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THE COAL AND MINERAL RESOURCES oF SHANSI PROVINCE, CHINA ANALYTICALLY EXAMINED BY ERIK T. NYSTROM ‘8 OF THE SCIENCE DEPARTMENT AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL STOCKHOLM (AGS) . SoceaTNSE os err sn — i912 | 102, i's wa HG -2GA te ow ERR (Aer || Note: The location of the circles, | sndinating semyan, are aoreanas VyrinaMiont information, cgproximate only. Then the circles © sume at are put as near as possible to * 6) a 4 Wn 7p ORL | the respective district only. tmanenson et Be oh semaines) — in 7% ‘ 1 | MAP OF SHANS!I PROVINCE La N.CHINA Vvsneeees-mcaencnesivs Samples of Coal marked Irom Ore Copper Ore Lead & Silver Pyrites PROVINCE Ss ne SM iy (Mrking SHER et 0W Give, aj Sana! ap Chou Fi UO pooy tape “PT NS egngy BR ree ip lng St any Boe simpy cy GEN STAB. LIT ANST. 012. Introduction. Geography of Shansi. Shansi is one of the most northern of the 18 provinces belonging to China proper. It lies in the bend of the Yellow River and forms the barrier of mountains which causes this watercourse to deviate from its normal easterly course in a right-angled southern direction. The western and southern boundaries are therefore naturally defined by this great river. The northern limits are less distinct; being practically the frontier between the newly colonized agricultural lands and the grassy prairies of Mongolia. Towards the east the frontier coincides roughly with the first range of hills which rise from the Chibli plain. The shape of this province is oblong or elliptical with a major axis running North and South, somewhat inclined towards N. E. and S. W. and with a length of 500 miles. The minor axis is somewhat less than half this figure. The capital city, Tai Yuan Fu, which is nearly the centre of the province, is 250 miles to the S. W. of Peking and can now be ‘reached from thence by railway communication in a day. The minimum distance to the coast of the Yellow Sea is 170 miles. Except a few highly elevated plains, of which the T’ai Yuan is the most important (with dimensions: 30 and 100 miles), moun- tains are very largely preponderant and a typical view of the scenery is shown in Photo No. 1 — Flowing through the Tai Yuan plain and- winding its way through the mountains towards the S. W. is the largest river in Shansi, the Fen-Ho, a tributary to the Yellow River.* * The climate is distinctly continental with hot summers and cold winters; the extremes for Tai Yuan Fu being as a rule: —10° F and + 100° F. 1-112373 Shunsi Minerals.