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THIS ISSUE: England thrown into turmoil during the war with no enemy


DEC / JAN 2017
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Theme Specials
• Refighting Newbury and • The last Welsh warrior
Cheriton princess
• The Swedish influence on • Armoured action in the
the Battle of Newburn autumn of 1944
• Small-scale skirmishes • Let’s play Swordpoint
for the ECW

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THEME: The English Civil War
This war without an enemy
The Swedish influence on the Battle of Newburn
Publisher: Rolof van Hövell tot Westerflier 38 A YEAR APART - WINCHESTER AND ROMSEY
Managing director: Jasper Oorthuys Small scale scenarios for the ECW
Editor: Guy Bowers
Copy editor: Duncan B. Campbell
Layout, design: Christianne C. Beall The Battles of Newbury and Cheriton
©2015 Karwansaray Publishers
Collecting ECW armies
Contributors: Mark Backhouse, Tony Barton, Ian Beal, Ste- 52 DEATH BEFORE DISHONOUR
ve Beckett, Piers Brand, Rob Broom, Richard Clarke, David Creating the cover diorama
Davies, Tony Harwood, David Imrie, Eoghan Kelly, Michael
Leck, Dan Mersey, Chris Payne, Rick Priestley, Nicholas Stock,
Ruben Torregrosa, Rossco Watkins

Illustrations: Georgie Harman FEATURES

Print: Grafi Advies BV 14 BANG! YOU'RE DEAD
A wild west shootout with a difference
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Building a timber framed dovecote
Painting snow camouflage for Kharkov

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the English Civil War has something to offer you.indd 5 06/10/16 16:52 . According to Michael Leck. this should be one cool issue. but let just law accord / Brute bankerupt Ruffians. when true Christians jarred / That they may plunder. A little local research will throw up some surprising facts and many forgotten engagements. from skirmishes to full scale battles and sieges. we'll be looking at the Winter Wars and the challenges of fight- ing in the winter season. the history of the actual English Civil War is much stranger still. I have visited these sites and even replayed some of the battles on the table top (such as the Bitesize Battle of Braddock Down which appeared in WS&S 67). read on… In our next issue. nor bloody sword / Dissentions end. Scotland and Ireland). it’s Sweden’s fault! To learn more. The great thing about the period (apart from the interchangeable nature of the units) is the variety of engagements. pillage. But however odd these alternates may be. both rulesets that offer alternative timelines where England goes to war with itself again. King and Country The English Civil War is a fascinating period of history which di- vides opinions and loyalties even today. From (http://www. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 5 wss87. Guy Bowers editor@wssmagazine. Whatever your scale or preferred size of play. WARGAMES. The concept of a ‘Civil War’ still catches gamers’ imaginations. fire. drink. I live in the West Coun- try.” — John Barford: a Prayer to God. Take the popular- ity of Very British Civil War or the Winter of ‘79. of cold weather actions during World War II. and whore / And mourne when mischief they can doe no more. and Blas- phemers are / All chiefe Russia to Finland.wssmagazine. and near me there are several battlefields and a number of notable sieges. It was the last real war fought solely on British soil with battles in almost every part of the Three Kingdoms (of England. we'll be looking at the challenges Parliamentarians in this 1642 battle. Editorial “No more blind website In the next issu Now on the e & m The Battle of Brentford Time to chill out Recreate Prince Rupert's ride to victory against the In the next WS&S.

The detail is very good and the characters easily If dipping your toes into pulp gaming and fighting the supernatural (with an unlicensed nuclear accelerator strapped to your back) is your thing. 6 WARGAMES. There is also the one guy – the ‘wannabe’ exterminator . Each is well cast and realistically posed. Each model is supplied with its own ‘slotta’ bases as standard. Currently there are seven characters. The vehicle kits are a combination of a resin body and metal wheels and crew. This range is fully focused on 28mm WW2 and offers a mix of interesting Thomas “Stoessi” Stoesser started Stoessi’s Heroes to give World War II gamers a selection of character figures to paint and liven up their games. There is even a range of African buildings to support these games.skirmishsangin.but he can hardly answer the phone. these are great ‘lookalike’ character models with excellent sculpting and casting. They have also released HUMVEEs (armed with M2s or Mark 19s) and a Land Rover technical. The building is made of a lightweight foam but is very durable – almost as light as MDF. British Para Roy (very Urquhart). This Land Rover has a recoilless rifle mounted on it. The third and latest set of ‘exterminator’ miniatures from Crooked Dice pay homage to a recent film with an all-girl Paranormal busting team. never mind fight ghosts… Who gave him a uniform and a neutron pack? The girls are armed with a selection of specialist ghost fighting weapons (which specialists of this genre will recognise) It is common practice in Africa and the Middle East to take a commercial vehicle body and mount a heavy weapon on it. loader and driver are supplied as standard. The detail is high quality. Harold the Canadian Sniper and Lyudmilla. but then again character models are supposed to stand out. The ones shown (left to right) are US Donny Drumpf (who ‘knows’ more than generals). Now all they need is a car and a fire house… Land Rover Technical Company: Skirmish Sangin Size: 28mm Era: Post War Price: £20 each or three vehicles for £55 www. The models come on a metal tab.50 each or £15. All the models are well cast. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. A gunner. the Soviet sniper.90 per model toessi. As we’ve come to expect from Crooked Dice. This is the start of a very impres- sive range from Skirmish Sangin which will have many modern players salivating.MINI REVIEWS MINIATURE REVIEWS Stoessi’s Heroes Company: Stoessi’s Heroes Size: 30mm ‘foot to eye’ or 33mm tall Era: World War II Price: €5. these are on the larger side of 28mm.crooked-dice. Skirmish Sangin has released a new book called Skirmish Africa which encourages players to choose from fourteen ‘imagi-nations’ and fight make-believe wars. Paranormal Exterminators Company: Crooked Dice Games Size: 28mm ‘foot to eye’ or 31mm tall Era: Modern Price: £3. The technical comes mounted with either a heavy machine-gun or a recoilless rifle (shown). Most are one part castings apart from Roy whose arm is separate. These are ideal for the WW2 gamer looking for a model with great character to lead their armies. Size wise. SS Officer Hans (bad guy in an overcoat). but this can be filed down and removed for basing (I prefer flat bases).indd 6 06/10/16 16:52 . fit together well and the finished technical looks then you’ll love Who you gonna call? These Paranormal Exterminators catch them all.00 for the set www.

To quote the 1989 movie Field of Dreams.00 for 4 models www. TYW Cossacks Company: Totentanz Size: 17mm ‘foot to eye’ or 19mm tall Era: 17th century (Thirty Years’ War) Price: € 4. The miniatures are very well detailed and could be mistaken in a photograph for being a larger size – these are nice figures! The casting is good. WARGAMES. Shown is a mixture of the infantry. The poses are currently limited to advancing or standing. the Churchill takes a little longer but everything fits together very well and I think it took me more time to decide which variant to build than to construct the actual model itself. During this period there was the Polish Uprising of 1831 and several revolutions in 1848. they will come. the most successful of which was the Hungarian Revolution. but this is a new range and more are sure to follow as its popularity grows. Mark IV and Mark V including AVRE.00 (Churchill).” More European Revolution models including Austrian troops are promised soon. The Grizzly is cast in plastic resin and is very easy to construct. Churchill and Grizzly Company: Warlord Games Size: 28mm (1/56) Era: World War II and Weird War II Price: £20.stevebarbermodels. This is admittedly a neglected period in wargaming. These are scaled at 18mm. They earned a bloody reputation in the Thirty Years’ War. from the Mark III.totentanz-miniatures. either ready to hold spears (not included) or ready with muskets. The models are well cast with little flash. Europe in Revolution Infantry Company: Steve Barber Models Size: 27mm ‘foot to eye’ or 29mm tall Era: 19th Century Price: £5. This useful range adds to Totentanz’s existing extensive Thirty Years War range.00 (Grizzly) www. The detail on both kits is excellent. with only a few minor parts needing filing down (vent ports from the casting). Totentanz Miniatures has released a range of seven packs of Cossacks covering both cavalry and dismounted infantry. super science has led to the development of fantastic machines. plus two command models. like the Grizzly.25 for eight infantry www. There are currently nine packs in this range. Close Support and 75mm The Cossacks were a fierce and independent people who fought as mercenaries and for their own glory. so should fit with similar 15mm/18mm scales and will be a must for those playing the Thirty Years’ War in this scale.indd 7 06/10/16 16:53 . In this alternate timeline. Being a kit. “If you build it. probably because there were so few models to game it with without a lot of conversion. which include Polish Revolutionaries. £25. fighting against the Turks. Warlord have released a plastic kit which allows seven variants of this classic British tank. Now Steve Barber Models has produced 28mm miniatures for this period. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 7 The wars of revolution in Europe during the 1830s and ’40s are definitely a neglected area of gaming. Hungarians and Russian troops.warlordgames. which saw Hungary for a brief time become an independent state. Contrasting the Churchill is the Grizzly Combat Walker for Konflikt 47. and for their rebellion against the Polish Lithu- anian The Churchill tank was the ubiquitous British heavy tank of World War II. with no mould lines visible.

00 for each giant. Larger items are also available. The two giants are Gog and Magog – while referenced in the Bible and the Quran. 8 WARGAMES. Herne and three barghests £12. superheroes or zombie gaming. No paint- ing is required as the MDF is ready-painted. taking only a few minutes from flat pack to complete Holey moley. such as the kiosks and lights. Dread Pirates Company: Antediluvian Miniatures Size: 29mm ‘foot to eye’ or 32mm tall. I’d be tempted to ‘dirty’ up some of the bases. there are also many references in Welsh. Herne is a mere 41mm tall Era: Dark Age Fantasy Price: £13. English and Irish folklore to the giants. Left to right. the pragmatic giant and the Machiavellian Sicilian. although gamers can always add their own highlights. waste disposal skips. the hero ‘dread’ pirate captain seeking his lost flower. These are going to be useful whether you’re into modern warfare. I highly recommend a little video research. Gnatman! 4Ground has released several sets of street furniture for modern and pulp gaming to go along- side their buildings. telephone kiosks. Hopefully. Assembly is very easy. you have the swordsman sworn to avenge the death of his father. a second set will follow with a bride princess. such as street lights. ‘Gothic City’ Street Furniture Company: 4Ground Size: 28mm Era: Modern Price: £5. who isn’t half as bright as he thinks he is… The models are brimming with character – if you do not know the inspi- ration for these models.00 a kit www. the horned god. the giant stands 39mm tall Era: Fantasy Price: £16 for four pirate adventurers antediluvianminiatures.conquest-games.50 www. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 Conquest Games has taken a diversion from its historical lines to bring out a range of mythic creatures for ancient Britain. leading his three barghests (or ‘black dogs’) which can possibly be linked to the Celtic Cernunnos. three are provided per kit. These are great and inexpensive little kits which can really help bring the modern gaming surface to with no mould “Inconceivable!” I hear you cry… Antediluvian Miniatures has released a strange bunch of ragtag pirates which look like they are fresh from the pages of a story book. While these models are based on fantasy fiction. These are great character models for fantasy or for a more unusual dark ages scenario.wordpress. subway entrances and fire escapes for to £6. These include the smaller items shown. such as shipping containers. the denizens of those ages believed in giants and vengeful hunting gods. are well cast and have good detailing. after all. they would certainly fit into any renaissance or pirate crew (the vengeful swordsman would make a good Dread Pirate Roberts). It is said that Gog and Magog led the giants of Albion to oppose the landing of Brutus the Trojan. The casting is very good. Ten barricades are provided in that pack.indd 8 06/10/16 16:53 .4ground. For the smaller items. All the models are exceptionally clean. It is said the appearance of the wild hunt is a portent of forthcoming disaster or catastrophic war. The other magnificent model is Herne of the wild hunt. and each model comes with a ‘slotta’ base. dumpsters and barricades. The skip and dumpster are double layered so are extra sturdy. a cowardly prince of Guilder and a six fingered man… Myths of Albion Company: Conquest Games Size: The giants are 60mm tall.

an infantryman with the sarissa pike. early 25pdr and late 25pdr (with muzzle flash shield). She may be little (27mm tall). but even berserkers turn away from her frown and she would be a great character for SAGA or fantasy… Thorrun is a fierce Viking shield maiden – I’m reliably informed that similarities with a certain TV series about Vikings is entirely It’s by far the best pose to rank up practical wargaming units. hypaspists light infantry on the flanks and a core of phalangites. The bear is cast in a flexible plastic resin and has a great pose. Alexander conquered all of Persia.00 for Jarl Letty and £6. and detail are excellent on the vehicle. Plastic Macedonians Company: Victrix Limited Size: 28mm ‘foot to eye’ or 31mm tall Era: Ancients Price: £19. with butt spike.00 for the Bear thedicebaglady. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 9 wss87. Jarl Letty. which are a little stiff. It was pulled by the almost equally famous Morris Quad tractor.50 for four guns and tows with crew theplasticsoldiercompany. For early war.victrixlimited. The figures are all well detailed with an excellent selection of different heads. from the Stone Age to the French and Indian It is said that Alexander of Macedon’s father Philip developed the phalangite. with the bear also being useful for many periods. and very Annie at Bad Squiddo Games has released a range of animals and more historical female characters. 25pdr and Morris Quad Company: The Plastic Soldier Company Size: 15mm (1/100) Era: World War II Price: £21. Three sets are available: Macedonians. These will be a useful addition to Dark Age and fantasy games. Successors and Hypaspists (the Successors sprues come with the option of wearing trousers). used in Tunisia). the Bear is 30mm at the shoulder Era: Dark Ages Price: £4.00 for Thorrun. £10. As usual. A full set crew for the desert war and late war are provided as standard. like he is sniffing the ground for food. The detail on the sarissa pike is spot on. Everything fits together well apart from the wheels on the gun. There is not just a single gun on the sprue but several build options. Victrix’s plastic phalangites come on sprues of three.95 for 27 models www. suitable for Carthage. and pike arm. The ladies are cast well in metal. comes as set with mounted and dismounted versions. WARGAMES. with a separate command sprue. The poses are not quite as animated as previous sets – restricted to the standing position – but as a gamer I’m more than happy with this. the "Little Lady Warmonger". Numidia and the Successors. Detailing is very good on all the models. Assembly is straightforward – just stick on the head. the Pheasant (a 17pdr antitank gun on a 25pdr chassis.indd 9 06/10/16 16:53 .uk The Ordnance Quick Firing 25pdr was the standard British artillery piece of World War II and served into the 1960s. the design work. Coming soon from Victrix is a plastic elephant set. With the combination of cavalry. this time for the Dark Ages. This selection of parts gives enough for eight complete guns (at the cost of using the wheels off the limber). Rome. moulding. Bear & Viking Ladies Company: Bad Squiddo Games Size: 26mm ‘foot to eye’ or 29mm tall. The price is very attractive too. shield. there’s the 18/25pdr (using 18pdr ammunition as Britain had so much stockpiled from the Great War).

uk Supporting their range of British Cold War vehicles in 20mm. The models themselves are full of character and very well The one side everyone needs in the Napoleonic Wars is the French. The current release includes six packs in firing and advancing poses with SLRs. There are five boxed sets in total: White Explorers. You have advancing. Samaritan and Sultan) and the Humber Pig armoured car (shown) – available with or without ‘wings’ (riot screens which can be extended from the vehicle). These will be suitable for 1970s and early to mid 1980s. Zanzibar Slavers. These great sets are ideal for someone wishing to dip their toes into Congo or perhaps wanting to build their forces for The Men Who Would Be Kings. Cold War British & Humber Pig Company: Sgt’s Mess Size: 21mm ‘foot to eye’ or 24mm tall Era: Cold War Price: £3.00 for 4 infantry. Gringo 40’s has released a range of Napoleonic light infantry suitable for 1808-14 (according to regulations. 10 WARGAMES. There are no repeats in a boxed set. Congo boxed sets Company: Wargames Foundry Size: 28mm ‘foot to eye’ or 31mm tall Era: Darkest Africa (19th century) Price: £36. and the poses are very animated.indd 10 06/10/16 16:53 . African Kingdoms and an adventure set with fierce animals and characters to play the scenarios from the book. The casting is good. Sgt’s Mess has released British Infantry.sgtsmess. it is useful to see them available as ‘army deals’ for the game without the need to buy several packs. These join Gringo’s existing French Napoleonic infantry releases – the Engineers of the Imperial Guard and the Marines of the Imperial Guard. they will be compatible with most mid. £6.and larger ranges and will be a must-have for French Napoleonic generals. The casting is very good with no mould lines visible. The models are sculpted in light kit and some wear greatcoats. Napoleon’s light infantry had an excel- lent reputation for their field craft and esprit de corps. firing and marching poses plus the officer and one dead figure. plus support weapons (GPMG. 81mm and 50mm mortar). Napoleonic Light Infantry Company: Gringo 40’s Size: 29mm ‘foot to eye’ or 35mm tall in shako Era: Napoleonic Price: £1. but they’ll do fine for 1815 too).90 for the Humber Pig www. with a little flash. While the model range isn’t new per se. These are ideal additions to anyone’s British 20mm Cold War arsenal or for the ‘Winter of ’79’ campaign setting. with only a little flash on the bases. Scimitar. The models are well cast and detailed.wargamesfoundry. Forest Tribes. Sgt’s Mess has also expanded its vehicle range to include the CVR(T) series (Scorpion. These infantry do not have backpacks. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. which is correct – they are skirmishing troops so only carry the bare essential Wargames Foundry has released a selection of its Darkest Africa range in boxed sets to support Congo. They are a good price too. all the models are different.00 for 24 miniatures www. The model is made of a sturdy but lightweight resin with metal wheels and ‘wings’ Each set provides all the player needs for a 70 point force for one particu- lar faction.50 per model www. the latest game from Studio Tomahawk (reviewed this issue). Size-wise.

the detail is very good and the models are histori- cally accurate. the Saracen APC. This vignette shows this horrific but historically accurate practice. Warbases has released a range of post war British army vehicles. This does take a little time (I estimated 20 minutes a kit) but the results are very satisfying. these are slightly on the heroic side but nevertheless should fit in neatly with most existing ranges. complete with squashed victims and four Mongols.grippingbeast. the finished kits do look remarkably like their real life counterparts and could be detailed further by the modeller. Three are sitting and one is standing guard (or would perhaps make a good standard bearer).co. While some details are obviously simplified. The Kuwaiti Army for example used the Saladin. What you get is a resin It is simply amazing what you can make in MDF nowadays. Then again. I decided differently. The musketeers have marching and advancing poses plus command. These will be a boon to any Prussian Napoleonic player. A Mongol Victory Feast? Every Mongol player should have one! MDF Saracen & LWB Land Rover Company: Warbases Size: 1/56 Scale (28mm) Era: World War II Price: £9. Apart from their obvious use by the British. this would make an excellent general vignette for games. The current range includes the Series 1 Land Rover (Short Wheelbase and Long Wheelbase).00 for the Land Rover www. The fusiliers have marching. There is even a selection of pots and food containers to place on the vignette. making these very useful for small wars around the globe or for the Winter of ’79 campaign setting. who were slowly crushed. There are seven packs of line infantry currently. £7. Likewise.50 per pack of six miniatures It was once said that Front Rank did everything you need for Napoleonics – everything except Prussians.00 for the Saracen. These kits cross the border between MDF and high detail paper models. Each comes as a flat pack kit. Mongol Generals used to feast after a battle by piling up their enemies. with no mould lines or flash visible. the Mongols were more horse lovers than ‘people’ people. Mongol Victory Feast Company: Gripping Beast Size: 28mm ‘foot to eye’ or 34mm tall to plume top Era: Medieval Price: £10. advancing and skirmishing poses plus command. They didn’t do them… that is until now! Front rank has decided to start its Prussian range (covering the 1808 to 1815 period) by releasing musketeers and fusiliers. The casting is very good.war-bases. Coming next from Front Rank are five packs of Prussian Reservists in shako and cap. a turretless Ferret and the Humber Pig.indd 11 06/10/16 16:54 . The casting is good and despite its quite grim nature. these vehicles were widely sold around the world.frontrank. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 11 wss87. the Saladin Armoured Car (shown). WARGAMES. but given the nature of this nice but quite brutal vignette. putting planks on them and feasting on the dying.00 for the vignette www. which is assembled with instructions on the Warbases I was at first tempted to call this review ‘A Mongol Tea Party’. Being the ‘nice’ people they were. Napoleonic Prussians Company: Front Rank Size: 29mm ‘foot to eye’ or 35mm tall to top of shako Era: Napoleonic Price: £7. including Swordpoint.

This was a metal cast. it was es. but here the problem was simply the limitations of the technology at that time. The thinking was. I recall seeing the first GOM scanners. taking what seemed an Yes – these days it seems everyone is going digital! impossibly long age just to give us the tiniest of samples. sockets and small electrical components: by tool-makers schooled way back in the days when products that were relatively simple in form. However. This was – of course – hope- sentially flat but detailed with feathers. I remember thinking it didn’t manufacturers to realise the potential of the technology. They were Lesney (Matchbox) and Airfix were going strong. We gave them a piece to trial. Scan- stead for decades. it became possible to integrate the turers rooted in the fine traditions of model making that 3-D sculpting with the tool making. It wouldn’t That company was manufacturing moulds for things be unreasonable to say they were a dying art. but tool new state-of-the-art scanning technology as part of a CAD/ making. couldn’t give us what we needed. bleary-eyed chaps are staring intently at com- puter screens and jabbing thoughtfully at keyboards. wasn’t long before the company decided that they really men skilled in the art of putty-pushing and polishing. but it is not un. putty and tin-dollies. of kit that looked as if they’d been knocked up out of Mec- til recently that developments have enabled sculptors and cano by a crazed optician. dips and bumps made it almost impossible to know where to start. D esks that were once a glorious cacophony of scal- pels. Behind the scenes. where the traditional pattern making and pan- CAM solution for making plastic injection tools. taking a physical object – in models could be endlessly produced at the mere touch this case our sculpted original model – and converting it of a button. long-established crafts. and CAD/CAM pack- immediately reeling off a list of sculptors and manufac. As computers grew more powerful. littered with glittering metal and green models in diverse states of abandonment – concealing any number of stained coffee cups and half-eaten Mars bars – are now pristine clean and devoid of the dust and detritus of crea- tivity. to a scan- ner the curves. the process have stood the wargames and collectors hobby in good would not become routine until well into the 2000s. To start with the technology to be a process every bit as skilled. Even are abandoning the hard-won experience of a lifetime so. enthusiastically was that it was perceived as being deciding upon a sculpted wing. However. cess – the pattern making. The amount of data yielded by just a few centimetres of wing surface was almost impossible to process. This turned out the promise and the reality. cheaper. Even without a mechanical pattern. ning technology went through several iterations. hugely expensive pieces The change really started twenty years ago. We had a bit more success scan- ning the textured surface. and that was that. dental tools. of accountants – if not sculptors – even back then. it was the first glimpse of what was to come. By Rick Priestley COLUMN © Georgie Harman THIS GAMING LIFE GOING DIGITAL There’s a quiet revolution going on in the worlds of fantasy and science-fiction model design. In the 1990s. the design studio I was running at that time was The initial motive behind the development of 3-D im- approached by a local company keen to offer its brand age manipulation wasn’t really sculpting at all. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. Even though we had used what was to us a flat piece of metal. in favour of 3-D design packages. practised like plugs. time-consuming and struggled to even establish a datum – the base point from expensive as the old ‘hands on’ approach. These old-fashioned hands-on craft processes were expensive. But things are changing. ages more sophisticated. tography were severe limitations. where new the transition in technology.indd 12 06/10/16 16:54 . look much for the price of a Ferrari! Scanning allowed for The promise of the ‘Star Trek’ style ‘replicator’. probably a piece that had been made for a giant ea. As such. it be a good test of their ability to capture detail. I say ‘everyone’ and I’m sure the eagle-eyed reader will spot the hyperbole. was something that caught the imaginations into digital format that could be modified on a computer. obviously looking to exploit the new technology for one reason why the new technology was taken up so tool making generally. Again. It Even experienced sculptors. 12 WARGAMES. one of the most expensive parts of the tool making pro- gle or some other beastie of that kind. was still necessary to translate the digital data into a file format suitable for engineering and then marry the dig- The results pretty much summed up the difference between itised ‘pattern’ to the tool engineering. going digital would cut out ing. which a three dimensional design is created. We felt it would lessly optimistic.

