Chapter 24: Unusual surprises BPOV It was the crack of lightning outside the house that woke me up the morning

after. I stirred in my bed, still dazed from my previous dream which involved something to do with angels and devils and flying pies. I rubbed my eyes slowly to make my vision clearer, and found myself staring into Smith s yellow-brown eyes. I let out a scream in surprise, feeling how the adrenaline began to pump into my veins, and I backed up against the wall, staring at him uneasily. So you re awake now? He said in an amused tone, ignoring my surprised actions. Then he slowly stood up in a human pace and walked to the middle of the room. I frowned in confusion, still breathing heavily form the shock and fear I just had received. What did he mean by you re awake now ?? And why was he staring at me like that?! It s freaking creepy! What the hell?! What are you doing?! Staring at me like that is scary! I exclaimed after a few seconds of deep breathing, and placed my hand on my chest, feeling how my heart raced beneath it. He chuckled, and folded his arms in front of his chest. Well, I apologize. I promise I didn t stare at you like that the whole night; it was just that I had to check that you were awake this time. There have been many false alarms. He said with amusement. I instantly felt how my cheeks began to flush, and I buried my face in my hands. I spoke in my sleep? Crap! I hate when I do that It s so freaking embarrassing, and since he was awake the whole night, I m sure he heard it all. Oh no! What did I say?! I groaned in despair, and dared to peek at him through my fingers. He now laughed at me, and I felt how I got more worried by the second. You were mostly rambling. You did speak of Edward a lot I noted. He said, and I blushed once again. He could be lying to me, I wasn t sure. Maybe I ve told him all of my darkest secrets, and now he just pretends like it s nothing I sighed, and looked out the window and saw how the rain furiously hit the window, smattering as it did. Well, beside from my rambling, did tonight go okay?? I asked, still looking out the window. Well, actually it did. We were attacked a few times, but I managed to handle it. He answered, and I gasped in surprise, and I turned around to stare at him with wide, shocked eyes. I felt how my limbs began to freeze from the horror I felt. What was he talking about?! An attack?! Here?!? And not just one, but several?! We were attacked?! I exclaimed in horror, and I think Smith saw the panic that began to spread on my face, and slowly walked over to me, and then sat down, soothingly stroking my cheek with one hand, and holding me shoulder with the other. It s okay, don t worry. About one hour after you fell asleep, a few of them tried to attack. The werewolf that escorted Edward home returned in time to help me. They were four, and we were able to kill two the first time, the other ones got away. The next attack was half an hour later, and the two that had fled returned. It was amazing that you managed to sleep it through, really. We were hardly quiet. He said, and I stared at him. I slept through 2 whole attacks?! How is that even possible??

Did you kill the other two as well? I asked, and he grinned. Yes, of course. They weren t much of a challenge to the two of us, even though they were newborns. I felt how my heart pumped eagerly inside my chest, and after a few minutes of calm thinking and deep breathing, I managed to slow its pace down to a normal rate. I looked out the window, and felt a surge of uneasiness. Was Edward okay? If we were attacked this night, what happened to him? And what about Charlie? I think we should go now. Smith stated after a few seconds of silence, and I frowned at him in confusion. Go where? He laughed at me, and raised his eyebrows at me. I m surprised you haven t asked me yet. Don t you humans eat breakfast?? he asked, and just the thought of food made my stomach growl in hunger. I blushed, and Smith laughed some more. I got out of his bed, and as I stood up, I saw my reflection in the window, and I groaned. My hair was (as always after sleeping) a total mess, and looked more like a haystack than anything remotely close to be my hair. Do you have, by any chance a hairbrush I could borrow? I asked Smith, and gave me an apolo getic smile as he shook his head. I m sorry, but I don t. I m afraid you ll have to wait until I can get you home, or at least to Edward s place. He said, and meeting Edward sounded better than perfect right now. Okay let s go. I said and began to head for the door when I realized something; I had no idea where we were going. I turned around and looked into his dark eyes. Where are we going again? He flashed me a mysterious grin. You ll see. *Later* I sat down at one of the many empty tables and took a sip of my coffee I had in my hand. Smith sat down on the opposite side and frowned at me. Are you really sure you re just eating that? he asked and pointed at the small sandwich I had gotten. I nodded and took another sip of my delicious, hot coffee. Do I have to remind you I m the human of the two of us? I asked and felt a little irritated since this was the third time he s asked this. After we had left the house, we d taken his car to the only coffee shop in town. His car had been hidden behind the house this whole time, and by just a look inside it you could tell it hadn t been used in a long time. Smith claimed that was because he preferred running to driving. But just eating that he said, but became silent as he saw my glare. I returned to my coffee and felt hot the warm liquid ran down my throat, deciding that the best thing was to ignore him the rest of my meal. I glumly looked out the window, observing how the rain smattered down on the streets, making the very few citizens of Forks city that were up this morning to seek cover under the nearest

