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Aerospace Engineering PhD – Fall 2018

(804) 625 6510   2746 UR, 28 Westhampton
Way, Richmond, VA 23173

University of Richmond (UR), Richmond, VA Expected May 2018
Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Physics and Mathematics (double major)
Cumulative GPA: 3.54

 University of Richmond Science Scholar (4-year full tuition scholarship)
 Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics Honor Society)
 Pi Mu Epsilon (Mathematics Honor Society)
 Dean’s List: Fall 2015, Spring 2016

Study Abroad: University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland August 2016 –

December 2016

Summer Research Fellow, Department of Physics, UR May 2017 – Present
CAD Modeling of an Ultrahigh Vacuum Dewar
 Comprehensive and detailed CAD modeling in SolidWorks of complex custom
experimental apparatuses
 Produced twenty complete parts in an assembly
 Produced machinist drawings from model parts, including of OFE copper
interface piece for an astronomical Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) detector

Summer Research Fellow, Department of Physics, UR May 2016 – August 2016

Exploration of Statistical Techniques for Analysis of Flux-Limited Multi-
Wavelength Astronomical Datasets
 Developed and implemented statistical algorithms in IDL programming
environment to analyze multi-waveband astronomical data from quasars
 Developed simulations to obtain realistic Monte-Carlo observed astronomical
datasets with millions of objects given specified underlying population
 Wrote a research proposal and awarded funding for research through the UR
Summer Fellowship Award
 Work will form basis of a forthcoming peer reviewed journal article

Summer Research Fellow, Department of Mathematics, UR May 2015 – August 2015

Construction of Bent Functions in 8-variables
 Confirmed that Maiorana-McFarland and Partial Spread method cannot
construct all bent functions in eight variables
 Developed a new method, Covering Extended Building Sets, to construct a new
class of eight variable bent functions
 Presented the research project at the UR Arts & Sciences Student Symposium
 Wrote a research proposal and awarded funding for research through the UR
Summer Fellowship Award

Student Researcher, Summer Science Program, CA June 2013 – August 2013

Determining Orbital Elements of the Asteroid 1998-WQ5
 Tracked a near-Earth asteroid for two months using the Keck telescope and
collected data of its location
 Wrote Python programs to analyze the data and calculate the orbital elements of
the asteroid
 Submitted a research abstract to the Harvard Smithsonian Center and
presented the findings to the NASA Lunar Science Institute
 Amongst 36 students selected from a pool of 800 applicants and awarded a full
scholarship to attend Summer Science Program

 Aerodynamics
 Computational Fluid Mechanics
 Electric Propulsion

Multivariate Calculus • Differential Equations • Linear Algebra • Modern Geometry •
Real Analysis • Electronics • Electricity and Magnetism • Classical Mechanics •
Probability Theory • Data Structures • Quantum Mechanics • Modern Physics •
Quantum Computing • Numerical Analysis • Knot Theory

Technical: MATLAB • SolidWorks • Mathematica • LaTeX • Java • Python • Interactive
Data Language (IDL) • MasterCam • Microsoft Office
Language: English (fluent) • Urdu (fluent) •Hindi (fluent) • Arabic (basic) • German

Teaching Assistant, Calculus I, UR Fall 2017 - Present
 Provide teaching assistance to the professor in grading weekly assignments for
30 undergraduates
 Keep a thorough record of student performance in class
 Nominated to position by faculty based on course performance

Undergraduate Tutor, Academic Skills Center, UR Fall 2017 - Present

 Hold one-on-one tutoring sessions with students for Calculus I, Calculus II, and
Introductory Physics
 Assess student comprehension and progress, articulate complex scientific
concepts in easy to understand language, and provide feedback on class quizzes
and home works
 Conduct six tutoring sessions every week

Physics Olympics, Department of Physics, UR Spring 2016, 2017

 Helped in planning and coordination of the Physics Olympics for over 100 high
school students
 Managed the rotation of student groups across the arena and supervised the

Rock climbing; camping; motor biking, auto repair