Cool Connector
Name: Text: Date: Books: _Kenrik Ng_______________________________ _The Odyssey_______________________________ _Sept. 13______________________________ _20-24_______________________________

Cool Connector:

Homer's The Odyssey has helped set the blueprint for modern literature and archetypal characters. Your challenge is to connect the text to current or past real

world events (WORLD), your personal experiences (SELF), or to other forms of literature, music, art and/or media (TEXT) (Indicate the Book # ). Once you have shared your connection to the text, each member of your group will also relate their own connection to the book, although they may refer to a different passage.

Real World Connections (WORLD): Relate text to real situations. I remember in the old times, in which if someone has multiple suitors, they would hold a competition just like how Penelope held a shooting competition to see who was “worthy” enough for her. Personal Experiences (SELF): Relate text to real experiences you’ve had. When I was small, I usually quarrel with my sister because she always had the bigger piece of chocolate bar. Sometimes, the quarreling escalated into fights and crying. My mom would be annoyed and to stop it, she would just promise me she would buy me a bigger chocolate bar next time, just like Athene to the kinsmen of the suitors. To stop all the violence, just make them worship Odysseus.


Literature and Media (TEXT): Relate text to other books, movies, art, and media. I am not sure about the specifics, but I clearly remember scenes in movies which the main character was about to deliver the finishing blow to the mega-villain, when the villain reveals himself: “I am your father”. This stops the main character and takes pity on him. Like Odysseus, these hold disguises to conceal their true identity before revealing it only when the situation calls for it.

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