: improve the bind error message

eg consider a non-existent interface eth8, curl --interface eth8

Before: curl: (45) Could not resolve host: eth8

After: curl: (45) Couldn't bind to 'eth8'

Reported-by: Alfonso Martone

Daniel Stenberg (23 Nov 2017)

- examples/rtsp: clear RANGE again after use

Fixes #2106
Reported-by: youngchopin on github

- [Michael Kaufmann brought this change]

test1264: verify URL with space in host name being rejected

- url: reject ASCII control characters and space in host names

Host names like " moo" would otherwise be accepted by some

getaddrinfo() implementations.

Updated test 1034 and 1035 accordingly.

Fixes #2073
Closes #2092

- Curl_open: fix OOM return error correctly

Closes #2098

- http2: fix "Value stored to 'end' is never read" scan-build error

- http2: fix "Value stored to 'hdbuf' is never read" scan-build error

- openssl: fix "Value stored to 'rc' is never read" scan-build error

- mime: fix "Value stored to 'sz' is never read" scan-build error

- Curl_llist_remove: fix potential NULL pointer deref

Fixes a scan-build warning.

- ntlm: remove unnecessary NULL-check to please scan-build

- BUGS: spellchecked

Jay Satiro (18 Nov 2017)

- [fmmedeiros brought this change]

examples/curlx: Fix code style

- Add braces around multi-line if statement.


Daniel Stenberg (17 Nov 2017)

- resolve: allow IP address within [] brackets

... so that IPv6 addresses can be passed like they can for connect-to
and how they're used in URLs.

Added test 1324 to verify

Reported-by: Alex Malinovich

Fixes #2087
Closes #2091

- [Pavol Markovic brought this change]

macOS: Fix missing connectx function with Xcode version older than 9.0

The previous fix worked just for

Xcode 9. This commit extends the fix to older Xcode versions effectively
by not using connectx function.

Closes #2082

- [Dirk Feytons brought this change]

openssl: fix too broad use of HAVE_OPAQUE_EVP_PKEY

Fixes #2079
Closes #2081

- TODO: ignore private IP addresses in PASV response

Closes #1455
- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with ae7369b6d

Michael Kaufmann (14 Nov 2017)

- URL: return error on malformed URLs with junk after IPv6 bracket

Follow-up to aadb7c7. Verified by new test 1263.

Closes #2072

Daniel Stenberg (14 Nov 2017)

- INTERNALS: we may use libidn2 now, not libidn

Patrick Monnerat (13 Nov 2017)

- zlib/brotli: only include header files in modules needing them

There is a conflict on symbol 'free_func' between openssl/crypto.h and

zlib.h on AIX. This is an attempt to resolve it.

Reported-By: Michael Felt

Daniel Stenberg (13 Nov 2017)

- SMB: fix uninitialized local variable

Reported-by: Brian Carpenter

- [Orgad Shaneh brought this change]

connect.c: remove executable bit on file

Closes #2071

- [hsiao yi brought this change] fixed layout

Closes #2069

- setopt: split out curl_easy_setopt() to its own file

... to make url.c smaller.

Closes #1944

Jay Satiro (10 Nov 2017)

- [John Starks brought this change]

cmake: Add missing setmode check

Ensure HAVE_SETMODE is set to 1 on OSes that have setmode. Without this,

curl will corrupt binary files when writing them to stdout on Windows.


Daniel Stenberg (10 Nov 2017)

- curl_share_setopt: va_end was not called if conncache errors

CID 984459, detected by Coverity

Sergei Nikulov (10 Nov 2017)
- [John Starks brought this change]

cmake: Correctly include curl.rc in Windows builds (#2064)

Update CMakeLists.txt to add curl.rc to the correct list.

Daniel Stenberg (9 Nov 2017)

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 32828cc4f

- [Luca Boccassi brought this change]

--interface: add support for Linux VRF

The --interface command (CURLOPT_INTERFACE option) already uses

SO_BINDTODEVICE on Linux, but it tries to parse it as an interface or IP
address first, which fails in case the user passes a VRF.

Try to use the socket option immediately and parse it as a fallback

instead. Update the documentation to mention this feature, and that it
requires the binary to be ran by root or with CAP_NET_RAW capabilities
for this to work.

Closes #2024

- curl_share_setopt.3: document CURL_LOCK_DATA_CONNECT

Closes #2043

- examples: add shared-connection-cache

- test1554: verify connection cache sharing

- share: add support for sharing the connection cache

- imap: deal with commands case insensitively

As documented in RFC 3501 section 9:

Closes #2061

- connect: store IPv6 connection status after valid connection

... previously it would store it already in the happy eyeballs stage

which could lead to the IPv6 bit being set for an IPv4 connection,
leading to curl not wanting to do EPSV=>PASV for FTP transfers.

Closes #2053

- curl_multi_fdset.3: emphasize curl_multi_timeout

... even when there's no socket to wait for, the timeout can still be
very short.

Jay Satiro (9 Nov 2017)

- content_encoding: fix inflate_stream for no bytes available

- Don't call zlib's inflate() when avail_in stream bytes is 0.

This is a follow up to the parent commit 19e66e5. Prior to that change
libcurl's inflate_stream could call zlib's inflate even when no bytes
were available, causing inflate to return Z_BUF_ERROR, and then
inflate_stream would treat that as a hard error and return

According to the zlib FAQ, Z_BUF_ERROR is not fatal.

This bug would happen randomly since packet sizes are arbitrary. A test
of 10,000 transfers had 55 fail (ie 0.55%).



Patrick Monnerat (7 Nov 2017)

- content_encoding: do not write 0 length data

Daniel Stenberg (6 Nov 2017)

- fnmatch: remove dead code

There was a duplicate check for backslashes in the setcharset()


Coverity CID 1420611

- url: remove unncessary NULL-check

Since 'conn' won't be NULL in there and we also access the pointer in
there without the check.

Coverity CID 1420610

Viktor Szakáts (6 Nov 2017)

- src/Makefile.m32: fix typo in brotli lib customization

Ref cc1f4436099decb9d1a7034b2bb773a9f8379d31

- Makefile.m32: allow to customize brotli libs

It adds the ability to link against static brotli libs.

Also fix brotli include path.

Patrick Monnerat (5 Nov 2017)

- travis: add a job with brotli enabled

- [Viktor Szakáts brought this change]

Makefile.m32: add brotli support

- HTTP: implement Brotli content encoding

This uses the brotli external library (

Brotli becomes a feature: additional curl_version_info() bit and
structure fields are provided for it and CURLVERSION_NOW bumped.

Tests 314 and 315 check Brotli content unencoding with correct and
erroneous data.

Some tests are updated to accomodate with the now configuration dependent
parameters of the Accept-Encoding header.

- HTTP: support multiple Content-Encodings

This is implemented as an output streaming stack of unencoders, the last

calling the client write procedure.

New test 230 checks this feature.

Reported-By: Daniel Bankhead

Jay Satiro (4 Nov 2017)

- url: remove arg value check from CURLOPT_SSH_AUTH_TYPES

Since CURLSSH_AUTH_ANY (aka CURLSSH_AUTH_DEFAULT) is ~0 an arg value

check on this option is incorrect; we have to accept any value.

Prior to this change since f121575 (7.56.1+) CURLOPT_SSH_AUTH_TYPES



Daniel Stenberg (4 Nov 2017)

- ntlm: avoid malloc(0) for zero length passwords

It triggers an assert() when built with memdebug since malloc(0) may

return NULL *or* a valid pointer.

Detected by OSS-Fuzz:

Assisted-by: Max Dymond

Closes #2054

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with ee8016b3d

- curl: speed up handling of many URLs

By properly keeping track of the last entry in the list of URLs/uploads

to handle, curl now avoids many meaningless traverses of the list which
speeds up many-URL handling *MASSIVELY* (several magnitudes on 100K

Added test 1291, to verify that it doesn't take ages - but we don't have
any detection of "too slow" command in the test suite.

Reported-by: arainchik on github

Fixes #1959
Closes #2052

- curl: pass through [] in URLs instead of calling globbing error

Assisted-by: Per Lundberg

Fixes #2044
Closes #2046
Closes #2048

Regression since f121575

Reported-by: Petr Voytsik

Fixes #2047

Jay Satiro (2 Nov 2017)

- url: fix CURLOPT_DNS_CACHE_TIMEOUT arg value check to allow -1

Prior to this change since f121575 (7.56.1+) CURLOPT_DNS_CACHE_TIMEOUT

erroneously rejected -1 with CURLE_BAD_FUNCTION_ARGUMENT.

Dan Fandrich (1 Nov 2017)

- http2: Fixed OOM handling in upgrade request

This caused the torture tests on test 1800 to fail.

- tests: Fixed torture tests on tests 556 and 650

Test cleanup after OOM wasn't being consistently performed.

Daniel Stenberg (1 Nov 2017)

- CURLOPT_MAXREDIRS: allow -1 as a value

... which is valid according to documentation. Regression since


Verified now in test 501.

Reported-by: cbartl on github

Fixes #2038
Closes #2039

- include: remove conncache.h inclusion from where its not needed

Jay Satiro (1 Nov 2017)

- url: fix CURLOPT_POSTFIELDSIZE arg value check to allow -1

.. also add same arg value check to CURLOPT_POSTFIELDSIZE_LARGE.

Prior to this change since f121575 (7.56.1+) CURLOPT_POSTFIELDSIZE

erroneously rejected -1 value with CURLE_BAD_FUNCTION_ARGUMENT.

Reported-by: Andrew Lambert

Daniel Stenberg (31 Oct 2017)

- cookie: avoid NULL dereference

... when expiring old cookies.

Reported-by: Pavel Gushchin

Fixes #2032
Closes #2035

Marcel Raad (30 Oct 2017)

- memdebug: use send/recv signature for curl_dosend/curl_dorecv
This avoids build errors and warnings caused by implicit casts.


Daniel Stenberg (30 Oct 2017)

- [Juro Bystricky brought this change] support reproducible build

Do not generate line with the current date, such as:

* Generation time: Tue Oct-24 18:01:41 2017

This will improve reproducibility. The generated string is only

part of a comment, so there should be no adverse consequences.

Signed-off-by: Juro Bystricky <>

closes #2026

Dan Fandrich (30 Oct 2017)

- Fixed typo in message

Daniel Stenberg (30 Oct 2017)

- curlx: the timeval functions are no longer provided as curlx_*

Pointed-out-by: Dmitri Tikhonov

Bug: #2034

- select: update comments


- INTERNALS: remove curlx_tv* functions no longer provided

- [Dmitri Tikhonov brought this change]

timeval: use mach time on MacOS

If clock_gettime() is not supported, use mach_absolute_time() on MacOS.

closes #2033

monnerat (29 Oct 2017)

- [Patrick Monnerat brought this change]

cli tool: improve ";type=" handling in -F option arguments

- [Patrick Monnerat brought this change]

cli tool: in -F option arg, comma is a delimiter for files only

Also upgrade test 1133 to cover this case and clarify man page about
form data quoting.

Reported-By: omau on github
Daniel Stenberg (29 Oct 2017)
- timeleft: made two more users of Curl_timeleft use timediff_t

Jakub Zakrzewski (28 Oct 2017)

- cmake: Export libcurl and curl targets to use by other cmake projects

The config files define curl and libcurl targets as imported targets
CURL::curl and CURL::libcurl. For backward compatibility with CMake-
provided find-module the CURL_INCLUDE_DIRS and CURL_LIBRARIES are
also set.

Closes #1879

Daniel Stenberg (28 Oct 2017)

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with f20cbac97

- [Florin Petriuc brought this change]

auth: Added test cases for RFC7616

Updated docs to include support for RFC7616

Signed-off-by: Florin <>

Closes #1934

- [Florin Petriuc brought this change]

auth: add support for RFC7616 - HTTP Digest access authentication

Signed-off-by: Florin <>

- [Daniel Bankhead brought this change]

TODO: support multiple Content-Encodings

Closes #2002

- ROADMAP: cleanup

Removed done stuff. Removed entries no longer considered for the near

- [Magicansk brought this change] spelling fixes

Closes #2028

- Curl_timeleft: change return type to timediff_t

returning 'time_t' is problematic when that type is unsigned and we

return values less than zero to signal "already expired", used in
several places in the code.

Closes #2021

- appveyor: add a win32 build

- setopt: fix CURLOPT_SSH_AUTH_TYPES option read

Regression since f121575c0b5f

Reported-by: Rob Cotrone

Marcel Raad (27 Oct 2017)

- resolvers: only include anything if needed

This avoids warnings about unused stuff.


Daniel Stenberg (27 Oct 2017)

- HELP-US: rename the subtitle too since the label is changed

"PR-welcome" was the former name.

- curl_setup.h: oops, shorten the too long line

- [Martin Storsjo brought this change]

curl_setup: Improve detection of CURL_WINDOWS_APP

If WINAPI_FAMILY is defined, it should be safe to try to include

winapifamily.h to check what the define evaluates to.

This should fix detection of CURL_WINDOWS_APP if building with

_WIN32_WINNT set to 0x0600.

Closes #2025

Jay Satiro (26 Oct 2017)

- transfer: Fix chunked-encoding upload bug

- When uploading via chunked-encoding don't compare file size to bytes

sent to determine whether the upload has finished.

Chunked-encoding adds its own overhead which why the bytes sent is not
equal to the file size. Prior to this change if a file was uploaded in
chunked-encoding and its size was known it was possible that the upload
could end prematurely without sending the final few chunks. That would
result in a server hang waiting for the remaining data, likely followed
by a disconnect.

The scope of this bug is limited to some arbitrary file sizes which have
not been determined. One size that triggers the bug is 475020.



Daniel Stenberg (26 Oct 2017)

- timeval: make timediff_t also work on 32bit windows

... by using curl_off_t for the typedef if time_t is larger than 4

Reported-by: Gisle Vanem
Closes #2019

- curl_fnmatch: return error on illegal wildcard pattern

... instead of doing an infinite loop!

Added test 1162 to verify.

Reported-by: Max Dymond

Fixes #2015
Closes #2017

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

wildcards: don't use with non-supported protocols

Fixes timeouts in the fuzzing tests for non-FTP protocols.

Closes #2016

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

multi: allow table handle sizes to be overridden

Allow users to specify their own hash define for

CURL_CONNECTION_HASH_SIZE so that both values can be overridden.

Closes #1982

- time: rename Curl_tvnow to Curl_now

... since the 'tv' stood for timeval and this function does not return a
timeval struct anymore.

Also, cleaned up the Curl_timediff*() functions to avoid typecasts and

clean up the descriptive comments.

Closes #2011

- ftplistparser: follow-up cleanup to remove PL_ERROR()

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

ftplistparser: free off temporary memory always

When using the FTP list parser, ensure that the memory that's
allocated is always freed.

Detected by OSS-fuzz:

Closes #2013

- timediff: return timediff_t from the time diff functions

... to cater for systems with unsigned time_t variables.

- Renamed the functions to curlx_timediff and Curl_timediff_us.

- Added overflow protection for both of them in either direction for

both 32 bit and 64 bit time_ts

- Reprefixed the curlx_time functions to use Curl_*

Reported-by: Peter Piekarski

Fixes #2004
Closes #2005

- [Paul Howarth brought this change]

libtest: Add required test libraries for lib1552 and lib1553

They use $(TESTUTIL) and thus should use $(TESTUTIL_LIBS) too.

This fixes build failures on Fedora 13.

Closes #2006

- [Alessandro Ghedini brought this change]

libcurl-tutorial.3: fix typo

closes #2008

Alessandro Ghedini (23 Oct 2017)

- curl_mime_filedata.3: fix typos

Daniel Stenberg (23 Oct 2017)

- RELEASE-NOTES: clean slate towards 7.57.0

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

travis: exit if any steps fail

We don't expect any steps to fail in travis. Exit the script if they do.

Closes #1966

Version 7.56.1 (23 Oct 2017)

Daniel Stenberg (23 Oct 2017)


- THANKS: update at 7.56.1 release time

- [Jon DeVree brought this change]

mk-ca-bundle: Remove URL for aurora

Aurora is no longer used by Mozilla

- [Jon DeVree brought this change]

mk-ca-bundle: Fix URL for NSS

The 'tip' is the most recent branch committed to, this should be
'default' like the URLs for the browser are.

Closes #1998

- imap: if a FETCH response has no size, don't call write callback


Reported-by: Brian Carpenter and 0xd34db347

Also detected by OSS-Fuzz:

- ftp: reject illegal IP/port in PASV 227 response

... by using range checks. Among other things, this avoids an undefined
behavior for a left shift that could happen on negative or very large

Closes #1997

Detected by OSS-fuzz:

Patrick Monnerat (20 Oct 2017)

- test653: check reuse of easy handle after mime data change

See issue #1999

- mime: do not reuse previously computed multipart size

The contents might have changed: size must be recomputed.

Reported-by: moteus on github

Fixes #1999

- test308: disable if MultiSSL feature enabled

Even if OpenSSL is enabled, it might not be the default backend when

multi-ssl is enabled, causing the test to fail.

- runtests: support MultiSSL client feature

- vtls: change struct Curl_ssl `close' field name to `close_one'.

On OS/400, `close' is an ASCII system macro that corrupts the code if

not used in a context not targetting the close() system API.

- os400: add missing symbols in config file.

Also adjust makefile to renamed files and warn about installation dirs mix-up.

- test652: curl_mime_data + base64 encoder with large contents

- mime: limit bas64-encoded lines length to 76 characters

Daniel Stenberg (16 Oct 2017)

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with f121575c0

- setopt: range check most long options

... filter early instead of risking "funny values" having to be dealt
with elsewhere.

- setopt: avoid integer overflows when setting millsecond values

... that are multiplied by 1000 when stored.

For 32 bit long systems, the max value accepted (2147483 seconds) is >
596 hours which is unlikely to ever be set by a legitimate application -
and previously it didn't work either, it just caused undefined behavior.