roof or umbrella. Another lightning beam flashed across the sky, and I felt how my already bad mood faltered. I didn t like lightning. When I lived in Forks before I had moved to Alaska, I was afraid of the lightning. Every time there was a storm or just bad weather, I used to curl up to a ball and hide under my covers and wait until it all was over. But all that changed when I moved to Alaska and met Edward. Edward taught me that I didn t have to be afraid. So when I then moved after a few years, lightning didn t bother me at all until the night when Smith erased all my memories. The night he took all my memories away was a stormy night. Thunder echoed every tenth second, and lightning flashed outside the hospital window more than I could count. When Smith then left me, I was left with an uneasy feeling and the horrible storm outside my window. So then I was scared of thunder again. But now when I have regained all of my memories, I just get mad when I hear thunder or see a flash of lightning outside my window. It all reminds me of the night when he came and made me forget. I glanced at Smith sourly, and he frowned at me. What?! I haven t said anything! he exclaimed in confusion and frustration, andI looked away from him so I could calm down a bit. Even though I had gained some respect for him (some) after last night s story, I still hadn t forgiven him for steeling my memories for two years. I shook my head with a sigh, and then rose from my seat. Shouldn t we get to the Cullen s? I asked, wanting to get to Edward as soon as possible. If we had been attacked, how were them? When I suddenly realized I had no idea how Edward and the rest of the Cullen s were, I started to panic. What if we weren t the only ones that got attacked last night? And Charlie! What about him?! AreMy thoughts got interrupted by a small pat on my left shoulder, and I turned to look into Smith s calm yet amused eyes. Calm down, you look like you re going to have a panic attack any second now. I see that you re worried about them, and I can tell you that they re fine; all of them. Even Charlie?? He laughed, and the sound of it made me slightly calmer. Yes, even Charlie. They re all fine; we were the only one who got attacked. As soon as the words I for so long had wanted to hear exited his mouth, I let out a sigh in relief. They were okay; they were all okay But now when I knew that they all were okay, the urge to see them suddenly increased violently. It was like a switch was turned on inside my head, making all the love and longing that I held for them and had neglected the whole morning, explode into my mind. I turned to Smith and looked at him with a pleading look, and even though I hadn t even begun to speak, he le out a big sigh. t Can we go to them now? It s not too early. I knew that they all were up by now, so we were hardly risking walking in on them sleeping. Alright, alright. Are you sure you don t want any more food?? he asked, and I shook my head and resisted the urge to glare coldheartedly at him.

I m fine, let s go already. I said impatiently and headed for the exit of the shop, Smith following my example, muttering something I couldn t hear. *At the Cullen s house* Smith turned the car off, and got out in the cold autumn air. As I had guessed, everyone in the house was already up and ready to go. Through the giant glass windows positioned all around the modern house you could see them all running around, preparing things for the day and doing their morning tasks. Together, the two of us began to walk towards the house, but in a sudden movement too fast for the human eye to see, Smith stationed himself protectively in front of me, hunched over in an animalistic movement and let out a low yet warningly growl. My veins froze to ice as I stopped in my steps, and I glanced over his shoulder after the threat he had reacted on. Another vampire?! Here? Suddenly, he just stopped, and stood up straight. Worriedly, I continued to scan the edge of the forest after new appearances, but nothing caught my eye, which made me more frustrated. What s happening?? I asked in a confused hush, and he scoffed. You scared me half to death, which is a hard thing to do since I m technically already dead. He said in a higher voice than needed, but his words were not directed towards me, I noticed. Then, suddenly out of nowhere, Jake stepped out of the forest, chuckling slightly as he did. Sorry about that. I know my entire body reeks of you bloodsuckers. Jake said, wrinkling his nose in disgust. Then he turned his eyes towards me, and his gaze turned much gentler. Hey! Glad you could make it Bells. I take it that he didn t make a snack out of you during the night? he said jokingly, and raised his hand as a greeting. I grinned back at him, and stepped around Smith to get a better look of him. Yeah, it s a miracle that I m alive, judging by the facts that I stayed at his house. I retorted teasingly, giving Smith a glance who didn t look as amused as we were. You do realize that I m standing right here and can here every single word that you re saying?? he said in an annoyed voice, and I chuckled at his displeased expression. Well- I began, just about to make another joke when the door to the house opened, and Edward appeared. As soon as our eyes met, I felt how my heart began to race, and both of our faces proceeded to smile. Bella. He said and made his way over to me. He took me into his arms and hugged me tightly to his chest. I heard how Alice giggled at his brother in the background, and how Jake laughed out loud at his sudden action, but no one commented what he did. I missed you so much. I told him truthfully, and hugged him back (though not as hard as he was hugging me). Not more than me. he said, but I m not sure if I could agree with him on that. After a few seconds he released me a little so we could look into each other s faces and then spoke.

