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Profile & Personality of Target Consumers of

Woodland Shoes

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1 Introduction of woodland shoes 2 History of the company 3 Current status of the company 4 Products of the company 5 Profile of target market 6 Personality of target market 7 Communication tools 8 Intiatives . Contents Pg no. Table of contents

the kind usually preferred by adventurists. outdoor leather shoe brand. . they currently have 300+ company owned exclusive Woodland stores across various cities in India and are growing at the rate of 25 to 30%. The product positioning was different and was known as a rugged. the footwear market was largely unorganized. Woodland was started in Quebec. Woodland has always been an outdoor and adventure brand with close association with nature and environment. the Flagship Company which began its operations in 1960’s and now has an asset base of over US$100 Million. The intent is to make eco‐friendliness its brand recall. by making the manufacturing process less harmful to the environment. it will never be against the environment but rather in consonance with it. The brand also has a presence in more than 3000 plus multi‐brand outlets in a number of countries.Introduction:- The brand Woodland is owned by Aero Group. It’s this connect that has been the soul of the brand. They not only build this association through our promotions. Woodland plans to leverage this association more strongly to further strengthen the brand by changing over its entire range of shoes and apparel to quality eco‐friendly products — made with materials and chemicals that don’t harm the nature. Woodland created a new category of specialized ‘outdoor adventure sports’ shoes. That was in the beginning and it gradually developed a product line especially for India. As part of their growth graph. When they entered India. Woodland was one of the brands that we launched in India from the vast portfolio of Aero Group. It has always been an outdoor brand and very much in tune with nature. but also through our processes and practices. and by communicating and promoting the brand on the same lines. Whatever they do. Canada for making winter boots and entered India in 1992.

Agra and other parts of north India.hikers.Woodlandkeptexpandingitslin eofoutdoorshoes.AeroGrouplaunchedWoodland[4]anditimmediatelycaughttheattentionofout doorenthusiasts.andequipmenttocatertotheneedsofthosealway sreachingforthehorizon.1994:AerogroupcommissionedmanufacturingplantforReebokforexp orttoU. 1962: Aero Shoe Company ventured into retailing with an outlet at a prime location in Delhi.Theyenteredintotheapparelsthataddedtothesynergiesofthebrand andhencecreatedagameteofproducts.Andasthecalendarturnedtowardsthenewmillennium.S.JourneyofAeroShoeCompany 1950-60: Aero Shoe Company started as a small manufacturing unit in Delhi.addingtot herangeofWoodlandproducts.S.S.Itbroughtwithitaninnovativecollectiondesignedtoproviderockclimb ers.History:- Birth of Woodland: Woodland today standsforaniconicbrandforshoes.1997:Aerogroupcommissionedmanufacturingunitforapparels. In1992.clothesandaccessories.S.R.backpackers.Butthebrandwasinitiallylaun chedtotargetonlyasetofnichecustomerssegmentoftheshoemarket.2002:Woodlandbecomesanationalleaderinprem .performanceapparel.CanadatocatertotheCanadiana ndU. They were among the first to export shoes to the U.Markets.customerthatwerel ookingshoestosupporttheirlongingforadventure. 1972: They setup the first fully mechanized modern shoe factory in India (with German Machinery) to augment existing capacities.Thisisthepointoffirstdiversificationinthehistoryofwoo dlandandaerogroup.SoonenoughtheWoodlandtreelogobecamesynonymouswithadventur e.Let‘sexploreabitmoreoftheAerogro upbeforewenarrowdowntoWoodland.trailrunners.andoutdoorloverswiththeperfecttoolstomeetnatu re‘schallenges. 1965-70: Aero Shoe Company manufacturing base expands to Lucknow. 1992:AerogroupacquiredwinterbootfactoryinQuebec.A. in view of the growing export demand.

ItwasbythistimethatWoodlandhasalm ostpulleditselfoutofthenichemarketthatitwasserving.Itsapparelsdiversifiedtocatertoagelimitofteenage rsandmiddleagedpeoplealsothoughthecorevaluepropositionofservingactivemenand womenwasstillthere .2007:Totalnumberofexclusi veshowroomsWoodlandtotouched200thmark.Itsshoesexpandedfromcasualfo otweartoformalandcanvasfootwear.facilitatingthe heavydomesticdemandfornewproductsanddevelopment.ItalsostartedsourcingoperationsfromSout hEastAsianCountries.apparelsandaccessories.iumcategoryshoes.WoodlandopenedofficesinChinaandHongKong.