Also updated the man pages for these timeout options to mention the
return code.

Closes #1938

Viktor Szakáts (15 Oct 2017)

- makefile.m32: allow to override gcc, ar and ranlib

Allow to ovverride certain build tools, making it possible to

use LLVM/Clang to build curl. The default behavior is unchanged.
To build with clang (as offered by MSYS2), these settings can
be used:



- ldap: silence clang warning

Use memset() to initialize a structure to avoid LLVM/Clang warning:

ldap.c:193:39: warning: missing field 'UserLength' initializer [-Wmissing-field-


Daniel Stenberg (14 Oct 2017)

- runtests: use valgrind for torture as well

NOTE: it makes them terribly slow. I recommend only using valgrind for
specific torture tests or using lots of patience.

- memdebug: trace send, recv and socket

... to allow them to be included in torture tests too.

closes #1980

- configure: remove the C++ compiler check

... we used it only for the fuzzer, which we now have in a separate git

Closes #1990

Patrick Monnerat (13 Oct 2017)

- mime: do not call failf() if easy handle is NULL.

Daniel Stenberg (13 Oct 2017)

- test651: curl_formadd with huge COPYCONTENTS

- mime: fix the content reader to handle >16K data properly

Reported-by: Jeroen Ooms

Closes #1988

Patrick Monnerat (12 Oct 2017)

- mime: keep "text/plain" content type if user-specified.

Include test cases in 554, 587, 650.


- cli tool: use file2memory() to buffer stdin in -F option.

Closes PR

- cli tool: reimplement stdin buffering in -F option.

If stdin is not a regular file, its content is memory-buffered to enable

a possible data "rewind".
In all cases, stdin data size is determined before real use to avoid
having an unknown part's size.

--libcurl generated code is left as an unbuffered stdin fread/fseek callback

part with unknown data size.

Buffering is not supported in deprecated curl_formadd() API.

Daniel Stenberg (12 Oct 2017)

- winbuild/BUILD.WINDOWS.txt: mention WITH_NGHTTP2

- HELP-US: the label "PR-welcome" is now renamed to "help wanted"

following the new github "standard"

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 5505df7d2

Jay Satiro (11 Oct 2017)

- [Artak Galoyan brought this change]

url: Update current connection SSL verify params in setopt

Now VERIFYHOST, VERIFYPEER and VERIFYSTATUS options change during active

connection updates the current connection's (i.e.'connectdata'
structure) appropriate ssl_config (and ssl_proxy_config) structures
variables, making these options effective for ongoing connection.

This functionality was available before and was broken by the

following change:
"proxy: Support HTTPS proxy and SOCKS+HTTP(s)"
CommitId: cb4e2be7c6d42ca0780f8e0a747cecf9ba45f151.


Daniel Stenberg (11 Oct 2017)

- [David Benjamin brought this change]

openssl: don't use old BORINGSSL_YYYYMM macros

Those were temporary things we'd add and remove for our own convenience
long ago. The last few stayed around for too long as an oversight but
have since been removed. These days we have a running
BORINGSSL_API_VERSION counter which is bumped when we find it
convenient, but 2015-11-19 was quite some time ago, so just check

Closes #1979

- test950; verify SMTP with custom request

- ftpserver: support case insensitive commands

- smtp_done: free data before returning (on send failure)

... as otherwise it could leak that memory.

Detected by OSS-fuzz:

Assisted-by: Max Dymond

Closes #1977

- FTP: URL decode path for dir listing in nocwd mode

Reported-by: Zenju on github

Test 244 added to verify

Fixes #1974
Closes #1976

- test298: verify --ftp-method nowcwd with URL encoded path

Ref: #1974

- CURLOPT_XFERINFODATA.3: fix duplicate see also

- CURLOPT_NOPROGRESS.3: also refer to xferinfofunction


- openssl: enable PKCS12 support for !BoringSSL

Enable PKCS12 for all non-boringssl builds without relying on configure

or cmake checks.

Reported-by: Christian Schmitz
Closes #1948

- [Kristiyan Tsaklev brought this change]

curl: don't pass semicolons when parsing Content-Disposition

Test 1422 updated to verify.

Closes #1964

Patrick Monnerat (9 Oct 2017)

- mime: properly unbind mime structure in curl_mime_free().

This allows freeing a mime structure bound to the easy handle before

Fixes #1970.

Daniel Stenberg (9 Oct 2017)

- RTSP: avoid integer overflow on funny RTSP response

... like a very large non-existing RTSP version number.

Added test 577 to verify.

Detected by OSS-fuzz.
Closes #1969

Patrick Monnerat (8 Oct 2017)

- ftpserver: properly reset $ftptargetdir.

- test643: verify curl_mime_subparts() rejects cyclic additions.

- mime: refuse to add subparts to one of their own descendants.

Reported-by: Alexey Melnichuk

Fixes #1962

- mime: avoid resetting a part's encoder when part's contents change.

- mime: improve unbinding top multipart from easy handle.

Also avoid dangling pointers in referencing parts.

Daniel Stenberg (8 Oct 2017)

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with a4c1c75da30af1

- curlver.h: next expected release is 7.57.0

Patrick Monnerat (8 Oct 2017)

- mime: be tolerant about setting twice the same header list in a part.

- docs: clarify form/mime usage of non-regular data files.

Daniel Stenberg (8 Oct 2017)

- Revert "multi_done: wait for name resolve to finish if still ongoing"

This reverts commit f3e03f6c0ac52a1bf396e03f7d7e9b5b3b7165fe.

Caused memory leaks in the fuzzer, needs to be done differently.

Disable test 1553 for now too, as it causes memory leaks without this
- remove_handle: call multi_done() first, then clear dns cache pointer

Closes #1960

- multi_done: wait for name resolve to finish if still ongoing

... as we must clean up memory.

- pingpong: return error when trying to send without connection

When imap_done() got called before a connection is setup, it would try

to "finish up" and dereffed a NULL pointer.

Test case 1553 managed to reproduce. I had to actually use a host name
to try to resolve to slow it down, as using the normal local server IP
will make libcurl get a connection in the first curl_multi_perform()
loop and then the bug doesn't trigger.

Fixes #1953
Assisted-by: Max Dymond

Dan Fandrich (6 Oct 2017)

- tests: added flaky keyword to tests 587 and 644

These are around 5% flaky in my Linux x86 autobuilds.

Marcel Raad (6 Oct 2017)

- vtls: fix warnings with --disable-crypto-auth

When CURL_DISABLE_CRYPTO_AUTH is defined, Curl_none_md5sum's parameters

are not used.

Daniel Stenberg (6 Oct 2017)

- multi_cleanup: call DONE on handles that never got that

... fixes a memory leak with at least IMAP when remove_handle is never
called and the transfer is abruptly just abandoned early.

Test 1552 added to verify

Detected by OSS-fuzz
Assisted-by: Max Dymond
Closes #1954

- [Benbuck Nason brought this change]

strtoofft: Remove extraneous null check

Fixes #1950: curlx_strtoofft() doesn't fully protect against null 'str'


Closes #1952

- openssl: fix build without HAVE_OPAQUE_EVP_PKEY

Reported-by: Javier Sixto

Fixes #1955
Closes #1956
Viktor Szakáts (6 Oct 2017)
- lib/config-win32.h: let SMB/SMBS be enabled with OpenSSL/NSS

The source code is now prepared to handle the case when both
Win32 Crypto and OpenSSL/NSS crypto backends are enabled
at the same time, making it now possible to enable `USE_WIN32_CRYPTO`
whenever the targeted Windows version supports it. Since this
matches the minimum Windows version supported by curl
(Windows 2000), enable it unconditionally for the Win32 platform.

This in turn enables SMB (and SMBS) protocol support whenever

Win32 Crypto is available, regardless of what other crypto backends
are enabled.



Daniel Stenberg (5 Oct 2017)

- build: fix --disable-crypto-auth

Reported-by: Wyatt O'Day

Fixes #1945
Closes #1947

Jay Satiro (5 Oct 2017)

- [Nick Zitzmann brought this change]

darwinssl: add support for TLSv1.3


Daniel Stenberg (4 Oct 2017)

- [Felix Kaiser brought this change]

docs: fix typo in curl_mime_data_cb man page

Closes #1946

Viktor Szakáts (4 Oct 2017)

- lib/Makefile.m32: allow customizing dll suffixes

- New `CURL_DLL_SUFFIX` envvar will add a suffix to the generated

libcurl dll name. Useful to add `-x64` to 64-bit builds so that
it can live in the same directory as the 32-bit one. By default
this is empty.

- New `CURL_DLL_A_SUFFIX` envvar to customize the suffix of the

generated import library (implib) for libcurl .dll. It defaults
to `dll`, and it's useful to modify that to `.dll` to have the
standard naming scheme for mingw-built .dlls, i.e. `libcurl.dll.a`.


Daniel Stenberg (4 Oct 2017)

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

fuzzer: move to using external curl-fuzzer

Use the external curl-fuzzer repository for fuzzing.

Closes #1923

- failf: skip the sprintf() if there are no consumers

Closes #1936

- ftp: UBsan fixup 'pointer index expression overflowed'

Closes #1939

- RELEASE-PROCEDURE: update the release schedule

Version 7.56.0 (4 Oct 2017)

Daniel Stenberg (4 Oct 2017)

- RELEASE-NOTES: curl 7.56.0

- THANKS: added new 7.56.0 contributors

Jay Satiro (4 Oct 2017)

- build-openssl.bat: Warn OpenSSL 1.1.0 not yet supported


Michael Kaufmann (3 Oct 2017)

- idn: fix source code comment

- vtls: compare and clone ssl configs properly

Compare these settings in Curl_ssl_config_matches():

- random_file (CURLOPT_RANDOM_FILE)

Also copy the setting "verifystatus" in Curl_clone_primary_ssl_config(),

and copy the setting "sessionid" unconditionally.

This means that reusing connections that are secured with a client
certificate is now possible, and the statement "TLS session resumption
is disabled when a client certificate is used" in the old advisory at is obsolete.

Reviewed-by: Daniel Stenberg

Closes #1917

- proxy: read the "no_proxy" variable only if necessary

Reviewed-by: Daniel Stenberg

Closes #1919

Patrick Monnerat (3 Oct 2017)

- libcurl-tutorial: add casts in example to avoid compilation warnings.

Daniel Stenberg (3 Oct 2017)

- examples: bring back curl_formadd-using examples

... now with a -formadd suffix. While the new mime API is introduced in
7.56.0 we must acknowledge that lots of users can't upgrade their curl
versions immediately.

- test1153: verify quoted double-qoutes in PWD response

- FTP: zero terminate the entry path even on bad input

... a single double quote could leave the entry path buffer without a zero
terminating byte. CVE-2017-1000254

Test 1152 added to verify.

Reported-by: Max Dymond


Jay Satiro (2 Oct 2017)

- [Sergei Nikulov brought this change]

cmake: disable tests and man generation if perl/nroff not found

Reported-by: Jay Satiro

Assisted-by: Tom Seddon


Patrick Monnerat (2 Oct 2017)

- libcurl-tutorial: fix two typos.

- TODO: remove deprecated form API items.

- libcurl-tutorial: describe MIME API and deprecate form API.

Include a guide to form/mime API conversion.

Daniel Stenberg (30 Sep 2017)

- cookie: fix memory leak if path was set twice in header

... this will let the second occurance override the first.

Added test 1161 to verify.

Reported-by: Max Dymond

Fixes #1932
Closes #1933

Dan Fandrich (30 Sep 2017)

- test650: Use variable replacement to set the host address and port

Otherwise, the test fails when the -b test option is used to set a
different test port range.
- Set and use more necessary options when some protocols are disabled

When curl and libcurl are built with some protocols disabled, they stop
setting and receiving some options that don't make sense with those
protocols. In particular, when HTTP is disabled many options aren't set
that are used only by HTTP. However, some options that appear to be
HTTP-only are actually used by other protocols as well (some despite
having HTTP in the name) and should be set, but weren't. This change now
causes some of these options to be set and used for more (or for all)
protocols. In particular, this fixes tests 646 through 649 in an
HTTP-disabled build, which use the MIME API in the mail protocols.

Daniel Stenberg (29 Sep 2017)

- test1160: verifies cookie leak for large cookies

The fix done in 20ea22ff735

- cookie: fix memory leak on oversized rejection

Regression brought by 2bc230de63b

Detected by OSS-fuzz:

Assisted-by: Max Dymond

Closes #1930

- [Anders Bakken brought this change]

connect: fix race condition with happy eyeballs timeout

The timer should be started after conn->connecttime is set. Otherwise

the timer could expire without this condition being true:

/* should we try another protocol family? */

if(i == 0 && conn->tempaddr[1] == NULL &&
curlx_tvdiff(now, conn->connecttime) >= HAPPY_EYEBALLS_TIMEOUT) {

Ref: #1928

Michael Kaufmann (28 Sep 2017)


Closes #1922

- docs: clarify the use of environment variables for proxy

Closes #1921

- http: add custom empty headers to repeated requests

Closes #1920

- reuse_conn: don't copy flags that are known to be equal

A connection can only be reused if the flags "conn_to_host" and

"conn_to_port" match. Therefore it is not necessary to copy these flags
in reuse_conn().

Closes #1918
Daniel Stenberg (27 Sep 2017)
- curl.h: include <sys/select.h> on cygwin too

When building with -std=c++14 on cygwin, this header won't be

automatically included as it otherwise is.

The <sys/select.h> include decision should ideally be reversed and be

avoided where that header file doesn't exist.

Reported-by: Ian Fette

Fixes #1925

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with d8ab5dc50

Michael Kaufmann (24 Sep 2017)

- tests: adjust .gitignore for new tests

Jay Satiro (23 Sep 2017)

- ntlm: move NTLM_NEEDS_NSS_INIT define into core NTLM header

.. and include the core NTLM header in all NTLM-related source files.

Follow up to 6f86022. Since then http_ntlm checks NTLM_NEEDS_NSS_INIT

but did not include vtls.h where it was defined.


Daniel Stenberg (23 Sep 2017)

- file_range: avoid integer overflow when figuring out byte range

When trying to bump the value with one and the value is already at max,
it causes an integer overflow.

Closes #1908
Detected by oss-fuzz:

Assisted-by: Max Dymond

Michael Kaufmann (23 Sep 2017)

- tests: fix a compiler warning in test 643

Jay Satiro (23 Sep 2017)

- symbols-in-versions: fix CURLSSLSET_NO_BACKENDS entry

- Use spaces instead of tabs as the delimiter.

Follow up to 7c52b12 which added the entry. The entry had used tabs but
the symbol-scan parser doesn't recognize tabs and would fail the symbol.

Viktor Szakáts (22 Sep 2017)

- metalink: fix NSS issue in MultiSSL builds

In MultiSSL mode (i.e. when more than one SSL backend is compiled
in), we cannot use the compile time flag `USE_NSS` as indicator that
the NSS backend is in use. As far as Metalink is concerned, the SSL
backend is only used for MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 calculations,
therefore one of the available SSL backends is selected at compile
time, in a strict order of preference.

Let's introduce a new `HAVE_NSS_CONTEXT` constant that can be used

to determine whether the SSL backend used for Metalink is the NSS
backend, and use that to guard the code that wants to de-initialize
the NSS-specific data structure.


- ntlm: use strict order for SSL backend #if branches

With the recently introduced MultiSSL support multiple SSL backends

can be compiled into cURL That means that now the order of the SSL

One option would be to use the same SSL backend as was configured
via `curl_global_sslset()`, however, NTLMv2 support would appear
to be available only with some SSL backends. For example, when
eb88d778e (ntlm: Use Windows Crypt API, 2014-12-02) introduced
support for NTLMv1 using Windows' Crypt API, it specifically did
*not* introduce NTLMv2 support using Crypt API at the same time.

So let's select one specific SSL backend for NTLM support when
compiled with multiple SSL backends, using a priority order such
that we support NTLMv2 even if only one compiled-in SSL backend can
be used for that.


Daniel Stenberg (22 Sep 2017)

- symbols-in-versions: add CURLSSLSET_NO_BACKENDS

...fixup from b8e0fe19ec

- imap: quote atoms properly when escaping characters

Updates test 800 to verify

Fixes #1902
Closes #1903

- tests: make the imap server not verify user+password

... as the test cases themselves do that and it makes it easier to add
crazy test cases.

Test 800 updated to use user name + password that need quoting.

Test 856 updated to trigger an auth fail differently.

Ref: #1902

- vtls: provide curl_global_sslset() even in non-SSL builds

... it just returns error:

Reported-by: Marcel Raad
Closes #1906

Patrick Monnerat (22 Sep 2017)

- form/mime: field names are not allowed to contain zero-valued bytes.

Also suppress length argument of curl_mime_name() (names are always


Daniel Stenberg (21 Sep 2017)

- [Dirk Feytons brought this change]

openssl: only verify RSA private key if supported

In some cases the RSA key does not support verifying it because it's
located on a smart card, an engine wants to hide it, ...
Check the flags on the key before trying to verify it.
OpenSSL does the same thing internally; see ssl/ssl_rsa.c

Closes #1904

Marcel Raad (21 Sep 2017)

- examples/post-callback: use long for CURLOPT_POSTFIELDSIZE

Otherwise, typecheck-gcc.h warns on MinGW-w64.

Patrick Monnerat (20 Sep 2017)

- mime: rephrase the multipart output state machine (#1898) ...

... in hope coverity will like it much.

- mime: fix an explicit null dereference (#1899)

Daniel Stenberg (20 Sep 2017)

- curl: check fseek() return code and bail on error

Detected by coverity. CID 1418137.

- smtp: fix memory leak in OOM

Regression since ce0881edee

Coverity CID 1418139 and CID 1418136 found it, but it was also seen in
torture testing.