It’s only to be expected that anyone for working with injection moulding tools: Geomagic’s undertaking a digital design course at college today will Freeform. if you don’t want to make they do if we started with the hobby in those halcyon a plastic injection tool. you can bet that Weird World War Two range was created in this way. tastes in such things will years ago. would I be sculptors be of much use were it not for their ability to the only one to miss those essential ‘craft’ qualities that output designs in a physical form. Freeform remains the premier design tool for be steeped in the aesthetics of the latest comics. somebody will be hunched for example. a frustrating compro. or at least None of that matters. identify and correct undercuts. nologies bring new skills and new ways of looking at It’s true of historical subjects too – but fantasy and simi. it is possible to agine that my claims of ‘charm’ and ‘character’ would build a 3-D model on a computer and ‘print’ it.4 million) were all designed digitally. Inevitably. for example. These things may be practical considerations. space men for wargamers as yet unborn. many to translate into a CAD/CAM process and therefore of them are inspired by comic art: the proportions and to use for automated plastic tooling. there was an obvious advantage in adopting a new and cently (raising a million dollars in 24 hours and going developing technology that was only going to improve on to raise 5. and horizontally exaggerated human proportions in the technical specs can read about the capabilities (which manage to ‘look right’ on a wargames table). So. The entire Konflikt 47 sensibilities. These way of those pattern-makers and pantographers: skilled newcomers are more like artists or graphic designers. who craftsmen who turned out all those Airfix and Matchbox just happen to be working with 3-D images rather than a kits in the 60s and 70s. away from the traditional aesthetic of the ‘wargames fig- apply suitable draft angles. over-scaled weapons (which don’t break in the although I claim no expertise – and anyone interested hand). SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 13 wss87. The result come across as mere nostalgia to anyone steeped in the in both cases is the same: a master model that can be used aesthetics of the comic book and video game. If the future belongs to the young (which I fear it does. the models for the Dark Souls over a keyboard. rather perfection of a 3-D render? I suspect not. Nor would the efforts of these new digital replaced by computers and keyboards. of Freeform on Geomagic’s own website. look and character that is radically different from today’s tal images without the cost or full capabilities of Free. At any rate. and who have long since been flat 2-D picture. it posing of their models bear more resemblance to the was easier than scanning a physical model and then work of comic book artists than anything else.indd 13 06/10/16 16:54 . somewhere. but they also help form our tastes and expectations. cal abilities lie closer to the world of video game design barring discoveries in the field of time-travel of which and more general types of digital design than to traditional I remain hopeful). Others are ‘cleaning up’ the scanned data. Judging from the results. hand-sculpted models I don’t know. plainly influenced by video games: the Dark Souls mod- mise that can potentially take longer than creating a els are derived from an established video game franchise. the only reason not rooted in the old aesthetic of the ‘toy soldier’ as iter- to generate a digital model was because it was easier ated over many decades. potential for tastes to swing that way. mean of that ‘Star Trek’ style replicator – will develop a like Pixologic’s ZBrush. Al. and – crucially – it can be ure’ that has developed in conjunction with wargamers’ used to create an industry standard file to run an auto. of course. Today.perhaps even delivered directly into our homes by Relatively cheap and accessible 3-D drawing programs. There is certainly a form. over time. it’s gamers may prefer models that reflect video game im- now top-of-the-range Ford expensive rather than Ferrari agery and computer generated graphics that feel more expensive like those GOM scanners we had all those familiar to them. tion models that are entirely designed on a computer but who can say how? One thing is for sure: new tech- screen and the ‘original’ is outputted via a 3-D printer. industry has recently been blessed with a new genera- tion of eager 3-D sculptors. sometime. Come what may though. to make a mould. new digital model from scratch. primarily because it allows the sculptor games. Their inspiration and techni. and contemporary animation. but which are still suitable for 3-D printing. but it’s a step closer for sure! Whether our computer generated armies of the future . change as one generation shuffles aside for the next. It’s a skill and a kind of art that processes of sculpting and model making are going the bears no relation to the model makers of years ago. we are a ways away from the ‘Star Trek’ replicator. Tomorrow’s war- though good quality 3-D printers remain expensive. If so. This is all a world to work out split lines. That’s why the pro. they are When we started with 3-D sculpting. as well as tapping into a young. And here’s where the wargames pre-digital and pre-internet days of yore. technically literate workforce that was only going to expand too. Now. painstakingly rendering goblins and game that caused such a sensation on Kickstarter re. Similarly. for the most part. It is the ‘coming of age’ mark out a traditionally made model from the digital of 3-D printers that has made this possible. then one wonders if the traditional wargames figure modelling. video 3-D sculpting. There’s obviously a lot of overlap between gram first developed for 3-D sculpting was designed these two media. we see many fantasy and science fic. WS&S WARGAMES. What I find especially interesting about this new genera- tion of sculptors is that now. enable sculptors to render digi. but I also im- than sculpt a model out of wire and putty. preferences for deeply rendered detail (which is easier mated milling machine. and ultimately change our perceptions and our larly fanciful subjects abound. things. This is generally an STL file – to paint).

The only problem is. face down. • Sheriff: You must • eliminate all the Outlaw and Ren- egade posses. with the exception of the • Deputies: You must Sheriff. keeping everyone on their toes. so you have to make some rapid deductions while the Sheriff’s posse. With a little bit of work. 2 Deputies WINNING The game ends if one of the following conditions is met: Shuffle the cards and give one. 3 Outlaws. 1 Deputy posse. your goal is to be Each player takes a role in the game. and But recently. 2 Outlaws pending on which roles are still in the game. Terrain and scenery is interchangeable – basically. 1 Deputy nario may well suddenly end with the elimination of a • 6 players: 1 Sheriff. her goal. he or she is the overall winner. the Sheriff and his Deputies win The aims of each player are as follows: (whether the Deputies are still in play or not). the aim of the game is to play cards other Outlaw pos- to eliminate your opponents and help your friends to ses to gain rewards! survive. but you need look no further than any 24-hour movie channel to find your- self engrossed in a whole slew of woodenly- acted black and white Westerns with scenario ideas bubbling up in between the advertisement breaks. 2 Outlaws. keep them secret until they are out of the game. 3 Outlaws. the sce- • 5 players: 1 Sheriff. the Outlaws win. • Renegade: You want to be the new Sheriff (or at ROLES least in charge of the town…). the real fun – and the last posse remaining in play.indd 14 06/10/16 16:54 . SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. so you is known to everyone at the beginning of the scenario can try to work out who is on your side and who is not is the Sheriff. there’s plenty of choice in the best rulebooks. If the Renegade is the only her card face up. Otherwise. I wanted to try something a bit different have no scruples thanks to the Wild West card game ‘Bang!’. by closely watching what they do. By Dan Mersey FEATURE A WILD WEST SHOOTOUT WITH A DIFFERENCE BANG! YOU’RE DEAD A small collection of Old West models is perhaps the most cost-effective ‘army’ a war- gamer can own. 14 WARGAMES. you’re good to go with any rules that hits the market. then he or she wins. reveal your card out as follows: to help the remaining players deduce who is who. 1 Renegade. once you have your cowboys painted and based. written When your posse is out of the game. Designed about eliminating by Emilano Sciarra. • 7 players: 1 Sheriff. Outlaws: You want to kill the Sheriff and his posse. the concealed and share his or role aspect of Bang! works superbly well on the tabletop. role on it! • All the Outlaws and the Renegade are eliminat- ed. if more than Remember: Don’t show anyone the card with your one Outlaw posse is in play. 1 Renegade. you don’t know whose side the other players are help and protect on. The Sheriff reveals himself or herself by turning his or • The Sheriff is killed. Make as many role cards as you have players. the real ‘game’ element – comes when you try to work There’s nothing to stop players telling everyone else out who is on your side and you should therefore be what their role is – whether telling the truth or lying helping… and who is not. De- • 4 players: 1 Sheriff. they all share the win. 1 Renegade. the bullets fly. The only player whose role about it – but actions speak louder than words. 1 Renegade. All other players look at their roles but posse still in play. In this case. If only one Outlaw remains in play. to each play- er. S cenario-wise.

There are plenty of backstories POSSES to write. each other player may field a se and all of the Outlaws are eliminated. In various rule sets. and then divide up one shot. SETTING UP sisting of. for example. Ran- lar hand weapon. fle shot range. at a ranch. Depending on the number of players you have. in the wilderness. translate as shown in the table below. it’s perfectly acceptable for everyone other than the Sheriff to start out with equal forces con. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 15 wss87. explaining why the Apaches have taken on You could allocate each player a set number of points the role of Deputy. rather than stick- Deputy and the Renegade are still in play. This • 2 Experienced hands means that your tabletop can be as empty or full as • 2 Greenhorns you wish – the gunfight could happen in the centre The Sheriff gets one extra Experienced hand. and so on first turn of the game. If the Sheriff ‘s pos. but at least one posse type of their own choosing. keep playing. cowboys. Go crazy with your sto- most rule sets for the Old West. and the other players deploying at equal gun. and one extra pistol distances around the table’s edge (or just beyond ri- between your models. depending on your table size). WS&S Posse members The Rules A Fistful Legends of Wargaming Dead using different With No of Lead the Old West Compendium Man’s rule sets Name Hand Veteran gunslinger Shootist Gunslinger Sheriff (or equiva. field a lawmen posse). again if you’re not playing with points. Experienced (2 Gunhand lent) wounds) Greenhorn Citizen Greenhorn Upstanding citizen Cowhand (1 Dude (or equivalent) wound) WARGAMES. rather than • 1 Veteran gunslinger (leader) achieving a defined objective on the tabletop. given that of a one-horse town. ommend the Sheriff’s posse deploying at the centre give each model a pistol. these posses domly determine who starts where. Otherwise it would be far too simple to work out who is on who’s side. for example: The beauty of this scenario is that winning and los- ing is based on semi-concealed roles. or the US Cavalry are playing to build their own posses from. If the Outlaws are eliminated but the Renegade and – I recommend that other than the sheriff (who must Sheriff remain in play. desperadoes. Hard man (3 Boss lent) wounds) Experienced hand Gunman Gang member Deputy (or equiva. The Sheriff – being in the centre of the table and If your chosen rules break down posses by type – therefore most vulnerable – holds the initiative in the lawmen. There’s a storm comin’ boys… Ain’t no lawdogs welcome here.indd 15 06/10/16 16:54 . outlaws. still win. Everyone carries a knife or simi. the Outlaws ing to the best match for their role in the scenario. despite losing their lives. or he’s going to be a target (or enough extra points to add even at a corral (whether it is the OK or otherwise). another model to his or her posse). which is catered for by as Renegades. one rifle or a second shotgun. of the table. I rec- Weapons-wise. too. but given the nature ryline – this is Hollywood’s Wild West! of this scenario.

she rode out with two of Castle. With his help Gruffudd ap Rhys would have a real chance of reclaiming part of his kingdom. They A map of the battlefield. at a site ap. Gwenllian and her small force were trapped. once the news of this new threat vred themselves in secret to the heights of Mynydd y reached Gwenllian. led an army to battle in 1136 against the Norman invader. may have been told by spies of the Welsh prince's plans. with the victory at Hastings. the conquered lands rolled over and embraced Norman rule. with the Normans temporarily weakened. led by a Welsh traitor. sword in with the River Gwendraeth running nearby. a rendezvous with the Norman lord Maurice de Lon- dres. He rode north for the kingdom of Gwynedd to ask for as- sistance from his father-in-law. together with her sons. This is her story. the reinforcements attacked from the top of the hill. She did so either The awaited reinforcements landed somewhere on the to await the Norman response. The survivors were rounded up. These kingdoms spent as much time fighting one another as they did resist- ing the Normans (and earlier invaders). they were preparing to launch a campaign against the rebels. her sons to attack the invader. For many years. was a hotbed of both resistance and localized infighting between different factions. Gwenllian led her small army towards Kidwelly. Donning her armour. Maurice rode out from Kidwelly battle. Gruffudd ap Cynan. and before Gwenllian had a chance to respond. One Welshwoman. in particular. Learning that numbers. The re- and pillage along the way. inspiring her men to fight against overwhelming proximately 2 miles from Kidwelly Castle. 16 WARGAMES.indd 16 06/10/16 16:54 . the Norman reinforcements had not yet arrived. The Normans were not sit- ting by idly however. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. W ales at this time was divided into a number of kingdoms. We can assume they took the opportunity to loot Unfortunately. inforcements. halting at the foot of Mynydd y Garreg (the ‘mountain of the stone’) Legend has it that Gwenllian fought gloriously. This was not the case. As the Normans were al. donned her armour and sword and. Two days after Gwenllian had taken position by her warriors and local population to muster ready for the banks of the river. but to no avail. In 1136. her plans went tragically wrong. op- position to Norman rule was ferocious. or to cut the Norman raid- coast of Glamorgan and commenced their march to ing parties off from Kidwelly Castle. she had to take action. the princess Gwenllian. Wales. had avoided con- ready raiding into Deheubarth from the direction of tact with Gwenllian’s intercepting force and manoeu- Kidwelly Castle. She called Garreg. prince Gruffudd ap Rhys of Deheubarth seized his opportunity. Expecting reinforcements. By Rob Broom FEATURE THE LAST WELSH WARRIOR PRINCESS GWENLLIAN OF THE GREAT REVOLT It is generally assumed that. hand. she sent a THE WARRIOR PRINCESS force to intercept them while she waited.

and English rain. but not too army was total. The woods should be the Welsh brought the Normans to battle at Crug Mawr Difficult terrain. having mustered a large army. or try all three. The Forces Following this victory. down many a Norman spine. The rivers should be Difficult terrain.000 were killed. Our scenario is inspired by the fields. but you should feel free allow it (for War & Conquest. Both these forces will be split into lian’s courage has earned the last warrior princess a two factions. Models by Gripping Beast. cluded in a smaller Welsh force of no greater than 900 points. LAST WARRIOR PRINCESS which should be commanded by a minor Welsh person- Wargamers usually like a reasonably balanced game. Around 3. the Welsh and 2200 for the Normans (adapt with similar olence were carved into Welsh history books. Flemish. and fording places or taken prisoner were reportedly guarded by Welsh wom. Owain and Cadwaladr bought retribution upon the Nor- mans. SCENARIO – GWENLLIAN. use the Combined forma- to come up with more or to amend them as you see fit. the Welsh were able to reclaim Using War & Conquest select 2000 points of troops for much of their lands. somewhat easier to move Welsh foe. combine them with regular warriors if your rules There are three possible options. Gwenl. Gwenllian should be in- place in Welsh history. except the large wood by the Welsh in- (the ‘great barrow’) . as they faced the enraged depending on your rules set. There is little information. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 17 wss87. Roll a die to determine which scenario op- tion you will fight. As army general. tion rule for Thegns and Ceorls from the Saxon army list). the war cry “Revenge The table should be set as indicated on the map. In the battles that followed. en. these should be the smallest unit. ality. ter still. through than ‘Difficult’ terrain). WARGAMES. adding up the results to Gwenllian’s husband Gruffudd ap Rhys and her brothers determine who had the best chance overall. games rules. or bet- Gwenllian’s intercepting force been more successful. It is likely that Gwenllian’s force was hastily pulled and refighting the battle as it happened historically would together and would have consisted of mainly men from be a very one-sided affair. and many tales of heroism and vi. leaving the remainder in the intercepting force. bridges should be placed where the road crosses them. while the Welshmen continued the pursuit. and those wide. ratio for other rules). Maurice de Londres The scenario is written with War & Conquest in mind. but showed no mercy.indd 17 06/10/16 16:54 . had line Welsh list. Normans spread terror by raiding a Welsh village. The for Gwenllian” was taken up and no doubt sent a shiver Mynydd y Garreg hill is classed as Uneven terrain (or. which should be Uneven ter- rout of the combined Norman. so if taking the Teulu option from the free on- the events of the battle and the possible outcomes. including a wounded Gwenllian. but the tercepting force’s position. 2” or 3” should be sufficient. He ordered the immediate beheading can be used with most other ancient and medieval war- of Gwenllian upon the field of battle. Later in 1136.

The other force should be com. is routed or destroyed. Ambush (1 or 2) The Welsh intercepting force is deployed as on the map. onto the table from Point A on either or both roads at the start of the first Norman turn. If 80 per cent of the Norman force from the castle Norman Victory. but he should is insufficient room. The death of Gwenllian or the destruc. One of the Norman forces should be no greater than 800 Having failed to intercept the Norman reinforcements. have influence on the troops under his command. the Welsh gain a minor victory. If Norman Victory. Gwenllian’s deployment position is fixed throughout and her force may move from the start of the first Welsh turn. As they are hurrying to meet the table from Point B at the start of the first Norman turn. The death of both Norman commanders the destroy or rout of 70 per cent of the Norman forces. The Norman reinforcements are deployed in column or other disadvantaged formation. onto the table from Point D to the top right-hand corner. Alterna- tively. points. if required. The death of Gwenllian and the de- both complete their victory conditions. For other ployed up to 12” onto the table from Point A. Maurice. the game is a draw. History man reinforcements move onto the table from within 6” shows they certainly had the initiative. Gwenllian’s Last Stand (3 or 4) vention Points to win Strategic Advantage. of Point D at the start of the first Norman turn. and this should be commanded by Maurice using the Welsh intercepting force moves onto the table at a Dux or Lord profile. forces. they may placed on the road at Point B and the remainder move onto enter when there is space). let the Normans take the first turn. get at least 50 per cent of both Norman forces off Norman Victory. and stretch from Point C One unit from the Norman reinforcements should be toward Point B (and off the table. The death of both Norman commanders or Scenario Options (roll a D6) the destruction or rout of 60 per cent of the Norman forces. they should also be considered Disordered un- til they pass a Command test. The death of Gwenllian or the destruc- the table at Point A. although she Maurice and the Norman force from the castle are de- can use them for other dice rolls as normal. Welsh Major Victory: Kill both Norman commanders or Welsh Victory. Any Welsh skirmishers in this Maurice and the Norman force from the castle move force may be placed up to 6” further forward in the wood. Don’t let the Norman invaders pass! Gwenllian should not be allowed to use Strategy Inter. Point B from the start of the first Welsh turn. struction of 80 per cent of the Welsh force with her.indd 18 06/10/16 16:54 . Full Engagement (5 or 6) ready to launch its ambush. they will have to await their turn. Vicious fight at a ford. tion or rout of 75 per cent of the Welsh forces. WS&S 18 WARGAMES. or the destruction or rout of 70 per cent of the Norman 60 Percent destruction or rout gains a Minor Victory. Maurice and the Norman The Welsh intercepting force should be moved back from force from the castle enter from Point A on either or the position marked on the map and are deployed up to 6” both roads at the start of the second Norman turn. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. tion or rout of 70 per cent of the Welsh forces. The Nor- game systems. If there manded by a minor Norman personality. Welsh Victory.

wss87.indd 19 06/10/16 16:54 .

engaged by the Jagdpanthers from positions near St. they engaged the period has something that should appeal to many. the British attack gained the upper hand and pushed into Geel. Other Jagd- rearguard actions to armoured encounters. The company fielded seven Jagdpanthers. 20 WARGAMES. In the evening of the 10th of Sep- gamer who wants a more historical focus to their games. In response to the British gains. not just full-scale airborne operations: from desperate Dimpna’s church on the outskirts of Geel. against Kampfgruppe Dreyer. and hicles. only two Jag- rules in order to refight them. The fighting carried on for several days. While Operation Market-Garden steals the limelight in the pe- riod between Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge. The first casualties were The period is also relatively overlooked among the more three Shermans from C Squadron of the Sherwood Rang- popular periods of the war. The fighting panthers attacked further south of Geel at Winkelholm. By Piers Brand FEATURE ARMOUR ACTION IN BELGIUM AN AUTUMN STORM By the end of August 1944 the campaign in Western Europe was finally achieving what it had set out to do. Instead of a quick victory. After wearing down the German Army in Normandy. in Belgium and Holland during the autumn and winter of but were driven off by the artillery fire of the complete 1944 and then into 1945 offers a great deal for the WW2 74th Field Regiment. By early September 1944 the British War Cabinet began to look at 31 December 1944 as a possible date for the end of the war against Hitler’s Germany. to more standard ‘big cats’. From the esoteric mix of thrown-together preventing the capture of Geel seemed unlikely at this German Kampfgruppen consisting of odd obsolete ve. along with the previous article on the Liberation of Arnhem. In This article aims to look at two actions during this pe. point. British forces in a series of small skirmishes. operating in pairs to hunt British tanks. H owever it was not to be.indd 20 10/10/16 11:39 . and suf- riod. and yet it offers much. the fighting in this over the course of a day and night. HUNTING IN PAIRS – GEEL. and de- spite ferocious resistance. the following German collapse and Allied advance had been so rapid that it seemed in- credible to some. Map for Geel scenario. By the end of the fighting. it will hopefully of- fer a window onto a period of the war that is not as pop- ular or as well-known as it perhaps should be. The stats are given in terms of the Battlegroup series of games. however the Orders of Battle are universal and should be adaptable to any WW2 games system. a force composed of units from 85th Infanterie Division and Grenadier-Regiment 723. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. 10 SEPTEMBER 1944 During early September the British crossed the Albert Canal and pushed to take Geel from the Germans. this attack the Jagdpanthers were used as tanks. supported by platoons from the 2nd Cheshires and their machine guns. the German resistance increased and the Allied ad- vances slowed. and ers. and offer historical scenarios for the Battlegroup fered as a result. far more hard fighting would be the order of the day. as the tabletop. Over several days a protracted fight was fought by the Durham Light Infantry and Green Howards of 69th Bri- gade from the 50th Northumbrian Division. along with tanks from the Sherwood Rangers. all seven Jagdpanthers joined with Kampfgruppe Dreyer in an attack to eliminate the British positions. tember. the Germans commit- there are a wealth of hard-fought actions and campaigns ted 1st Company Panzerjäger Abteilung 559 to a coun- that offer the wargamer much inspiration to refight on ter-attack aimed at containing the British advance. Over September and then into October and November 1944.

