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Clinical Instructor evaluation (midterm): - Name: Catherine White Placement agency: Christian Horizons - Cobourg

Student: Alicia Jeffery

Course Objective Evidence/Indicators: (The student has ...) Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
Alicia & her student partner are demonstrating collaborative practice as
Demonstrated professional responsibility they work with each other, their preceptor and staff and residents at the
and accountability to collaboratively plan, group homes to develop recommendations on the prevention of √
implement and/or evaluate a health musculoskeletal injuries among agency staff. . She and her student
promotion project relevant to the partner have established good communication channels with her partner,
community population served, using preceptor, home staff and clinical supervisor, ensuring everyone is aware
elements of the course website such as the of plans and schedules. She has demonstrated interest and good
learning system and regular, attention to detail as she works through her project. All assignments have
punctual communication with preceptor been submitted accurately, are well done and received within the
and faculty. required time parameters. Alicia attends seminars on time and
contributes to the discussions.
Applied their knowledge to support The project paper indicates clear goals, objectives and time lines. She
population assessment, collaborative and and her partner have taken opportunities to consult and work with
evidence informed health promotion agency staff to assess and understand the nature of their work and the √
project development, implementation and risks for injury. Alicia demonstrated good upstream thinking in this
process and outcome evaluation. assessment and in her LEARN paper, looking for systemic barriers to safe
working conditions. The team has been referred to the RNAO best
practice document on creating safe work spaces for other information.
They have also consulted additional resources to inform their
recommendations and developed a needs survey to inform their
Alicia and her partner have developed respectful relationships/
Demonstrated ethical respectful and partnerships within the community setting, consulting and valuing the
professional practice when working with knowledge and resources there. They have taken opportunities to √
community organizations and the interact with staff and residents, again to understand the working
population with whom they work. challenges in the setting. In the placement she has access to residents'
personal information and she is aware of the importance of
confidentiality in this regard.
Demonstrated knowledge of relational Alicia works within the scope of practice for a 2nd year student. She is
practice in project development, respectful resourceful in addressing problems or questions but can ask for
of group process, leadership/followership, assistance when necessary. She is flexible and responds well to √
and collaborative practice to meet the suggestions and direction. She understands the value of team work in a
needs and build capacity of the population community setting and is working well with her student partner and
in the given context. staff. Alicia is a quiet and perceptive student - her preceptor notes that
she allows her partner to take the lead in communication in the
placement. The team are sharing the work based on recognizing
strengths and areas for growth in the partnership.
Demonstrated self-regulation by engaging Alicia demonstrates reflective practice in her work, illustrated in her
in self-reflective practice and identifying weekly logs, project outline, LEARN paper and seminar discussions. In √
learning needs through self-assessment seminar she indicates a growing understanding of health promotion
that align with the SON’s program goals principles and CHNC standards. She is self-directed in gaining the new
and the Community Health Nursing knowledge required for the project and, with her partner, spent
Standards of Practice in Canada. considerable time researching and locating resources to inform their
work. Her LEARN paper gave good evidence of critical thinking abilities
and professional growth. She has noted that she is working on her
communication skills as an area of professional growth.

Instructor's additional comments (Any area marked “unsatisfactory” need to be commented on).

At midterm Alicia is progressing well toward meeting the course goals and objectives

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