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 5fe85587c

- [Pavel Pavlov brought this change]

cookies: use lock when using CURLINFO_COOKIELIST

Closes #1896

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

ossfuzz: changes before merging the generated corpora

Before merging in the oss-fuzz corpora from Google, there are some changes
to the fuzzer.
- Add a read corpus script, to display corpus files nicely.
- Change the behaviour of the fuzzer so that TLV parse failures all now
go down the same execution paths, which should reduce the size of the
- Make unknown TLVs a failure to parse, which should decrease the size
of the corpora as well.

Closes #1881

- mime:escape_string minor clarification change

... as it also removes a warning with old gcc versions.

Reported-by: Ben Greear

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

ossfuzz: don't write out to stdout

Don't make the fuzzer write out to stdout - instead write some of the
contents to a memory block so we exercise the data output code but

Closes #1885

- cookies: reject oversized cookies

... instead of truncating them.

There's no fixed limit for acceptable cookie names in RFC 6265, but the
entire cookie is said to be less than 4096 bytes (section 6.1). This is
also what browsers seem to implement.

We now allow max 5000 bytes cookie header. Max 4095 bytes length per
cookie name and value. Name + value together may not exceed 4096 bytes.

Added test 1151 to verify

Reported-by: Kevin Smith

Closes #1894

- travis: on mac, don't install openssl or libidn

- openssl is already installed and causes warnings when trying to

install again

- libidn isn't used these days, and homebrew doesn't seem to have a
libidn2 package to replace with easily

Closes #1895

- curl: make str2udouble not return values on error

... previously it would store a return value even when it returned

error, which could make the value get used anyway!
Reported-by: Brian Carpenter
Closes #1893

Jay Satiro (18 Sep 2017)

- socks: fix incorrect port number in SOCKS4 error message

Prior to this change it appears the SOCKS5 port parsing was erroneously
used for the SOCKS4 error message, and as a result an incorrect port
would be shown in the error message.


- [Marc Aldorasi brought this change]

schannel: Support partial send for when data is too large

Schannel can only encrypt a certain amount of data at once. Instead of

failing when too much data is to be sent at once, send as much data as
we can and let the caller send the remaining data by calling send again.



- [David Benjamin brought this change]

openssl: add missing includes

lib/vtls/openssl.c uses OpenSSL APIs from BUF_MEM and BIO APIs. Include
their headers directly rather than relying on other OpenSSL headers
including things.


Daniel Stenberg (15 Sep 2017)

- conversions: fix several compiler warnings

- server/getpart: provide dummy function to build conversion enabled

- non-ascii: use iconv() with 'char **' argument


- escape.c: error: pointer targets differ in signedness

- docs: clarify the CURLOPT_INTERLEAVE* options behavior

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

rtsp: Segfault in rtsp.c when using WRITEDATA

If the INTERLEAVEFUNCTION is defined, then use that plus the

INTERLEAVEDATA information when writing RTP. Otherwise, use

Fixes #1880
Closes #1884
Marcel Raad (15 Sep 2017)
- [Isaac Boukris brought this change]

tests: enable gssapi in travis-ci linux build


- [Isaac Boukris brought this change]

tests: add initial gssapi test using stub implementation

The stub implementation is pre-loaded using LD_PRELOAD

and emulates common gssapi uses (only builds if curl is
initially built with gssapi support).

The initial tests are currently disabled for debug builds

as LD_PRELOAD is not used then.


Daniel Stenberg (15 Sep 2017)

- test1150: verify same host fetch using different ports over proxy

Closes #1889

- URL: on connection re-use, still pick the new remote port

... as when a proxy connection is being re-used, it can still get a

different remote port.

Fixes #1887
Reported-by: Oli Kingshott

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 87501e57f

- code style: remove wrong uses of multiple spaces

Closes #1878

- checksrc: detect and warn for multiple spaces

- code style: use space after semicolon

- checksrc: verify space after semicolons

- code style: use spaces around pluses

- checksrc: detect and warn for lack of spaces next to plus signs

- code style: use spaces around equals signs

- checksrc: verify spaces around equals signs

... as the code style mandates.

- Curl_checkheaders: make it available for IMAP and SMTP too

... not only HTTP uses this now.

Closes #1875

- travis: add build without HTTP/SMTP/IMAP

Jay Satiro (10 Sep 2017)

- mbedtls: enable CA path processing

CA path processing was implemented when mbedtls.c was added to libcurl

in fe7590f, but it was never enabled.


Daniel Stenberg (8 Sep 2017)

- rtsp: do not call fwrite() with NULL pointer FILE *

If the default write callback is used and no destination has been set, a
NULL pointer would be passed to fwrite()'s 4th argument.

OSS-fuzz bug

(not publicly open yet)

Detected by OSS-fuzz
Closes #1874

- configure: use -Wno-varargs on clang 3.9[.X] debug builds

... to avoid a clang bug

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

ossfuzz: add some more handled CURL options


MAIL_FROM and uploading data.

- configure: check for C++ compiler after C, to make it non-fatal

The tests for object file/executable file extensions are presumably only
done for the first of these macros in the configure file.

Reported-by: Marcel Raad
Closes #1873

Patrick Monnerat (7 Sep 2017)

- form API: add new test 650.

Now that the form API is deprecated and not used anymore in curl tool,
a lot of its features left untested. Test 650 attempts to check all these
features not tested elsewhere.

Jay Satiro (7 Sep 2017)

- configure: fix curl_off_t check's include order

- Prepend srcdir include path instead of append.

Prior to this change it was possible that during the check for the size
of curl_off_t the include path of a user's already installed curl could
come before the include path of the to-be-built curl, resulting in the
system.h of the former being incorrectly included for that check.


Daniel Stenberg (7 Sep 2017)

- [Jakub Zakrzewski brought this change]

KNOWN_BUGS: Remove CMake symbol hiding issue

It has already been fixed in 6140dfc

- http-proxy: when not doing CONNECT, that phase is done immediately

`conn->connect_state` is NULL when doing a regular non-CONNECT request

over the proxy and should therefor be considered complete at once.

Fixes #1853
Closes #1862
Reported-by: Lawrence Wagerfield

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

OpenSSL: fix yet another mistake while encapsulating SSL backend data

Another mistake in my manual fixups of the largely mechanical

search-and-replace ("connssl->" -> "BACKEND->"), just like the previous
commit concerning HTTPS proxies (and hence not caught during my
earlier testing).

Fixes #1855
Closes #1871

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

OpenSSL: fix erroneous SSL backend encapsulation

In d65e6cc4f (vtls: prepare the SSL backends for encapsulated private

data, 2017-06-21), this developer prepared for a separation of the
private data of the SSL backends from the general connection data.

This conversion was partially automated (search-and-replace) and

partially manual (e.g. proxy_ssl's backend data).

Sadly, there was a crucial error in the manual part, where the wrong
handle was used: rather than connecting ssl[sockindex]' BIO to the
proxy_ssl[sockindex]', we reconnected proxy_ssl[sockindex]. The reason
was an incorrect location to paste "BACKEND->"... d'oh.

Reported by Jay Satiro in

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Jay Satiro brought this change]

vtls: fix memory corruption

Ever since 70f1db321 (vtls: encapsulate SSL backend-specific data,
2017-07-28), the code handling HTTPS proxies was broken because the
pointer to the SSL backend data was not swapped between
conn->ssl[sockindex] and conn->proxy_ssl[sockindex] as intended, but
instead set to NULL (causing segmentation faults).

[jes: provided the commit message, tested and verified the patch]

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- vtls: switch to CURL_SHA256_DIGEST_LENGTH define

... instead of the prefix-less version since WolfSSL 3.12 now uses an
enum with that name that causes build failures for us.

Fixes #1865
Closes #1867
Reported-by: Gisle Vanem

- travis: add c-ares enabled builds linux + osx

Closes #1868

- HISTORY: added some recent items

Jay Satiro (6 Sep 2017)

- SSL: fix unused parameter warnings

Patrick Monnerat (6 Sep 2017)

- mime: drop internal FILE * support.

- The part kind MIMEKIND_FILE and associated code are suppressed.

- Seek data origin offset not used anymore: suppressed.
- MIMEKIND_NAMEDFILE renamed MIMEKIND_FILE; associated fields/functions
renamed accordingly.
- Curl_getformdata() processes stdin via a callback.

Daniel Stenberg (6 Sep 2017)

- configure: remove --enable-soname-bump and SONAME_BUMP

Back in 2008, (and commit 3f3d6ebe665f3) we changed the logic in how we

determine the native type for `curl_off_t`. To really make sure we
didn't break ABI without bumping SONAME, we introduced logic that
attempted to detect that it would use a different size and thus not be
compatible. We also provided a manual switch that allowed users to tell
configure to bump SONAME by force.

Today, we know of no one who ever got a SONAME bump auto-detected and we
don't know of anyone who's using the manual bump feature. The auto-
detection is also no longer working since we introduced defining
curl_off_t in system.h (7.55.0).

Finally, this bumping logic is not present in the cmake build.

Closes #1861

Jay Satiro (6 Sep 2017)

- [Gisle Vanem brought this change]
vtls: select ssl backend case-insensitive (follow-up)

- Do a case-insensitive comparison of CURL_SSL_BACKEND env as well.

- Change Curl_strcasecompare calls to strcasecompare

(maps to the former but shorter).

Follow-up to c290b8f.


Co-authored-by: Jay Satiro

- openssl: Integrate Peter Wu's SSLKEYLOGFILE implementation

This is an adaptation of 2 of Peter Wu's SSLKEYLOGFILE implementations.

The first one, written for old OpenSSL versions:

The second one, written for BoringSSL and new OpenSSL versions:

Note the first one is GPL licensed but the author gave permission to
waive that license for libcurl.

As of right now this feature is disabled by default, and does not have
a configure option to enable it. To enable this feature define
ENABLE_SSLKEYLOGFILE when building libcurl and set environment
variable SSLKEYLOGFILE to a pathname that will receive the keys.

And in Wireshark change your preferences to point to that key file:

Edit > Preferences > Protocols > SSL > Master-Secret

Co-authored-by: Peter Wu



Patrick Monnerat (5 Sep 2017)

- mime: fix a trivial warning.

- mime: replace 'struct Curl_mimepart' by 'curl_mimepart' in encoder code.

mime_state is now a typedef.

- mime: implement encoders.

curl_mime_encoder() is operational and documented.

curl tool -F option is extended with ";encoder=".
curl tool --libcurl option generates calls to curl_mime_encoder().
New encoder tests 648 & 649.
Test 1404 extended with an encoder specification.

- support attribute "nonewline" in part verify/upload.

- [Daniel Stenberg brought this change]

fixup data/test1135

- [Daniel Stenberg brought this change]

mime: unified to use the typedef'd mime structs everywhere

... and slightly edited to follow our code style better.

- [Daniel Stenberg brought this change]

curl.h: use lower case curl_mime* as for all public symbols

- [Daniel Stenberg brought this change]

docs/curl_mime_*.3: use correct variable types in examples

Kamil Dudka (5 Sep 2017)

- openssl: use OpenSSL's default ciphers by default

Up2date versions of OpenSSL maintain the default reasonably secure

without breaking compatibility, so it is better not to override the
default by curl. Suggested at

Closes #1846

Viktor Szakáts (5 Sep 2017)

- examples/mime: minor example code fixes

Daniel Stenberg (5 Sep 2017)

- docs/curl_mime_*.3: added examples

- configure: add MultiSSL to FEATURES when enabled

...for curl-config and its corresponding test 1014

- http-proxy: treat all 2xx as CONNECT success

Added test 1904 to verify.

Reported-by: Lawrence Wagerfield

Fixes #1859
Closes #1860

- MAIL-ETIQUETTE: added "1.9 Your emails are public"

- curl.h: fix "unused checksrc ignore", remove dangling reference

... to a README file that doesn't exist anymore

Viktor Szakáts (4 Sep 2017)

- docs: Update to secure URL versions

- mime: use CURL_ZERO_TERMINATED in examples

and some minor whitespace fixes

Daniel Stenberg (4 Sep 2017)

- schannel: return CURLE_SSL_CACERT on failed verification
... not *CACERT_BADFILE as it isn't really because of a bad file.

Closes #1858

- test1135: fixed after bd8070085f9

- examples/post-callback: stop returning one byte at a time

... since people copy and paste code from this example and thus they get
an inefficient POST operation without a good reason and sometimes
without understanding why.

Instead this now returns as much data as possible.

- RELEASE-NOTES: fixed the function counter script

- curl.h: make the curl_strequal() protos use the same style

... as the other functions. Makes it easier to machine-parse!

- docs: curl_mime_*.3 man page formatting edits

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 1ab9e9b50

Patrick Monnerat (4 Sep 2017)

- lib: bump version info (soname). Adapt and reenable test 1135.

Daniel Stenberg (3 Sep 2017)

- headers: move the global_sslset() proto from multi.h to curl.h

As it was added to multi.h simply to not break test 1135, which now has
been disabled due to the mime API addition anyway and su we can now move
the sslset stuff to where the other curl_global_* prototypes are.

Patrick Monnerat (3 Sep 2017)

- mime: fix signed/unsigned conversions.

Use and generate CURL_ZERO_TERMINATED in curl tool and tests.

Jay Satiro (3 Sep 2017)

- tool_formparse: fix some trivial warnings

Patrick Monnerat (3 Sep 2017)

- mime: use size_t instead of ssize_t in public API interface.

To support telling a string is nul-terminated, symbol CURL_ZERO_TERMINATED

has been introduced.

Documentation updated accordingly.

symbols in versions updated. Added form API symbols deprecation info.

- mime: remove support "-" stdin pseudo-file name in curl_mime_filedata().

This feature is badly supported in Windows: as a replacement, a caller has

to use curl_mime_data_cb() with fread, fseek and possibly fclose
callbacks to process opened files.
The cli tool and documentation are updated accordingly.

The feature is however kept internally for form API compatibility, with
the known caveats it always had.

As a side effect, stdin size is not determined by the cli tool even if
possible and this results in a chunked transfer encoding. Test 173 is
updated accordingly.

- mime: fix some implicit curl_off_t --> size_t conversion warnings.

- mime: tests and examples.

Additional mime-specific tests.

Existing tests updated to reflect small differences (Expect: 100-continue,
data size change due to empty lines, etc).
Option -F headers= keyword added to tests.
test1135 disabled until the entry point order change is resolved.
New example smtp-mime.
Examples postit2 and multi-post converted from form API to mime API.

- mime: use in curl cli tool instead of form API.

Extended -F option syntax to support multipart mail messages.

-F keyword headers= added to include custom headers in parts.
Documentation upgraded.

- mime: new MIME API.

Available in HTTP, SMTP and IMAP.

Deprecates the FORM API.
Lib code and associated documentation.

- test564: Add a warning comment about shell profile output.

Shell profile output makes the SSH server failing and this problem reason
is not easy to find when no hint is given.

- checksrc: disable SPACEBEFOREPAREN for case statement.

The case keyword may be followed by a constant expression and thus should
allow it to start with an open parenthesis.

- allow <file[1-4]> tags in client section.

This enables tests to create more than one file on the client side.

- Apply strippart to upload too.

This will allow substitution of boundaries in mail messages.

- Curl_base64_encode: always call with a real data handle.

Some calls in different modules were setting the data handle to NULL, causing
segmentation faults when using builds that enable character code conversions.

- non-ascii: allow conversion functions to be called with a NULL data handle.

- http: fix a memory leakage in checkrtspprefix().

Daniel Stenberg (2 Sep 2017)

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

ossfuzz: Move to C++ for curl_fuzzer.

Automake gets confused if you want to use C++ static libraries with C
code - basically we need to involve the clang++ linker. The easiest way
of achieving this is to rename the C code as C++ code. This gets us a
bit further along the path and ought to be compatible with Google's
version of clang.

- curl_global_sslset: select backend by name case insensitively

Closes #1849

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

ossfuzz: additional seed corpora

Create simple seed corpora for:

- telnet
- dict
- tftp
- imap
- pop3

based off the tests of the same number.

Closes #1842

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

ossfuzz: moving towards the ideal integration

- Start with the basic code from the ossfuzz project.

- Rewrite fuzz corpora to be binary files full of Type-Length-Value
data, and write a glue layer in the fuzzing function to convert
corpora into CURL options.
- Have supporting functions to generate corpora from existing tests
- Integrate with

- strcase: corrected comment header for Curl_strcasecompare()

- unit1301: fix error message on first test

- curl_global_sslset.3: show the struct and enum too

... so that users can actually write code based on the man page alone,
not having to read the header file.

Jay Satiro (31 Aug 2017)

- darwinssl: handle long strings in TLS certs (follow-up)

- Fix handling certificate subjects that are already UTF-8 encoded.

Follow-up to b3b75d1 from two days ago. Since then a copy would be
skipped if the subject was already UTF-8, possibly resulting in a NULL
deref later on.



Daniel Stenberg (31 Aug 2017)

- cyassl: call it the "WolfSSL" backend

... instead of cyassl, as this is the current name for it.

Closes #1844

- polarssl: fix multissl breakage

Reported-by: Dan Fandrich

Closes #1843

- configure: remove the leading comma from the backends list

... when darwinssl is used.

