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Jalan Siaga 2 Mahkota Residence 3 No. 45 Q Jakarta, Indonesia|

Ridha took school of linguistic studies as concentration majors at Padjadjaran University. During her varsity years,
she was active in several organizations, communities, and committees. She is deeply passionate in Marketing,
Guiding, Customer Service, Translation, Intercultural Communication, and Direct Sales. A hard worker who is eager
to learn new things, highly motivated, focus, determined, flexible and reliable. Having a huge capacity to work in
a collaborative environment with a variety of personalities as a team or working as indivudal.

Professional Experiences Educational Background


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Padjadjaran University
Republic of Indonesia
Write letters to held meetings, make contact to all of She starts her university years in batch 2011 and when she
clients and make sure they will come to meeting, was collage student she earned GPA 3.46 out of scale 4
and make the report. with the title of thesis “Word Forming of Numeral in Russian

Core Competencies
PT. AIA Financial - Marketing - Translation
- Guiding - Intercultural Communication
Representative of PT. AIA Financial on a bank - Customer Service - Direct Sales
partner branch that sells Bancassurance products on
referrals received from bank partner staff. Identify Language Competencies
customers and explore their needs carefully. Serve
• Indonesian
by providing the rights solutions in accordance with
• Minangkabau
the needs, expectations, and character of the
• English
customers. Establish and maintain relationship with
• Russian
bank staff and customers. Bank Cimb Niaga for the
bank partner as the record.
GUIDE ASSISTANT Approximately 40 teams from various Asian and African
countries joined the event. Assigned to be one of two
PT. Bali Fantastic Tour and
Liaison Officers for Yogyakarta Team, Indonesia during
Travel April 21 – 27, 2015.
Guide assistant for team golf challenge, responsible for
the clients, setting up transportation and
accommodation for clients in need at the specified Spectrum
time during September 7 – 11, 2015 in Jakarta.
Preparing work schedules and assigning specific duties,
responsible for maintaining day to day
schedule/calendar during in Jakarta . Work start from
USHER May 31 – June 7, 2016.

1st Indonesia Ballet Gala

Responsible for the seating and the safety of patrons in
all performance venues in Ciputra Artpreneur Theater,
also stamp hands or give door checks on August 21 – Heavenly Blush
22, 2015.
Delivers promotion items, and samples of product, and
TALENT MANAGEMENT arranges display of items in customer's establishment.
Sale all of Heavenly Blush Product in Yogya
Parade Batik Unpad Geulis Supermarket during the event in Bandung on May 12 –
Looking for model candidates, contacting, and 31, 2015.
ensuring them to perform in Parade Batik Unpad during
April 9 – 17, 2016
Volunteer Uber Rose on Demand
Asian-African Carnival
Asian African Carnival 2015 is a city festival that was
held to celebrate 60 years of Asian African Conference.

Organization Experiences
Human Resource Staff Public Relation Staff
2013-2014 2016-2017
Association of Russian Association of Alumni
Literature Student Unpad Family

Training Staff Event Staff

2012 – 2013 2013-2014
Unit Renang Unpad Minang Kabau Art &
Culture Organization