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Would you please excuse me and have some time to share?

Well, I don't know who the guy u are and what your motives are that r hinting around but not explicit,
like many deserters but I m quite interested to notify about something...

Did you ever read any subject called "Evolution" or did you have some few line read from elementary
biology which discusses about the evolution that always take place gradually??

When you read a book do you do something like reading the line number two you just skip a few lines,
say two or three, then you read the fifth line. Trust me, if u read this way for gaining some knowledge u
will always be de stumbled to make any difference to your stock. You just did the same thing in your
publication ͞Flaws and errors in Qur͛an͟. Well though it is like foolish to talk to or to try to put some
knowledge with a dumb like you still I want to mention something which may clarify you,

You stated numerical contradictions:

From Qur͛an 41: 9

͞Say: is it that ye deny Him who created the earth in two days? And do ye join equals with Him? He is
the Lord of (all) the Worlds.͟

͞He set on the (earth) mountains standing firm, High above it, and bestowed blessings on the earth, and
measured therein all things to give them nourishment in due proportion, in four days in accordance with
(the needs of) those who seek (sustenance).͟

Ñ the above two verses come in chronological order, a gradual evolution made describing the creation
of the universe. You mentioned 41:9 but why not 41:10 just below the 9? You intentionally tried to mess
it up all , to produce contradiction in numerical values.

Concerning the above two verses, it is a difficult one to understand if you r like what you r. It describes
the primal condition of our physical world and physical universe around. If we count 2 days mentioned
in the verse 9, the 4 days mentioned in the verse 10, and the 2 days mentioned in the verse 12 (which I
didn͛t mention here) we get a sum of 8 days for sure. But it is not. The thing is, the 2 days as mentioned
in the verse 9 actually a prologue to the verse 10. The two days in 9 are included in the 4 days in the
verse 10. So total u get:

4 days.

The two days in addition in the verse 12 makes up for

Total 4+2= 6 days.

The processes described the verses 9 and 10 make up one series. In the one case it is the creation of the
formless matter of the earth; in the other case it is the gradual evolution of the form of the earth, its
seas and mountains, and its animal and vegetable life, with the ͞nourishment in due proportion͟ proper
to each.

I wish, even though u are quite rebellious, after all, if you read through and get it, remove the rubbish
you have written in your doc ͞Flaws and Errors in Qur͛an͟ cause it does not uphold any truth in your so
called ͞contradiction͟. Try not to poke the Truth, slay not the belief that the Qur͛an is the book from
Allah, the One and Only Lord.

Finally and last of all, one more thing to say, you initially said that the Quran has been misinterpreted by
the ͞Leaders͟, then why do you look for flaws in the ͚misinterpreted͛ version? Don͛t u ever think of it if
your motive is pure??

N.B: Frankly speaking, those of you who try to play poking games with Truths, will not ever find some
firm basements to uphold your phobia. So find the way to get out of this disease.

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