Reported-by: Viktor Szakats


Closes #1845

Kamil Dudka (30 Aug 2017)

- examples/sslbackend.c: fix failure of 'make checksrc'

./sslbackend.c:58:3: warning: else after closing brace on same line (BRACEELSE)

} else if(isdigit(*name)) {
./sslbackend.c:62:3: warning: else after closing brace on same line (BRACEELSE)
} else

Viktor Szakáts (30 Aug 2017)

- makefile.m32: add multissl support


Daniel Stenberg (30 Aug 2017)

- curl.h: CURLSSLBACKEND_WOLFSSL used wrong value

The CURLSSLBACKEND_WOLFSSL is supposed to be an alias for

CURLSSLBACKEND_CYASSL, but used an erronous value. To reduce the risk
for a similar mistake, define the backend aliases to use the enum values

Reported-by: Gisle Vanem

- curl_global_sslset.3: clarify

it is a one time *set*, not necessarily a one time use... it can be

called again if the first call failed or just listed the alternatives.

clarify that the available backends are the ones this build supports

plus add some formatting

Reported-by: Rich Gray


- curl/multi.h: remove duplicated closing c++ brace

Regression since 1328f69d53f2f2e93

Fixes #1841
Reported-by: Andrei Karas

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 8c33c963a

- spelling

- "How to get started helping out in the curl project"

Closes #1837

Dan Fandrich (29 Aug 2017)

- asyn-thread: Fixed cleanup after OOM

destroy_async_data() assumes that if the flag "done" is not set yet, the
thread itself will clean up once the request is complete. But if an
error (generally OOM) occurs before the thread even has a chance to
start, it will never get a chance to clean up and memory will be leaked.
By clearing "done" only just before starting the thread, the correct
cleanup sequence will happen in all cases.

Daniel Stenberg (28 Aug 2017)

- curl_global_init.3: mention curl_global_sslset(3)

Dan Fandrich (28 Aug 2017)

- unit1606: Fixed shadowed variable warning

- asyn-thread: Improved cleanup after OOM situations

- asyn-thread: Set errno to the proper value ENOMEM in OOM situation

This used to be set in some configurations to EAI_MEMORY which is not a

valid value for errno and caused Curl_strerror to fail an assertion.

Daniel Stenberg (28 Aug 2017)

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

configure: Handle "MultiSSL" specially When versioning symbols

There is a mode in which libcurl is compiled with versioned symbols,

depending on the active SSL backend.

When multiple SSL backends are active, it does not make sense to favor
one over the others, so let's not: introduce a new prefix for the case
where multiple SSL backends are compiled into cURL.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

configure: allow setting the default SSL backend

Previously, we used as default SSL backend whatever was first in the

`available_backends` array.

However, some users may want to override that default without patching
the source code.

Now they can: with the --with-default-ssl-backend=<backend> option of

the ./configure script.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: use Curl_ssl_multi pseudo backend only when needed

When only one SSL backend is configured, it is totally unnecessary to

let multissl_init() configure the backend at runtime, we can select the
correct backend at build time already.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

version: if built with more than one SSL backend, report all of them

To discern the active one from the inactive ones, put the latter into

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

version: add the CURL_VERSION_MULTI_SSL feature flag

This new feature flag reports When cURL was built with multiple SSL

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

metalink: allow compiling with multiple SSL backends

Previously, the code assumed that at most one of the SSL backends would
be compiled in, emulating OpenSSL's functions if the configured backend
was not OpenSSL itself.

However, now we allow building with multiple SSL backends and choosing
one at runtime. Therefore, metalink needs to be adjusted to handle this
scenario, too.
Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

docs/examples: demonstrate how to select SSL backends

The newly-introduced curl_global_sslset() function deserves to be


Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

Add a man page for curl_global_sslset()

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: introduce curl_global_sslset()

Let's add a compile time safe API to select an SSL backend. This
function needs to be called *before* curl_global_init(), and can be
called only once.

Side note: we do not explicitly test that it is called before

curl_global_init(), but we do verify that it is not called multiple times
(even implicitly).

If SSL is used before the function was called, it will use whatever the
CURL_SSL_BACKEND environment variable says (or default to the first
available SSL backend), and if a subsequent call to
curl_global_sslset() disagrees with the previous choice, it will fail

The function also accepts an "avail" parameter to point to a (read-only)

NULL-terminated list of available backends. This comes in real handy if
an application wants to let the user choose between whatever SSL backends
the currently available libcurl has to offer: simply call

curl_global_sslset(-1, NULL, &avail);

which will return CURLSSLSET_UNKNOWN_BACKEND and populate the avail

variable to point to the relevant information to present to the user.

Just like with the HTTP/2 push functions, we have to add the function
declaration of curl_global_sslset() function to the header file
*multi.h* because VMS and OS/400 require a stable order of functions
declared in include/curl/*.h (where the header files are sorted
alphabetically). This looks a bit funny, but it cannot be helped.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: refactor out essential information about the SSL backends

There is information about the compiled-in SSL backends that is really

no concern of any code other than the SSL backend itself, such as which
function (if any) implements SHA-256 summing.

And there is information that is really interesting to the user, such as

the name, or the curl_sslbackend value.

Let's factor out the latter into a publicly visible struct. This
information will be used in the upcoming API to set the SSL backend

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: allow selecting which SSL backend to use at runtime

When building software for the masses, it is sometimes not possible to

decide for all users which SSL backend is appropriate.

Git for Windows, for example, uses cURL to perform clones, fetches and
pushes via HTTPS, and some users strongly prefer OpenSSL, while other
users really need to use Secure Channel because it offers
enterprise-ready tools to manage credentials via Windows' Credential

The current Git for Windows versions use the ugly work-around of
building libcurl once with OpenSSL support and once with Secure Channel
support, and switching out the binaries in the installer depending on
the user's choice.

Needless to say, this is a super ugly workaround that actually only

works in some cases: Git for Windows also comes in a portable form, and
in a form intended for third-party applications requiring Git
functionality, in which cases this "swap out libcurl-4.dll" simply is
not an option.

Therefore, the Git for Windows project has a vested interest in teaching
cURL to make the SSL backend a *runtime* option.

This patch makes that possible.

By running ./configure with multiple --with-<backend> options, cURL will

be built with multiple backends.

For the moment, the backend can be configured using the environment
variable CURL_SSL_BACKEND (valid values are e.g. "openssl" and

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: fold the backend ID into the Curl_ssl structure

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

curl_ntlm_core: don't complain but #include OpenSSL header if needed

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: encapsulate SSL backend-specific data

So far, all of the SSL backends' private data has been declared as
part of the ssl_connect_data struct, in one big #if .. #elif .. #endif

This can only work as long as the SSL backend is a compile-time option,
something we want to change in the next commits.

Therefore, let's encapsulate the exact data needed by each SSL backend
into a private struct, and let's avoid bleeding any SSL backend-specific
information into urldata.h. This is also necessary to allow multiple SSL
backends to be compiled in at the same time, as e.g. OpenSSL's and
CyaSSL's headers cannot be included in the same .c file.

To avoid too many malloc() calls, we simply append the private structs
to the connectdata struct in allocate_conn().

This requires us to take extra care of alignment issues: struct fields

often need to be aligned on certain boundaries e.g. 32-bit values need to
be stored at addresses that divide evenly by 4 (= 32 bit / 8

We do that by assuming that no SSL backend's private data contains any

fields that need to be aligned on boundaries larger than `long long`
(typically 64-bit) would need. Under this assumption, we simply add a
dummy field of type `long long` to the `struct connectdata` struct. This
field will never be accessed but acts as a placeholder for the four
instances of ssl_backend_data instead. the size of each ssl_backend_data
struct is stored in the SSL backend-specific metadata, to allow
allocate_conn() to know how much extra space to allocate, and how to
initialize the ssl[sockindex]->backend and proxy_ssl[sockindex]->backend

This would appear to be a little complicated at first, but is really

necessary to encapsulate the private data of each SSL backend correctly.
And we need to encapsulate thusly if we ever want to allow selecting
CyaSSL and OpenSSL at runtime, as their headers cannot be included within
the same .c file (there are just too many conflicting definitions and
declarations for that).

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: prepare the SSL backends for encapsulated private data

At the moment, cURL's SSL backend needs to be configured at build time.

As such, it is totally okay for them to hard-code their backend-specific
data in the ssl_connect_data struct.

In preparation for making the SSL backend a runtime option, let's make
the access of said private data a bit more abstract so that it can be
adjusted later in an easy manner.
Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

urldata.h: move SSPI-specific #include to correct location

In 86b889485 (sasl_gssapi: Added GSS-API based Kerberos V5 variables,

2014-12-03), an SSPI-specific field was added to the kerberos5data
struct without moving the #include "curl_sspi.h" later in the same file.

This broke the build when SSPI was enabled, unless Secure Channel was
used as SSL backend, because it just so happens that Secure Channel also
requires "curl_sspi.h" to be #included.

In f4739f639 (urldata: include curl_sspi.h when Windows SSPI is enabled,

2017-02-21), this bug was fixed incorrectly: Instead of moving the
appropriate conditional #include, the Secure Channel-conditional part
was now also SSPI-conditional.

Fix this problem by moving the correct #include instead.

This is also required for an upcoming patch that moves all the Secure
Channel-specific stuff out of urldata.h and encapsulates it properly in
vtls/schannel.c instead.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

urldata.h: remove support for obsolete PolarSSL version

Since 5017d5ada (polarssl: now require 1.3.0+, 2014-03-17), we require

a newer PolarSSL version. No need to keep code trying to support any
older version.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

getinfo: access SSL internals via Curl_ssl

In the ongoing endeavor to abstract out all SSL backend-specific

functionality, this is the next step: Instead of hard-coding how the
different SSL backends access their internal data in getinfo.c, let's
implement backend-specific functions to do that task.

This will also allow for switching SSL backends as a runtime option.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: move SSL backends' private constants out of their header files

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

axtls: use Curl_none_* versions of init() and cleanup()

There are convenient no-op versions of the init/cleanup functions now,

no need to define private ones for axTLS.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: remove obsolete declarations of SSL backend functionality

These functions are all available via the Curl_ssl struct now, no need
to declare them separately anymore.

As the global declarations are removed, the corresponding function

definitions are marked as file-local. The only two exceptions here are
Curl_mbedtls_shutdown() and Curl_polarssl_shutdown(): only the
declarations were removed, there are no function definitions to mark

Please note that Curl_nss_force_init() is *still* declared globally, as

the only SSL backend-specific function, because it was introduced
specifically for the use case where cURL was compiled with
`--without-ssl --with-nss`. For details, see f3b77e561 (http_ntlm: add
support for NSS, 2010-06-27).

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

schannel: reorder functions topologically

The _shutdown() function calls the _session_free() function; While this

is not a problem now (because schannel.h declares both functions), a
patch looming in the immediate future with make all of these functions

So let's just move the _session_free() function's definition before it

is called.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

axtls: reorder functions topologically

The connect_finish() function (like many other functions after it) calls
the Curl_axtls_close() function; While this is not a problem now
(because axtls.h declares the latter function), a patch looming in the
immediate future with make all of these functions file-local.

So let's just move the Curl_axtls_close() function's definition before

it is called.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: move the SUPPORT_HTTPS_PROXY flag into the Curl_ssl struct

That will allow us to choose the SSL backend at runtime.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: convert the have_curlssl_* constants to runtime flags

The entire idea of introducing the Curl_ssl struct to describe SSL

backends is to prepare for choosing the SSL backend at runtime.

To that end, convert all the #ifdef have_curlssl_* style conditionals

to use bit flags instead.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: move sha256sum into the Curl_ssl struct

The SHA-256 checksumming is also an SSL backend-specific function.

Let's include it in the struct declaring the functionality of SSL

In contrast to MD5, there is no fall-back code. To indicate this, the

respective entries are NULL for those backends that offer no support for
SHA-256 checksumming.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: move md5sum into the Curl_ssl struct

The MD5 summing is also an SSL backend-specific function. So let's

include it, offering the previous fall-back code as a separate function
now: Curl_none_md5sum(). To allow for that, the signature had to be
changed so that an error could be returned from the implementation
(Curl_none_md5sum() can run out of memory).

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: use the Curl_ssl struct to access all SSL backends' functionality

This is the first step to unify the SSL backend handling. Now all the
SSL backend-specific functionality is accessed via a global instance of
the Curl_ssl struct.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: declare Curl_ssl structs for every SSL backend

The idea of introducing the Curl_ssl struct was to unify how the SSL
backends are declared and called. To this end, we now provide an
instance of the Curl_ssl struct for each and every SSL backend.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: introduce a new struct for SSL backends

This new struct is similar in nature to Curl_handler: it will define the

functions and capabilities of all the SSL backends (where Curl_handler
defines the functions and capabilities of protocol handlers).

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: make sure every _sha256sum()'s first arg is const

This patch makes the signature of the _sha256sum() functions consistent

among the SSL backends, in preparation for unifying the way all SSL
backends are accessed.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: make sure all _data_pending() functions return bool

This patch makes the signature of the _data_pending() functions

consistent among the SSL backends, in preparation for unifying the way
all SSL backends are accessed.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: make sure all _cleanup() functions return void

This patch makes the signature of the _cleanup() functions consistent

among the SSL backends, in preparation for unifying the way all SSL
backends are accessed.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

vtls: use consistent signature for _random() implementations

This will make the upcoming multissl backend much easier to implement.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- strtooff: fix build for systems with long long but no strtoll option

Closes #1829

Reported-by: Dan Fandrich

- darwinssl: handle long strings in TLS certs

... as the previous fixed length 128 bytes buffer was sometimes too

Fixes #1823
Closes #1831

Reported-by: Benjamin Sergeant

Assisted-by: Bill Pyne, Ray Satiro, Nick Zitzmann

- system.h: include sys/poll.h for AIX

... to get the event/revent defines that might be used for the poll

Reported-by: Michael Smith

Fixes #1828
Closes #1833

Dan Fandrich (26 Aug 2017)

- tests: Make sure libtests & unittests call curl_global_cleanup()

These were missed in commit c468c27b.

Jay Satiro (26 Aug 2017)

- [theantigod brought this change]

winbuild: fix embedded manifest option

Embedded manifest option didn't work due to incorrect path.


Daniel Stenberg (25 Aug 2017)

- fuzz/ remove curlbuild.h leftovers

- examples/threaded-ssl: mention that this is for openssl before 1.1

- imap: use defined names for response codes

When working on this code I found the previous setup a bit weird while
using proper defines increases readability.

Closes #1824


- imap: support PREAUTH

It is a defined possible greeting at server startup that means the

connection is already authenticated. See

Test 846 added to verify.

Fixes #1818
Closes #1820
Jay Satiro (23 Aug 2017)
- config-tpf: define SIZEOF_LONG

Recent changes that replaced CURL_SIZEOF_LONG in the source with

SIZEOF_LONG broke builds that use the premade configuration files and
don't have SIZEOF_LONG defined.


Dan Fandrich (23 Aug 2017)

- test1453: Fixed <features>

Daniel Stenberg (22 Aug 2017)

- [Gisle Vanem brought this change]

config-dos: add missing defines, SIZEOF_* and two others

Bug: #1816

- curl: shorten and clean up CA cert verification error message

The previous message was just too long for ordinary people and it was
encouraging users to use `--insecure` a little too easy.

Based-on-work-by: Frank Denis

Closes #1810
Closes #1817

- request-target.d: mention added in 7.55.0

Marcel Raad (22 Aug 2017)

- tool_main: turn off MinGW CRT's globbing

By default, the MinGW CRT globs command-line arguments. This prevents

getting a single asterisk into an argument as test 1299 does. Turn off
globbing by setting the global variable _CRT_glob to 0 for MinGW.


Viktor Szakáts (22 Aug 2017)

- makefile.m32: add support for libidn2

libidn was replaced with libidn2 last year in configure.

Caveat: libidn2 may depend on a list of further libs.
These can be manually specified via CURL_LDFLAG_EXTRAS.


Jay Satiro (22 Aug 2017)

- [Viktor Szakáts brought this change]

config-win32: define SIZEOF_LONG

Recent changes that replaced CURL_SIZEOF_LONG in the source with

SIZEOF_LONG broke builds that use the premade configuration files and
don't have SIZEOF_LONG defined.

Daniel Stenberg (20 Aug 2017)

- cmake: enable picky compiler options with clang and gcc

closes #1799

- curl/system.h: fix build for hppa

Reported-by: John David Anglin


- [Even Rouault brought this change]

tftp: fix memory leak on too long filename


$ valgrind --leak-check=full ~/install-curl-git/bin/curl


==9752== Memcheck, a memory error detector

==9752== Copyright (C) 2002-2015, and GNU GPL'd, by Julian Seward et al.
==9752== Using Valgrind-3.11.0 and LibVEX; rerun with -h for copyright info
==9752== Command: /home/even/install-curl-git/bin/curl
curl: (71) TFTP file name too long

==9752== HEAP SUMMARY:
==9752== 505 bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 11 of 11
==9752== at 0x4C2DB8F: malloc (in /usr/lib/valgrind/vgpreload_memcheck-amd64-
==9752== by 0x4E61CED: Curl_urldecode (in /home/even/install-curl-
==9752== by 0x4E75868: tftp_state_machine (in /home/even/install-curl-
==9752== by 0x4E761B6: tftp_do (in /home/even/install-curl-
==9752== by 0x4E711B6: multi_runsingle (in /home/even/install-curl-
==9752== by 0x4E71D00: curl_multi_perform (in /home/even/install-curl-
==9752== by 0x4E6950D: curl_easy_perform (in /home/even/install-curl-
==9752== by 0x40E0B7: operate_do (in /home/even/install-curl-git/bin/curl)
==9752== by 0x40E849: operate (in /home/even/install-curl-git/bin/curl)
==9752== by 0x402693: main (in /home/even/install-curl-git/bin/curl)

Credit to OSS Fuzz

Closes #1808

Dan Fandrich (19 Aug 2017)

- runtests: fixed case insensitive matching of keywords

Commit 5c2aac71 didn't work in the case of mixed-case keywords given on

the command-line.

- tests: Make sure libtests call curl_global_cleanup()

This ensures that global data allocations are freed so Valgrind stays
happy. This was a problem with at least PolarSSL and mbedTLS.