I m glad you re back. Then he kissed me; a soft kiss that made me blush furiously under my ivory colored skin. Alice cheered in joy in the background, and that s when I realized that we weren t the only ones there. Done yet? Smith said, sounding a little bit pissed. Edward gave him a small glare, but released me completely and turned his head to Jake, who was still snickering from where he stood. Did everything go well last night?? he asked him, and Jake grinned. Yeah. I was with the group that patrolled further than normal, and we found several groups of vampires that were searching the area under the orders of their boss. We managed to kill them all. He said proudly. That would explain the smell. Smith muttered, but since Jake had inherited better hearing since after he became a werewolf, he heard him perfectly and shot him a glare. Anyways, he continued, sounding more annoyed than before. We believe that they re working for the same boss as that other vampire did. That s very likely . He began but then stopped and looked at Edward. Perhaps we should continue this conversation elsewhere. Just has he had said those words; Esme appeared in the doorway beside Alice with a warm smile. Edward where did you- Bella, Jacob! I m glad that you came! Emmet will be so glad to hear that. She told us smilingly, and then turned to Smith. I don t believe that we have met. In a blink of an eye, like you had turned on a switch, Smith turned into his old, friendly self that he used around humans, and smiled friendly back at her. No, I don t think so either. I am Mr. Smith, Alice s, Edward s and Bella s math teacher. It s pleasure to meet you Mrs. Cullen. Oh, what a surprise! What brings you here Mr. Smith?? she asked, and for a second, panic began to stir in my mind. What possible excuse could he tell her?? Ah, I came to see the game. The coach of the team, Mr. Beck, is a dear friend of mine, and when I heard that Bella and the others were going to the game, I decided to come with them. he lied, and his face gave nothing away of the truth. Esme smiled, and stepped aside in the doorway, making a gesture for us to come inside. Esme was hardly gullible, but she often trusted people more than she should. Well come in; all of you! You must be freezing out here! he gushed and made the four of us come inside to the warm house. We all went inside to the living room, and there we were met by Carlisle and Rosalie. She turned as she saw us coming, but when she noticed that they had unexpected guests, her face fell a little. Oh, hello Bella. I was glad you could come. She said with a warm and friendly smile, and then turned her gaze to Smith. Her smile disappeared from her face, and left it with a suspicious look. And who are you?? she said in a not so accusingly tone, and he chuckled.

I m Mr. Smith, Edward s, Alice s and Bella s math teacher. I know the coach of the football team, so I came to watch as well. He said, but you could see that Rosalie didn t quite believe his lies. She nodded, and then looked at Jake. You again. What was your name? I forgot. She said, and she was slightly friendlier this time. I m Jake, Bella s friend. He simply explained, and she nodded. Then she looked at Alice with a slightly pleading face. Alice, who was no mind reader, understood what she meant, and took a seat beside her in the sofa. Edward s eyes grew big, and he stared at Rosalie wit bewilderment and surprise. What is it?? I whispered to him, aware that Smith and Jake could hear me perfectly. But Edward just shook his head, refusing to tell me what he had heard in Rosalie s head, and leaned in towards my ear. She ll tell you soon enough. Was all he said, and then he looked back at the others. Carlisle stood up, and shook Smith s hand. Hello, I m Carlisle, and that s my wife, Esme. He said, pointing at Esme, who stood beside the sofa. Why don t you all take a seat?? he offered, and we all did, spreading out in the many seats around the room. I saw how Rosalie was deep in thought. It looked like she was mustering up courage or something, taking deep breaths every few seconds, closing and opening her nervous eyes. Then, she took another deep breath and was just about to speak. Ehm, I need to tell- she began, but was interrupted as Emmet came bouncing down the stairs. His slightly curly, brown hair was a little wet, and he was dressed in his team s football shirt. You re all here! Great, the more the better! he said, glancing around the room with a pleasant grin, staring at his newly arrived guests. He walked over to Smith and shook his hand just like Carlisle, but his presentation was a little bit different than his. Hey, I m Emmet; star and leader of the team. He said with a grin, and Smith smiled back. I m Smith, Bella s, Edward s and Alice s math teacher. Smith said once again, and Emmet gave him a slap on the back. Well, I hope you ll enjoy the game professor! he said jokingly, and when I thought about it, I honestly don t think Emmet would ve who he was or why he was there. He sat down next to Rosalie, who looked a little displeased and uncomfortable that he had entered just when he did, but I couldn t quite understand why. He put her arm around her like he always did, and at that exact moment, a disgusted grimace flashed over her face. She immediately got up, and walked out of the room in a swift phase. I ll be right back. She called as she disappeared out of the room, and the rest of us stared after her with confused looks (All of us who weren t mind readers and fortune tellers). Emmet s face was a mixture of sadness and confusion, and he dropped his face into his handswith a sigh. I have no idea what s with her; she s been avoiding me all day.

