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Total No. of Questions : 5] SEAT No.

P3974 [5070]-3003
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(2013 Pattern) (Semester - III)
Time : 2 ½ Hours] [Max. Marks : 50
1) All questions are compulsory.
2) All questions carry equal marks.

Q1) a) “Entrepreneurs are born not made” - Do you agree with the statement?
why? [10]

b) Design an Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) for

technical graduates and explain each component of the EDP right from
identification of the potential candidates till the follow up in detail. [10]

Q2) a) “An opportunity is a gap in the market where potential exists to create
value”- Discuss the statement with suitable examples. [10]


b) What are the various entry strategies suggest a suitable entry strategy for
a MNC entering the Indian fast food market. [10]

Q3) a) Discuss the role of small and medium enterprises in the economic
development of India. [10]


b) What is project appraisal? Prepare a sample projected financial statement

for any project. [10]

[5070]-3003 1 P.T.O
Q4) a) What are technology parks? Discuss in detail the assistance provided by
different organisations in setting up technology parks in India. [10]


b) Which Act is applicable for a sole proprietory firm. Explain the main
provisions of the shops and Establishment Act. [10]

Q5) a) What is industrial sickness. Explain in detail the causes of industrial

sickness with examples from Indian industries. [10]


b) Discuss the case of any successful entrepreneur from your locality? What
traits of the entrepreneur led to its success. [10]


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