indd 21 06/10/16 16:55 . dpanthers were still operational. the (Senior Officer. On a result of 3+ the unit wood Rangers had been knocked out. The flares last only for the Ger- ing. with two more still has rounds left and may fire as normal. Artillery Spotter. The short battle during the Parachute Flares in his turn. But the British had taken heavy losses small size of this engagement. A Jadgpanther advances .Brigadier Gordon and two staff in jeep his table edge. both sides should track during the German counter-attacks. There are no objectives on the table. and a further -1 to hit all targets. the next time the unit wishes to fire. During the confused night fight. Roll again damaged. • 3 x Rifle Teams – Five men and Panzerfaust • 3 x LMG Teams – Three men and MG42 All British forces must deploy first to the west of the crossroads and 1d3 units may start on Ambush Fire. Brigadier Gordon and his staff were almost overrun man turn and play reverts back to the nighttime rules in and Leutnant Kossack commanding the attack had his the following British turn. Due to the in need of repair. The first scenario recreates the fighting at the Doorn- boom Crossroads between two of the Jagdpanthers and The Germans made great use of parachute flares during their supporting infantry and the 6th Green Howards the battle. The (Senior Officer. up to three times during night led to the loss of two Shermans and several carriers the game. and one of those was result is decided solely on Battle Rating. values with no penalties. 50th Division had ammunition used as normal but when a unit reaches suffered severe losses and eleven Shermans of the Sher. However. any British troops Jagdpanther knocked out. During the turn the flares are fired. It was a night battle that was on ‘Ambush Fire’ may of course benefit from the flares confusing to all in the extreme.they are great tank killers but don’t make for great tanks. The battle is German Infantry Platoon (Regular): fought at night and all troops have their spotting range • Platoon HQ – Five Men reduced to 20”. Regular) two houses near the crossroads are of brick construction Jagdpanther (Regular) and offer hard cover for any troops in them. ‘zero’ ammunition. plus 15 British carriers were also knocked out. if firing during the German turn. The British Forces – Battle Rating 29 German player may deploy all his forces up to 10” from FHQ . the German player may fire and the Sherwood Rangers. roll 1D6. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 21 wss87. Regular) WARGAMES. The battlefield should consist of the crossroads and lanes German Forces – Battle Rating 20 that crisscross the area plus plenty of trees and bushes FHQ – Jagdpanther of Leutnant Gerhard Kossack that line the roads and allow for easy concealment. To simulate this. all spot- as a platoon from the Green Howards were shot up as ting tests and to hit rolls are made at normal ranges and they tried to advance.

while 3 x Sherman (1 x Officer). A small farm complex should 22 WARGAMES.indd 22 06/10/16 16:55 . Their reinforcements arrive from Turn 5 at the rate of 1D6 units per turn. still deadly in 1944. As British troops advanced up the being lit up like “Guy Fawkes night gone mad” due to road from Hechtel. Those who but fierce battle at the Karrestraterheide crossroads fought in the engagement commented on the evening outside Neerpelt. This scenario starts with only the British recce ar- moured cars on table on Turn 1 and then 1D6 units arriving from Turn 3. 1 x Firefly on the German side. 3 squadron Grenadier Guards. before a main crossroads. The Germans start with all initial defenders placed within the centre third of the table. a unit equipped with ob- • 1 x Carrier with three men and PIAT solete vehicles for training use. Canal and finding the now famous ‘Joe’s Bridge’ in- The ensuing short but intense battle saw four German tact. another reconnaissance group fought a short tanks knocked out. The British cautiously advance – Jadgpanthers on the defence are still dangerous. The terrain should be lightly scattered with trees and low The dreaded 88. reinforced by the British with infantry and Sherman Tank Squadron. and some flak guns from Flak-abteilung 602 plus three Sturmgeschutze JOE’S BRIDGE? GORING’S RAILWAY – from 2./Fallschirm Panzer Ersatz und Ausbildungs-Reg- • 1 x Carrier with three men and 2” Mortar iment Hermann Goring. though neither side may claim an ‘all objectives secured’ victory . it reached a railway crossing just the burning vehicles and ammunition cooking off from the vehicles engulfed in flames. plus seven of their guns. All British recce units may deploy up to 10” from the British table edge. Sherwood Rangers (Regular) – tanks from No. hedges around the roads. Around this area a battle dier) – 8 men with Bren in truck sprung up. the fierce resistance was mainly Two Carrier Sections (Regular): conducted by Kampfgruppe Schulz comprised of the • 1 x Carrier with three men and Bren II. Infantry Section (Regular – Close Protection for Briga. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87./559 Panzerjager Abteilung. Both the level cross- ing and the crossroads count as objectives for both sides. KARRESTRATERHEIDE.the enemy must be cleared from the field of battle to secure the road network. SEPTEMBER 10TH 1944 The battle raged from the afternoon and into the even- While scouting for a route over the Maas-Scheldt ing around the railway crossing and over the crossroads.

possession the following vehicles and guns: 9x 2cm Flak towed by truck. 3x 2cm Flak towed by truck 1x heavy artillery gun towed by truck. Officer.Kfz. 1x Sd.250 nature of the formations they had to use.Kfz. 2x light artillery guns towed by truck. and the 1x SPW Sd. C/D war setting in your games. Other Equipment 2x Hummel On the 1st of September 1944 the unit had in its 1x 2cm Flakvierling towed by truck. 2x Pz. Mor- tar Spotter. units such as 3x Pz.231 (8 rad) WARGAMES.250 with AT gun utilisation of all manner of equipment. III Ausf. Reserve.132) and shows how training units and similar forces were thrown into combat as the crisis grew.Kfz. 1 x Firefly Carrier Section (Regular): Carrier Section (Regular): • 1 x Carrier with three men and Bren • 1 x Carrier with three men and Bren • 1 x Carrier with three men and 2” Mortar • 1 x Carrier with three men and 2” Mortar • 1 x Carrier with three men and PIAT • 1 x Carrier with three men and PIAT Reinforcements Off-Table Battery of 3” Mortars – Usable from Turn 1 WS&S Forward HQ – Three men and Dingo Scout Car (Regu- lar. M5 Radio Half-track (Communications) Jadgpanthers make poor tanks. III Ausf. Also. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 23 wss87. Artillery Spotter) Panzer 1’s in Belgium in 1944? You heard correct. Scout. For wargam- ers who love their ‘Big Cats’. this isn’t the period RGt. be placed as shown on the map. Reconnaissance unit. I teric unit to model their forces after. 2x four wheeled armoured car.221 or 222 ing the Autumn of 1944 is typified by the ad-hoc 2x SPW Sd. Panzer Company for you.62 gun (Marder II nice example of the desperate nature of the period. N Hermann Goring offer some real opportunities to 2x Pz. III Ausf.Kfz. 5x medium artillery guns towed by truck. Sd. B (Inexperienced) StuG III Ausf C (Inexperienced) 2 x Rifle Teams – 5 men with Panzerfaust (Regular) 2 x MG Teams – 3 men with MG42 (Regular) 2 x sMG42 Teams – 3 men with sMG42 on tripod (Regular) 1 x 88mm Flak 36 and tow 1 x Pak 40 AT gun and tow Reinforcements Map for Göring’s Railway scenario. D/E model and use some unusual models during the late 4x StuG. M (Inexperienced) Panzer I Ausf. German Forces – Battle Rating 32 Initial Defenders Panzer III Ausf.indd 23 10/10/16 11:41 . This should be one or two buildings with a high brick wall around them. M Fallschirm Panzer Ersatz und Ausbildungs-Regiment 2x Pz. Platoon HQ – 5 men (Officer. G (Regular) • Platoon HQ – 4 men with 2” Mortar (Officer. Grenadier Guards (Regular) – (Regular. / Sd. Mortar Spotter). Regular) 2 x Rifle Teams – 5 men with Panzerfaust (Regular) 2 x MG Teams – 3 men with MG42 (Regular) British Motor Infantry Platoon (Regular) 2 x StuG III Ausf. Scout) • 3 x Rifle Section – 8 men with Bren in M5 Halftrack 1 x Daimler Armoured Car Sherman Tank Squadron. Reserve. but for the gamer looking for a more eso. Kampfgruppe Schultz The situation the German Army found itself in dur.Kfz. IV Ausf. RGt. Senior Officer. The unit also acts as a 3x Panzerjager II with Soviet 7. Regular) in M5 Halftrack British Forces – Battle Rating 40 • PIAT Team – 2 men with PIAT (Regular) in PHQ Recce Group M5 Halftrack 2 x Daimler Armoured Cars (Regulars. Mortar Spotter) 3 x Sherman (1 x Officer.

When I to be a good solution. The re. paint boxes of figures and game regularly. before they return to the hobby. I gamed once a week at the club every Thursday and tried to squeeze in a few more games here and there on weekends and holidays. I had a good-sized group of close gaming friends and every year there would be a new drive to game a particular period or rule set. At about the same time some of my regular opponents started to drop away too. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. simpler games with minimal effort. Colourful and detailed. I got to play with them quickly as well. when I missed a quicker. A lack of motivation to paint or to game and a waning interest in the hobby in general is something I read regularly on gaming blogs. I was The impact became cyclical – the more I stayed away no longer having to push my way through several the less bothered I became about turning up. hundred figures to get an army completed. I’ve gone back to some projects that might not be cle and those fanatical acolytes suddenly were not classed as proper wargaming by some people. eminently manageable. My games started to drop off. The I also managed to get a set of Tusk rules to play with yearning to paint and game never completely disap. years or decades hunters and some mammoths or other prey. or people somehow painting a Blood Bowl team or ten seemed had booked up the next few weeks ahead. I was committed to gaming… T hen things changed in the space of a year. Twelve or so figures seemed found I had less games I started turning up less often. Ill- bits of painting. I hadn’t few weeks because of other commitments. It can in fact. I used to shake my head at the lack of commitment from other gamers in my club and think what they were missing out on. around for regular games. Work then took up a month of Thursday evenings and therefore I got no games in. We would all get enthusiastic about it and read and watch everything available on that topic. I arrived brought or painted a fantasy figure in years but to find I’d missed the boat on new projects. Tusk is a prehistoric hunting game that is peared but faded as a priority to a secondary concern. I found it tricky to get to the club regu- larly. Time has passed and work continues to be hard. It needs a dozen or so Many people leave it for much longer. Crucially sult was a six month dry spell. When I turned up to the These are small on numbers of figures and allow for club I found I didn’t have games.indd 24 06/10/16 16:55 . ACHIEVABLE PROJECTS ness and new jobs suddenly changed my gaming cir. I ran the odd game (quite possibly a lot more gaming than some of our readers do who still class themselves as committed gamers). I can’t say that I’m fully back into the hobby again but there are a few things which have helped me to reignite that spark. Work became harder and harder. my boys. I kept up a few be set up in ten minutes and requires half an hour 24 WARGAMES.DISCUSSION By Mark Backhouse REDISCOVERING YOUR WARGAMES MOJO GETTING BACK IN THE SADDLE The wargaming blues seems to be something that many gamers suffer with from time to time. very simple and good fun. For years I had always been a real enthusiast. Home life changed.

they have allowed me age of space. I’m not a trained psychologist or self-help expert. especially 6mm figures. Some wonder if I can keep my renaissance of the hobby of my ideas were simply too big in the larger scales. money and painting time many of us to game grand sized battles in smaller spaces with feel. modelling. Over the next year I’ve prom- 2mm games. This links in with the next point. This will be a tricky one. Other gamers suffering from wargaming blues the Siege of Portsmouth game ready. I’m not claiming to be fully back in the saddle again which is that I also went small. Go skirmish! TUSK being played. with wargaming. While some people style skirmish games like this is a result of the short. less investment of time. It gave me a buzz. Communicating might have other distractions and priorities that prevent regularly with club members is also important. 2mm figures might be far Lack of inspiration . Both of these games have fun rules that don’t re. I think as long as the rules are good. I had a Twitter account that was so cannot easily be done even in 6mm! inactive I might as well have closed it down.indd 25 06/10/16 16:55 . From the regular appearances of vari- piece of encouragement helped. to play. How- ever. I’d like to claim that I’m not vain ing the wargaming forums several times a day. Go real small! 2mm ECW in play. researching and gam- done. They are also light Siege of Portsmouth game and say it didn’t look visu- enough that other wavering gaming friends might just ally impressive. I smaller scale figures. For more ideas. the terrain has had time spent on it and the models have been well painted. Its too them from investing the time they need to gaming. Even I can manage to squeeze that in to my large forces in 1:1 scale and get a sense of comple- busier schedule. I’m not suggesting they are the from time to time. The next project might well be 28 legions Sharing with other people what I’ve been doing has slogging it out at Philippi… a dream of mine that also been useful. I easy to miss out on games because you have not been find the more you put in. most enough to find this important. going following these ideas? WS&S The fiscal limitations were there. I’m addicted to check- and encouragement. You’ll probably get an inkling of my GO SMALL enthusiasm for the hobby over the next year or two I’ve already waxed lyrical about the benefits of by the number of articles I send to Guy at WSS. able to make it to the club. the more you get out of it. but the time issue was even more inhibiting. wargaming is fantastic in SHARING THE ENTHUSIASM any scale. give them a go even if it isn’t their ‘usual thing’. It ous wargaming personalities I see that I am not alone made me want to paint more. I hope. I’d defy anyone to look at my quire a huge amount of looking up. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 25 wss87.something we all struggle with too small for many. As I posted up pictures it produced feedback ing. recently I’ve found it really helpful for sharing THE INTERNET – GOOD AND BAD good ideas and linking up with other gamers from The internet can be a great thing in terms of commu- further afield who have the same rather specialised nication with other gamers but I’ve also found it to be interests. In six weeks I had got in this. Not many people are into 17th Century a massive drain on time. check out this video holy grail for gamers. but my chats with Sidney Roundwood ised myself to spend less time flicking through blogs have. stirred up both of our enthusiasm in and more time actually doing the things I like best the same way as regular club meetings might have which are painting. Planning ahead and being pro-active will WARGAMES. I suspect the growth in other smaller tion in a short period of time. but they allowed me to paint on the WS&S YouTube channel: http://bit. Every often as a lurker. might say ‘I can’t see them!’. It’s just not true.

them. I shall try cook. I was I started with Higgins figures. Although the centri. learning to cast Fimo. then in silicone rubber This was actually a very sophisticated (encouraging!). He supplied me with Vinagel polymer clay. I have remoulded and recast done the torso and legs - some of the original castings. I stuck with the Polymer Clay. I had to buy a Baby Belling cooker to cure it . who- showed me how he worked: he carved his figures from blobs of solder formed on wire loops (since at that time epoxy putties were unavailable). nably. first in plaster (hopeless). I had a table in the at at. which transformed the whole figure making world. I didn’t get the chance until I was at university in 1970. This could then be pressed Plas- then carefully mould them in plaster to get in the Vulcaniser. I became ob. remove from tile and to finish them as the 1:1 company I started add the back. I model without an arma- ture. definitely. but before long well practised using it once I I made my own 20mm figures to supply the started modelling wargame poses I really wanted. archaeological models that were tic and set out to do a little ECW war-gaming. any pattern well for forty years. sold in toyshops. Then make a mould in silicone rubber. my living at the time. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. The best technique Recently. figure had to be strong enough to stand the vulcanising process. making model soldiers many as you want from that.. So. you can alter and add to a it to my reference collection of one of Polymer Clay figure almost in- everything I have ever made. on covered my ECW figures.indd 26 06/10/16 16:55 . and so on. I met Les Higgins of Phoenix Miniatures. where a lecturer asked me to make some biological models. I had a clear out and redis. harden them with cellulose dope. in full relief.. By Tony Barton FEATURE A SCULPTOR’S FIRST INSPIRATION NOSTALGIA IN TIN As a teenager in the sixties. The Now I really must finish those little chaps usual method was to create solder and make a base for them and get a per per- masters. both in re-enacting and ly for making one-off figures for the wargaming. So long as it’s not making 40 years ago.. like Higgins did. Around the same time. and I never went commercial with the idea of figure sculpting until later in my life. and if under-heated broke on handling. In the later 1970s. is the same technique I have used fuge with vulcanised rubber mould ever since and it’s served me very had long been in use. Real life intervened figures professionally in 1985. It will nice to add overcooked. which by the 1980s was a much- I used the spare Vinagel to start sculpting improved product called small figures for myself. Before long. I thereafter became obsessed with making my own figures. manent case made . This was not easy. An al. modelling material which I used most- sessed with the English Civil War. was to make them flat. I have resur. as if they were to see them binned. a metal copy. Unhappy a small tile.if overheated it smoked abomi- ternative was to make the masters in Plas ticene. cook that. Once you have rected them. Practice made perfect. and cast as In the 1960s. epoxy clays became available. WS&S 26 WARGAMES.

indd 27 06/10/16 16:55 .wss87.

wss87.indd 28 06/10/16 16:55 .

indd 29 06/10/16 16:55 .wss87.

he at. Both Scots to support Charles II as the legitimate ruler of the ended in defeat and Charles had to recall Parliament to al. although Laud not until 1645. the Scots themselves had split. Charles attempted to enter Parliament to arrest veloped ‘bullet proof armour’ which was sold to unsus- five representatives and this failed completely. he was unable to act All through this. He attempted to enforce once and for all. with the army of the Solemn League and Cove- nant allying with Parliament in England and a pro-Royalist army lead by Montrose supporting the King (Charles was of a Scottish royal house after all). He believed in the divine right of Kings . Sieges saw the development of petards. There was a series of battles with Montrose fighting an heroic campaign against overwhelming odds. Hitting a breastplate with a hammer and in London was enormous and Charles fled to the North of claiming it was where a bullet was shot at it presented England. with obsolete weapons being dumped into Wentworth’s death was an attempt to appease Parliament. England (and Scotland) had very few military leaders with worth. paigns of the war. Dragoons were making their slow evolution – King – saw rifts occurring throughout England as friends in this period they were infantry mounted on poor horses and families split. while the fight as cavalry. By the time the wars ended. It showed during the opening cam- ecuted. By Eoghan Kelly THEME THIS WAR WITHOUT AN ENEMY A VERY ENGLISH CIVIL WAR While much of Europe had torn itself apart in the Thirty Years War. The outbreak of rebellion in Ireland in October 1641 – primar. hoisted his standard in Nottingham in August. However. The outcry pecting officers. apart from a few expeditions in the 1620s to support the Protestant sides. he finally. lead to two very inexperienced armies clashing in the 30 WARGAMES. Parliament refused to be quieted and in a sin. and even the hand grenade. in the European wars. but in fact it hastened the outbreak of armed conflict. England and Scotland). A s soon as Charles I of the House of Stuart was crowned in 1625. land – and Cromwell punished them for it… low him to raise revenues to pay indemnities to the Scots. walls. As his reign progressed. thereby (for Charles was the Monarch of the Three Kingdoms – defeating Prince Rupert and losing Yorkshire for the King Ireland. Far worse was the deplorable state of equipment. The matchlock musket slowly gave way to the firelock or ily caused by fear of Parliament’s actions in defiance of the flintlock. claiming the King wished delivered by hand to blow gates open or to bring down to rule as a tyrant without any checks on his power. One side backed the King. he immediately attempted to govern without the support of Parliament. It was almost exclusively fought in England and Scotland. the Scots to march on York in time to bring a significant tempted to reform and remodel aspects of his Kingdoms number of troops to the field of Marston Moor. A VERY ENGLISH CIVIL WAR peached Charles’ two principle supporters.indd 30 06/10/16 16:55 . north of the border.there was no room for negotiation on this. decrying Parliament. which prompted execution of the King by the English Parliament lead many the outbreak of the Bishops’ Wars in 1639 and 1640. Charles dabbled in sup- port for various sides in the Thirty Years War but ultimately. claiming he to be able to march and deploy faster.. England by the European powers. but his reversals in 1644 allowed in any significant manner. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. Archbishop of any real experience apart from those who had served as Canterbury. it is estimated that close to 10% of the entire population was dead. mercenaries or were part of the few English expeditions gular act of revenge the two were both subsequently ex. but the had not been idle during this period and so August merely only real testing ground was in the heat of battle. Parliament Tactics were well written about and adopted. England sat quietly to one side and had precious little involvement in mainland affairs. This defined what both sides had been doing – raising armies. Following a period of manoeuvre and speeches many a business opportunity without risk of complaint. Some armourers de- ary 1642. other side supported Parliament. Parliament was eager to exact a cost from Charles and im. Earl of Strafford and William Laud. In Janu. starved of revenue to raise armies. and rather dramatically.. By 1649 the mood had changed – the Anglicanism as the religion of Scotland. a slow burning fuse was lit in England which would ignite a powder keg that would herald the bloodiest war in English history. Thomas Went. never intended to was being hindered and betrayed by Parliament.

and unarmoured pikemen. there are many sets. would have roughly 770 for all that. A few (many?) years ago at Salute there was a display of the Bat- There’s a good variety of units. many sieges. es- of the war and was. and Ironsides by Howard Whitehouse. but a failure by both sides fin. limited forces and many. so what are you waiting for – for God.indd 31 06/10/16 16:55 . The Kingdom is Ours by James Daniels. and the civil- manner.ready for battle. I am sure there are mous red-coated army that England and Britain would many more sets available. ers. often free to download online. in fact. diocre military career in the 1620s before rising to hold high command. Some pikemen deliberately shortened their pikes. Volunteer units were raised by the boroughs of Lon. in 6mm and in 1:1 scales – the game board fully armoured cavalry. lancers. DBR. was six metres wide!! There are a whole host of figure Infantry used the pike and shot system. with disastrous consequences. on English soil. frightening (to their own be fought. skilled and inept. ways brought his pet poodle on campaign with him. shotte and horse . with armoured manufacturers out there from 3mm to 54mm. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 31 wss87. accidentally shot him in the neck. this is a fascinating period. The Earl of Man. epic sieges. The Civil Wars (for there were really three. huge battles. for Parliament and for the King! WS&S WARGAMES. © Perry Miniatures Pike. a battle that could have chester went on campaign with a hearse carrying his cof- ended the wars there and then. don to defend Parliament and tribal armies fought for and the old Foundry set 1644. and Prince Rupert al- ers is the limited size and sheer diversity of the armies. for troops as often as not). one would have been the biggest army fielded in the course which saw Parliament ultimately execute the King. there were a mul. crush both the Scots and the Irish and also launch the New Model Army into Eu- Aside from the principle ‘big battles’. how they deployed and the tactics used. Artillery was seen in full effect for the first time Clarence Harrison. if fielded by a gamer in ian population suffered enormous privations too – but its entirety with a 1:20 ratio. The New Model Army. DBM/DBMM. one after the The armies themselves were small by any standards and other) were brutal. as civil wars normally this lends itself to tabletop gaming in a very convenient are. to see the armies you want to game: for the bigger battles the smaller scales involved. Moreover the conflict is exceptionally well documented and so it is In order to build your armies you need to look at what very easy to study the wars in detail. variety. The leaders that some mad characters and some brilliant campaigns to rose and fell were colourful. and at the end came the birth of the fa. and personalities involved. just in case! The Earl of Essex had a completely me- saw the war drawn out into nine years of on-off conflict. one which has infantry. savage wars. some old tried and tested There were even some units of longbow-equipped arch. titude of smaller battles. Once Upon a Time in the West Country. opening engagement at Edgehill. Neither cared much for any other part of the a lot of newer rules such as Victory Without Quarter by realm. trotters. 50 dragoons and two guns! This had a lasting impact on the future United Kingdom. strategic campaigns fought by There are colour. and gallopers. Forlorn Hope. For cavalry you have tle of Naseby. will give you a better feel for the scales involved. ones such as WRG Second Edition. 330 cavalry. ropean Wars as well as conquests in the New World. with little quarter asked for or given. England. deploy across the globe over the coming centuries. never seen in its entirety. troop types. Rules wise. Cromwell himself narrowly escaped GAMING THE ENGLISH CIVIL WAR death at Marston Moor when one of his own troopers What makes this war such a fascinating period for gam. tablish the Commonwealth. Recently there have been Cornwall.