Edward, who already had a hint of what was going on, patted his brother consolingly on his back, which made Emmet look up at him. I m sure it s fine. You re probably just imagining things. He told him with a smile, and Emmet grinned back at him. You re probably right. He agreed. Esme looked at her son with a worried look he couldn t see, but Carlisle saw the face of his concerned wife, and gave her a reassuring look back that told her that everything would be alright. Smith frowned and looked around, not really sure what to do, and just before the room settled in a uncomfortable silence, Rose returned with her brother, and judging by the look on her face, she looked a lot more calm and content . Hey guys. Shouldn t we go now? It s half an hour left until the game starts. Jasper announced, tapping his clock, and Emmet s eyes widened as he understood the situation: we were late. Crap! Come on everybody; let s go! he hurried out the door before anyone could utter a word, and without really having to say anything, the rest of us followed his example and began to leave as well. Smith told me on our way out that he would be driving ahead in his car as fast as he could and check the football field before we got there after any threats. I nodded in agreement, and followed Edward to his car together with Jake. Emmet had already disappeared with his gigantic Jeep and Carlisle and Esme was kind enough to drive the twins since he had left them there without a car. Alice tagged along with Rosalie for some unexplained reason, and chatted happily with her as they made their way to Dr. Carlisle s car. Edward started the silver Volvo with a roar, and drove smoothly but swiftly out on the highway. How did it go last night?? Edward asked as the car escalated forward in high speed. It was times like these that I really appreciated that the seatbelt was invented. Jake, who sat in the backseat, leaned forward with much enthusiasm, and grinned at me. Nothing Rrated I hope. I gave him a punch in his arm, but sadly enough, it was probably only me who was damaged by it. I cussed under my breath because of the pain the punch had caused, and I heard how he chuckled. No, but seriously; what happened? Quil was the one outside Smith s house and he didn t notice anything suspicious from you guys. He said, and I fought the urge to punch him again, knowing I would be the only one who would get hurt. Nothing happened, Jake. I hissed, starting to get really annoyed this time, but he just laughed some more and held his hands up in the air in defeat. Alright, alright. Take it easy Bells, it s just a joke. He chuckled, and I took a few deep breaths before I answered Edward s question. It went okay, I guess. We just talked a little, and then I fell asleep. I said, not mentioning exactly what we were talking about. Repeating Smith s life story was something I hardly was in the mood for. He told me in his mind that there was an attack last night at your house. What happened?? he asked and I was just about to tell him the truth; that I was asleep during the whole thing, so I honestly didn t know, but Jake answered him for me in an excited voice.

Oh! That fight was glorious! You see there were these two vampires he began, explaining in detail exactly how the fight went down, and I just sat there and listened, wondering the whole time how I could ve slept through something like that. It was just around the time that Jake was done explaining that we arrived to the football field. The parking lot was full of cars, and lots of people were making their ways to the bleachers already. Emmet s car was already parked in the edge of the parking lot, and he was probably already in the team s locker room, getting ready for the game. The three of us got out of the car and I was just about to ask the others were when a pair of cold hands covered my eyes and a arm took a hold by my waist. Yelped in surprise and slight fear, not knowing who or what was doing this until I heard the familiar voices of the Lewis twins. Do you have any idea how long we have waited for you guys?! Rick or Mick asked me sourly with audibly irritation in his voice. I removed his hand from my eyes, and turned around with a step back, taking a good look at them. Even though it was September, the weather had taken a turn to the worse, and now had sunk to an unreasonably cold degree. Both of them wore black, thick jackets with fashionable scarf s around there neck, and their hands were resting in their jackets pockets, warming them from the uncomfortable cold. Rick! Mick! Rick sighed and gave me a glare. Yes, were here, isn t it obvious?? Mom told us to be here yesterday; you where there. But didn t arrive here as promised. Instead, you decided to come an hour later than expected. Mick sourly added, and I now understood why they were so mad at me. Oh gosh, I m so sorry! I swear it wasn t intentional. I gushed, embarrassed by my bad manners. How long had these two waited out here in the freezing cold?? Yeah, yeah, save your apologies. Rick muttered and began to walk towards the field along with his brother. The game starts in 15 minutes. I suggest we all go there before all the good seats are taken. I was just bout to follow them when two different hands held me back; one freezing cold and one smoldering hot. Smith and I will scout around the area during the game just to make sure that there isn t any possible threat in the area. Jake said, and for once his face was sternly looking back at me. I swallowed audibly before I could answer. Are you sure?? You can get hurt- I began to protest, but Smith interrupted me with a glare. Bella, you need to understand the gravity in this. Yes, we might get hurt, but as long as there s a slight chance that you might get killed, we re willing to risk that. He said, and without another word, he left me with Edward and disappeared into the dark woods. *At the game*

