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Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL)

Zarai Taraqiati Bank of Pakistan is the largest agriculture bank in the country. It
has many branches in all over the country. The bank has multi services and
investment plans to development of agriculture in country

Pakistan is basically an agricultural country, and finance has been
needed for itsrapid development. With a view to meet this basic need
the Agricultural DevelopmentFinance Corporation was set-up in 1951,

*in 1961 agriculture bank of paskistan established

*agriculture development finance corporation and ADB were similiar

and both work togather with the capital provided by govt .they were
merged into organization known AS ADBP

*on 14 dec 2002 has converted the ADBP into ZTBL

About ZTBL
ZTBL is a key R.F.I of Pakistan providing affordable, rural and agriculture
financial/non-financial services to the rural Pakistan , comprising 68 %
of the total population. The Bank through a country-wide network of
440 branches is serving around half a million clients annually and over
one million accumulated account holders with the average loan size of
around Rs.162331 serving 68%, 29% & 3 % of subsistence, economic
and large growers respectively.

*ZTBL provides loans of worth Rs 30 billion every year and 11,000 small
NPLs had been settled under guidelines of the State Bank of Pakistan.
*Role of ZTBL in agriculture sector for economic development
of Pakistan
ZTBL (formerly Agriculture Development Bank of Pakistan) has played
its significant role in providing the requisites leverage to the farming

During the last 50 years this sector is realized as a major productive

sector of Pakistani economy. Almost 61% population is living in more
than 50,000 villages in Pakistan.

According to Economic Survey 20010-11, backward agricultural sector

contributes 20.9 % to GDP.

Its growth rate is as low as 1.2 %.It employs the 45.0 % of total labor
force. Its contribution to exports (Food Group) is 8.62 %.At the time of
partition, contribution of agriculture sector to GNP was 60%, which
decreased to 29.4% in 1980-81.

Now its share to GDP is 20.9% in 2010-11. Accordingly, agricultural

sector is the major contributor to Pakistan’s national income.

BAnk has five windows of investment

1;development loans
2: production loan

3: agri-business loans

4:ccottage industry loans

ZTBL provides short ,medium, long term loans for farm and of farm

Farmers of at least 3 acres land holding will be eligible to avail financing
under the scheme provided loan proposal is feasible