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In the pharmaceutical industry, the requirement of a clean room in a laminar air flow
engine arranged in the user guide operational implementation, a good way of making the drug in
2012 Volume I is to maintain air velocity between 0:36 to 0:54 m / s. Laminar air flow machine
is a machine that produces air velocity because it consists of a blower that blows air motors
regulated by speed control through multiple filtration. In the process of setting speed set
manually by turning the potentiometer to the speed control, this is done when the first engine
installation and every 6 months checking the space velocity magnitude operations to ensure the
appropriate amount of air velocity conditions. In these conditions also do recording for
monitoring air velocity results manually into operational qualification form as a written report to
the regulatory body a controlled drug and food.
This tool is designed in the form of a prototype to develop the control system Velocity,
monitoring temperature and humidity by applying microcontroller technology, with the use of
sensors velocity which becomes a system automatically searches regulate air speed in clean
room, temperature and humidity sensors to is recording the temperature and humidity in the
clean room with send information about temperature, humidity, and velocity are displayed on a
monitor connected to the internet for online monitoring.
This tool has been tested to detect air velocity, temperature, humidity and send
information using the web in which the results of testing the website response time ... seconds. In
the design of this tool has a velocity sensor Accurasy ± 5%, temperature and humidity sensors
have Accurasy ± 2 ° C for temperature, ± 5% for moisture, which can be utilized as an online
keywords: Clean room, air velocity, velocity sensors, Raspberry pi 3