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A. Rearrange the days in a week correctly.


Days In
A Week

2. Monday 3.___________

4.___________ 5.___________

6.___________ 7. Saturday

Tuesday Sunday Thursday

Friday Wednesday

B. Write the correct activity based on picture. (8M)

sing hide and seek
swimming play football
C. Write “Yes, I do” or “No I don’t” correctly. (8M)

D. Write the names of the characters correctly. (8M)

E. Write the numbers in words (10M)

5 = _______________

7 = _______________

3 = _______________

9 = _______________

6 = _______________
F. Read the words correctly (6m)
tan rug

hen man

tug ink

G. Read the phrases correctly (5m)

red shoes
big classroom
play badminton
sing songs
go swimming