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Imperatives (Soeur Imperatives are used to make a polite request, to make a suggestion or give advice, to give instructions or directions, to give a warning ‘against harm, or to give an order. Grammar Café Meaning/Use Type of Imperative Imperatives are Affirmative Imperative used... -when the speaker has authority, eu Tell me Follow your instincts lean your room! of » CENGAGE ** Learning” Form base form of verb (Do not use subject pronouns.) -winen the speaker and | Negative Imperative listener are equals. Don't listen just to them, Don't worry so much ‘Do nat eat cookies before dinner. do notidon't + base form of verb Polite Imperative Copyright © Cengage Learning Please give me some more direction. Pass the salt and pepper, please. Please don't touch that Please + imperative or Imperative + please Not reproducible without written permission of publisher