Daniel Stenberg (18 Aug 2017)

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 8baead425

- scripts/contri*sh: use "git log --use-mailmap"

- mailmap: de-duplify some git authors

- http2_recv: return error better on fatal h2 errors

Ref #1012
Figured-out-by: Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa

- KNOWN_BUGS: HTTP test server 'connection-monitor' problems

Closes #868

- curl/system.h: check for __ppc__ as well

... regression since issue #1774 (commit 10b3df10596a) since obviously

some older gcc doesn't know __powerpc__ while some newer doesn't know
__ppc__ ...

Fixes #1797
Closes #1798
Reported-by: Ryan Schmidt

- [Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) brought this change]

http: Don't wait on CONNECT when there is no proxy

Since curl 7.55.0, NetworkManager almost always failed its connectivity

check by timeout. I bisected this to 5113ad04 (http-proxy: do the HTTP
CONNECT process entirely non-blocking).

This patch replaces !Curl_connect_complete with Curl_connect_ongoing,

which returns false if the CONNECT state was left uninitialized and lets
the connection continue.

Closes #1803
Fixes #1804
Also-fixed-by: Gergely Nagy

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

metalink: adjust source code style

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- CURL_SIZEOF_LONG: removed, use only SIZEOF_LONG

- lib557: no longer use CURL_SIZEOF_* defines

- config-win32: define SIZEOF_CURL_OFF_T

- cmake: sizeof curl_off_t, remove unused detections

- system.h: remove all CURL_SIZEOF_* defines

... as they're not used externally and internally we check for the sizes
already in configure etc.

Closes #1767

- ftp: fix CWD when doing multicwd then nocwd on same connection

Fixes #1782
Closes #1787
Reported-by: Peter Lamare


(leaves other values reserved for the future)

- compressed-ssh.d: "Added: 7.56.0"

- curl/system.h: checksrc compliance

Jay Satiro (17 Aug 2017)

- [Viktor Szakáts brought this change]

ssh: add the ability to enable compression (for SCP/SFTP)

The required low-level logic was already available as part of

`libssh2` (via `LIBSSH2_FLAG_COMPRESS` `libssh2_session_flag()`[1]

This patch adds the new `libcurl` option `CURLOPT_SSH_COMPRESSION`

(boolean) and the new `curl` command-line option `--compressed-ssh`
to request this `libssh2` feature. To have compression enabled, it
is required that the SSH server supports a (zlib) compatible
compression method and that `libssh2` was built with `zlib` support


- examples/ftpuploadresume: checksrc compliance

- [Maksim Stsepanenka brought this change]

http_proxy: fix build error for CURL_DOES_CONVERSIONS


GitHub (16 Aug 2017)

- [Nick Zitzmann brought this change]

configure: check for __builtin_available() availability (#1788)

This change does two things:

1. It un-breaks the build in Xcode 9.0. (Xcode 9.0 is currently
failing trying to compile connectx() in lib/connect.c.)
2. It finally weak-links the connectx() function, and falls back on
connect() when run on older operating systems.

Daniel Stenberg (16 Aug 2017)

- travis: add metalink to some osx builds

Closes #1790

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

coverage: Use two coveralls commands to get lib/vtls results

closes #1747

- darwinssi: fix error: variable length array used

- m4/curl-compilers.m4: use proper quotes around string, not backticks

... when setting clang version to assume 3.7

Caused a lot of "integer expression expected" warnings by configure.

- [Benbuck Nason brought this change]

cmake: remove dead code for DISABLED_THREADSAFE

Closes #1786

Jay Satiro (15 Aug 2017)

- [Jakub Zakrzewski brought this change]

curl-confopts.m4: fix --disable-threaded-resolver


Daniel Stenberg (15 Aug 2017)

- [Ryan Winograd brought this change]

progress: Track total times following redirects

Update the progress timers `t_nslookup`, `t_connect`, `t_appconnect`,

`t_pretransfer`, and `t_starttransfer` to track the total times for
these activities when a redirect is followed. Previously, only the times
for the most recent request would be tracked.

Related changes:

- Rename `Curl_pgrsResetTimesSizes` to `Curl_pgrsResetTransferSizes`

now that the function only resets transfer sizes and no longer
modifies any of the progress timers.

- Add a bool to the `Progress` struct that is used to prevent

double-counting `t_starttransfer` times.

Added test case 1399.

Fixes #522 and Known Bug 1.8

Closes #1602
Reported-by: joshhe on github

- [Benbuck Nason brought this change]

cmake: remove dead code for CURL_DISABLE_RTMP

Closes #1785

Kamil Dudka (15 Aug 2017)

- produce a working completion script again

Commit curl-7_54_0-118-g8b2f22e changed the output format of curl --help

to use <file> and <dir> instead of FILE and DIR, which caused to
produce a broken completion script:

% curl --<TAB>
_curl:10: no such file or directory: seconds

Closes #1779

Daniel Stenberg (15 Aug 2017)

- curlver: toward 7.56.0?

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 91c46dc44

- test1449: FTP download range with an too large size

- strtoofft: reduce integer overflow risks globally

... make sure we bail out on overflows.

Reported-by: Brian Carpenter

Closes #1758

- travis: build the examples too

to make sure they keep building warning-free

Closes #1777

- runtests: match keywords case insensitively

- examples/ftpuploadresume.c: use portable code

... converted from the MS specific _snscanf()

Version 7.55.1 (13 Aug 2017)

Daniel Stenberg (13 Aug 2017)

- RELEASE-NOTES/THANKS: curl 7.55.1 release time

- gitignore: ignore .xz now instead of .lzma

- [Sergei Nikulov brought this change]

cmake: Threads detection update. ref: #1702

Closes #1719

- ipv6_scope: support unique local addresses

Fixes #1764
Closes #1773
Reported-by: James Slaughter

- [Alex Potapenko brought this change]

curl/system.h: GCC doesn't define __ppc__ on PowerPC, uses __powerpc__

Closes #1774

- test1448: verify redirect to IDN using URL

Closes #1772

- [Salah-Eddin Shaban brought this change]

redirect: skip URL encoding for host names

This fixes redirects to IDN URLs

Fixes #1441
Closes #1762
Reported by: David Lord

- test2032: mark as flaky (again)

- travis: test cmake build on tarball too

Could've prevented #1755

- [Simon Warta brought this change]

cmake: allow user to override CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX

Closes #1763

- connect-to.d: better language

- connect-to.d: clarified

- bagder/Curl_tvdiff_us: fix the math

Regression since adef394ac5 (released in 7.55.0)

Reported-by: Han Qiao

Fixes #1769
Closes #1771

- curl/system.h: add Oracle Solaris Studio

Fixes #1752

- [Alessandro Ghedini brought this change]

docs: fix typo funtion -> function

Closes #1770

Alessandro Ghedini (12 Aug 2017)

- docs: fix grammar in CURL_SSLVERSION_MAX_DEFAULT description

- docs: fix typo stuct -> struct

Dan Fandrich (12 Aug 2017)

- test1447: require a curl with http support

Daniel Stenberg (11 Aug 2017)

- [Thomas Petazzoni brought this change]

curl/system.h: support more architectures

The long list of architectures in include/curl/system.h is annoying to

maintain, and needs to be extended for each and every architecture to

Instead, let's rely on the __SIZEOF_LONG__ define of the gcc compiler

(we are in the GNUC condition anyway), which tells us if long is 4
bytes or 8 bytes.

This fixes the build of libcurl 7.55.0 on architectures such as

OpenRISC or ARC.

Closes #1766

Signed-off-by: Thomas Petazzoni <>

- test2033: this went flaky again

Suspicion: when we enabled the threaded resolver by default.

- test1447: verifies the parse proxy fix in 6e0e152ce5c

- [Even Rouault brought this change]

parse_proxy(): fix memory leak in case of invalid proxy server name

Fixes the below leak:

$ valgrind --leak-check=full ~/install-curl-git/bin/curl --proxy "http://a:b@/x"
curl: (5) Couldn't resolve proxy name
==5048== HEAP SUMMARY:
==5048== in use at exit: 532 bytes in 12 blocks
==5048== total heap usage: 5,288 allocs, 5,276 frees, 445,271 bytes allocated
==5048== 2 bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 1 of 12
==5048== at 0x4C2DB8F: malloc (in /usr/lib/valgrind/vgpreload_memcheck-amd64-
==5048== by 0x4E6CB79: parse_login_details (url.c:5614)
==5048== by 0x4E6BA82: parse_proxy (url.c:5091)
==5048== by 0x4E6C46D: create_conn_helper_init_proxy (url.c:5346)
==5048== by 0x4E6EA18: create_conn (url.c:6498)
==5048== by 0x4E6F9B4: Curl_connect (url.c:6967)
==5048== by 0x4E86D05: multi_runsingle (multi.c:1436)
==5048== by 0x4E88432: curl_multi_perform (multi.c:2160)
==5048== by 0x4E7C515: easy_transfer (easy.c:708)
==5048== by 0x4E7C74A: easy_perform (easy.c:794)
==5048== by 0x4E7C7B1: curl_easy_perform (easy.c:813)
==5048== by 0x414025: operate_do (tool_operate.c:1563)
==5048== 2 bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 2 of 12
==5048== at 0x4C2DB8F: malloc (in /usr/lib/valgrind/vgpreload_memcheck-amd64-
==5048== by 0x4E6CBB6: parse_login_details (url.c:5621)
==5048== by 0x4E6BA82: parse_proxy (url.c:5091)
==5048== by 0x4E6C46D: create_conn_helper_init_proxy (url.c:5346)
==5048== by 0x4E6EA18: create_conn (url.c:6498)
==5048== by 0x4E6F9B4: Curl_connect (url.c:6967)
==5048== by 0x4E86D05: multi_runsingle (multi.c:1436)
==5048== by 0x4E88432: curl_multi_perform (multi.c:2160)
==5048== by 0x4E7C515: easy_transfer (easy.c:708)
==5048== by 0x4E7C74A: easy_perform (easy.c:794)
==5048== by 0x4E7C7B1: curl_easy_perform (easy.c:813)
==5048== by 0x414025: operate_do (tool_operate.c:1563)

Credit to OSS Fuzz for discovery

Closes #1761

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 37f2195a9

- curlver: bump to 7.55.1

- openssl: fix "error: this statement may fall through"

A gcc7 warning.

- [David Benjamin brought this change]

openssl: remove CONST_ASN1_BIT_STRING.

Just making the pointer as const works for the pre-1.1.0 path too.

Closes #1759

- maketgz: remove old *.dist files before making the tarball

To avoid "old crap" unintentionally getting shipped.

Reported-by: Christian Weisgerber

Jay Satiro (10 Aug 2017)

- allow executing this script directly

- Enable execute permission (chmod +x)

- Change interpreter to /usr/bin/env perl


Daniel Stenberg (10 Aug 2017)

- configure: use the threaded resolver backend by default if possible

Closes #1647

- cmake: move cmake_uninstall.cmake to CMake/

Closes #1756

- metalink: fix error: ‘*’ in boolean context, suggest ‘&&’ instead

- dist: fix the cmake build by shipping too

Fixes #1755

- travis: verify "make install"

Help-by: Jay Satiro

Closes #1753

Marcel Raad (10 Aug 2017)

- build: check out *.sln files with Windows line endings

Visual Studio doesn't like LF line endings in solution files and always
converts them to CRLF when doing changes to the solution. Notably, this
affects the solutions in the release archive.


- gitignore: ignore top-level .vs folder

This folder is generated when using the CMake build system from within
Visual Studio.


Jay Satiro (10 Aug 2017)

- digest_sspi: Don't reuse context if the user/passwd has changed


Assisted-by: Isaac Boukris

Daniel Stenberg (9 Aug 2017)
- [Adam Sampson brought this change]

dist: Add to EXTRA_DIST

These weren't included in the 7.55.0 release, but are required in order
to run the full test suite.

Closes #1744

- [Adam Sampson brought this change]

curl: do bounds check using a double comparison

The fix for this in 8661a0aacc01492e0436275ff36a21734f2541bb wasn't

complete: if the parsed number in num is larger than will fit in a long,
the conversion is undefined behaviour (causing test1427 to fail for me
on IA32 with GCC 7.1, although it passes on AMD64 and ARMv7). Getting
rid of the cast means the comparison will be done using doubles.

It might make more sense for the max argument to also be a double...

Fixes #1750
Closes #1749

- make install: add 8 missing man pages to the installation

- build: fix 'make install' with configure, install docs/libcurl/* too

Broken since d24838d4da9faa

Reported-by: Bernard Spil

Version 7.55.0 (9 Aug 2017)

Daniel Stenberg (9 Aug 2017)

- RELEASE-NOTES: curl 7.55.0

- THANKS: 20 new contributors in 7.55.0

- [Viktor Szakáts brought this change]

docs/comments: Update to secure URL versions

Closes #1741

- configure: fix recv/send/select detection on Android

... since they now provide several functions as

__attribute__((overloadable)), the argument detection logic need

Patched-by: destman at github

Fixes #1738
Closes #1739

Marcel Raad (8 Aug 2017)

- ax_code_coverage.m4: update to latest version
This updates the script to aad5ad5fedb306b39f901a899b7bd305b66c418d
from August 01, 2017. Notably, this removes the lconv version whitelist.


Daniel Stenberg (7 Aug 2017)

- test1427: verify command line parser integer overflow detection

- curl: detect and bail out early on parameter integer overflows

Make the number parser aware of the maximum limit curl accepts for a
value and return an error immediately if larger, instead of running an
integer overflow later.

Fixes #1730
Closes #1736

- glob: do not continue parsing after a strtoul() overflow range

Added test 1289 to verify.


Reported-by: Brian Carpenter

- tftp: reject file name lengths that don't fit

... and thereby avoid telling send() to send off more bytes than the
size of the buffer!


Reported-by: Even Rouault

Credit to OSS-Fuzz for the discovery

- [Even Rouault brought this change]

file: output the correct buffer to the user

Regression brought by 7c312f84ea930d8 (April 2017)



Credit to OSS-Fuzz for the discovery

- easy_events: make event data static

First: this function is only used in debug-builds and not in

release/real builds. It is used to drive tests using the event-based

A pointer to the local struct is passed to CURLMOPT_TIMERDATA, but the

CURLMOPT_TIMERFUNCTION calback can in fact be called even after this
funtion returns, namely when curl_multi_remove_handle() is called.

Reported-by: Brian Carpenter

- getparameter: avoid returning uninitialized 'usedarg'

Fixes #1728

Marcel Raad (5 Aug 2017)

- [Isaac Boukris brought this change]

gssapi: fix memory leak of output token in multi round context

When multiple rounds are needed to establish a security context

(usually ntlm), we overwrite old token with a new one without free.
Found by proposed gss tests using stub a gss implementation (by
valgrind error), though I have confirmed the leak with a real
gssapi implementation as well.


- darwinssl: fix compiler warning

clang complains:
vtls/darwinssl.c:40:8: error: extra tokens at end of #endif directive

This breaks the darwinssl build on Travis. Fix it by making this token
a comment.


- CMake: fix CURL_WERROR for MSVC

When using CURL_WERROR in MSVC builds, the debug flags were overridden
by the release flags and /WX got added twice in debug mode.


Daniel Stenberg (4 Aug 2017)

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 561e9217c

- test1010: verify that #1718 is fixed

... by doing two transfers in nocwd mode and check that there's no
superfluous CWD command.

- FTP: skip unnecessary CWD when in nocwd mode

... when reusing a connection. If it didn't do any CWD previously.

Fixes #1718

Marcel Raad (4 Aug 2017)

- travis: explicitly specify dist

This makes the builds more reproducible as travis is currently rolling

out trusty as default dist [1]. Specifically, this avoids coverage
check failures when trusty is used as seen in [2] until we figure out
what's wrong.



Daniel Stenberg (4 Aug 2017)

- travis: BUILD_TYPE => T

(to make the full line appear nicer on travis web UI)

- travis: add osx build with darwinssl

Closes #1706

- darwin: silence compiler warnings

With a clang pragma and three type fixes

Fixes #1722

- BUILD.WINDOWS: mention buildconf.bat for builds off git

- darwinssl: fix curlssl_sha256sum() compiler warnings on first argument

- test130: verify comments in .netrc

- [Gisle Vanem brought this change]

netrc: skip lines starting with '#'


Marcel Raad (3 Aug 2017)

- CMake: set MSVC warning level to 4

The MSVC warning level defaults to 3 in CMake. Change it to 4, which is

consistent with the Visual Studio and NMake builds. Disable level 4
warning C4127 for the library and additionally C4306 for the test
servers to get a clean CURL_WERROR build as that warning is raised in
some macros in older Visual Studio versions.


Daniel Stenberg (2 Aug 2017)

- CURLOPT_NETRC.3: fix typo in 7e48aa386156f9c2

Reported-by: Viktor Szakats

- CURLOPT_NETRC.3: mention the file name on windows


- travis: build osx with libressl too

- travis: build osx with openssl too

- tests/server/util: fix curltime mistake from 4dee50b9c80f9

Marcel Raad (1 Aug 2017)

- curl_threads: fix MSVC compiler warning

Use LongToHandle to convert from long to HANDLE in the Win32

This should fix the following warning when compiling with
MSVC 11 (2012) in 64-bit mode:
lib\curl_threads.c(113): warning C4306:
'type cast' : conversion from 'long' to 'HANDLE' of greater size


Daniel Stenberg (1 Aug 2017)

- BUGS: improved phrasing about security bugs

Reported-by: Max Dymond

- BUGS: clarify how to report security related bugs

- [Brad Spencer brought this change]

multi: fix request timer management

There are some bugs in how timers are managed for a single easy handle
that causes the wrong "next timeout" value to be reported to the
application when a new minimum needs to be recomputed and that new
minimum should be an existing timer that isn't currently set for the
easy handle. When the application drives a set of easy handles via the
`curl_multi_socket_action()` API (for example), it gets told to wait the
wrong amount of time before the next call, which causes requests to
linger for a long time (or, it is my guess, possibly forever).