By Michael Leck THEME THE SWEDISH INFLUENCE ON THE BATTLE OF NEWBURN WEAPONS FOR THE REBELS ‘Is he for real?’ you must think. such a riot ensued that he and the bishop fled in fear. by which they bound themselves to and smashed through the earth-work defences. As compen- sation for arrears of pay. at Edinburgh. ‘Does he really mean that the Swedes were involved in the prelude to the English Civil War?’ Finding a Swedish connec- tion was hard but eventually I managed to find some interesting information regarding how Sweden influenced the start of the English Civil War. They cre- ated new Scottish bishops. With only 3. Newburn was the first true action in the English Civil War. called the the men led by Lord Conway. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. who fought as Field Marshal under Gustavus Adol. If the Scots crossed at New. peace. and both sides openly prepared for conflict. Les- lie’s gunners set up their Swedish artillery on the higher ground north of the Tyne and in the tower of the church aid of troops if necessary. Leslie led his men into England where they quickly reached the strategically vital cross- ing of the River Tyne at Newburn.indd 32 06/10/16 16:56 . The Army of the Covenant quickly swung eastwards along the southern bank of the King Charles I marched north in 1639 with an army. the Swedes supplied the depart- ing Scots with batteries of cannon and many muskets. Not only was the army of the Covenant well led. opposite Newcastle. The Royalist soldiers scattered. With the exception of the bridge at Newcastle (in Royalist hands). ecution and the founding of a British republic – all with sional army to campaign in Britain since Roman times. and lead to Charles’ ex- phus of Sweden. The King ordered the enforcement of the new prayers with the burn and attacked the walled city of Newcastle from the south. with Leslie. Scots were known as ‘Covenanters’ by the English. 32 WARGAMES. However the stubborn Scots of St Michael and. As the cannon but at the ‘Pacification of Berwick’. After this. further disastrous consequences. and horses.000 Scots. but when the Dean of St Giles. In late August 1640. it was the lowest crossing point before the sea and there was a bridge as well as a ford. the Scots crossed the ford ‘National Covenant’. the forces of King Charles I were still based on the medieval levy and would be no match for the Scots. They called upon Sir Alexander tually force the king to recall the English Parliament. keep their kingdom free from religious interference. began to read the new liturgy. Charles wasn’t ready and was short of money. Newburn was vital in the coal trade – collier ships made their way down the Tyne to supply London with fuel. the city wisely surrendered. He mustered what was the first profes. The Royalists knew that too but did not have sufficient forces to coun- ter Leslie’s advance. it was well trained and well equipped by the Swedish army. after a barrage rained down shot on signed a document in every parish church. In com- parison. they would gain a great advantage.500 men. King Charles I and Arch- bishop Laud endeavoured to force on Scotland the religious services of the Church of England. the Royalist army was vastly outnumbered by the 20. A Scottish column marching south. In reality. river to Gateshead. The defeat on the Tyne would even- stores. both sides declared were once more deployed. arms. Everyone knew that war would come sooner or later. he had negotiated with the Swedish Riksråd (State Council) to have 300 Scottish officers decommissioned from the Swedish army as well as more than a thousand hardened soldiers. the conflict between Charles I and his subjects caught fire in all of his three kingdoms – so to call it purely The Scots began their preparations and rapidly collected ‘English’ is a mistake. some help from Swedish training and guns… On his departure from Sweden. I t all started back in 1637.

28TH AUGUST 1640 GENERAL BACKGROUND Inspired by this event I have put together a small sce.. and WARGAMES. count each Honour point as His troops were moved to their battle positions. leaving on the mini campaign. Conway drew out forces from the garrison of Newcastle. It can be crossed at other places but church.indd 33 06/10/16 16:56 . for to quote a gloomy soldier’s letter: of troops of his choice. The river can be crossed at the Ford without any reduc. On his arrival.000 infantry marched to Stella. so in Scenario 2 he may add 4 points fences. A Pikeman´s Lament. the mus- 10 points to spend on extra troops from the Royalist and keteers being scattered throughout the cottages and hedges Covenanter army lists. of Newburn. Lord Conway established his headquar- ditional troops to the next scenario of a value equal to ters in Stella Hall.. the Scots under Leslie had not been idle. stated in the Scenario set-up. Their army appeared marching on the hills above our and may therefore add 6 points of troops to his the ford when we were drawing into our miserable Company in scenario 3 in addition to the ones already works in the valley. One battery of heavy guns was situated in front of the tion to the move. it fell back across the river. During the night. the player may use the against any retreat of the army to Newcastle. the Scottish player gains 4 points of Hon. his chief January 2017. but on the Tyne at Newburn for the upcoming Osprey Rules The approach of the Scots. to make outer defence works. 1. Astley had sent out Lloyd.500 strong. roll for Scattered among the rushes on the riverbank were dozens an Attack in rough terrain against it. with leather hides strapped around them. Outnumbered but confident. If you fields below Whickham Church. Charles' men wait. They may also add ad. Here come the Covenanters! BATTLE OF NEWBURN. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 33 wss87. As the rules are to be released in few days before this. Each redoubt was garrisoned by four guns and four hundred musket- For example. The cavalry. This party was to guard are using The Pikeman´s Lament. These lighter Swedish pieces were made your cavalry killed without a battle… of a tin bore. and another upon the sentinel hill of the village will then be counted as an Obstacle and the unit may at the east end of Newburn where the sand quarry is now. A good way of getting the church tower. For each unit crossing. An English regiment had initially been stationed at nario revolving around the Scottish crossing of the Newburn for some time to guard the ford. lose troops as it crosses. In scenario 2 the Scottish player manages to accumulate an additional 6 points of Hon. I have divided the battle into several smaller parts as a and 3. while the wooded slopes above the village enabled him to position his batteries without being seen. same Officer as commander in each of them and accu- mulate Honour as per the rules. I also have included an Order of Battle to engineer. while the rest of the army soon com- the Honour they have gained in the Mission just played. Late on the 27th August. the player with the most accumulated way a covering party of foot who encamped in the Honour after all the missions will be the victor. pleted the two redoubts on the Haugh. Hits on 5+ and of lighter guns. The English troops were not impressed by their de- our in Scenario 1. use with Warlord games Pike and Shot rules in brackets if you want to get started. For Pike and Shotte rules. and some were even hoisted to the top of count the unit’s Stamina as 2. where we lay so exposed. eers.

An English sentry shot him down with a only good for ten or twelve discharges. With this ans. but it was the first shot fired in the battle. They were into the river. and they opened a devastating fire from the King with a petition. The English Defender has his Company equally divided between the two hastily built redoubts. when the tide was beginning to ebb. All through the morning of the 28th. being very light they were easily transportable. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. The Scottish Attacker sets up in the Northern Zone. but using grape-shot single musket shot. desirous only to approach on their mettle.indd 34 06/10/16 16:56 . Special rules The following special rules apply to this scenario: The redoubt and the Defender’s main defences increase the target unit’s Stamina by 2 points against Shooting rather than the usual 1 point. Leslie unmasked his batteries and returned fire into the English redoubts. According to one source. a mounted Scottish of- (2x Heavy Guns @ 25 points each) ficer wearing a black feather in his hat rode his horse Scottish 1 Officer (Commander @ 40 points) 4 Veteran Dragoons @ 6 points each (4x Dragoons @ 35 points each) Set-up Play this out on map sections AB1 and AB2. (Commander @ 40 points) 2 Raw Shot @ 3 points each SCENARIO 1 . SCENARIO 2 . The Defender gains 1 Honour point for each en- emy cavalry unit that hasn’t made it across by the end of the game. but he was not Order of Battle empowered to let the whole army across. English wer the trumpeter returned to Newburn accompanied 1 Officer by the jeers and ribald remarks of the English troops. consider- train was left under the guard of one regiment at Heddon. retreated off board or fallen as casualties. Conway replied that he would allow a few to come over with their petition. Ending the Mission Play until the Attacker has no troops left on the table as they have either made it across. the Defender gains another 2 Honour points. the two armies had watched each other in silence across the river. Leslie up a body of three hundred Scottish horse and ordered sent a trumpeter across to Conway to assure him that he them to cross the river.AT 13:00 HOURS (2x Musketeers @ 27 points each) 2 Field Guns @ 6 points each At one o’clock in the afternoon. (For Pike And Shotte make their morale 3+ instead of 4+). Just af. The Scottish baggage a jolly good shot by this unknown marksman.AT 14:00 HOURS After the initial Scottish cavalry attack. The English gunners were really came without hostile intent. He therefore requested that the redoubts. the whole riverbank seemed 34 WARGAMES. he might pass. The water was beginning to get lower and Leslie called ter midday. each square is 60x60cm giving you a 120x120cm table. It was either a tremendous fluke or they were murderous at short range. Both play- ers gain/lose Honour for Special Orders. Maps for the five scenarios (numbered). ing the inaccuracy of the old smooth bore muskets. if none of the Attacker’s units makes it across. Victory Conditions The Attacker gains 2 Honour points for each Cavalry unit that makes it off the table on the opposite south side.

indd 35 06/10/16 16:56 . Les- (2 x Musketeers @ 27 points each) lie sent a small body of cavalry to reconnoitre the re- 2 Field Guns @ 6 points each maining works. hastily built redoubts. killing about twenty men. The Scots’ fire badly damaged the larger of the two English redoubts. Lunsford held them in check until a second shot pany points. After the fall of the larger earthwork. Both the Scottish Attacker and the English dropped into the redoubt. Leslie had moved his heavy guns Set-up to reinforce the battery on the hill to the east of Newburn. Play this out on map sections AB1 and AB2. the North Zone. and 1 point for each Regimental Gun. each square They rapidly completed the demolition of the redoubt is 60x60cm giving you a 120x120cm table. the English cavalry came (2x Heavy Guns @ 25 points each) into action. (2x Light Guns @ 17 points each) 1 Field Gun @ 6 points Meanwhile at the east end of the position. the shots plunging into the low-lying position. to be ablaze. Special rules Colonel Lunsford was in command of this redoubt. They were the cream of the English army led Scottish by Lord Wilmot. At this point. In no way dis- (Commander @ 40 points) couraged by the flight of their musketeers. Defender has his Company divided between the two tained. restrained his men with great difficulty and kept them at their posts – these were raw troops not used to being under Victory Conditions fire. WARGAMES. Models by the author. a very capable cavalry commander. The approach of the Scottish horse. Defender gain Honour points for each enemy gun they They deserted the work en masse. For some time the artillery duel was main. 1 Officer whose day was to come in the Civil Wars. The English and removed the last resistance of the English artillery. He As scenario 1 for the redoubt. they made a 2 Shot @ 4 points each sortie to recover the cannon and arms which the infan- (2x Musketeers @ 27 points each) try had abandoned. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 35 wss87. who had remained out of gunshot on Stella Haugh. The Scottish Attacker sets up in tion the Scottish guns firing from Newburn Church Tower. Order of Battle English SCENARIO 3 .AT 15:00 HOURS 1 Officer(Commander @ 40 points) 2 Raw Shot @ 3 points each The gunners’ flight opened up the ford to the Scots. The English gunners were striving to put out of ac. some of them Play until one side has lost more than 50% of its Com- officers. With a flourish (1x Commanded Shotte @ 34 points) of trumpets they charged the enemy with such fury that 2 Regimental Guns @ 4 points each the Scots were forced to retire. A shot fell. completely demoralizing them. the remaining (1x Heavy Gun @ 25 points) earthwork had been knocked out of action. Both players gain/lose Honour for Special Orders. The Scots charge the ford. diverted them from that duty. abandoning the cannon manage to destroy: 2 Honour points for each Field Gun and blowing up the powder in the redoubt. 1 Commanded Shot @ 2 points however.

The English English Attacker sets up all his Company in the South Zone. Being pressed for- 4 Aggressive Elite Gallopers @ 6 points each ward by the rear files. or trodden down beneath 2 Shot @ 4 points each the heaving mass of horsemen. The English Attacker gains 5 Honour points 1 Officer if there are no Scottish troops left on the south side of (1 Commander @ 40 points) the river by the end of the game. 2 Pike @ 4 points each vering units do not count even if they are on the South (2x Pikemen @ 34 points) side.indd 36 06/10/16 16:56 . © Perry Miniatures Ready those guns men! 36 WARGAMES. Set-up SCENARIO 4 . SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. while many (2x Dragoons @ 35 points each) Scots were shot. Wilmot set himself to oppose them: clos. Wa. Most of the English foot now fled without supporting the horse that gave way retreating. Set-up Play this out on map sections AB2 and AB3. each square Order of Battle is 60x60cm giving you a 120x120cm table. All being gentlemen. 4 Aggressive Elite Gallopers @ 6 points each (4x Gallopers @ 41 points each) Victory Conditions Play until one side has lost more than 50% of its Com. the troop- (1 Commander @ 40 points) ers began to recoil on each other. Leslie ordered a general advance. was killed by a pistol shot. Despite all their valour. Order of Battle ing up in twelve squadrons in a narrow place between English two thick hedges they made a furious charge upon the 1 Officer Scottish Life Guards. Both players gain/lose Honour for Special Orders. (2x Musketeers @ 27 points each) 1 Pike @ 4 points By now ten thousand Scottish infantry were beginning to (1x Pikeman @ 34 points) wade across the Tyne. 1 Officer The Scottish Defender sets up his Cavalry in the Central (1 Commander @ 40 points) Zone and all other troops in the North Zone.AT 16:00 HOURS Play this out on map sections AB2 and AB3. each square At low tide (4pm). The English sent over two regiments consisting altogether of fifteen Defender sets up in the South Zone. The Scottish At- hundred men. no one would yield an inch. Scottish pany points. tacker sets up in the North Zone. and the bearer. they were forced back to the front (4x Gallopers @ 41 points each) and a dreadful struggle with sword and pistol ensued. He is 60x60cm giving you a 120x120cm table. and was taken. Sir Henry Vane 1 Officer had his horse wounded under him. 2 Veteran Dragoons @ 6 points each Cornet Porter. drew off with but (1 Commander @ 40 points) six or seven of his troop. Wil- Scottish mot cut down one or two of the enemy. run through. The Scottish Defender 4 Shot @ 4 points each gains 5 Honour points if there are Scottish troops left on (4x Musketeers @ 27 points each) the south side of the river by the end of the game.

The English well treated by their captors and later released. but not to kill the fugitives. however. So towards Victory Conditions nightfall. Attacker sets up his Infantry in the South Zone and his Cavalry in the NW Zone. reached Newcastle. Both Attacker and Defender add up the 1 Officer point values of enemy units routed or wiped out be. The player with the higher score wins 5 Hon. they contin. blogspot.AT 17:00 HOURS Scottish On receiving flank fire from a thousand musketeers. had been is- sued to capture. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 37 wss87.indd 37 06/10/16 16:56 . Sir John (1x Commanded Shotte @ 34 points) Digby and various other officers were taken prisoner. Both Attacker and Defender add up the in and www. You can find more info regarding The Pikeman´s La- ing place at five o’clock in the morning of Saturday 29th ment at my and Dan Mersey’s blogs: www. damaged units still in play are not ton and after giving thanks for their victory they stood counted.Special Orders). The horse routed and. (Commander @ 40 points) fore the game ends.Special Orders). The player with the higher score wins 5 Hon- to their arms all night. defended town of Newcastle. (4x Trotters Cavalry @ 41 points each) SCENARIO 5 . the retirement tak. Players tied for first place gain 4 Trotters @ 4 points each 3 Honour each (+/. Play until one side has lost more than 50% of its Com- cued guns.dalauppror. Surprise attack from the rear. fore the game ends. 2 Veteran Dragoons @ 6 points each ued along to the west of the haugh where Wilmot rallied (2x Dragoons @ 35 points each) his men together with some infantry stragglers on some 2 Shot @ 4 points each wooded high ground. Covenanter reinforcements secure victory at the ford. In Sir John’s life story it was said that he was captured through Set-up the death of his gallant horse ‘Sylverside’. Stringent orders. English pany points. but instead of retreating along (Commander @ 40 points) the river Haugh on the heels of their infantry. the broken remnants of the foot. The Scots immediately occupied the un. galloped to Durham. The Scottish Defender sets up Had Leslie desired. each square him all day safely through battle.Special Orders). pany points. our (+/. August. (2x Small Musketeers @ 19 points each) our (+/. An ambush was laid for the pursuing (2x Musketeers @ 27 points each) Scots. 1 Commanded Shot @ 2 points each There was a short sharp fight in which Wilmot. the disorganized rout could be been in the Central Zone. All of the prisoners were is 60x60cm giving you a 120x120cm table.Special Orders). the 1 Officer English horse gave way. who had carried Play this out on map sections AB3 and AB4. Players tied for first place gain 3 Honour each (+/. Victory Conditions Order of Battle Play until one side has lost more than 50% of its Com. damaged units still in play are not 2 Raw Shot @ 3 points each counted. cut to pieces. That night the whole point value of enemy units routed or wiped out be- Scottish army camped in the fields and cottages of Ry. 1640. WS&S At midnight after the battle Lord Conway decided to retreat from Newcastle to Durham. but was spoilt by the rashness of some musketeers. with two

SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. and therefore of 200 dragoons. 12TH DECEMBER 1642 likely that he knew the ground fairly well. The forces are of such a size that they can be represented at a reasonable ratio. Along with Cheriton and Basing House. Many smaller en- gagements have been covered in Stephen Maggs’ excel- lent series of campaign books for Caliver Books. although of horse. probably composed of three regiments of encircled by town walls and having a castle for defence. the King’s Lifeguard. But once you delve deeper. H ampshire has been well documented. Regiment of Foote. the number of large skirmishes and small battles is pretty astonishing. He was hotly pursued by William Lord Grandison’s forces were comprised of a brigade Waller with a much larger force. Pen and Sword has just released a detailed study of the Civil War in Shropshire for instance. or The city is ours! Pike and Shotte. Warhammer English Civil War. and another regiment was not provisioned for a long siege. there are some slightly less well known major battles such as Alton and the Siege of Portsmouth. a Royalist commander. What follows is a handful of quick scenarios that you can pick up and play based on my own research in Hampshire. very close to Andover near the village of Wher- well. Winchester. The main A large skirmish took place just outside of Winchester. and I notice many other English counties have also been researched very comprehensively. city. which are a fantastic off the shelf resource for Civil War battles. The engagement at Romsey would proba- © Perry Miniatures bly best be gamed using large scale skirmish rules such as Donnybrook or Pikeman’s Lament. which means The fighting started about five miles north west of the most gamers or clubs can cover the forces involved. many of which could provide the basis for immersive wargames. one of the counties in which a number of major battles took place. I’m fortunate to live in Hampshire. while the size of the battle at Winchester might favour bigger battle sets of rules such as 1644. They were further supported by two Grandison believed it better to engage Waller’s men on regiments of foot (purported in one source to be from the approach to the city.indd 38 06/10/16 16:56 . Andover was Waller’s own constituency so it is WINCHESTER. although this doesn’t seem to tally 38 WARGAMES. By Mark Backhouse THEME SMALL SCALE SCENARIOS FOR THE ENGLISH CIVIL WAR A YEAR APART – WINCHESTER AND ROMSEY The English Civil War is loaded with small battles that have largely gone unrecorded in the major histories. aim of then moving to the relief of the Royalist garri- son at Basing House. Forlorn Hope. had marched to hold and allowed the Royalists a strong defensive po- south towards Winchester from Marlborough with the sition that would be hard to flank. FOG Renaissance. crossing point at Wherwell was a reasonable position Lord Grandison. horse about 600 strong in total.

(8 cavalry figures) ily plundered. The sizes of the cavalry regiments. was captured. Models from the collection of Simon Tift. Deployed from the Winchester board edge: WARGAMES. The • Major Willis’ horse – 150 veteran cavalry (8 cav- next day the castle surrendered after the Parliamentary alry figures) soldiers threatened to burn the main gates down with • Sir John Smith’s horse – 150 experienced cavalry fire and barrels of pitch. there were mation available such as the list of prisoners recorded probably several thousand foot. Behind this. They managed • Lord Grandison’s horse – 300 brave and confident to break through a section of the city walls and the rag. Waller’s These are given as guidance. The rest of the city was heav.indd 39 06/10/16 16:56 . are pure speculation! the safety of the walls and. Feel free to amend or tweak them to your mod- towards the city. Royalists led by Lord Grandison. I’ve tried to guess some force was slightly larger with four regiments of horse of the regiments where I can. Winchester was recaptured by the King’s • Major Hayborne’s dragoons – 200 raw dragoons forces the following year and continued to be a Royalist (10 dragoon figures) stronghold in Hampshire until Cromwell captured it for the final time later in the war. After half an the figures that would make for the most balanced hour of desperate melee the Royalists were forced back game. with other sources – maybe they had redcoats similar to SUGGESTED FORCES this regiment?) numbering another 1000 men. a veteran commander (1 command figure) The Parliamentarians attacked the city walls imme. if this seems like too many figures then divide John Smith – the man who had recaptured the King’s them by a third for a 1:30 ratio! Depending on your standard at Edgehill two months earlier. or large and small units. by rank. and who might conceivably be raised and operating in the region. along with a large group of cavalry. Exact numbers are disputed The engagement started with cavalry charges from both between the different sources so I have tried to go with sides and ferocious hand-to-hand fighting. especially on cover the retreating Royalist horse but went too far from the Parliamentary side. The Royalist foot sallied out to try to els. Grandison himself. Parliamentarians push into the outskirts of Winchester. taking advantage of the confusion and led by river crossings: Colonel Browne’s regiment of dragoons. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 39 wss87. veteran cavalry (15 cavalry figures) ged and exhausted Royalists fell back to the castle. The Royalist stragglers were pro- I've organised this into regiments at a ratio of 1:20 for tected by a small clump of brave Cavaliers including Sir you. using the scraps of infor- and two regiments of dragoons. were cut off. rule set you might need to tweak these into a number mentary cavalry charges before being overwhelmed. Barely twenty horsemen managed to hold off three successive Parlia. Deployed in the area around Wherwell defending the diately. along with a large body of the Roy- alist forces. of bases.

If Parliament can reach Winchester with a unit of a rea- ised into two regiments of 500 men (Two units of sonable strength (i.e at least 80% strength) within 10 25 pike and shot infantry. another Colonel. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. suggested ratio 1:2) moves (or a suitable number to represent one day in your rule set) then they can claim victory. Norton’s force was surprisingly small. The terrain around the river is made so that he could carry out his duties as the High Sheriff up of water meadows and flood plains that are difficult of Hampshire. The River Test should cross the table intersect. fields. Hopton had • Two other regiments of Parliamentary horse – 300 a problem of controlling quite a large area and trying to experienced cavalry each (15 cavalry figures x2) support his men with warm billets and provisions. defeating the main town guard. A road sey.000 horse (91 cavalry figures) On the same day. The garrison of Romsey the other. barely mus- should go down the centre of the board from one end to tering over two hundred men. Norton. The walls of Winchester do not need to be ing a bridge over a small tributary of the River Test. Norton’s men then fought their way into the Objectives and victory town. around 130 men. and Colonel Bennet’s regiment of horse of side of the river representing Wherwell. I would of the Royalists to flee in panic. If the Royal- Royalist total = 800 horse and 1000 foot ists can prevent this happening then they should be able (42 cavalry and 50 foot figures) to claim a victory. Parliament total = 2. a veteran command- er (1 command figure) ROMSEY. As winter was approaching. The Royalists were further hampered ble within a foot in either direction of Wherwell and also because Bennet had been called away to Winchester has a single bridge. 12TH DECEMBER 1643 Deployed from the Andover board edge in columns By 1643 the Royalist position had stabilized in Hamp- heading towards Wherwell and Winchester: shire. led a surprise attack on Rom- I would suggest playing lengthways on your board. He • Colonel John Browne’s regiment of dragoons – spread out his forces into Romsey.indd 40 06/10/16 16:56 . Alton 400 experienced dragoons (20 dragoon figures) and Petersfield. They managed to capture suggest any force that takes more than 30% losses from around 40 men and over 200 horses. Sir Ralph Hopton had been sent by the king confident veterans (15 cavalry figures) to command the Royalist forces and had consolidated • Colonel Arthur Goodwin’s regiment of horse – 300 their position by marching and capturing Arundel in veteran cavalry (15 cavalry figures) West Sussex. Parliament led by William Waller. the Gov- Terrain ernor of Southampton. Courtney was also absent in Winchester going for anyone moving in the area off the roads. and forced the rest Both sides should be aiming to break the other. 40 WARGAMES. Winchester. • Royalist foot (King’s Lifeguard?) – 1000 foot organ. The Test is forda. routed the sentries guarding a small earthwork covering the crossing. hedgerows and smaller The Roundheads attacked an hour after daybreak. was made up of around 300 foot from Courtney’s regi- ing the road. They represented but can safely be assumed to be off table. After a quick plun- morale or casualties would be deemed broken. cross- country lanes. Each garrison was vulnerable to attack • Another regiment of Parliamentary dragoons – 400 and Waller’s master-stroke was to take advantage of this strong (20 dragoon figures) wide distribution of enemy forces and concentrate his men to attack Alton on the 12th of December. dering of the town the jubilant Parliamentary troops retired © Perry Miniatures Dragoons lead the march. Place a couple of buildings on the Andover ment of foot. The complaining about the indiscipline of his troops! area between the bridge and Winchester should be made up of gentle rolling hills. They had regained Winchester and held on to Bas- • Sir William Waller’s regiment of horse – 300 ing House.

