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EDUC 200: Research Methodology

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Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed Research

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Methodology Questions

1. When is the method used?

The method used when organizational researchers recognize the relevance of combining

quantitative and qualitative methods on reducing diagnostic bias on organizational diagnostic

process. It used as guidelines in management to assess the organization through the opinion /

perspectives of their employee for institutionalization of change.

2. How is it used and what types of questions will it answer?

The organizational researchers used the Burke- Litwin Model of Individual and

Organizational Performance (Burke and Litwin, 1992). They judge a diagnostic model using

12 variables from the theory and open ended questions in a survey design. It answers

questions on how transformational and transactional variables affect the employee’s

individual skills and abilities, individual and organization performance.

3. What type of data collection is used?

They used mixed method for data collection both for quantitative data and qualitative data.

The entire employee from the ten states was given an opportunity to participate in this study.

They were given survey form for them to respond for 5 working days, 193 employees

returned the survey. The survey instrument consists of Burke- Litwin Model of Individual

and Organizational Performance in quantitative response and qualitative remarks.

4. What type data analysis is most appropriate?

The data analysis provides the rank by mean, mean, standard deviation, alphas and definition of

variables. The most appropriate data analysis is the Descriptive Analysis consists of computing

descriptive measures of the distributions of research variables like measures of central tendency

and dispersions. The result of data analysis is interpreted in order to make inferences relevant to

the research questions and to draw conclusions about these questions.

5. How do you insure reliability and validity with this method?

To insure the reliability and validity, the organizational researcher used the Burke- Litwin

Model a theory based assessment models with the exception of the external environment

scaling reliability to coefficient alphas ranged from 0.71 to 0.94. The research is valid

through a tested well established diagnostic model of organizational performance in a field

setting on an organization experiencing numerous change

6. Keep in mind the concepts of internal and external validity and explain how the two

concepts may or may not pertain to the method you are describing.

Internal validity pertains the used of theory based assessment model which is tested and

well established for organizational performance in the field based from Burke- Litwin model.

On the other hand, internal validity is the change encounter using open- ended questions in a

form of coders. The coders were provided instruction with clearly defined categories and

logically consistent coding system. Communication is a hidden variable arise from external

environment and should embedded within diagnostic model.

7. Give examples of some research using this method (not the example in the book).
Driscoll, David L.; Appiah-Y eboah, Afua; Salib, Philip; and Rupert, Douglas J., "Merging

Qualitative and Quantitative Data in MixedMethods Research: How T o and Why Not" (2007).

Ecological and Environmental Anthropology (University of Georgia). 18.


This research seeks to describe how and why the researchers conducted two mixed methods

quantitative biophysical and qualitative for sociocultural data for monitoring the impact of

recreation and tourism on the physical environment tested in integrative processes.

Viviane Pecini da Cunha, et. al, “Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Data in Mixed

Methods Research” (2017). Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

The researchers able to identify the potentials and limitations of this research applying mixed

methods at converging qualitative data and quantitative answering the problem. Integration

of qualitative and quantitative methods broadens the understanding of governance of nursing

professionals practice in the hospital setting.

8. State pros and cons.

Integration of quantitative and The external environment
qualitative methods able to analyze reliability is low; this measure
internal and external environment in should be viewed with caution.
the field setting.
Qualitative findings able to find the
hidden variable, the communication,
a remark for organization
communication problem.

9. Did the group cover the topic well enough for the class to thoroughly
understand the methodology?

The cover of topic is clear to understand the methodology. The given examples of how

the method, data analysis and discussion are well- explained in the research article. The

blend of quantitative and qualitative method exhibited on organizational change. Through

the theory based variable of Burke- Litwin model, help the present study to highlight the

organizational problem in the field.

10. Did the researchers show mastery of the methodology?

The researchers show mastery of the methodology because they able to expose a new

variable (Communication) which is none in the quantitative data. The qualitative data

produce a new variable that may help other researchers in their future study about

organizational performance.