Jay Satiro (1 Aug 2017)

- curl_setup: Define CURL_NO_OLDIES for building libcurl

.. to catch accidental use of deprecated error codes.


Daniel Stenberg (1 Aug 2017)

- [Jeremy Tan brought this change]

configure: fix the check for IdnToUnicode

Fixes #1669
Closes #1713

- http: fix response code parser to avoid integer overflow

test 1429 and 1433 were updated to work with the stricter HTTP status line

Closes #1714
Reported-by: Brian Carpenter
Jay Satiro (31 Jul 2017)
- [Dwarakanath Yadavalli brought this change]

libcurl: Stop using error codes defined under CURL_NO_OLDIES


- include.d: clarify --include is only for response headers

Follow-up to 171f8de and de6de94.

Reported-by: Daniel Stenberg

Daniel Stenberg (30 Jul 2017)

- [Jason Juang brought this change]

cmake: support make uninstall

Closes #1674

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 001701c47

Marcel Raad (29 Jul 2017)

- AppVeyor: now really use CURL_WERROR

It was misspelled as CURL_ERROR in commit



Jay Satiro (29 Jul 2017)

- tool_help: clarify --include is only for response headers

Follow-up to 171f8de.


- splay: fix signed/unsigned mismatch warning

Follow-up to 4dee50b.


Daniel Stenberg (28 Jul 2017)

- include.d: clarify that it concerns the response headers

Reported-by: olesteban at github

Fixes #1704

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

curl_rtmp: fix a compiler warning

The headers of librtmp declare the socket as `int`, and on Windows, that
disagrees with curl_socket_t.

Bug: #1652
Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- test1323: verify curlx_tvdiff

- timeval: struct curltime is a struct timeval replacement

... to make all libcurl internals able to use the same data types for
the struct members. The timeval struct differs subtly on several
platforms so it makes it cumbersome to use everywhere.

Ref: #1652
Closes #1693

- darwinssl: fix variable type mistake (regression)

... which made --tlsv1.2 not work because it would blank the max tls
version variable.

Reported-by: Nick Miyake

Bug: #1703

- multi: mention integer overflow risk if using > 500 million sockets


Closes #1675
Closes #1683

- checksrc: escape open brace in regex

... to silence warning.

Kamil Dudka (20 Jul 2017)

- nss: fix a possible use-after-free in SelectClientCert()

... causing a SIGSEGV in showit() in case the handle used to initiate

the connection has already been freed.

This commit fixes a bug introduced in curl-7_19_5-204-g5f0cae803.

Reported-by: Rob Sanders


- nss: unify the coding style of nss_send() and nss_recv()

No changes in behavior intended by this commit.

Marcel Raad (18 Jul 2017)

- tests/server/resolve.c: fix deprecation warning

MSVC warns that gethostbyname is deprecated. Always use getaddrinfo

instead to fix this when IPv6 is enabled, also for IPv4 resolves. This
is also consistent with what libcurl does.


Jay Satiro (17 Jul 2017)

- darwinssl: fix pinnedpubkey build error
- s/SessionHandle/Curl_easy/

Reported-by: Gisle Vanem

Marcel Raad (16 Jul 2017)

- rtspd: fix GCC warning after MSVC warning fix

Older GCC warns:

/tests/server/rtspd.c:1194:10: warning: missing braces around
initializer [-Wmissing-braces]

Fix this by using memset instead of an initializer.

- libtest: fix MSVC warning C4706

With warning level 4, MSVC warns about assignments within conditional

expressions. Change the while loop to a do-while loop to fix this. This
change is also consistent with

- sockfilt: suppress conversion warning with explicit cast

MSVC warns when implicitly casting -1 to unsigned long.

- rtspd: fix MSVC level 4 warning

warning C4701: potentially uninitialized local variable 'req' used

- winbuild: re-enable warning C4127 for curl tool

Disabled in cda19a345f6970e22fe8b7a808aeb8f086a21eac. It only needs to

be disabled for libcurl.

- winbuild: build with warning level 4

This is consistent with 7bc64561a2e63ca93e4b0b31d350773ba80955c2, which

changed the warning level from 3 to 4 for the Visual Studio project
files. But disable the level 4 warning C4127 "conditional expression is
constant", as that one is issued by older versions of the Windows SDK
as well as curl itself under some circumstances.


Jay Satiro (12 Jul 2017)

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

travis: install libidn2

Install libidn2 to increase test coverage (IDN tests)


Marcel Raad (12 Jul 2017)

- travis: enable warnings also in release mode

... to get warnings also on Linux/GCC and OSX/clang.

Daniel Stenberg (12 Jul 2017)
- [Max Dymond brought this change]

travis: install libssh2

Install libssh2 to increase test coverage (SFTP, SCP)

Marcel Raad (12 Jul 2017)

- system.h: include winsock2.h before windows.h

... to avoid compiler warnings if the user doesn't want


- build: remove WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN from individual build systems

It's defined for all build systems in curl_setup.h since commit

beb08481d01a07a8b10938b1078a5e298b1c2912. This caused macro
redefinition warnings in the configure builds.


Jay Satiro (11 Jul 2017)

- ISSUE_TEMPLATE: Add a comment not to file security issues on github

Marcel Raad (11 Jul 2017)

- curl_setup: always define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN on Windows

Make sure to always define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN before including any

Windows headers to avoid pulling in unnecessary headers. This avoids
unnecessary macro clashes and compiler warnings.


Jay Satiro (11 Jul 2017)

- strerror: Preserve Windows error code in some functions

This is a follow-up to af02162 which removed (SET_)ERRNO macros. That

commit was an earlier draft that I committed by mistake, which was then
remedied by a5834e5 and e909de6, and now this commit. With this commit
there is now no difference between the current code and the changes that
were approved in the final draft.

Thanks-to: Max Dymond, Marcel Raad, Daniel Stenberg, Gisle Vanem


Marcel Raad (10 Jul 2017)

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

tests: Fix up issues with errno in test files


Daniel Stenberg (10 Jul 2017)

- errno: fix non-windows builds after af0216251b94e7

- [Ryan Winograd brought this change]

make: fix docs build on OpenBSD

Ref: #1591

Marcel Raad (10 Jul 2017)

- ldap: fix MinGW compiler warning

ldap_bind_s is marked as deprecated in w32api's winldap.h shipping with

the latest original MinGW, resulting in compiler warnings since commit
f0fe66f13c93d3d0af45d9fb1231c9164e0f9dc8. Fix this for the non-SSPI
case by using ldap_simple_bind_s again instead of ldap_bind_s with


- curl-compilers.m4: disable warning spam with Cygwin's clang

When building with Cygwin or MinGW, libtool uses a wrapper executable

instead of a wrapper script [1], which is written in C and throws
missing-variable-declarations warnings. Don't enable these warnings on
Cygwin and MinGW in order to avoid warnings for every executable built,
which spams the test suite output when using Cygwin's clang.



Jay Satiro (10 Jul 2017)

- curl_setup_once: Remove ERRNO/SET_ERRNO macros

Prior to this change (SET_)ERRNO mapped to GetLastError/SetLastError

for Win32 and regular errno otherwise.

I reviewed the code and found no justifiable reason for conflating errno
on WIN32 with GetLastError/SetLastError. All Win32 CRTs support errno,
and any Win32 multithreaded CRT supports thread-local errno.


- tool_getparam: fix potentially uninitialized err

Marcel Raad (9 Jul 2017)

- smb: rename variable to fix shadowing warning

GCC 4.6.3 on travis complains:

smb.c: In function ‘get_posix_time’:
smb.c:725:13: error: declaration of ‘time’ shadows a global declaration

Fix this by renaming the variable.

- tool_cb_wrt: fix variable shadowing warning

GCC 4.4 complains:

tool_cb_wrt.c:81: error: declaration of ‘isatty’ shadows a global
/usr/include/unistd.h:782: error: shadowed declaration is here
Fix this by renaming the variable.


Daniel Stenberg (8 Jul 2017)

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with be2c999b8

- travis: install stunnel

- valgrind.supp: supress OpenSSL false positive seen on travis

- travis: detect and use valgrind for normal builds

Closes #1653

- travis: add SMB, DICT, TELNET torture to coverage test

- [Paul Harris brought this change]

cmake: offer CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX when building with MSVC

Removes BUILD_RELEASE_DEBUG_DIRS since it wasn't used anywhere.

Closes #1649

- CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS.3: explain the 100-continue magic better

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

test1452: add telnet negotiation

Add a basic telnet server for negotiating some telnet options before
echoing back any data that's sent to it.

Closes #1645

- travis: do more tests in the coverage run

I added a selection of torture and event tests that run "fast enough"

- curl_easy_escape.3: mention the (lack of) encoding

Fixes #1612
Reported-by: Jeroen Ooms

- [Gisle Vanem brought this change]

memdebug: don't setbuf() if the file open failed


- appveyor: enable CURL_WERROR on all builds

- cmake: add CURL_WERROR for enabling "warning as errors"

- [Hannes Magnusson brought this change]

cmake: remove spurious "-l" from linker flags

Fixes #1552

- test506: skip if threaded-resolver

- runtests: support "threaded-resolver" as a feature

... to let tests require it or skip if present

- asyn-thread.c: fix unused variable warnings on macOS


Make the name reflect its use better, and add a short comment describing
what it's for.

- cmake: if inet_pton is used, bump _WIN32_WINNT

... and make sure inet_pton is always checked for when *not* using Windows,
which is a regression from 4fc6ebe18.

Idea-by: Sergei Nikulov

- select.h: avoid macro redefinition harder

... by checking the POLLIN define, as the header file checks don't work
on Windows.

- inet_pton: fix include on windows to get prototype

inet_pton() exists on Windows and gets used by our cmake builds. Make
sure the correct header file is included to avoid compiler warnings.

Closes #1639

- TODO: 1.10 auto-detect proxy

Closes #1572

- TODO: HTTP proxy CONNECT is non-blocking now

- cmake: fix send/recv argument scanner for windows

... by simply trying the Windows argument types first.

Fixes #1640

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 596cfb6c0

- [Gisle Vanem brought this change]

smb: add support for CURLOPT_FILETIME


Closes #1643

- travis: install nghttp2 on linux builds

Closes #1642

- [Gisle Vanem brought this change]

smb: fix build for djgpp/MSDOS


- configure: try ldap/lber in reversed order first

When scanning for which LDAP libraries to use, try the -lldap -llber
combination before the reversed order since it has a greater chance of
working when linking with libcurl statically.

Fixes #1619
Closes #1634
Reported-by: David E. Narváez

- configure: remove checks for 5 functions never used

fork, getprotobyname, inet_addr, perror, uname

closes #1638

- dist: add SMB python deps into the tarball

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

test1451: add SMB support to the testbed

Add test 1451 which does some very basic SMB testing using the impacket
SMB server.

Closes #1630

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

test: add impacket for SMB testing

Import impacket 0.9.15 for use in SMB testing. This was generated by
doing "pip2.7 install -t . impacket"

Unnecessary files for current testing were deleted.

- travis.yml: use --enable-werror on debug builds

... to better detect and fault on compiler warnings/errors

Closes #1637

- tool_sleep: typecast to avoid macos compiler warning

tool_sleep.c:54:24: error: implicit conversion loses integer precision:

'long' to '__darwin_suseconds_t' (aka 'int')

- [Martin Kepplinger brought this change]

timeval.c: Use long long constant type for timeval assignment

On a 64 bit host, sparse says:

timeval.c:148:15: warning: constant 0x7fffffffffffffff is so big it is long

timeval.c:149:12: warning: constant 0x7fffffffffffffff is so big it is long

so let's use long long constant types in order to prevent undesired overflow


Closes #1636

Signed-off-by: Martin Kepplinger <>

- url: make the original string get used on subsequent transfers

... since CURLOPT_URL should follow the same rules as other options:
they remain set until changed or cleared.

Added test 1551 to verify.

Fixes #1631
Closes #1632
Reported-by: Pavel Rochnyak

- [Johannes Schindelin brought this change]

gtls: fix build when sizeof(long) < sizeof(void *)

- Change gnutls pointer/int macros to pointer/curl_socket_t.

Prior to this change they used long type as well.

The size of the `long` data type can be shorter than that of pointer
types. This is the case most notably on Windows.

If C99 were acceptable, we could simply use `intptr_t` here. But we

want to retain C89 compatibility.

Simply use the trick of performing pointer arithmetic with the NULL
pointer: to convert an integer `i` to a pointer, simply take the
address of the `i`th element of a hypothetical character array
starting at address NULL. To convert back, simply cast the pointer

Thanks to Jay Satiro for the initial modification to use curl_socket_t

instead of int/long.

Closes #1617

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>

- [Ryan Winograd brought this change]

unit1399: fix integer overflow

Bug: #1616
Closes #1633
- [Per Malmberg brought this change]

cmake: Added compatibility options for older Windows versions


Closes #1621

- unit1399: add logging to time comparison

... to enable tracking down why autobuilds fail on this

Bug: #1616

- make: build the docs subdir only from within src

... and don't build at all in include

Prompted-by-work-by: Simon Warta

Ref: #1590
Closes #1591

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

test1450: fix up DICT server in torture mode

As per, the DICT server is a

little spammy in torture mode due to the sockets being torn down
unexpectedly. Fix this by adding some error handling to the handling

Closes #1629

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

test1450: add simple testing for DICT

Add a new server which provides a DICT interface. This is intended to

begin coverage testing for lib/dict.c

Closes #1615

- [Dan Fandrich brought this change]

test1521: fix out-of-tree builds, broken with 467da3af

The test.h file is no longer in the same directory as the source file,
so that directory needs to be added to the include path.

Fixes #1627
Closes #1628

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

http2: handle PING frames

Add a connection check function to HTTP2 based off RTSP. This causes
PINGs to be handled the next time the connection is reused.
Closes #1521

- [Max Dymond brought this change]

handler: refactor connection checking

Add a new type of callback to Curl_handler which performs checks on

the connection. Alter RTSP so that it uses this callback to do its
own check on connection health.

- [Dmitry Kostjuchenko brought this change]

openssl: improve fallback seed of PRNG with a time based hash

Fixes #1620

- [Ryan Winograd brought this change]

progress: prevent resetting t_starttransfer

Prevent `Curl_pgrsTime` from modifying `t_starttransfer` when invoked

with `TIMER_STARTTRANSFER` more than once during a single request.

When a redirect occurs, this is considered a new request and

`t_starttransfer` can be updated to reflect the `t_starttransfer` time
of the redirect request.

Closes #1616


- curl_strequal.3: fix typo in SYNOPSIS

Reported-by: Jesse Chisholm

Fixes #1623

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with ce2c3ebda

Kamil Dudka (28 Jun 2017)

- curl --socks5-{basic,gssapi}: control socks5 auth


- CURLOPT_SOCKS5_AUTH: allowed methods for SOCKS5 proxy auth

If libcurl was built with GSS-API support, it unconditionally advertised

GSS-API authentication while connecting to a SOCKS5 proxy. This caused
problems in environments with improperly configured Kerberos: a stock
libcurl failed to connect, despite libcurl built without GSS-API
connected fine using username and password.

This commit introduces the CURLOPT_SOCKS5_AUTH option to control the

allowed methods for SOCKS5 authentication at run time.

Note that a new option was preferred over reusing CURLOPT_PROXYAUTH

for compatibility reasons because the set of authentication methods
allowed by default was different for HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies.

- socks: deduplicate the code for auth request

- socks: use proxy_user instead of proxy_name

... to make it obvious what the data is used for

Daniel Stenberg (27 Jun 2017)

- libtest/make: generate lib1521.c

... instead of having the generated code checked in. This saves space in
the tarball but primarily automatically adapts to newly added options.

Closes #1614

Jay Satiro (26 Jun 2017)

- tool_getparam: fix memory leak on test 1147 OOM (torture tests)

Reported-by: Dan Fandrich

Dan Fandrich (25 Jun 2017)

- test1537: fixed memory leak on OOM

Marcel Raad (25 Jun 2017)

- test1521: fix compiler warnings

The integer literal 3123123123 doesn't fit into a 32-bit signed

integer, so GCC with 32-bit long warns in C90 mode:
this decimal constant is unsigned only in ISO C90 [enabled by default]
Fix this by using ULONG_MAX, which should fit in any curl_off_t and has
the correct suffix to not issue any warnings.
Also adds the missing CURLOPT_REQUEST_TARGET from commit


Daniel Stenberg (24 Jun 2017)

- curl/system.h: add check for XTENSA for 32bit gcc

Reported-by: Neil Kolban

Fixes: 1598

- [Henrik S. Gaßmann brought this change]

winbuild: fix boringssl build

Compile with `WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN` which prevents `windows.h` from

including too much clutter including `wincrypt.h` which in turn contains
some preprocessor macros that clash with boringssl symbols.

Detect boringssl by checking the existance of `is_boringssl.h` and set

the corresponding `HAVE_BORINGSSL` for compilation which is used in
`ldap.c` to undefine the evil macros.

Closes #1610
- progress: progress.timespent needs to be us

follow-up to 64ed44a815e4e to fix test 500 failures

Marcel Raad (24 Jun 2017)

- curl-compilers.m4: fix unknown-warning-option on Apple clang

Since 5598b0bd63f690c151074494ce47ef872f004ab4, clang -v is used to

detect the clang version. The version number was expected to come after
the word "version". For Apple clang, this doesn't work as it has its
own versioning scheme.
The version number is now first searched after the string
"based on LLVM". This works for Apple clang before version 7, and also
for e.g. Ubuntu's clang up to version 3.7. If it's not found and the
version string contains "Apple LLVM version", clang version 3.7 is
assumed, which is the version that comes with Xcode 7. Otherwise, the
version number is still expected after the word "version", which works
for very old Apple clang versions.