1:2 ratio town and can be represented by half a dozen buildings. ever breaks first loses! WS&S I would suggest organising these into two troops of 65 men (13 figures x2) • Colonel Courtney’s regiment of foot –280 raw pike For those of you lucky enough to live in the United and shot. ful D6 roll of a '6' each turn for each company of soldiers. I would WARGAMES. enough to Starting at the earthwork guarding the bridge: provide cover for a handful of men. Guarding the Royalists bridge should be a small traverse earthwork. figure) • Forlorn hope – 30 veteran musketeers (6 figures) Terrain • Major Murford’s company –100 veteran pike and This is a small game that can be played out on a smaller shot. While located in the enclosures around the town. Who- • Colonel Bennet’s horse – 130 experienced cavalry. to the safety of Southampton with their booty before the suggest that they can only be activated on a success- Royalists could organise a counter attack from Winchester. You All of the troops in the town are unprepared and will will find the events immersive and rewarding. 18. 1:2 ratio. Units should therefore suffer an addi- Parliament tional -1 to all leadership and ordering rolls to simulate • Colonel Richard Norton – veteran commander (1 their confusion and lack of initiative. All of the Royalist troops are lacking their main com- SUGGESTED FORCES manding officers.indd 41 06/10/16 16:56 . A road leads from one side of the table to Romsey over a single bridge. 1:2 ratio (20 figures) than normal table such as a 4' X 4'. and 20 figures) cover some hidden gems. 90 and 100 men re. On one side of the • Captain Bowen’s company – organised into two table should be Romsey. Make sure you write an article on them for WS&S if they are good! For those Total = 300 foot and 130 horse (60 foot and 26 cavalry) of you far from the British Isles. I would propose a ratio of 1:5 to get a mounting up once they are activated. On the approach to the town should be a small river which is fordable all Total = 230 men (47 figures) along the length of it. out about the Civil War in your local area and un- spectively (18. take several turns to be ready for a fight. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 41 wss87. This would have been a small groups of 48 veteran pike and shot each. I would suggest organising these Kingdom I would thoroughly encourage you to find into three companies of 90. • Sentries – 20 raw musketeers (4 figures) Starting in the town: Objectives Play the game until one side has broken the other. and sev- those with an extensive collection might manage it as eral turns need to be spent grabbing their horses and a mega skirmish. decent number of figures on the table. start finding out about your local history and battles. The cavalry should also start dismounted Unlike the previous battle at Winchester this could be unless they can access their horses which should be played out at a lower ratio of men to figures. © Perry Miniatures Pike storms across a defended bridge. be it in your Special rules own civil wars or more conventional conflicts. (10 figures x2) surrounded by small enclosures.

1643. +1 when charging infantry). 1643 AND CHERITON. 42 WARGAMES. One rather pragmatic advantage of the English Civil War is the interchangeability of figures. 1644. “Red” or “Blue” regiments on both sides would have appeared Dragoons – march as cavalry in open. Matchlock muskets – hit on a 5 or 6. but limit numbers of guns. After the first Figures can be used for either army as needed.indd 42 06/10/16 16:56 . similar. +2 if attacked by cavalry. He no doubt knew what he was talking about. They feature balanced armies moving quickly into action. May not charge. shuffle units cannot rally away their last disruption tice this led to the use of colored sashes. and the horse were largely indistinguishable. and unique elements which give a special character to each game. ADAPTING MAURICE FOR THE ENGLISH CIVIL WAR Pike and Shot regiments – use the existing advanced rules (page 85. and after the second shuffle cannot rally their of foliage (Parliament wore gorse and broom at New. and re-fought in recent times at the friendly Little Wars convention B oth were significant battles which work well as participation games. Both were fought and won (just about!) by Parliament. Cuirassiers – Best handled by upgrading a horse unit to veteran. foot on difficult ground. 1644 SOLDIERLY ACTIONS IN AN UNHAPPY WAR No less a person than Oliver Cromwell described Parliament’s soldiers as “old de- cayed serving men and tapsters”. Artillery – no change. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. Difficult terrain – infantry and dragoons take a disrup- ten for the 18th century. but in the first volley a 4 also hits. but the oft maligned Roundheads could hold their own going toe to toe against the Royalists. Hit on a 5 or 6. paper or sprigs marker. Pistols – Horse may fire a single die if formed in “massed” formation with a range of 2BW. A massed cavalry charge in Baccus 6mm. This reflects the difficulty bury). Rallying – all units rally only on a 5 or 6. No benefit for using pikes in woods or if attacking across an obstacle. musket only regiments and dragoons – as matchlocks. with minor adaptions they work tion for moving across difficult terrain if they have none. Assume all units are standard size. well for the English Civil War. where they did just that. May march with horse or foot formations. last two disruption markers. and Cheriton. I’ve played Cheriton suc- cessfully with Pike and Shotte from Warlord Games and you should have no difficulties adapting the scenarios to your own set of rules. By Nicholas Stock THEME THE BATTLES OF NEWBURY. In prac. generally equipped with matchlocks – see below. This article provides scenarios for the Battles of Newbury. Me- lee value 3. Firelocks. A small card label on the back of each unit base of reforming the mostly amateur armies of the ECW and mimics this so players can see what side they belong to! progressive friction during battle. Though writ. For rules I use Maurice by Sam Mustafa.

an edge in cavalry (8. The table below shows the armies comfortable night billeted around the town! However. but the King’s men were hurled back down the hill by combined artillery and musket fire. Essex suc. Adjust for your table. The Royalists had of the battlefield and pushing horse onto Wash Common. cavalry if they have two or less. seizing the important Round Hill in the center Both armies were around 14. Parliament’s sole remaining strong. Units with you have a Parliamentarian Marginal Victory! An interest- generals accompanying them gain +1 in melee. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 43 wss87.000) while Parliament had stronger The King’s army was slower to deploy. particularly London’s Trained Bands. Parliamentarian in- Players and Action Cards – If playing with two or more fantry. To cheers of “Hey for Old Robin”. THE FIRST BATTLE OF NEWBURY . x 4’. Before plugged gaps on the Common and the Hill. any buildings are purely for visual appeal the road to London and forcing battle on a reluctant Essex.indd 43 06/10/16 16:56 . cards or you may find these come up a bit too often! Play- and by dusk. Coordination starting play. Reaching Gloucester had been hard. Deployment and Forces ward early. cutting from Newbury. aggressively players per side use a double deck of action cards. room to move on Wash Common. making sure you have plenty of hold in the West. Essex’s men moved for. in which case he moves when the unit does and is returned in triumph to London. Concerned about pow- ers may place their general per the normal rules. 1643. Earl of Essex. northern half of the battlefield should be liberally cov- cessfully dodged the Royalists until the armies bumped ered with fields. with a few smaller woods under Prince Rupert at Aldbourne Chase. © Perry Miniatures Advancing through the farm lands. King Charles. and the odd farm away from the center of the field. The Parliament’s main army and end the rebellion. enclosures and hedges. enclosed ground ed roughly 20 regiments of infantry) based on the figures WARGAMES. the scaled down from the actual battle (where both sides field- Royalists soon attacked. To the north. Round Hill should be getting back to London in one piece would prove even a prominent. Essex a unit. though not hugely elevated. musketeers fighting hedgerow to foot to come to grips with each other in difficult terrain hedgerow. 20 SEPTEMBER 1643 On September 5. feature. Apart lowed the King’s main army to reach Newbury. A flat topped step hill works well. perhaps after a more infantry (also 8. – they cannot be defended as strongpoints. Rupert’s cavalry were successful on Wash Com- – important in both these battles. This action al. or with der supplies the King retreated north the next day. Wash Common into each other in a bruising skirmish with Royalist horse to the south is largely open. the Royalists fell back. mon. The Newbury map reflects Little Wars set table sizes of 8’ relieved Gloucester.000). remove one of each of the “remove after use” of horse and foot on the Royalist side was not so successful. ing 'what if' would be to allow the Royalists to renew the battle with limited powder on day 2. was enough to hold a couple of batteries of guns and two presented with a fleeting golden opportunity to destroy regiments of foot. This makes it easier for made the advance slow. His opponent.000 strong. Robert Devereux. large more challenging. If your game repeats this subject to a hazard test if the unit is destroyed.

I have. Depending on your During the battle. each player starts with a hand that. If don in triumph and bring the war to an end. allowing troops to later move without disruption and eliminating any cover benefit. players could also pick equal points values. Lord Ralph Hopton. the Royalists cut down hedges to fa- rules. for Parliament. Waller had done his own Ironsides. For Little Wars. I set up before the start The ditch/embankment at the bottom of Round Hill can- of the game. CHERITON . and Sir William Waller. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. reconnaissance and decided to attack at dawn! 44 WARGAMES. Hopton’s scouts report- ed Waller’s baggage moving away. It’s likely they will march on Lon- lock musket and pike.indd 44 06/10/16 16:56 . 29 MARCH 1644 Early 1644 saw two old friends. a foot regiment. His army has survived and Parlia- ment will fight on. and a marginal victory if he holds or contests Round Hill. but this did not seem to detract from the game! Special rules Please feel free to adjust as you see fit. you could deploy commands not be removed and provides no cover from fire. acti- caveat that the Royalists must spend at least half their points vated to move. However. Their report was ac- curate. but not the whole story. Deployment at the Battle of Newbury (the green dots represent hedges). one at a time in the appropriate area. Accordingly. Hopton had been reinforced by Lord Forth. Posted in a strong position near Cheriton Woods on the night of 28 March. hedges covering its front. commanding in wintry weather around Winchester. and Parliament at least half on foot. Essex wins a decisive victory if he can break the Royal- © Perry Miniatures ist’s army’s morale. starting with Parliament. Failing you are using Maurice. an apparently sprightly octogenarian. for the King. Essex’s army’s morale. Victory The Royalists win a decisive victory if they can break Unless otherwise noted. they earn a marginal victory if they have a unit on of 5 action cards. with the cilitate their advance. and horse sword and pistols. who assumed nomi- nal command. to save time. may instead remain in place and remove on horse. raids and skirmishes followed as both sparred for advantage. foot regiments have match. Round Hill by nightfall and Essex does not. alternately. south west of Lon- don. Sieges.

but are gentle slopes.indd 45 06/10/16 16:56 . In the meantime. Lord Forth. In the confused action that fol. At some point. professional to the end.Forces Parliment The King's army Robert Devereux. secured a significant victory which required both sides then Parliament. Parliament receives 10% reinforcements into the action. The battlefield features two low ridges which enemy unit when their entire command must be de- meet at a “V” at a large wooded plateau – Cheriton ployed both within 12” of the general figure and no Woods. King Charles I. A few hedges and enclosures should break up ton responded by sending musketeers into the woods. withdraws. Commander in Chief (5 action cards) Commander in Chief (5 action cards) Regiments of Horse: Regiments of Foot: Colonel John Middleton’s . tlefield. or slightly 3 (when the mist clears) or come within 15” of an wider. while the Royalists can chose up to 4 outflanked and taken. If you have more time. while the re. General of Foot (5 action cards) Commander of Horse (5 action cards) Regiments of Foot: Regiments of Horse: Skippon’s Brigade – elite Prince Rupert’s – elite The Orange Auxiliaries – trained The Queen’s – trained Red Regiment London Trained Bands – conscript Prince Maurice’s – trained Blue Regiment London Trained Bands – trained The Earl of Carnarvon’s – conscript Jeremiah Abercrombie’s (Dragoons/Firelocks) – trained Lord Wilmot’s – trained Guns: 2 Batteries Sir Philip Stapleton. and you may represent the small village of Trained Bands to seize Cheriton Woods. Hopton stood being uphill. set up the Royalists first.trained John Belasyse’s Tertia – trained Sir Jacob Astley’s – elite Regiments of Foot: Sir Ralph Dutton’s – trained Lord Robarte’s Brigade – trained Prince of Wales’ firelock musket only – trained Col. The ridges and this position changed hands several times over themselves offer the normal benefits to a defender of the next few hours. veteran cavalry units. Parliament may deploy just commander figures. Right Wing (5 action cards) Lieutenant General (5 action cards) Regiments of Horse: Regiments of Horse: Earl of Essex’s – trained Sir John Byron’s regiment – elite Colonel John Dalbier’s – elite Colonel Thomas Morgan’s – trained Sir James Ramsay’s – trained Lord Chandos’ – conscript Colonel Arthur Goodwin’s – conscript Regiments of Foot: Sir WIlliam Vavasour’s – conscript Sir Nicholas Byron’s – trained WARGAMES. Patrick Ruthven. in a strong position along the northern ridge. The western part of the battlefield is lower and closer than 8” to the enemy. Waller had start. Some of the Royalists extra. Waller should not field more than 2 veteran or were trapped in a steep sided lane where they were equivalent units. if Lisle to rethink their plans for 1644. If you a more general engagement followed as both sides fed select armies to a points value. The Battle of Newbury . These move as infantry until the end of move This game plays well on an 8’x4’ table. otherwise open ground between the ridges. organized a For Little Wars all figures were on the table at the rearguard and covered the Royalist retreat.trained Sir Gilbert Gerard’s Tertia – conscript Sir John Meldrum’s . Parliamentarian numbers began to tell. To represent the thick mist. The el- derly Lord Forth. Waller opened the battle by sending the London more open. Earl of Essex. Sergeant Major. one of the Royalist regiments (possibly Bard’s Deployment but accounts differ) attacked on its own initiative and The tables show the armies used at Little Wars. General of Horse. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 45 wss87. Cheriton and the River Itchen to the west of the bat- mainder of his men occupied the South Ridge. lowed. Holborne’s Brigade – conscript Earl of Essex’s – trained Guns: 2 Batteries Sir William Springate’s – trained Philip Skippon. Prince Rupert of the Rhine. Hop.

Cheriton Woods were used by both sides to outflank Lisle’s outpost. Once during the game. make an uncontrolled attack. a unit of foot 12+D6 inches and unlimber artillery. the North Ridge.5 or 6 – • Hold – The battle commences with a Royalist turn. Artillery may bombard in range enemy units anywhere in the woods.indd 46 06/10/16 16:56 . Lisle uses Hopton’s action cards until removed. For some reason. in addition • Withdraw – Lisle’s troops are immediately moved to your normal rules for woods. perhaps they found an unguarded path. controlled by the last not-broken unit to move over them. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. After the special Lisle only turn. and the valley between the South and Lisle is removed if both his units are destroyed. however. the following applies: to Hopton or Smith’s deployment area and Parlia- ment may advance each of its commands by up to If there are no enemies in the woods. The target receives the usual benefits of © Perry Miniatures cover. you hit your friends in- stead on a “to hit” die-roll of a 1! “Lane of Disaster” – During the battle. If there are any friends in the woods at the time of this bombardment. Place objective markers in the center of Cheriton Woods. To allow for this. On a 4+ the unit 46 WARGAMES. it is surprisingly difficult to force players to repeat this tactic! The following takes an indirect approach: Place a few hedges in the area between the ridges. Objective markers do not move and are when Hopton wishes. Parliament takes its turn. Royalist horse charged repeatedly down a narrow hedged lane to their doom. then make a second move on a D6 roll of 4. at the start of a Par- liamentarian turn. Parliament marching through them may move at full speed and then takes the first turn. in which only Lisle’s troops may take an action. or North Ridges. Special rules Place an additional commander to represent Lisle. Hopton has an immediate decision to make: and surprise their enemies. Waller may nominate a Royalist unit to Dismounted dragoons skirmish with the enemy. Deplyoment at the Battle of Cheriton (the green dots represent hedges). Roll a D6. This hinders formations moving across the table and creates opportunities for enfilade without bogging down the ac- tion too much.

immediately makes a full charge move directly towards the trol of two or more of the three objective markers
nearest enemy. Resolve a melee if needed. If the unit does determines the winner. WS&S
not move (on a 3 or less) Waller may pick the same or an-
other unit the next Royalist turn until he succeeds or passes. Playing English Civil War (ECW) in the US is always fun.
This is a less frequently seen yet colorful period which
Victory generated a surplus of enthusiastic participants. I hope
Either side wins a decisive victory by breaking the you have as much fun with these scenarios as we did.
enemy army before nightfall. If neither breaks, con-

The Battle of Cheriton - Forces
Sir William Waller, Sir William Balfour,
Commander in Chief (5 action cards) Commander of Horse (5 action cards)
Regiments of Foot: Regiments of Horse:
Sir William Waller’s – elite Sir William Balfour’s – elite
Sir Arthur Heselrige’s – trained Colonel John Dalbier’s – trained
Major-General Potley’s – conscript Colonel John Meldrum’s – trained
Colonel Ralph Weldon’s – trained Colonel John Middleton’s – trained
Colonel Samuel Jones’ – conscript
Guns: 2 Batteries

Sir Arthur Hesilrige, Sir Richard Brown, Acting in Command of the London
Commander of Horse (5 action cards) Trained Bands (5 action cards)
Regiments of Horse: Regiments of Foot:
Sir Arthur Heselrige’s – trained Yellow Regiment, London Trained Bands – trained
Colonel Jonas Vandruske’s – trained White Regiment, London Trained Bands – trained
Sir Michael Livesey’s – trained
Regiment of Dragoons:
Colonel Adam Cunningham’s – trained

The King's army
Ralph, Lord Hopton (3 action cards) Patrick Ruthven,
On the North Ridge Earl of Forth, Lieutenant General (3 action cards)
Regiments of Foot: Regiments of Horse:
Lord Hopton’s – trained Lord John Stuart’s – trained
Sir Allen Apsley’s – trained Sir Nicholas Crisp’s – trained
Sir Henry Bard’s – conscript Colonel Thomas Howard’s – conscript
The Queen’s – elite
Guns: 1 Battery
Detached under Lisle on the South Ridge (see special
rules and deployment):
Sir George Lisle’s (musket foot; if Withdraw, becomes a
pike and shot regiment) – trained
Sir Edward Stowell’s (regiment of horse; if Withdraw,
may join Smith’s command) – trained

Sir John Smith, Colonel Matthew Appleyard (3 action cards)
Commander of Horse (3 action cards)
Regiments of Foot:
Regiments of Horse: Colonel Matthew Appleyard’s (muskets only, pikes
Sir John Smith’s – elite abandoned for woods fighting) – trained
Sir Edward Waldegrave’s – trained Sir Thomas Blackwell’s (muskets only) – trained
Marquis of Hertford’s – trained Colonel Charles Gerard’s (muskets only) – conscript
Guns: 1 Battery at the Gunner’s castle

* Unless noted above, foot are armed with pike and matchlock musket. If playing Maurice, the Royalist commanders have fewer action cards in
hand at the start of the game, reflecting their surprise.


wss87.indd 47 06/10/16 17:11

By Guy Bowers


The Three Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland largely avoided the bloody Thirty
Years’ War which raged in Europe, pitting Protestant against Catholic. Peace reigned
over the three kingdoms throughout the first half of Charles I’s reign. However, Charles’
attempts to reform the Scottish churches led to the Bishops’ War in 1639, the Irish
Rebellion in 1641 and finally the English Civil Wars in 1642-46, 1648-49 and 1649-51.

T he English Civil War presents many gaming op-
portunities. Despite the stereotypical images of
the Roundhead and dandy long-haired Cavalier,
these miniatures can be used for either side. Sim-
ilarly, there are many models for the Thirty Years’ War
which would be suitable (see WS&S issue 75).
hibit us from covering every single manufacturer, and we
are using what has been kindly supplied in time for our
deadline. Where possible, we’ve asked for infantry, cav-
alry and artillery so you can see a good selection. We clas-
sify ranges as follows: Basic (a few random or specialist
packs); Standard (has the essentials in infantry and cav-
alry); Comprehensive (as standard, but with artillery and
What follows is a brief guide to the models available for commanders); and Complete (you’d have to think hard to
both sides of the conflict. As usual, space and time pro- come up with units not available here).

Romanoff 40mm
Range: Comprehensive
Size: 38mm ‘foot to eye’ or 42mm tall; cavalry
are 60mm tall
Price: £10.00 for five foot, £12.00 for two cavalry

Romanoff Miniatures are sold in packs of five infan-
try or two cavalry. Parts are interchangeable between
models giving more variety. The range includes pike-
men, musketeers, artillery and cavalry.

Bicorne 28mm
Range: Complete
Size: 29mm ‘foot to eye’ or 33mm tall; cavalry
are 46mm tall
Price: £11.00 for eight infantry or three cavalry

Bicorne Miniatures has a large range which includes pike-
men, musketeers, artillery and cavalry. They have a good
selection of accessories for miniature customisation.


wss87.indd 48 06/10/16 16:56

Dixon 25mm
Range: Complete
Size: 29mm ‘foot to eye’ or 33mm tall; cavalry
are 46mm tall
Price: £11.00 for eight infantry or three cavalry

Dixon has a large range of models available individually
or in unit packs. he range includes pikemen, musketeers,
artillery and cavalry, plus some accessories.

Empress 28mm
Range: Complete (English)
Size: 28mm ‘foot to eye’ or 33mm tall; cavalry
are 46mm tall
Price: £7.00 for four infantry, £8.50 for two cavalry

Empress’ range includes foot command, musketeers,
pikemen, cannons, and several types of cavalry. The
figures are on the taller side of 28mm, but are not ‘beefy’.

Eureka 28mm
Range: Standard (Montrose Scots and Irish)
Size: 26mm ‘foot to eye’ or 29mm tall; cavalry
are 43mm tall
Price: AU$ 2.95 per foot and AU$ 6.00 per
cavalry model

Eureka has a nice range of Montrose Scots and Irish. The
range includes pike, musketeers, highlanders, cavalry and
characters. Available from Fighting 15s in the UK.

Foundry 25mm
Range: Comprehensive (English and Scots)
Size: 25mm ‘foot to eye’ or 28mm tall; cavalry
are 43mm tall
Price: £12.00 for eight infantry or three cavalry

Foundry has 48 packs in their range. Apart from the usual
pikemen, musketeers, artillery, and cavalry, there are also
special models, such as the surgeon and blacksmith.

Old Glory 25mm
Range: Comprehensive (English and Scots)
Size: 27mm ‘foot to eye’ or 30mm tall; cavalry
are 42mm tall
Price: £24.00 for 30 infantry or ten cavalry

Old Glory has a large selection of English Civil War
models, including command, musketeers, pikemen,
cannons, and cavalry.


wss87.indd 49 06/10/16 16:57

Perry Miniatures 28mm
Range: Comprehensive (English and Scots)
Size: 27mm ‘foot to eye’ or 30mm tall; cavalry
are 43mm tall
Price: £7.00 for six infantry, £8.50 for three cavalry

The Perrys have a very good range, which currently
consists of 31 packs of ECW and 19 packs of Scots. The
range includes pikemen, musketeers, artillery, and cavalry.

Warlord 28mm
Range: Comprehensive (English and Scots)
Size: 28mm ‘foot to eye’ or 31mm tall; cavalry
are 44mm tall
Price: £2.00 individually, £6.00 for four mod-
els, or £22.50 for a plastic boxed set

Warlord Games has a growing range of models for the
‘Pike and Shotte’ era, in both metal and plastic. Their plas-
tic range includes infantry and cavalry, while their metal
includes infantry, artillery and characters as well.

