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Data type

There are 12 data type

1 short tax
Long tax
Data in time
Auto number
Yes 0r no
Ole(object language embiting
Look up visit
1 Short tax
The tax replaced with short tax from 2013 MS access on words
this data types used to inter tax data it countain tax data
numeric data alpa numeric data etc it will not used for
calculation purposing it commonly used for displaying
information or liable etc like name adress
2 Long tax
Memo replaced with the long tax 201 3 ms access on word it
can be tax mumeric or alpa numeric data etc mean o to 10 it
will not used for calculation purposes a short tax common used
for name and adress long tax is used for content notes etc
3 Number
This data types used for mathematical calculation or creating a
sequence of number it 16 bite memory reserve for number
4 Data and time
This data types is used to stores the date and time with the
value for year 100 to 9999
This also used for calculation purposes 8 bite memory reserve
for date and time

5 Currency
This data types is used to store currency value and numeric
data this data can also used for calculation purposed
It 8 bite memory reserve for currency
6 Auto number
This data types is used to create a unique sequence of number
inclemented by one commonly
It normally reserve 4 bite for auto number
7 Yes/no
This data types contain only one up to two for example yes or
no true or false on or off
1 bite memory reserve for yes or no
8 Ole (object language embedding )
This data types is used to add or insert in object such a picture
word document excel sound etc. power point presentation
these or object
9 Hyperlink
This data types is used to insert tax or combination of tax in
number which is store as a tax but provide a hyperlink this data
provide a link of any types of file like adress word file email
10 Attachment
This data types is used to attached any image file etc it provid
greater flexibility then ole
11 Look up visit
This data types is used to create a field that allow you to choose
a value from another table or list of value choosing list box or
combo bax
12 Calculation
This field used for calculation purposes