women as well as kids. olive. The company has its training and production units in India. apparels and accessories for men.Current status of the company:- Woodland. black. Sri Lanka. The brand has premium adventure collection designed for travelers. camel. But an extra element is its cost (see woodland footwear cost in India right correct right here) which draws inside the followers of woodlands footwear. The Footwear is accessible in 5 many colors which consists of khaki. trail runners. Malaysia. Without compromising the Indian shoe market. These that are utilizing the brand title. hikers. The 1 element we're inside a position to say will most likely be the woodland Footwear for Guy (See the Woodland Males Footwear cost in India) is last long for all period and ideal for Indian climate. woodland also established their market in Canada. There are lots of variations in woodland footwear but right correct right here we'll talk about an item that is higher in need and supplied seriously is G which indicates Gents. trekkers. China. The primary elegance inside the Woodland Footwear will be the reality that they generally produced within the extremely tuff and hefty leather-based and sole solely produced from difficult rubber. . In the year 2002. Philippines. The major marketplace of woodland shoes is India. Vietnam. Macau. as well as Canada. Bangladesh. Woodland shoes are one of the most popular and premium brand in India. The outer element inside the footwear is produced from hand with stitched manually. China. rock climbers. together having a mixed color mixing all of these colors. Hong Kong and Europe. we're inside a position to say they're obsessive regarding the superb element about this item throughout which you're in a position to fill individual as your footwear is particularly produced from hand also as possess a human get in touch with make the item truly appealing with roughness’ In it. The brand offers a wide range product line that includes footwear. apparels and accessories nationwide. and other outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Woodland becomes a leader in premium category shoes. the global adventure wear brand entered India in 1992. Indonesia.

snowboarders. Woodland like a brand title has produced up totally. effectiveness. severe skiers. Woodland very pleased to turn out to become the No. . Bata. Relaxo and so forth. mountaineers. explorers and endurance runners.1 option within the quantity of world's most proficient climbers. Anyplace you'll be. These days. style and lots of much more element but woodland secure the location and executing batter.You will uncover numerous producers competing with Woodland Footwear with regards to cost. it's 250 retailers all via India. Woodland also executing truly superb in monitoring and informal footwear which are a great deal well-liked 1 within the youth inside the day. The Producers competing woodland consists of Reebok. Woodland guarantees you to supply out the spirit of journey in you. puma.

Itassuresqualityandlon glastingproducts.Woodlandstillhighlightsitsproducta ndruggedandoutdoorshoeswhichismainlyusedbyadventurists.Thisisthevaluepropositionoftheinitialbrandwoodland.Products of the company:- WoodlandonlaunchwasRuggedness&outdoorsy. .


From the survey. and by communicating and promoting the brand on the same lines. based on the result of the survey that we have conducted among sample size of sixty. it also entered the apparel category. Since it mainly targets the youth. by making the manufacturing process less harmful to the environment. By changing over its entire range of shoes and apparel to quality eco-friendly products . The major USP of the brand is its close association with environment. it picked up as a fashion trend among the youth. density. we found the results of demographic factors which are discussed below: . an overall view of the target market based on demographic.Target market of the company:- TARGET CUSTOMERS The target market for the Woodland shoes is the up market segment. psychographic and socio economic factors will be discussed. first in North India and then across the country. As we have some limitations. But it mainly focuses on teenagers and youngsters. occupation and other statistics. age. location. From this discussion it would be easy to find the sum of all target customers age. we did most of our survey among our friends. Woodland grew. race. outdoor leather shoe brand. The discussion in this section has been made. the awareness. Profile of the target market : In this section. sex and the income. They have products for both male and female and they cater to kids as well. gender. and in the next couple of years it became a well-known brand. Being a new category. Demographic factors: Demography is the study of the human population in term of size. relatives and student of East West University. the kind usually preferred by adventurists. advertising and promotional strategies have to be dynamic and appealing. Woodland differentiated itself early on being a rugged.made with materials and chemicals that don't harm the nature. The demographic environment is of major interest to marketers because it would involve people and people who make the market.

we can see that ____. To identify the respondent’s social class we asked them about their family income to find their actual position in society. Social class: Family income is highly influential in determining social class. Market segment:It focuses on upmarket segment 2). Having single geographic orientation for future prospective . Education: According to our survey result_________From the column chart. Among the surveyed people. It can be clearly seen from the column chart that _________. Among these people Age: We have surveyed among people of different age group. the larger portion of the sample size was student. The survey represents that most of the participants are in the income range of BDT 20001-35000. recently for infants 3)._________According to our finding it is clear that _________age group people are the majority in numbers. So we can say that ________ Occupation: Among our surveyed people. Exclusiveness: Mainly focusing urban areas Gives an feeling of royalty Minimum cost ranging between 1000-2000 Rs 5). Age:Products available for every age group but mainly focusing on teen agers and youngsters(20-35yrs). Gender:Products available for both male and female 4). Target Market: 1).Gender: We made our survey based on sixty people‟s opinion. Other Factors:Types of shoes people like most: Based on our survey we found that most of the people _______ prefer _________. Social Factor: Social factor denotes the social status of the target market by considering social class and other factors.