Tumbling Dice 20mm
Range: Standard
Size: 21mm ‘foot to eye’ or 25mm tall
Price: £4.80 for eight models

Tumbling Dice has a range of Thirty Years War miniatures
in 1/72 scale which will serve the English Civil War as
well. Musketeers, pikemen and cavalry are included.

Black Hat 15mm
Range: Comprehensive (English and Scots)
Size: 16mm ‘foot to eye’ or 19mm tall; cavalry
are 30mm tall
Price: £3.00 for ten foot or five mounted models

Black Hat has 42 packs of ECW miniatures including
commanders, pike, musketeers, artillery, and cavalry.

Freikorps 15mm
Range: Comprehensive
Size: 15mm ‘foot to eye’ or 17mm tall, cavalry
are 24mm tall
Price: £2.70 for a pack of eight infantry or four cav-
alry (or two guns)

QRF Models, under the Freikorps banner, have 31
packs in their ECW range. These include pikemen,
musketeers, artillery, light dragoons, medium cavalry,
and heavy cuirassiers.


wss87.indd 50 06/10/16 16:57

and cavalry. muskets. artil- lery. Baccus 6mm Range: Comprehensive Size: 6mm tall. cavalry are 23mm tall Price: £3. Magister Militum 15mm Range: Comprehensive (English and Scots) Size: 14mm ‘foot to eye’ or 16mm tall.indd 51 06/10/16 16:57 . cavalry and artillery. including 6mm dead markers. and artillery. cavalry are 10mm tall Price: £6. Scots and Irish) Size: 15mm ‘foot to eye’ or 17mm tall. The range includes wounded and dead models. artillery. and artillery limbers. shot. cavalry are 18mm tall Price: £4. WARGAMES. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 51 wss87. There are a number of extra packs. cavalry. including pike- men.5mm ‘foot to eye’ or 11mm tall. cavalry and command). Peter Pig 15mm Range: Complete (English. and civilians. All the standard troop options are covered.00 for a pack of eight infantry or four cavalry (or two guns) Magister Militum has a good range.00 for four guns Baccus has 15 packs for the English Civil War. custom heads. cavalry are 17mm tall Price: £12. artillery.50 for 30 foot or fifteen cavalry (or three guns) Pendraken has 37 packs of ECW. Old Glory Grand Scale 10mm Range: Comprehensive Size: 9.00 per pack Grand Scale 10mm by Old Glory UK offers twenty packs covering all the standard troop options (pike.00 for 45 cavalry. Pendraken 10mm Range: Comprehensive (English and Scots) Size: 10mm ‘foot to eye’ or 12mm tall.00 for 96 foot. including pike. such as wagons and pioneers. The range includes useful items such as peasants. £3. £7. cavalry are 24mm tall Price: £3. musketeers. gabions and carts. which includes pike and musket infantry.00 for a pack of 8 infantry or 4 cavalry Peter Pig has 68 packs of ECW models.

I I had already known what figures I would use as the add grass tufts and static grass in two colours (green and Bicorne ECW range is a favorite of mine. After that has dried I drybrush with Desert Yellow. I then very lightly drybrush with Desert yel- a lovely set of casualty figures. My version of this is a lot simpler. One story of a last stand that has stuck with me ever since my first visit to the Marston Moor battlefield near York is the story of Newcastle’s Whitecoats. Some references have note a red cross on the sleeve but I chose not to depict this. WS&S 52 WARGAMES. In fact I struggled with this for too long (sorry editor) then eventually came up with. I nspired by Graham Turner's plate for the Osprey Marston Moor book. then Dark Sand. command. Vallejo Panzer Aces 321. I set the figures down and then glue sand and length a Scots regiment of dragoons. I wanted to do the figures in their undyed linen coats that gave the troops their nicknames: "White Coats" or "the Marquis of New- castle Lambs" (they were famously reported to have declared it was fine for the Marquis to leave their coats undyed as they would dye their coats in the blood of the browns. Finally. seed or olive oil). There you have it! My White Coats’ last stand. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. At some WHITE COATS AND BLACK ARMOUR point I have promised myself a unit of these guys as the I spent too long trying all manner of different col. This involved coating the armour with oil (lin- to be the location and feel we will never really know. followed by a burning-off process of Lieutenant-Colonel James Somerville described the final some kind. story captured my imagination and I have worked out our combinations. and that only by the stout resistance of this gallant battalion. or Miniature Paints. everything from light grey to light the colour combination for my perfect white coat.. Here the parliament horse of that wing received Solid black paint then Vallejo German Grey added into their greatest loss and a stop for some time to the black then a highlight of pure German Grey. Graveyard Earth the same order and rank wherein he had fought. and fi- nally the Ivory on its own. occurring after he'd left the field: 'cooks' into the steel.. their hoped-for victory. British Tank Crew Highlight. Whether it be Custer at Little Big Horn or the 44th foot at Gandamak . I have walked Armour was sometimes blackened or painted to prevent over the ground near the two places most likely thought rusting.indd 52 10/10/16 12:52 . having refused quarters. Iain from' Flags of War' low to pull the two styles of tufts together. with ammunition was rocks over a coat of black tile grout. Earth Brown. rocks into place. is under debate.…until at To base. enemy) Where the last stand took place and even wheth- er it actually happened. Ivory. all well documented in the medium of min- iature painting and art. like the poetic story of ‘The last stand’. lightened with Vallejo Model Colour 918. or boiling the armour in a pot until the oil moments of the action... By David Imrie ON THE COVER THEME DEATH BEFORE DISHONOUR Most of us. Once dry I give spent. every man fell in the base a coat of Games Workshop. They also do spring mix). kindly supplied me with the standard. somehow. I use PVA glue and super glue on some ed by Colonel Frizeall.

wss87.indd 53 06/10/16 16:57 .

I suggest that a superbly photos trying to work out how I could build a reproduc. by doing just that. I believe the real balance to be had between the three main parts of the exact opposite is true – these well modelled games are wargame hobby – Figures. piece model for an ACW skirmish game. nothing of spending weeks reproducing a cool centre- cients. and today I would think 1/56th). on scenic bases or included as part of a diorama? Making good looking terrain is an enjoyable skill that can I’m not saying that the rules are not important. So why. then this spectacle. the fact that I am lucky enough to get painted figures or models always appear better if mounted paid for these articles is a bonus. but it was the introduction to wargam. army or uniform. I study drawings or ter’ hobby of railway modelling. Maybe this is why articles for myself.indd 54 06/10/16 16:57 . or that you be learnt by the hobbyist. built model rail- way layouts and collected model soldiers in dozens of Don’t get me wrong. This is not rocket science. Without the spectacle then we are just pushing toy sol- ing. the themes for these models varying through An. and yes I know H G Wells ing hundreds of model making articles – with this much (the recognised father of modern wargaming) started out pent-up knowledge it was obvious that I would eventu. this beautifully I scour the internet and magazine shelves in the hope modelled and painted gaming table. Similarly. is the culmination of a lifetime’s interest in model mak. Given the above. in playing games. The them acting in unison (and with equal importance) to one model railway press doesn’t include simple or toy layouts another. blood’ to the hobby or produce a stunning well-remem- bered night of gaming. the research and the figure painting. By Tony Harwood COLUMN © Georgie Harman THE IRREGULAR A LABOUR OF LOVE OR A NECESSARY EVIL I confess I am a model maker first. Modern. just common sense. If terrain does not inspire. plastic soldiers were glued down to Newcastle Brown Ale beermats and the rules were well-thumbed photo- I tend to build terrain from scratch to 28-30mm scale (or copies. on green dyed bed sheets with chalked-on roads and ing and roleplay games like Dungeons and Dragons green felt ovals to represent woods. diers over the bedroom carpet. in building plastic kits and read. BUT – that was then. to Napoleonics. figures on the gaming table). 54 WARGAMES. then why not play with chess pieces on a chessboard? I’ve built hundreds of Airfix plastic kits. Rules and Terrain – with each of in fact the impetus for these newcomers to strive for. Sci-Fi and even Fantasy. it challenges modellers to improve their skills with bigger and better layouts. but I do think that there is a as they appear unobtainable to the novice. I find it difficult to shouldn’t paint your troops to the best of your ability (I do accept those that talk about superbly modelled gaming believe that there is no place in the hobby for bare metal boards acting as a barrier to newcomers to the hobby. my first wargames were played different scales. Thinking back to the ‘sis- inspires me to build a new model. T his is probably due to my upbringing: a fa- ther who built flying balsa-wood models and placed miniature ships in bottles (which I don’t have the patience to do). I would suggest that the more unusual the more chance there is that I will be attracted to it. most of my model making being scratch-built or heav- ily modified from commercial products. modelling bug didn’t just bite – it savaged me. the Airfix ACW that has inspired me through the years. modelled and super-detailed railway engine would have tion or use just one tiny part of the building or machine much more impact if modelled and placed in a similarly to add to my latest creation. when most seri- ous wargamers will spend years researching their chosen scale. Therefore. are those same gamers not will- ing to spend the same amount of time and effort on their terrain? This is an anomaly that I find difficult to accept. if we are to attract ‘new ally come around to model making of some sort. why I believe that the ‘spectacle’ of wargaming is just as im- am I so passionate about building wargame terrain? It portant as the rules. is just as important of finding some piece of terrain or a scenic feature that as the soldiers moving across it. a grandfather who had a huge HO/OO model railway layout in his back bedroom and an uncle who built beautiful post war jets which he displayed on his mantelpiece. I build models and write super-detailed and working setting. a figure painter sec- ond and a gamer third! My hobby interests are varied. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. The to inspire.

some- thing that I enjoy both researching and building. hills. the contrary. by definition gamers lustrated in contemporary paintings or illustrations (or are missing out on one of the most creative parts of the photographs). Some may call it ‘Gaming articles – to try to pass on the steps that I use when build- Porn’. It is one of the main reasons that I write magazine and modelling magazines. My memories skills have improved. the perfect sculpture ing terrain or structures and show that although some- or piece or art. (If I were asked. my trees look more realistic and my buildings look was the spectacle of the whole event: while a similarly like what they are supposed to be. “Try it – you just might like it!” nalia are kept in purpose-built and separate gaming ar- eas so as not to jar the eye of the viewer but to reinforce I’m not going to stop trying to improve these skills. In truth When I visit a wargame show. is what gamers really want to see and what they should and I would recommend this to every reader of this mag- strive for. marching across it difficult to see it as a necessary evil or a chore and find realistic-looking fields of corn. As the two ar. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 55 wss87.indd 55 06/10/16 16:57 . I love build- better the whole hobby will become. The rules and various gaming parapher.) I find superbly painted and modelled bases. what we as gamers should at least be times time consuming. the For me the building of scratch-built and detailed war- spectacle (in my opinion) was missing. I still think of myself as a wargamer. This. game terrain or scenery is a true ‘labour of love’. on the illusion of a miniature battlefield. Many years ago I was lucky enough to attend the orig. I This is the ‘whole picture’: finely painted miniatures on think I would describe myself as a model maker. the simply painted Airfix soldiers – I know that my mies converged. it is drawn to the spectacle of the whole gaming is moved lower down the league table to be seen as an board. the excitement rose. I think it is my main or core hobby. It is the goal and the closer we get to it the the most satisfying) part of this great hobby. while gaming soldiers. and buildings. With these types of games. tiful bases. trees. and each and every part the hobby when I first started – at that green dyed bed of that table was beautifully sculpted and modelled sheet and the chalk roads. A selection of Tony’s scratch-built models. I maintain. run by Peter Gilder. made strides in the right direction. To me this is the pinnacle. My advice is. peted meeting room with white polystyrene hills and partially painted figures was just as big an event. My first step is not necessarily perfect figures on beau- inal Wargames Holiday Centre. however if I look back at gaming board that was huge. I want to strive to improve all of these skills. The figures are as actors on a lavishly decorated occasional activity. WS&S WARGAMES. with painting figures ly to the beautifully painted and based ranks of model relegated to a side-line or add-on interest. see the photographs in all gaming azine. that my figure painting is bet- of that weekend stay with me today. terrain. I believe that it ter. across dry-stone walls myself criticising other gamers or wargamers who play and along dirt-track roads past miniature structures that on plain or simple tables with little and sometimes no portray as closely as possible the actual buildings as il. but maybe not a traditional gamer. this is my goal (and I admit something that The group re-fought the Battle of Salamanca over a I may never fully achieve). this is a very satisfying (possibly striving for. Then I know I have large Battle of Waterloo wargame fought over a car. the green felt woods and with rivers. miniature battlefield .this is inspiration at its very best. ing and painting my model terrain. For proof. my eye is not drawn sole. hobby.

wss87.indd 56 06/10/16 16:57 .

wss87.indd 57 06/10/16 16:57 .

raising the nest five feet off the floor. so that the height of the stones would come halfway up the door opening. ‘close-framed’. These coin-sized pieces over uPVA four walls were cut into 120mm glue and then spread the DAS lengths and glued together to with a pointed sculpting tool. This stonework was then carved and impressed with stone texture and any exposed or rough edges were detailed with DAS modelling clay. timber-framed dovecote using bits and piec. first was The Commandery. This building my own 28mm scale model. in the middle of the nineteenth century. The timber framing style is called ‘close-framed’. and the second was a set of pamphlets showing where the uprights are a little closer together local dovecotes of Hereford and Worcester. Earlier medieval dovecotes tended to be round and made of stone. By Tony Harwood HOBBY BUILDING A TIMBER FRAMED DOVECOTE THE DOVE HOUSE My latest scratch built model is of a late medieval timber framed dovecote. Each of the wattle and es I had to hand or scrap mate. then the three preserved examples and then set about horizontals and finally the infill uprights. but one that should pay dividends when painted It was my intention to build a and particularly when drybrushed. the surfaces smooth. The model I’ve built crate that I picked up from a local fruit and veg market.000 cotes in England alone. and was seen as a sign of wealth. The groundwork was superglue.indd 58 06/10/16 16:57 . here was inspired by two sources both uncovered at The this was first dismantled and then cut into thin strips Hive (Worcester City Library and Archive Centre). D ovecotes provided meat and eggs for the manor table. in this with green foam. I sanded the sur- faces smooth and trimmed the upper edge back. and their guano made an excellent fertiliser and contained saltpetre used in gunpowder man- ufacture. The which were glued to the core box with superglue. Once a damp brush to give some ad- the glue had fully set. however. form a hollow box with a door door. Their use declined with the arrival of the brown rat in the 1730s – many cotes were adapted against this new rodent menace. when there were a recorded 26. were built of timber and therefore had to be square or oc- tagonal. I mount all of my terrain pieces The lower edges were covered on to dedicated bases. cut into thin case some 3mm thick plastic strips and glued in place with card. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. I have not tried once again built up with to be too precise about the DAS. Such timber structures were commonly built from Tudor times through to the 18th century. partly due to the The timber framing was modelled from a wooden fruit Victorian obsession with chickens. The small pegs or 58 WARGAMES. than traditional timber framed buildings. I dab the surface with way opening on one side. Finally. CONSTRUCTION I sketched out a hybrid dovecote using two or The corner uprights were attached first. The practice of keeping doves had virtually died out placing of this foam as once it was set. Later medieval and Tudor ones. I sanded ditional texture. daub panels was modelled rial. and I started by breaking with DAS modelling clay apart an old lever-arch box file to – I find it best to add small make the four main walls. is a time consuming technique. a museum in Worcester.

indd 59 06/10/16 16:58 . Surfaces smoothed and Building the main beams. 7. cal beams. wooden nails were cut from plastic rod. 4. The individual roof tiles were cut from artists’ water- rain is to produce slightly comic-looking or over-the. You should also be able to carved from a single piece of 3mm thick plastic card see how one side has a brick repair to two of the wattle which I fixed in place slightly ajar. The wooden pegs are slightly edges back once the glue has fully set. Building the dovecote 1. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 59 wss87. The lower stonework and daub panels. 2. I find tic’ or subdued. Card tiles added. I have drybrushed the model The roof was first constructed from thin card and with lighter brown/earth colours to highlight the then clad with strips of torn newspaper applied over sculpted detail. thinner than I would have normally modelled and the surface texture is a little less extreme. 6. although as mentioned earlier I would top surface texture (which suits my Flintloque Napole. metal strips were made from an empty tomato purée With this model I have tried to be a little more ‘realis. 3. Call it a Dampfpanzerwagon trait! black undercoat. entrance. colour paper. This was done to add some colour and has been further textured with a watered-down DAS interest to an otherwise plain timber framed structure. base on which to add further detail. Filling in the wattle and daub Card Roof clad in newspaper. 8. My preferred technique when building wargame ter. The typical dovecote upper roof was both clad and de- tailed with thin card and again tiled with artists’ water- The groundwork has been further detailed with sieved colour paper. tube and glued in place with more superglue.5mm card. as I am aware that this cartoon style is it easier to attach these strips oversized and trim the not to everyone’s liking. but as this doesn’t show up too well in published images. inserted into pre. 5. Basic walls constructed. The onic miniatures and black undercoated painting style). WARGAMES. The door was prior to the undercoating. normally have used thicker 1mm – 1. Finished roof with flight panels. modelling clay and acrylic medium mix that was paint- ed on to the model with a fine brush. uPVA glue – I find that this gives a strong and firm drilled holes and glued in place with superglue. Filling in the secondary verti- stonework added. I have added clut- ter items from my spares box – something that I try to PAINTING do with all of my terrain pieces as I feel it adds interest The whole model was basecoated with a dark brown/ to the finished piece. The doorway opening was painted black stones and sand applied over uPVA glue.

drybrushed. I tend to paint bite Leather from Games Workshop. The than a week to both model and paint. I first painted the the woodwork first and then fill in the wattle and daub whole base with watered-down Snakebite. this may seem the wrong ond layer to give a good foundation before drybrush- way round. hiding place or a gathering place for supporters during his desperate escape in 1651? The premise is not that The next step was to paint the base or groundwork far fetched.indd 60 06/10/16 16:58 . as he passed very close to at least two dove- and for this I returned to my old favourite – Snake. paint each panel with a watered-down mid-grey to which I have added a tiny drop of brown. I ‘sponged’ the stone area with light grey/cream colour. After painting the The red brick repair to the side was first painted in a stonework dark grey. It is darker colours or tones to show through at the edges. a model I am very proud of but if I were to do it again. ing the rough texture with lighter layers of Snakebite and Skull White. but it works for me. I think I would have modelled it and painted it in my more The roof tiles have been painted to represent slate tiles usual cartoon or exaggerated style (and have built it slight- with a mix of greys. Painting the dovecote 1. super precise is not essential. throughout this build. nique on a couple of models and can confirm that it produces very good and natural looking results. It stands 210mm metal flashing was painted in the same grey. highlighted or dry. ly smaller) – I look forward to hearing what readers think. but with a tall. I have. brushed with light grey. When painting timber framed buildings. the sort that Matt Varnish. stonework areas and once again I experimented with yet another new technique. tried my best to use only Each layer was done with a lighter or whiter colour. I like to paint individual tiles in different colours between each drybrushing. then individual bricks were lighter grey and brown colours. 4. cotes. oranges and browns before being dry- highlight of off white. 3. so being ‘realistic’ than the rest of my terrain collection. card base which is 110mm x 110mm. I washed the whole model with a wa- gaming miniatures are packed with. the What if King Charles II had used the dovecote as either a panels really ‘pop’ from the darker timber framing. roof tiles started. one in Oddingley and the second at Ombersley. Dovecote undercoated and Wattle areas whitened and Final highlights added. Individual stones have been picked With the wooden areas finished I moved on to the out in greys. the painting ground foam and static grass. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. brushed with a cream/grey colour. The finished model. I feel this The model cost next to nothing to produce and took less helps to portray a more ‘natural’ colour and effect. tered-down black and sepia wash both to add some texture to the whitewashed walls and to tone down The first step in painting the whitewashed areas is to the pure white final highlight. I chose not to add my moves along quickly – remember that there will be at usual railway scatter as I wanted a model that was more least four additional layers on top of the grey. 60 WARGAMES. If you water The base was textured or flocked with small areas of down the paint to the consistency of milk. before adding a final painted in reds. WS&S After a final highlight of nearly pure Titanium White. 2. and scrap or reclaimed materials for the construction and to each layer paints a little bit less of the panel – leaving the paint the model in a more ‘realistic’ style or fashion. highlighted with white. is 80mm x 80mm and sits on a 3mm thick plastic tiny touch of cream or linen paint added to the mix. then a sec- or whitewashed panels later. blues and greens. I have used the sponging tech. I Prior to varnishing the model and base with Galleria use small pieces of torn packing sponge.

indd 61 06/10/16 16:58 .wss87.

some traces of White mud or dust. so it is ist. It is very important to thin the paint your miniatures. we can apply three layers of lights: good idea to combine different colours – or different (1st) pure beige. we can always add more intermedi- shade of uniform. stroy the transition we are looking for. THE UNIFORM ter applying this base. Army Painter. In addition. VPA. In this article. and we apply this thinned paint on the blue. T hese miniatures don’t have their own bases. (2nd) beige + ivory (1 to 1 proportion) tones of the same colour . as it doesn’t really ex- as chocolate brown. VMC. For example. or we'd de- varied results in your unit or army. I drybrushed the base with two brown colours: chocolate brown (VMC 964) and beige brown (VMC 875). in this case I had the ate layers between the pure colours. (VMC 821). Hence. such I don’t like to paint pure white. Vallejo Game Color.indd 62 06/10/16 16:58 . as we are used to with most figures. To paint the fur of the hood we can use the same as colour base. By Ruben Torregrosa HOBBY PAINTING SNOW CAMOUFLAGE FOR KHARKOV WHITE DEATH The following painting guide will show you how to paint German soldiers fight- ing at the Third Battle of Kharkov (in February and March 1943) using the new 28mm range from Heer46. Then. we start working on the lights with Ivory (VMC 918). because it provides a nice “dirty” effect. I added tex- ture with an old toothbrush. It always appears mixed with something else: grey. It is very impor- applying this idea you can obtain very interesting and tant not to totally cover the previous colour. We just need to thin a brown colour. I made up a base with some Milliput putty. The first dark green and khaki. VGC. Soldiers are not clones! Look at histori- a bit with water to obtain smooth transitions between cal sources and you’ll find great variety even in a single layers. Because I only have two colours here Before we begin. to obtain even smoother contrasts. In my case. such as the German Cam. while white or dark green. was applied with an airbrush. Af- 62 WARGAMES. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. We can also add some 'weathering effect' on the trousers. once dried. By limited to the edges or protruding parts. I use the following abbreviations – Vallejo Model Color. I usually use beige knees. Games Workshop. very transparent). 2. Beige WWII colour but using the dry-brush technique instead. The range was funded by a recent Indiegogo cam- paign and should be released for sale very soon. with plenty of water (1:10. I glued the miniature with cy- anoacrylate ‘superglue’ and. I would like to mention that it is a (beige and ivory). a grey primer Painting the white 1. Vallejo Panzer Aces. we can use lighter or the area of the next one will be much more reduced or darker versions of these colours to add some variety. AP. such as 1:2 and 2:1 possibility of using two different colours for the anorak: proportions. Grey colours are always nice on the rocks to add more variety. To simulate a muddy base.when painting the uniform of and (3rd) pure ivory. GW. yellow and so on. I gently pushed the miniature on top of the putty to make a ‘box’ for the feet. and another two for the trousers: light will cover a significant area of the creases. Furthermore. Before it was dry.