It didn t take long for the other 5 to arrive to the scene as well, and we all got seated. Edward, Jasper, Rick and Mick sat one row above me, Alice and Rosalie. Mr. and Mrs. Cullen both decided that we youngsters deserved some free time, and sat several benches away from us. Alice smiled contently and chatted with me and Rosalie about various things, and behind me I heard how Jasper excitedly explained for the others what the teams different strengths and weaknesses were. Rick and Mick gladly joined in, and I heard every now and then how Edward chuckled and said a few words or so. The game soon began, and even though the crowd wasn t large, we all sure made some noise. Emmet ran with the ball past his opponents and tackled them when needed. He was almost at the finish when the other team s largest, defensive player was the only one left to surpass. It didn t look very promising, and just before the large man was about to tackle him, Emmet did something unexpected. He let out a growl; a furious growl, like he was a mad man escaping from the loony bin. The other player, despite his size, flinched in his tackle, and Emmet successfully ran passed him and made the team s first goal. He cheered loudly, and turned towards the audience. Oh no Rosalie groaned, hiding her face in her hands in embarrassment. I was just about to ask what was wrong when Emmet began to shout her name. Rose! Rose! Did you see that?!? Rose?! ROSE!! he yelled, making the other spectators turn around in their seats, looking for the mysterious Rose that Emmet kept calling for. She knew he wouldn t stop yelling unless she gave him a sign that she had heard and seen everything, so she gave him a small but noticeable thumbs-up, and he smiled happily, and returned to the other players once again. She sighed and looked up from her hands. This happens every time I go to one of his games! She said with a frustrated look, and you could see the embarrassment this had cost her by looking at her rosy cheeks. Alice giggled, knowing her brother to his bones, and soothingly patted her back. You know he only means for the best. Besides, even if we did tell him that he was embarrassing both you and himself, I hardly think he would stop doing it. She said, and Rose shook her head whilst smiling. That stupid, stupid man I happen to love she said with a happy sigh, and adoringly watched her boyfriend as he ran across the field along with his teammates. I was just about to say something else when a cold hand touched my shoulder. I shrieked in surprise, and turned my head only to be met by Smith s serious eyes. Would you mind talking to me a second?? he said, and I nodded, not knowing what he wanted, and excused myself from the others. I got up from my seat and followed him off the bleachers, and from the corner of my eye, I saw Edward and Alice follow us. What is it?? Edward asked, his tone grave, and after a few seconds, I saw how his eyes grew in panic. We have to get her out of here! he exclaimed, and I worriedly looked from one face to another, not understanding what was happening. What are you talking about?! Tell me!

Smith turned his stern eyes towards me, and spoke in a monotone. They re here. The vampires are here. His words almost made my heart stop in fright, and I felt how it began to race inside my chest. They re here. The vampires are here. What about all these people?? What if they get hurt?? I have to do something?? What if we use me as bait and lead them to the forest far awayMy thoughts didn t get any further when both Alice and Edward stared at me with a terrified and enraged look. NO! W-What? I stammered, not understanding what they were yelling about. Don t you ever have such thoughts again! Edward almost hissed, and I felt a jolt of pain flash through my chest as he directed those words to me in that unkind voice. But I thought you said you couldn t read my mind! I said in confusion, not understanding how they both knew what I had thought. Alice, whose eyes were sparkling with tears of fear and anger, gave me a fierce glare. No he can t. But I can see what you re planning Bella, and I don t like it one bit. What were you thinking?! Something dangerous like that-! she began to yell when Smith interrupted her. Could you please calm down?? All of you! Jake, who no one of us had known was there, said in a loud, clear voice that made us all quiet. He sighed deeply, his face twisting in a concerned grimace, and then shook his head. We can t just stand here and yell at each other; that won t work. We have to think of a plan! he said, and Alice, who still was upset with my plan, crossed her arms in front of her and then had a dreamingly look on her face, like she was far, far away. What are you seeing?? What are they planning?? Smith asked, his eyes fixed on her distant ones, and after a few silent seconds, she answered us all. We have to stay here. They re deciding what to do judging on what we will do. If we get out of here now, they ll come after us and most likely kill us all, but they re all determined on not attacking if we re staying. They had orders about it. she said, and I saw how Edward frowned. I can hear them as well. They re fighting the urge to come here and and suck us dry, but their boss specifically told them not to. None of them are very fond of this boss of theirs. He hasn t told them his name, just that they should call him L. He said, looking a bit like Alice as he stared into nothing, listening to the thoughts of the hungry vampires that waited in the shadows of the forest. How many are there?? I dared to ask, afraid that I wouldn t like the answer. There re three of them. They all answered together, knowing this because of their supernatural abilities. Sometimes I just wished I had some sort of ability like that as well, so I wasn t the last one to know everything all the time. Then what should we do? We have to leave sometime. I asked, confused and quite scared. We know. The twins voices scared me, and I swiftly turned around to see them standing next to each other with their hands in their pockets.