TargetcustomerforWoodlandisadventuresandoutdoorsyyouth.allgotthebranddesiredmileage.Henceitcanbeconcludedthatthebrandwoodlandha snotbeingutilizingcommunicationchannelatitsdisposalappropriatelyandoptimally.000followers.Butthebrandofferingh aschangedfromshoeforanadventuristtolifestylebrand.TheselectionofTVchannelfor forcommunicationalsoplaysanimportantrole.ThecommunicationplatformsusedbyWoodlandandthecon tentofthecommunicationalwayshasanexclusivelookandfeeltoit.althoug hnotthateffectively. Oneofthepeculiaritiesthatthisgroupobservesaboutthecompanyisthatmostpeopleconc eiveWoodlandasanon- Indianbrand.HencetheWoodl andcommunicationhappensmostlyontelevision.ThecompanyisdevelopingagamingapplicationonthelinesofFarm ville(anengaginggamingapplication)whereapersonwouldbefindingroutethroughatrai landlocateaWoodlandshoe.tie- upswithsportsevents.adventureclubsandinternet.forthewronguseofan ycommunicationmediumwillnotonlywastethepromotionalmoney. Woodlanditselfownsfouradventureclubs.Thisisfarless ascomparedtoanyinternationalbrand.riverrafting.MostoftheWoodlandcommunicationvi aTVoccursonTVchannelsthatcatertoviewersseekingknowledgeregardingadventures portslikehiking.trekking. .Thisperceptioncanbeattributedtouseofforeignmodelsandlocationsinallt heiradvertisements.Communication tools:- Asthechoiceofcommunicationmediumplaysanimportantroleinbuildingabrand.Woodlandalsousesthismedium.itwillalsomightdil utetheexistingbrandequity.Someoftheotherm ediumsusedforcommunicationareoutdoorhoardings.Italsohasassociationswithotherclubsthroug hwhichitpromotesitsbrandandcreatesequityforitself[3].Overaperiodoftimethecontentofcommunicationalsoevolves.Butt hestrategyisnotworkingatallasthepagehasonlyaround112.Thischangeinbrandofferingisn otcommunicatedthroughanymedia.Themessageofcommunication haschangedfrom―allterrain‖shoeto―tougherthannature‖shoe.weneedtounderstandthetargetcustomersoftheWood land.Itistoconnectbrandandentertainingconsumersaswell.Collegepromotions.eventsindiscos.).Oneofthemostimpactfulmedi sponsorshipoftheMissWorldEvent.This evolutionisratherdisturbingwhenreferredtoWoodland.Tounderstandthecom municationstrategyofWoodland.acom panyhastobeverycarefulinchoosingthecommunicationmedium.The hoardingportraythetoughandruggednessofthebrand.


They provide menswear. With the purchase worth rs. bag. Woodland discovers the meaning of true quality and durability. wallets. woodland megan handbag etc. cap & Shoes. Woodlands Store is the largest Apparel store in India.The brand Woodland was introduced to the Indian market in 1992 through two exclusive outlets in New Delhi. •Cost effective bags Brand: There are various varieties of bags provided by woodland for both men and women like Woodland leather bags. Imbibed spirit in each and every product. They Provide all qualified bags with wholesale rate and reasonable low rate bags for Schools as well as for college n office purposes. Environmental friendly product. •Today. •The unique rugged.a customer gets a membership card free of cost and discount of 20% on the next purchase. They offer 30 day money back guarantee and friendly customer support. footwear. women’s wear. They give complementary giftsto the customers . to resounding success. FOR CUSTOMER RETENTION Top brand and Low price.2000. After sales services:-Woodland showroom also provides their customers with asatisfactory after sales services. Woodland is a household brand with over 200 exclusive stores across the Indian Sub-continent in addition to a distribution network covering over a thousand stores across the country. tough rubbers are produced using German Technology at its own manufacturing facilities in India. BRAND COMMUNICATION Warranty period:-The Showrooms also offer warranty for the footwear rangingfrom 6 months to almost 1 ½ years depending upon the shoes price. socks.

Online purchase:-Woodland also provides a very convenient facility of online purchasing to their customers.on a specified purchase made by them. Bangalore and many more. . belts and other accessories too. They also give discounts on special occasions such asganpati. Itincludes shoe polish. Special discount offer:-Woodland generally provides special discount offers to thecustomers which mostly includes 12% discount on the purchasemade. Chennai. They have conducted shoemela at Hyderabad. Under this facility customers can purchase and pay online through internet. dusshera. Shoe mela:-Woodland also conducts shoe mela at various cities where theysell there shoes at discounted rate. diwali. shoe shiner.

Some advertisement campaigns by promoting some sports activities:- .


They indulge in various adventure activities. . Woodland has always been an outdoor and adventure brand with close association with nature and environment. The intent is to make eco- friendliness the brand recall.INITIATIVES Woodland invested close Rs 30 crore (Rs 300 million) in an initiative called Pro- Planet To position itself as an environment-friendly brand and communicate the message across to its target group . Woodland also has Woodland Adventure Club for which they have tied up with some of the leading adventure tour providers in the country and the world.the youth.

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