Daniel Stenberg (24 Jun 2017)

- progress: fix "time spent", broke in adef394ac


... supported since 7.54.1

- maketgz: switch to -6e for xz

To reduce the memory requirement for decompress, and still do almost as

good compression as with -9e.

Pointed-out-by: Dan Fandrich

- libtest/Makefile: remove unused lib1541 variables

- mention the out-of-tree build test too

- maketgz: switch to xz instead of lzma

The compressed output size seems to be a tad bit smaller, but generally
xz seems more preferred these days and is used directly by for example
gentoo instead of bz2.

"Users of LZMA Utils should move to XZ Utils" =>

Closes #1604

- --request-target: instead of --strip-path-slash


This option instead provides the full "alternative" target to use in the
request, instead of extracting the path from the URL.
Test 1298 and 1299 updated accordingly.

Idea-by: Evert Pot


Closes #1593

Marcel Raad (21 Jun 2017)

- lib1521: fix missing-variable-declarations clang warnings

Declare TU-local variables static.

- travis: enable typecheck-gcc warnings

- switch debug and release configurations so that we get an optimized

build with GCC 4.3+ as required by typecheck-gcc
- enable warnings-as-errors for release builds
(which have warnings disabled)


- typecheck-gcc: add support for CURLINFO_OFF_T

typecheck-gcc expected curl_socket_t instead of curl_off_t arguments

for CURLINFO_OFF_T. Detected by test1521, unfortunately only when run


Daniel Stenberg (21 Jun 2017)

- [Simon Warta brought this change]

ci: whitelist branches to avoid testing feature branches twice

- [Gisle Vanem brought this change]

lib: fix the djgpp build


Marcel Raad (20 Jun 2017)

- if2ip: fix compiler warning in ISO C90 mode

remote_scope_id is only used when both HAVE_SOCKADDR_IN6_SIN6_SCOPE_ID

and ENABLE_IPV6 are defined instead of only one of them.

Daniel Stenberg (20 Jun 2017)

- travis: do the distcheck test build out-of-tree as well

- http: add --strip-path-slash and CURLOPT_STRIP_PATH_SLASH

... to enable sending "OPTIONS *" which wasn't possible previously.

This option currently only works for HTTP.

Added test cases 1298 + 1299 to verify

Fixes #1280
Closes #1462

- test1521: test getinfo's OFF_T types too

Closes #1588

- lib1521: add curl_easy_getinfo calls to the test set

Also added return value checks to make sure no unexpected return codes
are used.

- [Simon Warta brought this change]

automake: use $(MKHELP) variable instead if constant

this improves symmetry with the rule above

- [Simon Warta brought this change] fix script name in usage text

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 3b80d3ca4

- getinfo: return sizes as curl_off_t

This change introduces new alternatives for the existing six

curl_easy_getinfo() options that return sizes or speeds as doubles. The
new versions are named like the old ones but with an appended '_T':


Closes #1511

- PIPELINING_SERVER_BL: cleanup the internal list use

The list was freed incorrectly since the llist refactor of

cbae73e1dd959. Added test 1550 to verify that it works and avoid future

Reported-by: Pascal Terjan

Fixes #1584
Closes #1585

- http2: fix OOM crash

torture mode with test 1021 found it

- CURLOPT_PREQUOTE.3: spellfix man page reference

Marcel Raad (18 Jun 2017)

- http_proxy: fix build with http and proxy
After deff7de0eb0e22d2d142b96b9cc84cd8db5d2a48, the build without
CURL_DISABLE_PROXY and CURL_DISABLE_HTTP was failing because of missing

- http_proxy: fix compiler warning


missing prototype for Curl_connect_free.

Daniel Stenberg (18 Jun 2017)

- TODO: update the TOC too

- TODO: implement support for CURLOPT_PREQUOTE with SFTP

... also updated the CURLOPT_PREQUOTE.3 man page to mention the correct
protocol support.

Closes #1514

- tool_wrte_cb: remove check for config == NULL

... as it really cannot have reached this far with config being NULL,
thus this is unnecesary and misleading.

Bug: and

Forwarded-to-us-by: Jakub Wilk

- curl: prevent binary output spewed to terminal

... unless "--output -" is used. Binary detection is done by simply

checking for a binary zero in early data.

Added test 1425 1426 to verify.

Closes #1512

Marcel Raad (16 Jun 2017)

- Makefile.m32: enable -W for MinGW32 build

The configure-based build also has this in addition to -Wall.


- curl-compilers.m4: enable comma clang warning

It usually warns when using commas instead of semicolons or other

operators by accident.


- curl-compilers.m4: enable missing-variable-declarations clang warning

It usually warns when forgetting to declare TU-local variables static.

- curl-compilers.m4: enable double-promotion warning

Enable -Wdouble-promotion for both GCC and clang. It warns on implicit

promotion from float to double.


- curl-compilers.m4: enable vla warning for clang

Previously, that warning was only implicitly active in C90 mode.

Enable it unconditionally as already done for GCC.


Daniel Stenberg (16 Jun 2017)

- http-proxy: fix chunked-encoded CONNECT responses

Regression since 5113ad0424.

... and remove 'flaky' from test 1061 again

Closes #1579

- http-proxy: deal with EAGAIN

... the previous code would reset the header length wrongly (since
5113ad0424). This makes test 1060 reliable again.

Also: make sws send even smaller chunks of data to increase the
likeliness of this happening.

- libtest/libntlmconnect: fix compiler warnings from f94fcdb

- [Jay Satiro brought this change]

HTTPS-Proxy: don't offer h2 for https proxy connections


Closes #1546

- tests: stabilize test 2032 and 2033

Both these tests run the same underlying test code: libntlmconnect.c -
this test code made some assumptions about socket ordering when it used
curl_easy_fdset() and when we changed timing or got accidental changes
in libcurl the tests would fail.

The tests verify that the different transfers keep using the same
connections, which I now instead made sure by adding the number of bytes
each transfer gets and then verifies that they always get the same
amount as when these tests worked.

Closes #1576

- test1148: verify the -# progressbar

Closes #1569
- test1061: mark as flaky

Fails intermittently on travis builds since a few days. Likely due to


Jay Satiro (16 Jun 2017)

- url: refactor the check for Windows drive letter in path

- Move the logic to detect a Windows drive letter prefix

(eg c: in c:foo) into a function-like macro.


- Check curl's exit code after certdata download

- No longer allow partial downloads of certdata.

Prior to this change partial downloads were (erroneously?) allowed since

only the server code was checked to be 200.

Reported-by: Matteo B.

Daniel Stenberg (16 Jun 2017)

- dist: add the fuzz dir to the tarball

- configure: disable nghttp2 too if HTTP has been disabled

- http-proxy: fix build with --disable-proxy or --disable-http

Reported-by: Dan Fandrich

- fuzz/README: document how to build

Fixes #1476

- [Frederik B brought this change]

fuzz: corpora file structure, initial commit

- [Frederik B brought this change]

fuzz: bring oss-fuzz initial code converted to C89

- http-proxy: only attempt FTP over HTTP proxy

... all other non-HTTP protocol schemes are now defaulting to "tunnel
trough" mode if a HTTP proxy is specified. In reality there are no HTTP
proxies out there that allow those other schemes.

Assisted-by: Ray Satiro, Michael Kaufmann

Closes #1505

- TODO: the generated include file is gone

... since commit 73a2fcea0b

- curl_setup.h: error out on CURL_WANTS_CA_BUNDLE_ENV use

... to make it really apparent if there's any user using this on purpose.

Suggested-by: Jay Satiro

Closes #1542

- lib/curl_setup.h: remove CURL_WANTS_CA_BUNDLE_ENV

When this define was set, libcurl would check the environment variable
named CURL_CA_BUNDLE at run-time and use that CA cert bundle. This
feature was only defined by the watcom and m32 makefiles and caused
inconsistent behaviours among libcurls built on different platforms.

The curl tool does already feature its own similar logic and the library
does not really need it, and it isn't documented libcurl behavior. So
this change removes it.

Ref: #1538

- test1147: verify -H on a file

- curl: allow --header and --proxy-header read from file

So many headers can be provided as @filename.

Suggested-by: Timothe Litt

Closes #1486

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 2ad80eec5

- curl/curlver.h: start working on 7.55.0

- http-proxy: do the HTTP CONNECT process entirely non-blocking

Mentioned as a problem since 2007 (8f87c15bdac63) and of course it

existed even before that.

Closes #1547

- progress: let "current speed" be UL + DL speeds combined

Bug #1556
Reported-by: Paul Harris
Closes #1559

Marcel Raad (14 Jun 2017)

- system.h: fix MinGW build



Daniel Stenberg (14 Jun 2017)

- timers: store internal time stamps as time_t instead of doubles

This gives us accurate precision and it allows us to avoid storing "no

time" for systems with too low timer resolution as we then bump the time
up to 1 microsecond. Should fix test 573 on windows.

Remove the now unused curlx_tvdiff_secs() function.

Maintains the external getinfo() API with using doubles.

Fixes #1531

- dist: make the hugehelp.c not get regenerated unnecessarily

The maketgz script now makes sure the generated hugehelp.c file in the
tarball is newer than the generated curl.1 man page, so that it doesn't
have to get unnecessarily rebuilt first thing in a typical build. It
thus also removes the need for perl to build off a plain release

Fixes #1565

- includes: remove curl/curlbuild.h and curl/curlrules.h

Rely entirely on curl/system.h now.

Introduced in Aug 2008 with commit 14240e9e109f. Now gone.

Fixes #1456

Version 7.54.1 (14 Jun 2017)

Daniel Stenberg (14 Jun 2017)

- release: 7.54.1

Dan Fandrich (13 Jun 2017)

- updated to match the test changes in 916ec30a

Daniel Stenberg (13 Jun 2017)

- [Stuart Henderson brought this change]

libressl: OCSP and intermediate certs workaround no longer needed

lib/vtls/openssl.c has a workaround for a bug with OCSP responses signed

by intermediate certs, this was fixed in LibreSSL in


- url: fix buffer overwrite with file protocol (CVE-2017-9502)


Assisted-by: Ray Satiro

Reported-by: Marcel Raad

- urlglob: fix division by zero

The multiply() function that is used to avoid integer overflows, was

itself reason for a possible division by zero error when passed a
specially formatted glob.
Reported-by: GwanYeong Kim

- configure: update the copyright year in the output

- [ygrek brought this change]

BINDINGS: update SP-Forth and OCaml urls

Michael Kaufmann (11 Jun 2017)

- FindWin32CACert: Use a temporary buffer on the stack

Don't malloc() the temporary buffer, and use the correct type:
SearchPath() works with TCHAR, but SearchPathA() works with char.
Set the buffer size to MAX_PATH, because the terminating null byte
is already included in MAX_PATH.

Reviewed-by: Daniel Stenberg

Reviewed-by: Marcel Raad

Closes #1548

Dan Fandrich (11 Jun 2017)

- test1521: fixed OOM handling

Daniel Stenberg (9 Jun 2017)

- RELEASE-PROCEDURE: updated future release dates

- [Paul Harris brought this change]

gitignore: ignore all vim swap files

Closes #1561

- lib1521: fix compiler warnings on the use of bad 'long' values

Reported-by: Marcel Raad


- setopt: check CURLOPT_ADDRESS_SCOPE option range

... and return error instead of triggering an assert() when being way
out of range.

Jay Satiro (8 Jun 2017)

- [TheAssassin brought this change]

cmake: Fix inconsistency regarding mbed TLS include directory

Previously, one had to set MBEDTLS_INCLUDE_DIR to make CMake find the

headers, but the system complained that mbed TLS wasn't found due to
MBEDTLS_INCLUDE_DIRS (note the trailing s) was not set. This commit
attempts to fix that.


Daniel Stenberg (8 Jun 2017)

- [Ryuichi KAWAMATA brought this change]

examples/multi-uv.c: fix deprecated symbol

Closes #1557

- asyn-ares: s/Curl_expire_latest/Curl_expire

- expire: remove Curl_expire_latest()

With the introduction of expire IDs and the fact that existing timers
can be removed now and thus never expire, the concept with adding a
"latest" timer is not working anymore as it risks to not expire at all.

So, to be certain the timers actually are in line and will expire, the
plain Curl_expire() needs to be used. The _latest() function was added
as a sort of shortcut in the past that's quite simply not necessary

Follow-up to 31b39c40cf90

Reported-by: Paul Harris

Closes #1555

- [Chris Carlmar brought this change]

configure: fix link with librtmp when specifying path


- file: make speedcheck use current time for checks

... as it would previously just get the "now" timestamp before the
transfer starts and then not update it again.

Closes #1550

- metalink: remove unused printf() argument

- travis: let some builds *not* use --enable-debug

typecheck-gcc and other things require optimized builds

Closes #1544

- show the coverall coverage on github

- lib1521: fix compiler warnings

- test1521: make the code < 80 columns wide

- test1121: use stricter types to work with typcheck-gcc

- typecheck-gcc: allow CURLOPT_STDERR to be NULL too

- test1521: test *all* curl_easy_setopt options generates a test program (lib1521.c) that calls

curl_easy_setopt() for every known option with a few typical values to
make sure they work (ignoring the return codes).

Some small changes were necessary to avoid asserts and NULL accesses
when doing this.

The perl script needs to be manually rerun when we add new options.

Closes #1543

Dan Fandrich (5 Jun 2017)

- test1538: added "verbose logs" keyword

These error messages are not displayed with --disable-verbose

Daniel Stenberg (5 Jun 2017)

- test1262: verify ftp download with -z for "if older than this"

Marcel Raad (5 Jun 2017)

- curl_ntlm_core: use Curl_raw_toupper instead of toupper

This was the only remaining use of toupper in the entire source code.

Suggested-by: Daniel Stenberg

Daniel Stenberg (4 Jun 2017)

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 65ba92650

Marcel Raad (4 Jun 2017)

- curl_ntlm_core: pass unsigned char to toupper

Otherwise, clang on Cygwin64 warns:

curl_ntlm_core.c:525:35: error: array subscript is of type 'char'
dest[2 * i] = (unsigned char)(toupper(src[i]));
/usr/include/ctype.h:152:25: note: expanded from macro 'toupper'
(void) __CTYPE_PTR[__x]; (toupper) (__x);})

Jay Satiro (3 Jun 2017)

- [Mahmoud Samir Fayed brought this change]

BINDINGS: add Ring binding


Daniel Stenberg (4 Jun 2017)

- mention tests done on pull requests

- travis: add coverage, distcheck and cmake builds

Closes #1534

Marcel Raad (3 Jun 2017)

- libtest: fix int-in-bool-context warnings

GCC 7 complained:
‘*’ in boolean context, suggest ‘&&’ instead [-Wint-in-bool-context]
- libtest: fix implicit-fallthrough warnings with GCC 7

- x509asn1: fix implicit-fallthrough warning with GCC 7

- curl_sasl: fix unused-variable warning

This fixes the following warning with CURL_DISABLE_CRYPTO_AUTH,

as seen in the autobuilds:

curl_sasl.c:417:9: warning: unused variable 'serverdata'


Daniel Stenberg (3 Jun 2017)

- error out on too old git version

Marcel Raad (3 Jun 2017)

- cyassl: define build macros before including ssl.h

cyassl/ssl.h needs the macros from cyassl/options.h, so define them

before including cyassl/ssl.h the first time, which happens in
This broke the build on Ubuntu Xenial, which comes with WolfSSL 3.4.8
and therefore redefines the symbols from cyassl/options.h instead of
including the header.


Daniel Stenberg (3 Jun 2017)

- tool_util: remove unused tvdiff_secs and remove tool_ prefix

Closes #1532

- dedotdot: fixed output for ".." and "." only input

Found when updating test 1395, which I did to increase test coverage of
this source file...

Closes #1535

Marcel Raad (2 Jun 2017)

- mbedtls: make TU-local variable static

mbedtls_x509_crt_profile_fr is only used locally.

This fixes a missing-variable-declarations warning with clang.

- MD(4|5): silence cast-align clang warning

Unaligned access is on purpose here and the warning is harmless on

affected architectures. GCC knows that, while clang warns on all

Daniel Stenberg (2 Jun 2017)

- test1538: fix typo

- test1538: verify the libcurl strerror API calls

- curl_endian: remove unused functions

Closes #1529

- test1537: dedicated tests of the URL (un)escape API calls

Closes #1530

- coverage: run event tests too

... the torture ones are commented out only because they are slooooow.

- build: provide easy code coverage measuring

Closes #1528

- typecheck-gcc.h: check CURLINFO_CERTINFO

... and update the certinfo.c example accordingly.


- typecheck-gcc.h: check CURLINFO_TLS_SSL_PTR and CURLINFO_TLS_SESSION

... so that they get the required "struct curl_tlssessioninfo **"


- typecheck-gcc.h: separate getinfo slist checks from other pointers

Fixes #1524

Marcel Raad (1 Jun 2017)

- curl-compilers.m4: escape square brackets in regex

Otherwise, they are removed in the final configure file.

Also changed sed to "$SED" like in most other calls in this file.

- curl-compilers.m4: fix compiler_num for clang

"clang -dumpversion" always returns "4.2.1", the GCC version that clang
was initially compatible to. Use "clang -v" instead, which returns the
actual clang version.


Daniel Stenberg (31 May 2017)

- examples/externalsocket.c: s/closesocket/closecb

... since closesocket is a function in WinSock.

Reported-by: Marcel Raad


Marcel Raad (31 May 2017)

- lib583: fix compiler warning

Use CURLMcode for variable 'res' and cast to int where necessary
instead of the other way around. Other tests do the same.
This fixes the following clang warning:
lib583.c:68:15: warning: cast from function call of type 'CURLMcode' to
non-matching type 'int' [-Wbad-function-cast]

Daniel Stenberg (31 May 2017)

- CURLOPT_SSH_KEY*.3: typos

Reported-by: Gisle Vanem


- CURLOPT_FNMATCH_FUNCTION.3: also modified example to avoid fcpp issues

- CURLOPT_FNMATCH_DATA.3: modified example to avoid fcpp issues

- opts: more than 100 more examples for man pages...

