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y Introduction Traffic and Transport planning Elements of Urban Transport Sector Urban public transport: y On-street systems (for buses, trolley-buses, trams) y Mixed on-street and off-street systems (bus lanes, bus ways and light rail) y Off-street systems (metros and commuter rail) y The urban road system y Traffic management systems (for increasing the efficiency of available road space) y Non-motorized transport systems (facilities for pedestrians and people powered vehicles) y Urban transport institutions (planning, design, finance, implementation, and enforcement) 4. Composition of urban traffic y Public and private transportation and Different modes of transportation 5. History of urban transport 6. Network Characteristics y The Form y Classification of Road Network 7. Road forms and nature of movements y Serial and radial road forms Serial Road Form

Radial Road Form

Minimum Length (of Roads) (R1+r2+r3)/3= Heigher in case of this It presents indirect way of connectivity Width and other road geometrics remain equal It maximises the journey cost as the

Less Direct way of connectivity Same It maximises capital cost due to the maxi

average length of journey from origin and road length and minimises the journey destination is maximum. cost since the average length is lower. No more than two paths connect a place Multi-nuclei, i.e. multiple connections at origin or terminating nodes. For service vehicles or domestic delivery Strong focal points guiding attention route it is ideal route towards the centre More sensitive as obstruction on in any Less sensitive to blockage stretch affect the system Bombay, Kolkata Delhi, Moscow 8. Road Linkages and Hierarchy of roads 9. Grade separators and interchanges 10. Urban transport in India 11. Issues in Urban Transport in India y Congestion y Growth in number of vehicles y Limitations to road expansion y Declining Reliance on Public Transport y Declining Importance of Non-motorized Modes y High Levels of Air Pollution y Road Accidents y Increased Consumption of Petroleum Fuels 12. Case studies y New York y Road network system y Vehicular Growth Pattern y Model Split y Public transport y Problems and Prspects y y y y y

Beijing London Los Angeles Delhi

13. Public transportation y BRTS

y y y y

LRTS MRTS Suburban railway system Tram, Ropeway, Ferry service etc.

14. Public policies to deal with India s urban transport crisis 15. Conclusion

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