For this purpose we add to the previous mixture lights. such as the trou- Paint the anorak completely with a 1:1 mix of German sers and the anorak. and then with Afrika Korps Tank Crew (VPA 336): the first in a ratio 3:1. and then we mix this with ent layers of paint because we have more control over a bit of white to apply the top highlight. The first one is with paint with water. so that it looks like the light is coming We continue adding Iraqi Sand to the mix. 3. don't ruin your work so far! Painting the green 1. hence we can use a bigger amount. The first two are made with the same green mixed Iraqi Sand (VMC 819). It is better to work with semi-transpar- pure Afrika Korps Tank Crew. as op- while leaving the shadows in the base colour. We continue di. Dark green Paint the anorak completely with German Camo Extra As before. here. in black the remaining equipment: gear. amount of Iraqi Sand paint to make the highlight colour though the anorak has a very large surface area to paint. 2. so prepare enough of it. guns. etc.indd 63 06/10/16 16:58 . Note that here we are using a proportionally smaller of 3:1 dark green . very striking. and apply from above (zenithal lighting). We are going to apply four high. WARGAMES. The reason is simple: Afrika Korps Tank Crew the wrinkles are very nicely marked. These final highlights should be very subtle Black profiling and gear and only cover a small surface – they should be like a To add more contrast to the miniature. We will need this mixture later. I like to apply a very thin line on the extreme of the wrinkle. Carefully of course. To obtain nice looking transitions remember to thin the Now we apply the last two highlights. the intensity of the paint. Al. towards the higher parts. we also need to apply four highlight steps Dark Green (VMC 896). second highlight. The idea is to paint a very thin line separating all Khaki the separate elements of the miniature. With the posed to the Iraqi Sand. The first highlight is still a dark colour and the resulting contrasts are not only helps to mark the areas that we have to highlight. ‘black profiling’ using a fine brush and thinned black paint.AK tank crew. which is very light. we start orienting the highlighted areas to the upper parts. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 63 wss87. and the second 2:1. belt. Furthermore. the last two highlights in a proportion of 2:1 and 1:1. I usually totally cover Camo Extra Dark Green and British Uniform (VMC 921). Less is more! recting the highlights to the same direction. first in a 4:1 proportion. than before.

that we also mix with a bit of white to apply the last highlight. This is very advisable as we can obtain a dif. ments. We can therefore paint these parts at the same Brown (VMC 982) for the wooden parts. Try not to overexaggerate the lights on black col- Chocolate (VMC 964) for leather pieces such as the ours. hence to paint the highlights the eyes. with white. The easiest way is by just applying a black 982) and even add an extra light mixing 982 with a bit of wash. here we can mix Dark Green (VMC 896) by a vertical black line. To work on the highlights of the choco. One tip for painting straps is canteen and PPSh magazine pouch and German Camo to add two thin lines on the edges. we can also paint the teeth with white. we can also use this mixture to start highlighting the wooden part of the weap. The idea is not only to re-paint the black line with Orange Brown. Painting the khaki 1. Orange Brown (VMC 981). We have already painted details. Then we use Tan ferent colour that contrasts nicely with the uniform. start mixing Tan Painting the equipment 1. we use pure Orange that should separate these elements from the uniform. If the guy has his mouth opened. Now it is time for a second black profiling only on the ons. especially at the lower part. This makes them look Extra Dark Green (VMC 896) for the metal parts of the nicer because it is a real effect: the straps are always worn gas mask canister and canteen. 3. time. 2. 2. Try to completely cover all the black colour around these elements with black. but adding an extra highlight. Brown to re-paint the lines (but try not to totally cover the but also to emphasise the different details of these ele- previous colour). In contrast with the Finally we paint the face. Now. 64 WARGAMES. instead of ap- plying highlights on the metal parts. To paint the gear we will start by painting the base col. The gloves and balaclava have a dark grey use Gunmetal Grey (VMC 863) for metal parts and Flat colour. Finally.indd 64 06/10/16 16:58 . we can simply use grey or mix the black with a bit of ours. Carefully we start painting the recipe that we previously saw when painting the dark eyes by first painting a horizontal white oval that is divided green uniform. I highly recommend Nuln Oil shade from Citadel. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. especially to separate the wooden and metal parts late brown we can use either English Uniform (VMC 921) of the weapons (the wash is not strong enough to do this). or they will look grey. After this mix. For the weapons we can on the edges. or Beige Brown (VMC 875). so we can use Dark Oxide (VPA 302) or Brown white. Actually. as I usually add some lines simulating wood veins equipment. we can work only on To highlight the Dark Oxide we can use Flat Brown (VMC the shadows. The (VGC 066) to paint the whole face other than the previous belt and straps are black leather.

With the filter we can darken the surface a bit. It doesn’t matter if it direct the light to the edges on the shades. we use a brush moistened with water to carefully remove part of the To make the contrast a bit deeper we can apply a black washable white paint. with increasing amounts of Dwarf Skin (VGC 041) until (1:10 with water) as the one that we used to weather the reaching this pure colour to apply the lights. Grey Paint the whole helmet with Black Grey (VMC 994). 3. 2. between the shades and the more paint we remove. whereas we paint on top of the Black Grey. We apply a black filter on the Adding the snow sides. Therefore. you could mix baking soda with some water and white glue and apply the re- sulting paste with a spatula or brush.indd 65 06/10/16 16:58 . One of the sim- plest ones is baking soda! Instead of applying white glue and then sprinkling baking soda. I only add snow on some areas and on top of some bushes. We work the highlights in two areas: the top and product Washable White from AMMO of Mig Jime- the shades. 4. The idea is to obtain a very body of the helmet. The final light trousers. because I like the contrast that the grass confers. SNOW There are different ways to simulate snow. we can add some scratches with the pure Dark Sea Grey here and there. If we remove too much white. Whitewash Mix Black Grey with increasing amounts of Dark Sea Paint the whole helmet with Black Grey. The more water we use. The second proce- dure generates more realistic snow because it looks more “fluffy”. First. I didn’t want to cover the whole base. To simulate Grey (VMC 991) until finally using the pure Dark Sea a very real whitewash camo we can use the acrylic colour.MIG-0024). is done with dwarf skin mixed with a bit of white. WS&S WARGAMES. Painting the grey helmet 1. A filter consists of as much paint random chipping effect. Finally. we can repeat the process or just use ivory or white (regular acrylic paints) to add random dots or marks on top of the grey colour. Once it is dry. 4. On the top we can paint “circles” the areas nez (A. we apply a generous layer of of which are reduced in every new layer. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 65 wss87. the filter (or wash) on the sides. Painting the white helmet 1. and we can even add some extra dark chipping effects using Black Grey and a fine brush. 3. Just use the tip of the brush HELMET and slightly thinner paint. is not homogeneous. 2.

wss87.indd 66 06/10/16 16:58 .

indd 67 06/10/16 16:58 .wss87.

or more interestingly. on the game whatsoever but are great fun and so came to but that engine has been stripped back to its skeleton. and each officer will Rampant had been for the fantasy setting. a unit will automatically carry out these orders (you The Men Who Would Be Kings. My one grumble here is that there is result. Players take turns to activate all of their units. we were keen to that are not ‘free’ will require the unit to test against its of- get our hands on it to test it for our own needs as well as to ficer’s leadership. like me. However. I found that the two rulesets were. Khartoum. The Four Feath- ers. and immediately sprang up on our radar when first really great bit of this game comes in: those orders we were looking for a new group project. to name just a few.LET’S PLAY By Rossco Watkins QUICK PLAY COLONIAL RULES THE MEN WHO WOULD BE KINGS Sunday afternoons were sacrosanct growing up in our house: a roast lunch followed by a movie that my father and grandfather were more than likely to fall asleep through. either historically or in a more ‘Hollywood’ manner. and loyal Englishmen. to the not so handy.indd 68 06/10/16 16:58 . these are all typical of the period and some personally found this assessment unfair! are charmingly ridiculous. each giving its on Rampant. There’s no choosing a the author’s previous two games and had enjoyed them. as Dragon randomly on a table for each officer. Having played Lion Rampant when we came to play Drag. Films about brave. They range from the incredibly handy (should you roll well) such as ‘Hero of the Empire’. is the latest outing by Daniel Mersey of Lion will fire when presented with the enemy. This sequence can be interrupted. things such as ‘What a fine moustache’ a new and much more individual stand-alone game is the and ‘Bald as a coot’. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. published by Osprey don’t need to worry about whether or not Tommy Atkins Wargames. close enough that players could switch ’Bag of nerves’ and the somewhat self-explanatory ‘Idiot’. special character or paying the points for a tactical genius We had heard that TMWWBK would be an adaptation of (that would be too easy. But these movies were ‘the stuff’ that would capture a young boy’s imagination for- ever. noble. such as ‘Hapless’. TMWWBK does use the There are also one or two that have absolutely no bearing same basic ‘game engine’ as the author’s previous books. loved these films: Zulu. Some orders are ‘free’. this book will still war- rant a pretty thorough reading. Although having played one of the previous books only one such table and the traits are very much geared 68 WARGAMES. generally being ‘jolly good chaps’. fairly effortlessly between the two. This is where the Rampant. Until re- will get you moving more quickly. ‘Destined for greatness’ or ‘Jolly Sporty’. the odd ‘scoundrel’ serving king/queen and country. I f you are reading this very fine publication (and are of a certain age) then there is a very good chance that you. players roll the Lion Rampant rules for the colonial period. Instead. an officer’s leadership is com- review for these hallowed pages! We had already played pletely out of the player’s control. however. The game itself is entirely D6 driven (I recommend having plenty on hand) and has an IGOUGO turn sequence. as their own advantages. for instance). They bravely marched against the enemies of the Empire in far flung corners of the globe. I have to say I receive a trait. and be my favourites. and of course The Man Who Would Be King. and each unit has several op- cently… tions for the orders they can be given. old bean!). But oddly I’d never given much thought to seriously wargaming the period. Rampant fame and of course its fantasy spin-off Dragon but some orders take a bit more doing. names suggest.

Zulus and Boer Wars. Starter field forces are provided for Sudan. however. fun. As mentioned ‘attack’ options as well as orders to do things like ‘go to earlier. ‘fire’ and of these may be somewhat intentional. The combat system is a little all-important because. Some may find this frustrating. Publishing ers will be able to assign a type to any unit on the table ISBN: 978-1472815002 quickly. The games we played for this review were immensely Shooting and combat is fairly basic: you roll a number enjoyable. two ways find itself outnumbered and native units are absolute. Unit types are fairly generic with only a few options for The men who either side. Should a unit attempt to carry out an to see such a mechanism being a part of the rules. particularly would be kings those with a deep interest and understanding of the pe. As the Dervish horde wildly charge. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 69 wss87. There are the obvious ‘move’. Darkest Africa. the harder the test is to remove them all. players (particu. although some get bogged down. Units in cover or cavalry take two hits really interesting moments. are hits (typically on a 5+ with a few modifiers) and re. I say detail and greater depth. WS&S a unit has. have been streamlined to make sure that players do not The book does have its flaws. Price: £11. These must be removed by a rallying action bre test these rules with me and I would like to thank before the unit can take any other actions. ‘fatal’ as well. so holding them at arm’s length whilst will be the main deciding factor in who gains victory.indd 69 06/10/16 16:58 . and double 1 they become a casualty (sometimes to the relief provided for varied and exciting games. This section is quite in depth but very good. The eight scenarios for the to remove one model. Whilst a tribal force may have the num- larly colonial players) found ‘pinning’ a very important and bers to absorb the kind of punishment a force of regular handy aspect of the game. Officers in a unit roll 2D6. enjoyable games that Format: 64-page full do not require hours of planning. Publisher: Osprey What this does is keeps matters incredibly simple. ‘form close order’ or the all-important ‘rally’. I would have liked a separate table bage’. I was also very of their men). play passes to the opposing player. The more pins my fellow Berzerkers for their help. A colonial force will almost al. Pig Wars (hypo- Play is beautifully simple. Units under fire or which lose combat take lucky to have some gentlemen of the very highest cali- pin markers. and having to manage a force like that made for some move casualties. Play. on a game are very well written. serious gamers of the period may require more ground’. order that requires a leadership test and fail. More oft than not a force would have a mix of dice equal to the models in the unit. during our games. This makes for fast. determine which of very capable officers and absolute disaster men. Maoris. colonial forces may find that who gains the initiative ly lethal in melee. Author: Daniel Mersey riod who game it to a high level of historical accuracy.99 There is also a section on solo play called ‘Playing Mr Bab- WARGAMES. the orders available to units thetical British versus US) and the North West Frontier. your chaps whittle them away with rifle fire is essential. there are some ‘thea. Ethiopia. gave a good narrative. Dice: D6 tre specific’ rules that outline several renowned units of System: Initiative based the period. Gurkhas and of alternative turn course the rightly feared ‘3rd Foot & Mouth Regiment’ . For those who do wish colour softback to field a more specialised force. colonial troops are able to put down range at them. It’s nice tailored for natives. the 3rd Foot and Mouth may be in trouble again… towards the colonials. such as the Boers.

and 25% instead. but would only remove a base Units have a minimum and a maximum number of bases. S ure there were the successor games to WAB. Excess hits are ignored for figure removal but will count towards disorder or panic from shooting and for combat resolution (see later). The number on a base depends on its type. Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB). If a target A number of terms have been given new names. superior troops hit non-superior troops on a 3+). In. For me personally. which is simultaneous for both sides. get me and like-minded Ancient and Medieval gamers THE TURN playing ‘big’ again? The book will be supported online The turn sequence is quite unconventional and took me a with additional scenarios and rules on release. I suspect players will pick it up after a an infantry unit three to twelve bases. Dark Ages. rallying fleeing units etc. it becomes ‘discour- stead of ‘leadership’ or ‘morale’. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. So a unit of 28 close a character or the unit is discouraged. Could this be the game to saved hits. But then Games Workshop killed it off and with it. there was only one ancients game. Base removal re- quires a number of unsaved hits equal to or over the ‘base strength’. has a ‘base strength’ based on the number of models. Each base of figures while or develop a quick reference table to remind them.LET'S PLAY By Guy Bowers THE NEW BIG BATTLE GAME FROM GRIPPING BEAST LET'S PLAY SWORDPOINT Without a doubt. but they never really grasped me in the way that WAB did. The ‘defence value’ saves are very similar to WAB (so a 5+ for armour and shield. This will little time to get used to. Ancients. while the removal of a base of close order infan- try would require four unsaved hits.indd 70 06/10/16 16:59 . to remove a base requires a there are no modifiers unless the unit is influenced by number of hits over the ‘base strength’. unit takes 10% casualties for shooting. a unit has ‘cohesion’ aged’ (penalized for combat and for morale tests). with some modifiers (for example. As mentioned before. After an initial phase (testing for be quickly followed by four army list books covering the morale and impetuous troops). Skirmishers consist of two models per base. The core of the system is a simple hit-and-save mechanism game. Once these effects are calculated. 70 WARGAMES. collecting armies. order infantry (seven bases) would become discouraged if it took three unsaved hits. as do cavalry. my ancients grand battle days seemed to be over. So to remove a base of cavalry requires two un. Teutonic Foot Knights advance. The test is usually made at the basic level – fleeing. I was very curious. and even started my writing career. This is curious as I’m a big fan of Black Powder and even use elements of Hail Caesar in my Black Pow- der games. there is the shooting phase. the excess hits are discarded and do not carry over to the next turn. and must shoot at the nearest target. Medievals and finally Biblicals. Open order infantry has three models and close order infantry has four models. Each base armed with missile weapons in the front rank can shoot if they BASICS are in range. Command and control influence is limited to when things go bad. such as Clash of Empires and Hail Caesar. So when I heard that Swordpoint was being developed. for example). It got me play- ing big battles. You have to think a bit and do So a typical cavalry unit can be three to eight bases and a wee bit of math. A hit is achieved on a 4+. there has been a trend towards skirmish games of late and perhaps a feeling that the ‘big battle’ ancient historical game of old was over. A cohesion test is made to stop a unit from causes a cohesion (morale) test to prevent the unit from fleeing. There is no command test or similar limitation to moving units or restricting how many units move. if it had four unsaved hits.

When close order infantry has an enemy once the book is released. within 8” at the start of their turn. The effect of this combat system is pretty clever: lines as units cannot rally on their own – they require a tend to hold for longer until one section cracks which character to be within range. it is broken and the game ends. while skirmishers and cavalry figure. or within one point either way. their movement slows to 4” (as they ready themselves for close combat). ness. CHARACTERS – COMMAND AND CONTROL Characters are a very important part of the game. reducing the combat result by a half for one supporting unit or by two-thirds for a supporting unit on either side. So an equally pointed Swordpoint army size is get only one. The Army General but you get that in most games. A result of 6+ is an automatic flee. It takes place simultaneous- 900 points. to them. presence of the army general and minuses for being dis. wins the combat. having the high ground. Move. They can also join a unit and add attacks tle bit of calculation required to work out who’s won. A loss of 2 to 3 means would be true if we looked at DBA or In Death Ground. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 71 wss87.indd 71 06/10/16 16:59 . Teutonic Knights versus Medieval Russians. although Close combat is very interesting and rewards the player our games have generally been in the areas of 500 to who holds a solid battle line. ons and were in most cases used to defend camps or in However. I really like this ahead (barded 12”) and infantry 8”. both players roll for the initiative on a D6. The VICTORY highest scoring player determines which player has the Swordpoint has a very simple army break-point system. There are some simple modi. ARMY LISTS AND POINTS Armies are intended to be built to 1000 points. lists – you’d expect your Romans to field a good mix of Le- If the result is a draw. The points costs are quite different from and ly. Next. the movement is reduced by a quarter. 4 to 5 means a cohesion test where the unit may flee (if the One thing missing from the list is siege engines – the test is failed) or be pushed back (if the test is passed. it is gion and Auxilia with a little cavalry and some allies. Lesser characters have will cause the entire line to collapse. (typically two) to a unit’s total. There are rules for elephants and chariots. Infantry lower than WAB. although to be fair this is probably true of several game couraged or having enemy units threatening the flanks). initiative. unless a unit charged that turn or is a superior fighting a lesser one. can influence units within 12” and also adds a bo- WARGAMES. If the unit turns at simple math approach to determining victory. There will be rules on the web site for complete- result with the support of surrounding units (within 1”). There is still a lit. sion score. Total up the number of unsaved hits each approximately twice the size it would be in WAB. reminding me a little of the old WAB army lists. side inflicts (remove bases as necessary) and the one with the most. however. The editor's game against Nick Eyre. as you’re buying a base. in which case the former goes first. Such ignored and both units carry on. not a single get two attacks per base. Units can also only move forward within their frontal arc (there The game will only come with one pitched battle sce- are some other simple rules to prevent units performing nario but an additional dozen will be placed online crazy turns). a losing unit in a battle line can alleviate the sieges. treat rules correctly state that these were not battlefield weap- as a result of 2 to 3). the loser is pushed back 4” and becomes discouraged. Once an army loses 50% of that total in ment is straightforward: cavalry move 16” straight units. but these had a familiar feel fiers (bonuses for unit depth. I’ve only seen a few army lists. all. The flanks be. tal added up. choosing who declares charges and moves Each unit is given a points value of 1 to 3 and the to- first (important as chargers usually attack first). an influence of 8” and add a bonus to a unit’s cohe- come ever more important to hold.

Keeping a tally of the hits on a unit and base removal (remember base 72 WARGAMES. While certain units gain bonuses if they win combat. Swordpoint particularly against large units. it is easy to simply discount it and ignore the need to save as it’ll have no further effect. they live and die with the unit they have joined. Close order infantry is Author: Martin Gibbins solid but slow – they will need to protect their flanks. the more I’m enjoying it and the subtleties in the idea. played. There are no auto-breaks or rules pro- hibiting charges. kens they want to use in each situation (up to three). dice’ game. Thanks too to my opponent Skirmishers. CONCLUSION nus to combat apart from his attacks (so is sort of a Swordpoint is a very different game to anything I’ve cross between a General and Army Standard Bearer). it is worth hoarding the Momentum individual square bases for the new game. Big ancient battles are back and you can sults of close combat.00 member (elephants perform badly against skirmishers. dice are rolled at the end of every however true it may be) historical. as MOMENTUM the rules now bear very little resemblance to the origi- The Momentum rule adds a very interesting concept to nal and many of the annoying parts of the old game the game. be a BIG hit. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. Also. the re- sults are quite catastrophic (for me at least!). the abso- lutes have gone. cavalry charging with spears and two-handed weapons all now have simple and easily remembered rules. the amount of dice you are rolling is greatly reduced – this is no ‘buckets of A game with Nick Eyre. System: Initiative based alternate turns The rules are very subtle and there are a few bits to re. Lines will hold under combat to see if they fall as a casualty. throwing spears. Each player starts with a stock of five tokens are simply gone. pressure and take a lot to break. gone is the individual basing. for example. Players secretly bid how many to. so long as you can keep track of the tokens and rules. What is the highest compliment I can pay to Swordpoint? I’ll shortly be rebasing all my old ancient armies off their In my experience. WS&S remember to reward them when they are earned. It certainly has a unique and enjoyable flavour Characters have no hits. My prediction is that Swordpoint will which can be used to influence the initiative or the re. leave the Warhammer at home. When they do. If a unit takes a single hit from missile fire. and close order infantry no longer count as such if they fall below 3 bases). although movement trays nificantly reduced and simplified. However. and they feel to me to be very historical. strength) is a little unusual at first but is easy enough once you’re used to it. you don’t need to remember who won the combat last turn. Counters are also kept to a minimum. The system has been carefully thought through to avoid the extremes which were seen in WAB. Also The number of special weapons and bonuses has been sig. nor is there any challenge and the result does feel (and I struggle to use this word. mechanism. New tokens are awarded for charges and defeating the enemy. For example. light infantry. until that break-point WEAPONS where most are killed in the fleeing and pursuit. If you didn’t like WAB then give it a go. They have to hit them in the flanks. Pikes. Our thanks to Martin Gibbins and the Gripping Beast ADDIITONAL THOUGHTS team for their hospitality.indd 72 06/10/16 16:59 . and cavalry are highly ma. Casualties in battle are kept to a minimum. A Publisher: Gripping Beast solid battle line is the best tactic but can prove brittle if Dice: D6 units are charged in the flank or if the line is breached. are still useful even with the new basing scheme. If you liked WAB there is a good chance you’ll like Swordpoint. Nick Eyre who is always a pleasure to play. GAMEPLAY The overall effect of the game is to minimise record- keeping (that is. what you have to keep track of from turn to turn). umpired by Martin Gibbins. noeuvrable but lack the hitting power to the front of a close order enemy. The more I play tokens for when you need them. Price: £20. Momentum is a great the game. Missile fire can be effective but it is no game winner.

wss87.indd 73 06/10/16 16:59 .