I ll give you credit; that s not such a bad plan. Edward said, and soon after that, Alice smiled contently. That would work. She happily said with a relieved smile. What plan? Smith said, asking the question we all wanted to ask (we who weren t mind readers and psychics, that is). The twins grinned together, and walked over to me, standing on either side of me. This is what we do. You, Rick said, and pointed at Jake. will call your little dog buddies and make them come over here to help us. Then, before the game is over, you kill them together with Smith, end of story. Their easygoing tone made the task sound simple, but even if it was easy, I would still be worried sick about them all the whole time they would be gone. Let s do it. Smith said, and before I knew it, he was gone. Jake shrugged with a grin, and walked over to me to give me a hug, ignoring the twins who looked quite unhappy about his action. Don t worry, everything will be fine. He said, holding me tight to his chest. A few tears escaped from my eyes, and I hugged him back. This was all so overwhelming. You couldn t go anywhere these days without risking you and your friends life, and I hated it. You better be right about that. I muttered, and he laughed at my unhappy tone. He patted me on my back, and then let me go. He wiped away the few tears that had been able to run down my cheek, and then gave me a soft kiss on my head. Alice, who wasn t happy at all about this, cleared her throat in a clear sign of her disapproval. Jake rolled his eyes with a grin, making me laugh, even though that was the last thing I wanted in that moment. Alice knew that I loved Edward with my whole heart, but she always got worried when she saw me and Jake together, since we used to date. Sure, we still loved each other, but not like lovers, more like siblings. He was like the brother I never had. Alright, go! Or they ll change their minds and attack us anyway. She said sourly, and he followed her order, and walked away from the bleachers, towards the forest. I stared after him with a hurting feeling in my chest, and Alice was just about to say something when the twins grabbed me by my shoulders and began to drag me backwards. Wah! What are you doing?!? I exclaimed, struggling to walk backwards without falling down completely under their hold. The game isn t over, you know. One of them said, I had no idea which since I couldn t see their faces. Besides, The one to the right added. The risk of getting attacked is much larger if we re separated from the others in the crowd. I saw the confused yet amused looks of Edward and Alice, and I pleadingly stared after them, but none of them made an effort to help me out of this mess, and just followed along with the others. We managed to get back to our seats without stealing too much attention, and Rosalie smiled gratefully as we arrived. Alice kissed Jasper on the cheek lovingly, which he retorted by hugging her fondly.

Where were you? You missed so many goals already! Rosalie asked as we all sat down on our seats. I had no idea what to answer, so I stayed silent and let the others answer it for me. Smith just told us that he had to go home and get something. Alice lied fluently as she smiled brightly. Oh man, you should ve seen this goal that Emmet did! Jasper exclaimed, and began to explain the amazing goal that Emmet managed to score 2 seconds before halftime. The game continued without any problems, and about 30minutes later, the referee blew his whistle, and everyone in the crowd began to cheer; Emmet s team had won by 30 points. Pay up. Jasper said with a grin, and held out a hand towards the twins, who solemnly handed over the money to Jasper. Both of them muttered something inaudibly in French (I think), and both Alice and I laughed at their defeated faces. Maybe you shouldn t bet on things like this if you re sore losers. Alice said smugly, and the rest of us laughed as they launched into an argument that didn t even make sense. All of us began to stand up and follow the crowd when we saw a few familiar faces standing a few feet away from the bleachers. Jake, Smith, Sam, Quil and Embry stood together in a cluster together, smiling proudly at each other. The werewolf boys (except Jake) didn t wear any shirts, and as they saw us coming, Jake called for us. Bella! Edward! Over here! He yelled over the crowd, waving us over, and as we walked over to them, I hoped for the best. Did everything go okay?? I asked as soon as we reached them, and the second my question was out, they all began to cheer. Are you kidding?? It went great! Quil said with a grin, and then Sam made small gestures not seen by the others except me, to tell them not to say anything revealing about either vampires or werewolves since everyone in our company didn t know they existed. Why aren t you wearing any shirts?? Rose asked them suspiciously. Smith answered at ease before anyone else could, and lied smoothly. My car broke down, so these lovely gentlemen helped me fix it. Unfortunately, their shirts got oily, so they removed them so the car seats wouldn t get dirty as I drove them here. His explanation wasn t really the most logical one, but since Rose was the best mechanical in the whole town, she just sighed happily with a knowing look. Been there, done that. She said with a grin, and the boys laughed along, not commenting it. Bella, when are you coming down to La Push?? It was ages since you came to visit! Embry asked me, and Quil joined in. Yeah, it used to be so much fun when you were there! And then Jake became a Jake clamped his llhand over his mouth before he could say anything else, and gave him a fierce look.