- libtest/lib574.c: use correct callback proto

- examples/sampleconv.c: indent changes, made callbacks static

- example/externalsocket.c: make it use CLOSESOCKETFUNCTION too

Marcel Raad (31 May 2017)

- curl-compilers.m4: enable -Wshift-sign-overflow for clang

clang 2.9+ supports -Wshift-sign-overflow, which warns about undefined

behavior on signed left shifts when shifting by too many places.


Daniel Stenberg (31 May 2017)

- CURLOPT_PROXY.3: fix test 1140 breakage

Jay Satiro (31 May 2017)

- build-wolfssl: Sync config with wolfSSL 3.11

wolfSSL configure script relevant changes from 3.10 to 3.11:

- Async threading support added; disabled by default without async

crypto, which continues to be disabled by default.

wolfSSL configure script relevant changes from 3.11 to 3.11.1 (beta):

- TLS 1.3 beta support added; disabled by default.

For experimenting I put in a comment block the defines needed to enable

TLS 1.3 support (ie the equivalent of --enable-tls13).

Daniel Stenberg (30 May 2017)

- opts: more examples added to man pages

- docs: clarify NO_PROXY further

Fixes #1208

- CURLOPT_PROXY.3: describe the environment variables more

- transfer: init the infilesize from the postfields...

... with a strlen() if no size was set, and do this in the pretransfer
function so that the info is set early. Otherwise, the default strlen()
done on the POSTFIELDS data never sets state.infilesize.

Reported-by: Vincas Razma

Bug: #1294

Jay Satiro (29 May 2017)

- test557: fix ubsan runtime error due to int left shift

- Test curl_msnprintf negative int width arg using INT_MIN instead of

1 << 31 which is undefined behavior.


- mbedtls: fix variable shadow warning

vtls/mbedtls.c:804:69: warning: declaration of 'entropy' shadows a global

declaration [-Wshadow]
CURLcode Curl_mbedtls_random(struct Curl_easy *data, unsigned char *entropy,

Daniel Stenberg (29 May 2017)

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 3aaac8c2f

Dan Fandrich (28 May 2017)

- tests: removed some redundant empty <stdout> sections

- removed <precommand> feature

This hasn't been used in over a decade. <precheck> can still be used to
run commands before the main test.

Daniel Stenberg (27 May 2017)

- opts: more examples added in option man pages

Dan Fandrich (27 May 2017)

- removed unused arguments to valgrindparse

Daniel Stenberg (25 May 2017)

- TODO: 6.4 is done, send telnet data in chunks

- [Phil Crump brought this change]

docs/CURLOPT_SSLVERSION.3: Correct define name in example

Closes #1509

- ssh: fix 'left' may be used uninitialized

follow-up to f31760e63b4e

Reported-by: Michael Kaufmann


Michael Kaufmann (24 May 2017)

- time: fix type conversions and compiler warnings

Fix bugs and compiler warnings on systems with 32-bit long and
64-bit time_t.

Reviewed-by: Daniel Stenberg

Closes #1499

Marcel Raad (24 May 2017)

- examples: fix Wimplicit-fallthrough warnings

This is contained in -Wextra with GCC 7.

Daniel Stenberg (24 May 2017)

- [Anatol Belski brought this change]

winbuild: fix the nghttp2 build

Closes #1321

GitHub (24 May 2017)

- [Sergei Nikulov brought this change]

LDAP: documentation update per #878 changes (#1506)

Daniel Stenberg (23 May 2017)

- redirect: store the "would redirect to" URL when max redirs is reached

Test 1261 added to verify.

Reported-by: Lloyd Fournier

Fixes #1489
Closes #1497

GitHub (24 May 2017)

- [Sergei Nikulov brought this change]

LDAP: fixed checksrc issue

- [Sergei Nikulov brought this change]

LDAP: using ldap_bind_s on Windows with methods (#878)

* LDAP: using ldap_bind_s on Windows with methods(BASIC/DIGEST/NTLM/AUTONEG)

* ldap: updated per build options handling

* ldap: fixed logic for auth selection

Daniel Stenberg (23 May 2017)

- [Akhil Kedia brought this change]

cmake: fix build on Ubuntu 14.04

Fixed a syntax error with setting cache variables (The type and
docstring were missing), resulting in build errors. Quoted the
CURL_CA_PATH and CURL_CA_BUNDLE otherwise the path was written without
quotes in C code, resulting in build errors.

Closes #1503

Signed-off-by: Akhil <>

- url: fix declaration of 'pipe' shadows a global declaration

follow-up to 4cdb1be8246c

Kamil Dudka (22 May 2017)

- memdebug: fix compilation failure

.... caused by a typo in the last commit (fixing issue #1504):

memdebug.c: In function ‘curl_fclose’:

memdebug.c:444:3: error: implicit declaration of function
‘DEBUGDEBUGASSERT’ [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]

Daniel Stenberg (22 May 2017)

- assert: avoid, use DEBUGASSERT instead!

... as it does extra checks to actually work.

Reported-by: jonrumsey at github

Fixes #1504

- [Simon Warta brought this change]

cmake: remove unused variables: GNUTLS_ENABLED, NSS_ENABLED

- [Simon Warta brought this change]

cmake: remove CURL_CA_BUNDLE from cmake TODO

- [Simon Warta brought this change]

cmake: auto detection of CURL_CA_BUNDLE/CURL_CA_PATH

Closes #1461

- [Simon Warta brought this change]


- [Simon Warta brought this change]

cmake: Add CURL_CA_FALLBACK to curl_config.h.cmake

This is for symmetry with the autoconf generated

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 052a14e3c

Michael Kaufmann (20 May 2017)

- tests: stabilize test 1034

Pass the invalid domain name on stdin. On some systems, the test
framework cannot pass invalid UTF-8 sequences on the command line.
Closes #1488

Daniel Stenberg (20 May 2017)

- ssh: ignore timeouts during disconnect

... as otherwise it risks not cleaning up the libssh2 handle properly

which leads to memory leak!

Assisted-by: Joel Depooter

Closes #1495
Closes #1479


- ghiper.c/hiperfifo.c: add comment about missing timer functionality

It takes someone to read up on the APIs of these libraries to figure out

how to do this correctly.

Reported-by: Michael Kaufmann

Closes #1253

- asiohiper.cpp / evhiperfifo.c: deal with negative timerfunction input

That means delete the timer.

Reported-by: Michael Kaufmann

Ref: #1253

- cmdline-opts/write-out.d: s/-L/--location

Since the man page generator wants the long option name version to
generate the proper output.

- [Bernhard M. Wiedemann brought this change] do not add current time into curl binary

... as part of hugehelpgz rodata to make build reproducible.

See for why this is good

Closes #1490

- oauth2-bearer.d: mention the <token> argument

Nick Zitzmann (16 May 2017)

- darwinssl: Fix exception when processing a client-side certificate file
if no error was raised by the API but the SecIdentityRef was null

Fixes #1450

Daniel Stenberg (16 May 2017)

- curl_sasl: fix build error with CURL_DISABLE_CRYPTO_AUTH + USE_NTLM

Reported-by: wyattoday at github

Fixes #1487
- docs/cmdline-opts/config.d: edit for language

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with eb16305e6

- [Travis Burtrum brought this change]

SecureTransport/DarwinSSL: Implement public key pinning

Closes #1400

- man pages: fix example syntax errors

follow-up to 5ddad099b42b50

- docs/libcurl/opts: added more examples in man pages

- CURLOPT_HTTPPROXYTUNNEL: clarify, add example

- curl: show the libcurl release date in --version output

... and support and additional "security patched" date for those who
enhance older versions that way. Pass on the define CURL_PATCHSTAMP with
a date for that.

Building with non-release headers shows the date as [unreleased].

Also: this changes the date format generated in the curlver.h file to be
"YYYY-MM-DD" (no name of the day or month, no time, no time zone) to
make it easier on the eye and easier to parse. Example (new) date
string: 2017-05-09

Suggested-by: Brian Childs

Closes #1474

Dan Fandrich (13 May 2017)

- url.c: add a compile-time check that CURL_MAX_WRITE_SIZE is large enough

Some code (e.g. Curl_fillreadbuffer) assumes that this buffer is not

exceedingly tiny and will break if it is. This same check is already
done at run time in the CURLOPT_BUFFERSIZE option.

- lib510: don't write past the end of the buffer if it's too small

- tests: added missing keywords "chunked Transfer-Encoding"

Daniel Stenberg (13 May 2017)

- THANKS: add a few missing names

... I found them in the commit logs from the early years

Dan Fandrich (13 May 2017)

- tests: made a couple of prechecks consistent with others

Also removed a TODO suggesting caching the precheck results. Tests

showed this would save about 0.1 sec on the total test run time on a
relatively modern system, an unnoticeable gain at the cost of longer and
more complicated code. There would also be a danger that a cached test
result would be inappropriately returned, such as when other test
dependencies (like environment variables) are different or when the
precheck causes side effects (like filesystem changes).

Daniel Stenberg (12 May 2017)

- FAQ: add 7.4 to toc

... and delete trailing whitespace

Fixes #1484

- multi: remove leftover debug infof() calls from e9fd794a6

- pipeline: fix mistakenly trying to pipeline POSTs

The function IsPipeliningPossible() would return TRUE if either

pipelining OR HTTP/2 were possible on a connection, which would lead to
it returning TRUE even for POSTs on HTTP/1 connections.

It now returns a bitmask so that the caller can differentiate which kind
the connection allows.

Fixes #1481
Closes #1483
Reported-by: stootill at github

Jay Satiro (12 May 2017)

- [Ron Eldor brought this change]

mbedtls: Support server renegotiation request

Tested with servers: IIS 7.5; OpenSSL 1.0.2.


Marcel Raad (11 May 2017)

- cookie_interface: fix -Wcomma warning

clang 5.0 complains:

possible misuse of comma operator here [-Wcomma]

- formdata: fix -Wcomma warning

clang 5.0 complains:

possible misuse of comma operator here [-Wcomma]

Change the comma to a semicolon to fix that.

Daniel Stenberg (10 May 2017)

- multi: use a fixed array of timers instead of malloc

... since the total amount is low this is faster, easier and reduces
memory overhead.

Also, Curl_expire_done() can now mark an expire timeout as done so that

it never times out.

Closes #1472
- multi: assign IDs to all timers and make each timer singleton

A) reduces the timeout lists drastically

B) prevents a lot of superfluous loops for timers that expires "in vain"
when it has actually already been extended to fire later on

- [Richard Hsu brought this change]

tests: remove superfluous test 1399

@MarcelRaad noted that `test1399` causes infinite loop on MinGW.

Looking into this, seems like it is related to how Windows handles
CRLF. See by @mback2k.
Removing `test1399` as it's identical to `test1326` then with such a

Test 1399 was broughy by commit 862b02f8947039e

Closes #1478

Dan Fandrich (9 May 2017)

- tests: make test file names more unique

Include the test number in the names of files written out by tests to
reduce the chance of accidental duplication and to make it more clear
which test is associated with which file.

- tests: removed redundant --trace-ascii arguments

This is already added by the test suite; it's not clear why all these
tests had it, unless it's cargo-culting.

Marcel Raad (9 May 2017)

- tool: fix remaining -Wcast-qual warnings

Avoid casting away low-level const.

Daniel Stenberg (9 May 2017)

- formboundary: convert assert into run-time check

... to really make sure the boundary fits in the target buffer.

Fixes unused parameter 'buflen' warning.

Reported-by: Michael Kaufmann


Dan Fandrich (9 May 2017)

- tests: list the primary server first in the server section

Daniel Stenberg (8 May 2017)

- curl: generate the --help output

... using the docs/cmdline-opts/ script, so that we get all the

command line option documentation from the same source.

The generation of the list has to be done manually and pasted into the
source code.
Closes #1465

- tests: updated for modified fake random

- [Jay Satiro brought this change]

rand: treat fake entropy the same regardless of endianness

When the random seed is purposely made predictable for testing purposes
by using the CURL_ENTROPY environment variable, process that data in an
endian agnostic way so the the initial random seed is the same
regardless of endianness.

- Change Curl_rand to write to a char array instead of int array.

- Add Curl_rand_hex to write random hex characters to a buffer.

Fixes #1315
Closes #1468

Co-authored-by: Daniel Stenberg

Reported-by: Michael Kaufmann

Dan Fandrich (8 May 2017)

- tests: give each stunnel.conf file a unique name

Otherwise, subsequent uses of stunnel overwrite the configuration file

of previous invocations so they can no longer be inspected.

Marcel Raad (8 May 2017)

- tool_msgs: remove wrong cast

Commit 481e0de00a9003b9c5220b120e3fc302d9b0932d changed the variable

type from int to size_t, so don't cast the result of strlen to int

- tftpd: fix signed/unsigned mismatch warnings

alarm's argument is unsigned.

- libtest: fix MinGW-w64 warnings

long is 32 bits while size_t is 64 bits on MinGW-w64, so

typecheck-gcc.h complains when using size_t for a long option.
Also, curl_socket_t is unsigned long long rather than int.

Daniel Stenberg (8 May 2017)

- curl.1: depend the build on the too

... to also make it update when we remove files, like we did for
--environment in commit a8e388dd1095.

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with e3f84efc32d6b01a

- runtests: fix "use of undefined value" warning in -R handling

Marcel Raad (8 May 2017)

- test537: use correct variable type
Avoids narrowing conversion warnings because rlim_t is usually
unsigned long.


- sendrecv: fix MinGW-w64 warning

The first argument to select is an int, while curl_socket_t is

unsigned long long when using WinSock. It's ignored anyway [1].


- tool_parsecfg: fix -Wcast-qual warning

Don't convert string literal to char * before assigning it to

const char *.

- asyn-thread: fix unused macro warnings

Don't do anything in this file if CURLRES_THREADED is not defined.

- tftp: silence bad-function-cast warning

The cases this warns about are handled elsewhere, so just use an
intermediate variable to silence the warning.

Daniel Stenberg (7 May 2017)

- [canavan at github brought this change]

buildconf: fix hang on IRIX

Apparently, /usr/bin/m4 ignores the --version parameter and waits for

input from stdin.

Fixes #1471

- opts: fix bad example formatting \n => \\n render properly nroff.

- opts: examples added to 8 more libcurl option man pages

- curl: remove tool_writeenv.[ch]

... and USE_ENVIRONMENT and --environment. It was once added for RISC OS
support and its platform specific behavior has been annoying ever
since. Added in commit c3c8bbd3b2688da8e, mostly unchanged since
then. Most probably not actually used for years.

Closes #1463

Dan Fandrich (6 May 2017)

- simplify the datacheck read section

Also, document that numbered datacheck sections are possible.

Marcel Raad (5 May 2017)

- tests: fix -Wcast-qual warnings
Avoid casting string literals to non-const char *.

Daniel Stenberg (5 May 2017)

- docs/opts: 24 more man pages now have examples

- docs/opts: 23 more man pages now have examples

- tests/server: run checksrc by default in debug-builds

- curl_slist_append.3: clarify a NULL input creates a new list

Marcel Raad (5 May 2017)

- unit1305: fix compiler warning

calloc and ai_addrlen expect different (usually unsigned) types.

Daniel Stenberg (5 May 2017)

- runtests: use -R for random order

Suggested-by: Dan Fandrich

- runtests: add -o to run test cases in scrambled order

... instead of numerical order.

Closes #1466

Dan Fandrich (4 May 2017)

- sockfilt.c: shortened too long line

Marcel Raad (4 May 2017)

- tests/server: make string literals const

assign string literals to const char * instead of char * in order to

avoid a lot of these warnings:
cast from 'const char *' to 'char *' drops const qualifier

Dan Fandrich (4 May 2017)

- schannel: return a more specific error code for SEC_E_UNTRUSTED_ROOT

- test557: set a known good numeric locale

Windows does not allow setting the locale with environment variables (as
the test attempted to do), so the test failed when run with a user
locale that has a comma as radixchar. Changed the test to call
setlocale() explicitly to ensure that a known working locale is set even
on Windows.

Daniel Stenberg (4 May 2017)

- curl: fix warning "comma at end of enumerator list"

- test559: verify use of minimum CURLOPT_BUFFERSIZE

Marcel Raad (4 May 2017)

- curl_setup_once: use SEND_QUAL_ARG2 for swrite

SEND_QUAL_ARG2 had to be set, but was never used. Use it in swrite to

avoid warnings about casting away low-level const.


Daniel Stenberg (4 May 2017)

- CURLINFO_REDIRECT_URL.3: add example


Marcel Raad (3 May 2017)

- lib: fix compiler warnings

Fix the following warnings when building the tests by using the correct
cast from 'const char *' to 'void *' drops const qualifier
implicit conversion changes signedness [-Wsign-conversion]

- typecheck-gcc: add support for CURLINFO_SOCKET


- typecheck-gcc: add missing string options


Daniel Stenberg (3 May 2017)

- abstract-unix-socket.d: shorten the help text to fit within 79 cols

- RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 862b02f89

- [Richard Hsu brought this change]

Telnet: Write full buffer instead of byte-by-byte

Previous TODO wanting to write in chunks. We should support writing more

at once since some TELNET servers may respond immediately upon first
byte written such as WHOIS servers.

Closes #1389

- curl: non-boolean command line args reject --no- prefixes

... and instead properly respond with an error message to the user
instead of silently ignoring.

Fixes #1453
Closes #1458

Marcel Raad (2 May 2017)

- testpart: remove _MPRINTF_REPLACE

Support for _MPRINTF_REPLACE in mprintf.h was removed in

55452ebdff47f98bf3cc383f1dfc3623fcaefefd, replaced with curl_printf.h.