Burn and Loot is There are nine good scenarios. Stronghold Under Once both armies are deployed. Medi- fence value ‘saving throw’ or a model is removed as eval Welsh. cavalry counter Casualties are worked out at the individual level charge. For example. Feudal Polish. as units may Aragon.00 (£19. The rulebook will require a careful read. and which will scale to the size of game you is reflected in the number of dice they get to throw. but more Army lists are available online at combat is done in a similar manner. the defending the Fireforge website. then give Burn and Loot a try. if they per- to advance (2 points) and shoot (2 points). Hold the Tower (attack/defend a watchtow- few models doesn’t necessarily stop you playing. I’m not familiar with adds up to nine pages. Testing is equally simple to combat. That’s a good selection. although Arabic armies be forced back without taking any casualties. including siege weapons sections and equipment plus information Deus Vult . Shooting is simple: add up the number of models which can see (friendly and Finally. The quality of units removal. the first set released (simply Deus Vult) but from what I read this is quite a different animal. Kingdom of France. Stand (a town raid for supplies). Last battles. Encircled (defending force ambushed). Once activated. Dawn of War (fog of war scenario). Ahdath Militia (local – although it’ll get its chance when it is activated. There are twelve army enemy models block line of sight) and then roll that lists. 4-5 a success. However these actions are not automat- (typically one attack per model) and it is typically ic and can leave the unit vulnerable. If you like a simple game with individual casualty failure (with additional penalties). but once mas- Roll a D6: a 6 is a resounding success (success with a tered. Some features such as rivers System: Initiative based alter. so that charg- activation points. far wrong). militias set up to counteract the Crusaders) and the Early Units also have different defence values against Crusaders (think Kingdom of Heaven and you won’t go shooting and in close combat. 2-3 a failure and 1 a resounding ber. Presumably more army lists will be available in due course. morale) and a 6 is a killing strike (requiring a de.indd 74 06/10/16 16:59 . and hills are randomly diced for. for example. For a relatively slim rule book. A roll of 4 to 5 is a strike (which affects Russian. Poor units Deus Vult – roll two (or three) dice and choose the lowest result. This is a grand idea. two step (hit and save). form a discipline check they can perform the action.Burn and Loot is the second Medieval set on walls and on siege equipment and strongholds. which is a nice touch. The system is certainly robust enough to Morale tests are divided into discipline (for keeping be adapted to other periods of history. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. There are points – so a unit could charge (4 points) or choose some units which can react to charges. Building Publisher: Fireforge Games are covered in some detail. Burn and Loot Authors: Angelo Autolino. shallow and easy to cross or treacherous and fast flow- Dice: D6 ing? I like this idea as that river you may be relying on Price: €23.00) to anchor your flank might prove little obstacle to your opponent. players dice for the Siege and Crush the Rioters (the peasants are revolting). The Crossing (assaulting a ger battles as you paint up more units. Orders require either two or four ing knights are more effective. This is an interesting system. Early Plantagenets (English). includ- softback. Livonian Order. The Website has lists for Amir Al- unit does not fight back but simply resists the attack Umara (The Abbasid Caliphate). Most throw a single die but elite units can throw two — David Davies 74 WARGAMES. cohesion in the heat of battle) and courage (for stand- ing their ground). but only having a river crossing). etc. ing treacherous terrain (marshes) and obstacles. all designed for bigger bat- designed to operate from a large skirmish level up to big tles however. Mongol Horde. as you can try out the big. Each player then takes it in turn to activate a unit alternately until all units There are a few special rules to remember but these have been activated. Archers can deliver a closing volley. They are Pitched Battle (a standard fight). There is another section for sieges. The section on terrain goes into Pages: 70-page full-colour some detail about the different types of terrain. Close are missing. initiative each game turn. is the river native unit activation.GAME REVIEWS GAME REVIEWS or three and pick the highest score rolled. Feudal Scots. This of rules from Fireforge Games. Medieval Irish and Crown of a casualty). a unit has four are there to add flavour to the armies. the rules themselves are Francesco Velotto very comprehensive. want to play. Town Under Siege. Medieval many D6s. the mechanics of the game are easy to remem- bonus). there are the army lists. Feudal German. namely Teutonic Order. er).

with a pack of special cards.indd 75 06/10/16 16:59 . D8. whole ‘Darkest Africa’ feel. we’re buying more miniatures – which is a definite Let’s talk rules. And yes. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 75 wss87. hardback with 44-card deck and tokens. Will Congo succeed result. you Askari. What you get is a cool come with a star rating. period. they also games given some adaptation. Each — David Davies WARGAMES. I can see it having scope for bigger Characters have their own unique abilities. There is an op- Over a decade ago. these rules and there’s talk of a campaign. they can be gained duction values here are excellent but we’ve all seen glossy by losing combat or avoiding shooting (curiously. each side rolls to hit and tallies the plorers have perished in the past. consisting of order cards and special bonus cards (typically given out once a turn). The better the unit. where many intrepid ex. shedding light once more on the Dark Continent. so beware) and harsh words (they can use witchdoctors).. so I’ll ad. are expert in. it probably errs on the side of game rather than accu- rate simulation. which join a unit) the game. any of that ‘native mumbo jumbo’ nonsense. There is an excellent range of eight different The Witchdoctor’s effects can be quite powerful but scenarios. They are only available to plorers have Soldiers. they are limited by only being used once a game turn. Three cards are chosen and then played in Pages: 108-page full-colour sequence (giving each side three actions a turn). some for shooting Authors: Laurent Pouchain and rally/terror (yes. Combat is simple: roll the appropriate dice and score Publisher: Studio Tomahawk a 5+ to succeed. Pro. Some (such as young warriors and Congo is a good. The lists are good and have plenty of down and you can see the nervousness on their fac- flavour: the Explorers and Zanzibaris tend towards shoot. dice it rolls. Well. mit I was sceptical at first as to whether I’d like Congo. Now we have Congo. This means as an unintended consequence that large groups are more likely to save as they roll more dice. won’t have White Explorers and Zanzibaris believing Forest tribes can have cannibals and the ever danger. In close combat. I like the feel they add to of characters (you can choose up to two. not from casualties) but primarily from terror -– yes. rules before which didn’t live up to expectations. the where others have failed? Read on… loser taking the difference in casualties. of the order cards provides different actions: some Congo allow for moving (and charging). but The rules come as an excellently illustrated hardback book go with the flow… the system is quick. I presume?). plus a Witchdoctor card. such as slowing down Currently there are four factions – White Explorers (Dr a unit’s limiting movement or dulling fighting abil- Featherstone. Zanzibar Slavers (honest Arab ity. There is even a terror stress token. es. your opponent can attempt to spook your forces out. You see and then chooses troops from an army list. which makes traders). sort of like an old Tarzan movie. Darkest Africa was ‘the’ hot new tion to ‘go to ground’ but this has a morale penalty. Each side has a good selection and your unit will flee. the Forest Tribes (primitive but good) and African your units more susceptible to terror. provided on ‘news sheet’ style handouts. sign! Available from Wargames Foundry. D10 in the open (or D10 in cover) for each model in the Price: £34. Each side has seven order cards. the Zanzibaris have the dangerous Baluchis. Each ‘save’ cancels a hit. but still keep the Each faction has its own special units. rolling a D6 Dice: D6. the higher the System: Order card deter. bered one to seven. stress has a very cinematic effect. the opponent gains an gamers interested. Something spooks the natives and they run off… ing while the natives tend towards sharp sticks (which they Again. While Ruga Ruga) are available to all factions. A typical ‘unit’ the explorers move through the jungle but they slow runs to 4 to 5 models. For shooting the attacker rolls to hit and mine initiative. Too much stress Kingdoms (warrior peoples). If one side has a higher star skirmish game which has enough flavour to keep rating than their opponent. Stress tokens are key in the game. The difference in hits determines the winner. Adventurers and rifle armed the Forest Tribes and the African Kingdoms. yes. The African Kingdoms have Married and Fanatical Warriors. Stress has different effects. ous Pygmies. num. We’ve had some great games with extra bonus card at the start. They are definitely a step into fantasy. The White Ex. The attacker suffers no casualties if they win – again a little odd. you can inspire terror in your & Fred Machu enemy). then the defender gets a ‘saving throw’.00 group. fun and well balanced game.

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My own view from running games at shows for many years is that the health of the hobby needs to be Of course. indeed. proach was not appreciated by everyone. and now Reisswitz Press. Since the 1970s we have lived through an era of in- credible technological change. way back in the 1970s. However. suggesting that the hobby is still moving forwards. and with that. sim- ply could not have existed before the internet. From a personal perspective. cally. largely positive as this globalisation has the 31. but the hobby certainly felt like it was going places. it turned out to be sound advice and. this positive message is now as their shop window. truly transformed the wargaming hobby in a largely by extension. using rules which were reers and looking to do something with their leisure completely unknown to the next club down the road. If one considers the part in his hobby. the introduction of the internet being the most obvious innovation which has amount of time discussing the greying of the hobby and. the plethora of the rumours of our impending demise seem somewhat products from the raft of companies who use the web premature. As that 19-year-old youngster in the 1980s. on reflection. his response surprised me. I am not a great believer ‘global village’ means that every wargamer can play a in this thesis of doom and gloom. ist in their own little bubble. you’re actually going backwards”. the largest cohort is However.indd 78 06/10/16 16:59 . with copies sur- internet generation. so the figures are skewed to reflect the produced rule sets were the norm. we have row until. we also need to recog. By Richard Clarke COLUMN © Georgie Harman UP FRONT FORWARDS OR BACKWARDS Many years ago I had the opportunity to ask a very suc- cessful businessman what the secret of his success was. each year. Letters used 78 WARGAMES. it tistics. game. it has also done much to encourage a homoge- neity within the hobby which has changed the way we Now. Simple as it sounds. conducted by this august publi. in his hut in Alaska or on an oil rig in the North if one sees the show scene in the UK and Europe get. damned lies and sta. I am not sure what evidence there was for this grand claim. W hen I took my first leap into the hobby. “Well. I found a local mid-twenties is not a sign that the hobby is much discussion about the mechanisms of play and failing. more wargamers of 40 and under than in the older age brackets and. as you probably know. We do need to take into ac. been. Sea. I think that the same can be said about wargaming. This group of potential wargamers will be off the consequent results on the table. lack of local opponents saw me ploughing a lonely fur- cation. in Europe at least. we now seem to spend an inordinate sent. out being overcome by the potent odour of the spirit count that the more elderly gamers will be less likely based inks that primitive copiers then used. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. it is a remarkable trans- backed up by figures coming out of the latest Great formation from the solo gaming days of my youth when Wargames Survey. beneficial way. has free and unlimited access to the international ting bigger. With barely any to university and into first jobs. with any such survey the respondents was almost impossible to go to a wargames club with- are entirely self-selecting. only to re-emerge as contact between clubs. then community of gamers. time. I know that there are lies. that suggest that. each gaming group would ex- thirty-somethings. one must presume we are actually allud. By comparison. most significantly. at 40-year-old age bracket. and without a doubt better. What is more. but by the volume of thirty-somethings we see. the hobby was being championed as the “fastest growing leisure activity in the UK”. even back then such an anarchic ap- judged not by the number of twenty-somethings pre. And. es such as TooFatLardies. business- ing to the perceived risk of it dying out altogether. we see plenty. Looking back. Home- to participate. For me. believe you me. Now the Well. reptitiously run off at someone’s work being handed nise that an absence of gamers in their late teens and round to the acolytes of each particular game and with early.” he mused. “I think it must be the realisation that if you’re not going forward. Even the gamer isolated geographi- quality and breadth of products now available to us. married with kids and in stable ca.

an dreamers felt back in the 1970s. lined above. where their opponents are often not friends who have emerged from years of mutual club gaming but The strength of the hobby has always been its diver- relative strangers. we can retain the thirty-some- Of course. If the hobby the rules. We play whatever rules we fancy and within dwindling. However. slide will become very difficult indeed. especially. the age balance is subtly dif- most pronounced difference in the hobby seems to ferent with the 41. it is impos- When it comes to playing wargames we embrace the sible to suggest a cause for the divergence that we concept of Vive la difference! seem to be seeing and. there seems to be far more of an ob. one or two games become dominant forces.” I fully in North America is to stop its backwards slide towards sympathise with him. the de- mographics of the wargaming community across the Now. but we also on a podcast recently that there was an increasing shift get to make long and lasting friendships. this used to be very much the same game. In that way. gamers a wider choice of ways to game and a wider forming becomes more attractive than the alternative.” although tellingly he added. What is striking about friends around the world. gence and diversity in terms of the sheer range of games ligation to conform to a perceived standard. vergence between wargaming on the two sides of the One of the great joys of wargames clubs is that we pond.indd 79 06/10/16 16:59 . with the number of traders independent-minded wargamers and. then reversing that ate precisely like clubs in Europe. What is concerning here is that. then I want to be certain to get a with you. to me at least. “I don’t really like in the US as it was. “If I am driving 500 miles out there. we tend to see local gaming Unfortunately. We tend to in sales of his rules in favour of the UK and Europe. but this way I know I’ll get to play. Europe a club one will see a diverse selection of games be. but it is age range. Like bubble present which insulates us from the outside 50-year-olds become 51. from where I sit I can only base my hypothesis on what I am being told by Conversely. from discussions I have had with wargaming group represented in the survey. Indeed. with the “official” rules in use everywhere. albeit for the understandable reasons out- for many wargamers and. as takes their fancy. choice of games to play can only make the hobby more attractive. there is still an element of that American sales were pretty much neck and neck. this is not universally the case. In this en. often significantly. Here. apparent choice and therefore less appeal. with sufficient like-minded gamers to enjoy it plus to a convention. con. frankly. Far from holding back the hobby. I do wonder seems somewhat different. Veteran game designer Sam Mustafa mentioned not only get to indulge in our hobby. we can all chat on the web to be taking up a new hobby when they are in this forums and groups with equal ease of access. Yes. in the UK. WS&S WARGAMES. the situation in the hobby in North America friends in the US and Canada. to be less likely get to play our games. as a consequence. the like Europe and the UK. the convention scene in the US is some was a horrifying prospect to the majority of not in the best of health. and myself. One friend I discussed this with hit the nail on in terms of a game. Un- different rules that we now have to choose from. what was clearly a utopian dream for few months ago. Sub-groups often emerge with their alle- giance to one system or another. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 79 wss87. thank 60-year-olds with clubs and groups meeting in hobby stores who oper. Whatever you wanted tables. whereas the UK and. as our utopi- vironment. no present shrinking as the cost of attending increasingly such outcome was ever achieved. but these excep. ing played. I am finding that the North American sales are world. to appear with tedious regularity in the hobby press. I know that ten years ago UK sales and North as a consequence. to be the way we actually this is that people seem. and Australasia are big areas of growth. With no clubs locally allowing obscurity and start moving forward again. this was actually at with acres of space taken up with rows of tournament the heart of the hobby’s appeal. nobody coming along behind 50-year-olds being the largest me. I know things who currently seem to be slipping away from the that in many of the larger conurbations and more hobby. their face. the recognition and status that tennis or chess had achieved. Added to that. you were likely to be able to find it the head when he told me. has resulted in a hobby which has less to-face gaming is limited to gaming at conventions. even allowing for the huge choice of all the pond do seem to be creating a different dynamic. outweighs any potential profit. then giving him the freedom to play what he’d like to play. and it looks like we are losing some of the access to actually getting to play a game with other thirty-somethings who are the torch-bearers who will human beings that differs. take the hobby forward for the next generation. If we reach a point where the current tranche densely populated areas of North America there are of 41. Geographical reality means if an environment where one or two game systems that local clubs or gaming groups simply do not exist dominate. and still is. on offer. Without access to a whole lot of data. it seems clear that we are seeing a di- groups meeting up to game on regular club nights. In Europe and the UK. as I mentioned a Fortunately. For spend most of our gaming time with these mates. tions seem to me to prove the rule when it comes suggesting that we needed to standardise the rules to the long-distance gamer who snatches his gaming we used so that the hobby could grow to achieve fun when he can at conventions.

he bravely fights lancers and is All in all an excellent book for the historian. farmhouse before eventually being returned to his vance that had threatened to win the battle. As the local Price: £14. and his tribal war chief 80 WARGAMES. Tenskatawa. and also a popula- with illustrations tion. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. Then a thorough Publisher: Pen & Sword books examination of his actions during the Waterloo cam- Price: £20. after giving his watch to an aide to pass to a friend. the author examines the ISBN: 978-1473868045 life and earlier career of Sir William. Winkler Illustrated by: Peter Dennis war with Britain. which was taken from the bat- thing I knew about Sir William before this tome landed tlefield by one of the French soldiers who killed him on my desk was the recollection of his death as por- and spent years hanging over a fireplace in a French trayed in the film Waterloo. letters and mysterious William and his contemporaries on both sides to re- death of Major General Sir store his reputation and set the record straight. the eventually speared by one of them. but never really book I know the full events and they would have been got into it as a gamer. and this is definitely one to file in the ‘Obscure’ Tippecanoe 1811: category. maybe I have always had a fascination for the Napoleonic with a little artistic license.BOOK REVIEWS BOOK REVIEWS for the charge getting out of hand at Waterloo. he finds family in the recent past. found it hard to put down once I had started as I got engrossed in the events and suffered from “just the Seen through letters to family. informa- tion on the 5th Dragoon Guards and a fascinating That brings me to this book. the author sets out the background to the situation in North America at this stage: a looming Author: John F. and from accounts end of the chapter” syndrome. I an insight into the man and his career. matic ‘prophet’. Well written and an easy read. the sitting reading on until my wife moaned too much book casts new light on the the events of that day about the bedside lamp being on. the author completes the book by sets. I recall in my younger years more interesting than those depicted. William Ponsonby Author: John Morewood After a preface and prologue. himself stuck in mud and. the events of the actual battle and his death are recounted. gives everyone here. in Belgium. but now having read this period from a reading point of view. Normally this would not have been seen as a major issue – tribes seem to have Osprey fascinate me with the campaigns they have been routinely displaced – but in this case a charis- found to populate their very popular Campaign Se.indd 80 06/10/16 16:59 . but then found myself from veterans and Prussian and French sources. The accounts of his death and the contem- porary accounts and supporting views are compelling and interesting in equal measure. living in fear Publisher: Osprey Publishing of clashes with the Native Americans. The Waterloo General: author presents new accounts and evidence from Sir The life.00 paign. where. whereas I was more into the personalities. recounting his Pages: 227-page hardback experience in the Peninsular War. after leading the Union Brigade in a charge which wrecked a French ad. most of my wargaming friends were heavily into the period and drooled over the latest figures and rule In the appendices. a degree of hostility built up and as a head of steam reaches a critical mass. discussing Sir William’s brother and sister. at least those in the western parts. I have to admit the only article on his sword. I had always be- lieved the account in the movie to be accurate. A lot of historians have criticized him — Ian Beal ries. through various correspondence. so did the frustrations of the native tribes. This book covers his gamer and even the causal reader: something for early life and. continued expansion of the new ISBN: 978-1472808844 country – saddled with debt but gradually recover- Pages: 96-page softback ing from the Revolutionary Wars.99 territories and States purchased land from various tribes. Following the usual format for the books of The Prophet’s Battle this series.

changing Author: Stuart Reid gaiters to be harder wearing. Between-the-logs. began to try to organise a confed. in North America during the Seven Years War lications in the Osprey series). and Pages: 64-page softback both sides’ use of terrain and native allies. some hostile ever. then this is well worth buying. alone battle. tles all at the same time. Following on. rather and even possible British involvement. ing armies. es- pecially as many will struggle to name many leaders from either side apart from Montcalm and Wolfe! The Osprey Combat Series is one where two historical The book is exceptionally well illustrated. or are curious decided the fate of Canada. Finally he examines the these are really only used for the battle narratives space supporting structures. logistics and supply and how these is obviously a primary concern. and now. — Chris Payne WARGAMES. actually looked like when on campaign – these could text. showing ation: in this book. both modern and contemporary. and it even has a photo of This is still worth a read as it will give players some great a veteran NCO retiring on the eve of the American Civil ideas and a method to use any native Americans from War who served in this campaign 50 years earlier! The Seven Years War collections and deploy them against maps are good and give a clear idea of the strategic thea. the tactics and the The maps that are in here are of average quality. how- tribes all possessing different motives. politi. as this lead to the campaign in this book.indd 81 06/10/16 16:59 . the Plains of Abraham. — Chris Payne Finally he looks at the outcomes of the fighting. As always the book is very well illustrated. exceptional illustrations made by soldiers on cam- paign at the time. Tecumseh. There are also some (or the French Indian Wars as they were also known). and Tecumseh. What made was a little too much going on in the maps themselves. If you like this period.99 with mini biographies which I found most helpful. Some of the earlier confrontations that didn’t cians such as William Harrison (a future president). The make-up of the armies is looked at in detail. Chiefs such as of work to make this a playable campaign – or even a stand Little Turtle. The local forces adapted North America 1755-63 very quickly to the conditions they faced. with a slew of native From a historical perspective this is a fascinating read. La I liked this book – it gives a decent amount of back- Belle-Famille. brother. These are supplemented by some photos of the areas eracy of tribes running from Canada to Florida. The cast is quite colourful. two of the battles resulted about it. ground information whilst not getting lost in what it is These were all fought in less than a year and effectively trying to talk about. The author then goes on to describe the two oppos. especially with contemporary images. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 81 wss87. these forces unusual was the almost complete lack of given they are trying to show several stages of the bat- cavalry. and so the infantry effectively did it all. and so I found there affected the morale of the troops concerned. be some very interesting conversions for modellers. US Regular Army troops from 1812! tre the armies operated in as well as the local conditions. with col- opponents are placed in a ‘compare and contrast’ situ- our plates. The writer continues by examining three key battles. in the British case grab- Illustrated by: Paul Wright bing the French muskets when they could as they ISBN: 978-1472812438 were better suited to the climatic conditions. and Sainte-Foy. are the equipment and tactics used by both sides. starting with the in- troduction for those unfamiliar with the setting and con. the iconic Redcoat and the French uniforms and flags (some have come from other pub- Fusilier. and these show what the troops The book follows a familiar format. in British victory and one in French. from a gaming point of view it will require quite a bit to each other but temporary allies. with illustrations Publisher: Osprey Publishing Many of the illustrations of senior officers also come Price: £12. as leaders of these two enemies. looking at structure and training. than the actual battle itself which is very one-sided and one in which the native forces are massively outnumbered. quite turn into conflict seem to be full of potential. and British Redcoat how these developed or influenced the development versus French Fusilier: of tactics and equipment. he also looks at the equipment.

the last hurrah of Sparta and. To encourage as many wargamers as possible to join in the miniature fray. since it is regularly used by Cosplayers to build all sorts of amazing costumes. the Fourth Syrian War. — Guy Bowers Project 217 BC As founding editor of WSS' sister magazine Ancient Warfare on the one hand and the author of Warhammer Ancient Battles expansion Siege & Conquest on the other. Art de la Guerre and War & Conquest. a battle with thousands of miniatures might have more impact on the outcome than a small raid. we have decided to do something about this deficiency. Finally. if you like. The number of available factions to collect and play is as extensive as it ever gets in the An- cient era. Hence the title of this project. frankly. Given the imminent arrival of new rulesets such as Swordpoint and Kings of War Historical. a diluted layer of PVA was applied to seal the boards. Different patterns were used for the ceiling and the floors. some coordination. Were the walls from some sort of kit they’d bought? No. The point is to dust off your old collection or raise entirely new armies. as well as the steady popularity of games such as Hail Caesar. raise new armies. we have noticed the apparent slackened interest in games set in the Ancients period. As publishers of Wargames. we want to be inclusive. They then used a blunt stylus (such as an old pen or pencil) to mark out the sections of wall. which can be found in art and craft shops. Firstly. Next. I asked how they had created their cool dungeon. scale and with any ruleset you enjoy. Some foams do react badly to spray paints. to name but a few. These are available either via eBay or at builder’s supply company. 217 BC represents our chosen setting: the last quarter of the third century BC. quite a few more wars. SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 87 wss87. Our aim is to provide information. but that seems only fair. the conquest of the Po Valley.indd 82 06/10/16 16:59 . Enter Project 217 BC: a year-long campaign for wargamers worldwide to fight an- cient battles. Sure. whether you prefer to do so in 28mm plastic or 6mm pewter. they bought some floor heating insulation tiles. there seems to be no better time to shine a light on the Ancient era. I really admired their work. and in the end. It's the time of the Second Punic War. Soldiers & Strategy. followed by spay paint in an appropriate "dungeon-y" colour. they had scratch built everything themselves. it all comes down to Vae Victis! Will you join in? — Jasper Oorthuys & Guy Bowers 82 WARGAMES. An- other alternative is Craftfoam. The campaign system that will be at the heart of Project 217 will allow for games played at any size. inspiration and. so it is always best to test a piece before ruining all of your hard work! There are also plenty of tips online regarding how to paint and shape Craftfoam. It's up to you to find some friends (though we're planning to help there too). play some games.PARTING SHOTS PARTING SHOTS Dungeon walls made easy When I was at Colours 2016. I saw some excellent Frostgrave dungeon ter ter- rain made by the Maidenhead and District Gamers.

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