I ll come over once I have the time. I promised them, and they grinned happily, satisfied with my answer. We should probably go now. Sam announced. Sure. Here, take my car, I don t need it. Smith said, and gave Sam his keys. He looked slightly confused, but accepted them. But how do you get home?? Jasper asked, also finding it a little strange that Smith just gave him his car. I ll ride with my friend, the coach of the team. He said, and then said goodbye, and disappeared in the crowd. I knew that he was lying, and that he would follow us home and make sure there weren t any vampires there, but I kept my mouth shut and just kept on walking together with the others. Suddenly, Edward grasped my hand, and as I looked at him, our eyes met. At that moment, I knew we both felt the same way; happy and relieved that we had made it out of here alive. In the parking lot, we met Carlisle, Esme and a very, very happy Emmet. He was like a child in a candy shop, jumping around like he was high on sugar. BELLS! WE DID IT! WE WON! He yelled, and then proceeded to lift me up in the air like a toddler and spin me around. Emmet?!? What are you doing?!? I screamed, and after a few seconds of spinning (and laughing from the others parts), he let me down. Edward immediately came to my side, and held me up straight so I wouldn t fall over. My head was spinning and I felt extremely dizzy. Are you okay Bella?? He asked, and I managed (somewhat) to answer him after a few seconds of heavy breathing. I m fine I panted, and the more time that went, the clearer the world became.

Are you sure honey?? Esme asked in a concerned voice, her eyes scanning me worried ly. Yes, Esme. Thank you for your concern. I said, and after a minute or two, I was completely fine and could walk again. I gave Emmet a small glare before I jumped into Edward s car, but he just laughed back, and then climbed into his own jeep. Edward started the car, and it didn t take long before we were out on the road. Once we were driving away from the game, I finally let myself relax. *At the Cullen s house* We all sat down in the living room and talked about all sorts of things (but mostly the game), when suddenly Emmet stood up, grinningly. He cleared his throat, and then began to speech. I just wanted to thank you all for coming, you were great support! He said, and we chuckled. And I thank you for not making me lose all my money. Jasper said, and then chuckled at the twins reaction, which we all laughed at. Emmet grinned, and then looked at Edward.

Edward and Jasper, would you please be so kind to help me get the champagne? He asked, and the two boys stood up and followed him out of the room. We ll help too. The twins said, and then exited the room as well, leaving Rosalie, Alice and me with Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. Good, now we re alone. Alice said, and then gave Rosalie a soft push on her leg. Do it now. She said, and Rosalie s face suddenly became very nervous and hesitant. What s the matter Rosalie?? Esme asked, suddenly worried about the nervous girl in front of her. Rose took a few deep breaths before answering her. I have something to tell you guys. I figured I should tell you before Emmet; he would freak out. What is it? Carlisle asked, curious and worried about what she was going to say. Alice apparently already knew absolutely everything, and patted her knee softly in support. Personally, I had no clue of what she was going to say. I she trailed off, mustering her courage to say the whole thing, and then took a deep breath. I m pregnant. A crash was heard from behind me, and we all turned around to see what it was. Emmet stood frozen in the kitchen doorway with his hands held out, like he was holding something that wasn t there anymore, and on the floor was the broken bottle of champagne, its liquid spread out in a pond in front of him. The others stood behind him, shocked as well. Oh crap Rose muttered.

