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Miracle In “The Garden of Eden”

This morning in March Saurav put on his hat, ‘cause the Aussies were gonna have the first bat. Opposition looked up to their vow, to crush their on field foe, Indians had to be on their toes, otherwise Kangaroos will win no.17 in a row.

Indians were deep down in a hole, before Bhajana came on to bowl. before they knew Punter, Gilly & Warne were Hat-tricked, first needle in the Aussie soul was pricked. After they took wicket no.7, Indians were thanking the heavens. three wickets more to be bagged, but here the Kangaroo’s tail wagged.

Captain Waugh showed he was the number One, batting with the Tail Enders he scored his 25th Ton. what seemed like a sinking ship, was now appearing to be a smooth trip.

For Indians it was not he best of starts, as the visitors had much more than a spark. Indian heads were just too cheap, as every time wickets fell in a heap. Lakshman was the lone ranger, to this opposition he was no stranger. he scored 59 runs, failures were the other big guns.

274 behind hosts were forced to follow-on, it seemed kangaroos would go on & on & on. Due to better performance Lakshman got promoted to no.3, visitors had no reason to glee. By the end of the days play, home side was again at bay. Important men again gone, Conquerors were absolutely on song.

Came tests day no.4, loads of runs still to be scored. Dravid played much more than a helpful hand, along with Lakshman he featured in a record 376 run stand.

That day these two clobbered “The Invincibles” for 335 runs, hot favorites were on a leather hunt. Lakhsman broke Gavaskar’s 18-year-old record, this gap was so, so broad. On the last day after an hour the innings were declared, at last the southern islanders were spared. They batted till tea with just three down, Indians were now looking to pounce.

Seven in hand and only a session to bat, but Sachin set among the pigeons a cat. Gillchrist was out for a Kings Pair, now even the champions looked in despair.

Aussie middle and lower order failed, finally by Bhajana Kangaroo’s coffin was nailed. This was the moment of joy, because of two Southpaws and a Punjabi boy. To win a test match after following-on, meant for Indian cricket a new dawn. It happened only the third time till the 1535th match, a record no one can match. Lakshman’s, Dravid’s, Harbhajan’s effort was unmatched, from the jaws of defeat a victory was snatched.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A poem by me(Lakhdeep Singh), penned down in October 2001. I was preparing for my engineering entrance exams in the days when this match was played(11-15 March 2001), this victory gave me a self belief and I went on to do fairly well and got admission without any difficulty. Today I am employed in a reputed IT company and always recall the wonder full spring of 2001. Not only that the victory put an end to the Aussie winning streak but also pulled India out of the match fixing fiasco ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------