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Table 4.4.

Proposed Intervention Plan
Area of Findings Objectives Person/s Involved Proposed Success Indicators
Concern Procedures
Receiving Procedures in To ensure that Only authorized Careful All apparent
terms of receiving materials arrived in persons shall have counting and damages or leakages
were always condition access in receiving inspection of all in the goods received
applied by the operation. materials are immediately
manufacturing received recorded and bring
companies. the same to the
attention of the
concerned authority.
Storage The manufacturing Maximum utilization Only authorized All materials Ease of storing and
companies often of space consistent persons shall have approved after picking, thus
perform the with adequate care access in storage inspection are enabling speedy
procedures for and protection of area. stored in the operations
storage. materials designated
Rotation The manufacturing The oldest stock Authorized Goods past Materials are kept in
companies often has to be issued employees only their shelf life a fresh and
perform the first, this is specially are disposed of serviceable condition
inventory control so in the case of immediately or and the deterioration
procedures in paints, cement, separated from of goods is lessened.
terms of rotation. food, etc. other goods.
Schedule Procedures in To keep certain Authorized When the stock The use of materials
terms of schedule inventories to serve employees within balance is optimized while
were often clients or the premises of reaches the meeting the actual
exercised on the customers while the company reorder point, needs of the
control of waiting for the concerned with the an order may company in an
inventories. supplier’s inventory inventory control be placed efficient manner.

procedures immediately
Security The manufacturing Security in all No one except the Access in Theft has been
companies always stores may be authorized staff receiving, minimized or
deal in inventory properly planned should be allowed storing and avoided.
control procedures and organized. to have access issuing
concerning into the stores and materials may
security. in receiving of be restricted to
materials. authorized


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