His eyes were wide as he stared at her, and then he began to speak (if you can call what he did speak). Y-Y-ou I-I-I .W-W-W-We he stammered, not one complete sentence coming out of his mouth. And then he ran out the door. The room stayed silence for a few seconds, and then people reacted. We ll go check on him. He s just in chock. Jasper said, and then he, Edward and the twins disappeared out the door going after Emmet. Rose sighed, and turned aroundto Carlisle and Emmet, who were staring at her as well, both of them in chock. That s why I wanted to tell you before him. She explained, and I saw how tears began to develop in her eyes. Am I going to be a grandmother?? She asked, shocked whilst holding one hand on her chest, and the other one grasping Carlisle s tightly. Yes. You re both going to be grandparents. She said with a smile, and Esme squealed in happiness. She hugged her with much enthusiasm, and it didn t take long before she started crying. Congratulations! I told her, and gave her a hug as well. She hugged me back, and her face was alit with a glorious smile. Rose was one of those persons who really loved kids. She was working part time as a kindergarten teacher, and every time she saw a kid, a loving smile always painted her lips. She was like Esme; both of them were born to be mothers.

This is great news! I am so happy for the two of you! Carlisle said with a proud smile, and Alice giggled. I think he s coming back now. She announced, and just as promised, Emmet bolted through the door, and ran over to Rose. Edward and the others sonly reentered as well, but they were much quieter about their entrance. I m sorry I ran away I was justShocked? Terrified? She suggested for him, half pissed, half joking and he shook his head. Yes, but not all. I was happy when you said that and if what you are saying is true He trailed off, waiting for a sign for her to confirm that it was, and when she nodded, he continued, smiling. Then I, Emmet Anthony Cullen, would be more than thrilled to raise this baby with you. He declared, and Alice squealed. Rose smiled, and walked over to him. She kissed him lovingly, and then laughed as he squinted down on his knees and put his head to her stomach. If you looked quite hard you could see the small bulge right between her hips that stood out, but it was hardly eye catching. Baby, it can t hear you. She told him, but he didn t listen. He just sat there and patted her stomach whilst talking soothingly to it. We all laughed, and Esme dried her tears that still lingered on her cheeks. How many weeks has it been? Esme asked, and Rose smiled as she stroked Emmet s brown, curly hair. 10 weeks. I ve already been to the doctor and everything, but I just never found the moment to tell you all. She admitted, but Emmet just hushed. It s okay baby, It s okay. He said, and patted her belly softly. None of was sure if he spoke to her or to the baby, but on the other hand, it didn t really matter. It s aright Rose, we understand. Esme said. Did you tell Eric and Anna yet?? Carlisle asked, and she nodded. Yeah, mom and dad already know. I told them last night. She said. Jasper, who d been quiet the whole time, walked up to Emmet and glared at him. Edward chuckled in the corner of the room, and Alice giggled to herself. Emmet didn t notice at first, but then he did, and turned around. You knocked up my sister?!?! Jasper hissed with such a fiercely voice, I got Goosebumps down my arms. Emmet stared at him in confusion, and then his eyes widened in horror. Jasper I m so sorry I- He began to gush, when suddenly, Jasper broke into a laugh. All of us were staring at him like he was a lunatic, and then he patted Emmet on his shoulder as he gave him a reassuring smile. Emmet, I m not mad, I was just joking with you. He said with a laugh, and then looked at Rose. I m going to be an uncle after all. It was in that exact moment that I understood that Edward, Alice and Jasper were all going to be Uncles and Aunts. In one way, it sounded kind of funny. Uncle Edward

I looked over at Edward, and smiled as our eyes met. He looked so happy. He really looked like he was happy for Emmet & Rose; the way the smile spread on his lips was indescribable. Well, how about we drive in to Port Angeles and eat something nice? My treat. Carlisle suggested, smiling brightly. At first, the thought seemed perfect, but on a second thought, I remembered that the vampires still were a threat to us. I worriedly looked over at Alice, but she just shook her head with a confident smile. That ll be great. She said, and when she saw my questioning face, she leaned in towards me and whispered softly in my ear. It s okay. They won t attack. They re busy planning about other stuff. Also, Smith will come, and so will the wolves. We ll be fine, I promise. The others began to talk excitedly with each others about various things, so Edward walked over to me and looked me in the eye with a glorious smile painting his lips. Hi there Uncle Edward. I said teasingly, testing the words on my tongue. It felt so weird saying it He chuckled, and sat down next to me. You can t imagine how happy Rose is right now. It s really like a dream come true. He said, and I looked over at Rose, who was surrounded by the others, and she laughed joyfully as Emmet rubbed her tummy lovingly. Well, I m happy for her. I said with a smile, and I was just about to say something else when Carlisle came over to us. Are you ready to go? he asked, and I looked over at Edward. He smiled his crooked smile, and took my hand. Yeah. Let s go.

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