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“The objective of our project is

· To study the marketing strategies and brand loyalty of Haldiram’s

· To study the marketing mix of Haldiram’s

To study the behaviour of the consumer with respect to attributes such as

Brand Loyalty and come up with recommendations as to what all needs to be

considered keeping the consumer in mind

To analyze Haldiram’s competitor and compare their strategies and come up

with recommendations for any problem being faced by it.”


Beginning of way back in 1941 in Rajasthan

It was lead by three brothers Shri Moolchand, Shri Satyanarain and Shri Rameshwar

Shri Moolchand & his four sons Shiv Kishan, Shri Shiv Ratan, Shri Manohar Lal, and Shri Madhu

Shiv kishan established Haldiram’s name in Nagpur

Meanwhile Manohar lal Aggarwal and Madhu Sudan had taken Delhi (the National Capital) by storm
with resounding success of Haldiram at Chandni Chowk & never looked back.

The brand name HALDIRAM BHUJIWALA was introduced.

Subsequently reach extended 1958 to Kolkata and further to west India & never looked back.

1983 opened shop in Chandni Chowk, the main hub of commercial centre in Delhi.

Prime focus was on sweets & namkeens.

Encouraged by the tremendous response of Consumers, HALDIRAM decided to go in for up-gradation in

technology, packing, production etc. with installation of plant & machinery of best available state-of-the-
art technology and sophistication.

1937 – Bikaner

3 units till 90s – Kolkatta, Nagpur & New Delhi

First Mover Advantage – Branded Namkeens & Technology in Packing

Traditional Indian Food – Hygiene & Quality

Competitors – Unorganized market, Frito Lays India, SM foods, Bakemans, etc.

Early 90s – Split of 3 Units

1992 – Manufacturing Unit with Retail Outlet

1995 – Restaurant in Delhi

1997 – Unit for Namkeens


– Started Operating as Separate Entities

– Competition among themselves for Market Share

2000 – International Markets


There perpetual consistentency :


Best packing strategy

Vast market coverage

Number’s of year’s experience

Performance & quality lead to big competition

Staff’s are very sensitive & customer friendly about the complaints

Scope – Exhaustive Range of RTE Products

Attributes / Benefits

–Packaging for longer shelf life & freshness

–Various price points & reasonable

–State of art manufacturing technology

–Easy availability

Quality / Value – Good quality at competitive prices

Uses –

–Filler between meals

–For serving to guests

Shahi Mixture

Cornflakes Mixture

Kaju Mixture


Chana Jor Garam

Chilli Chatak Lachha

BhelpuriMethi Sev

Khatta Meetha

Moong Dal

Kashmiri Mixture

Aloo Bhujia

All in One

Mint Lachha

Plain Bhujia


Users – Gourmets having inclination towards Indian meals

Country of Origin – Bikaner

Organization Associations – Innovative & High quality products

Brand Personality – “Maharaj” known for lip-smacking dishes

Symbol – Written in golden for richness & purity

Brand Customer relationship – Indian taste at anytime

Emotional Benefits – Smart purchase of high quality & hygienic products


First Mover Advantage

Product Quality & Hygiene

Value for Money Products

Rich Cultural Heritage – Exchange of Gifts

Strong Distribution Network

Hoardings for Promotion

For all Age Groups

Various Awards of Recognition


Core Identity –

–Food Quality – Innovative and contemporary packaging with increased shelf life & freshness

–Food Taste – Traditional Indian taste

–Innovative – First mover advantage

Branding of “Namkeens”

New ways of Packaging

Introduction of new variants for maintaining a competitive edge

Extended Identity –
–Brand Personality: Genuine, Experienced, All Indian, Hygienic, Consistent and Trustworthy

–Basis of Relationship: Vast & enriched experience in traditional Indian food

–Logo: “Promoting the exquisite taste of India”

–Heritage: Haldiram’s shares rich parentage and has its roots to locations known for exquisite Indian

Value Proposition –

–Functional Benefits – Taste, Hygiene, Consistent Quality, Best Packaging, Freshness, Extensive Product

–Emotional Benefits – Smart Buyer, Association with Indian Roots

–Credibility – Makes Ready-To-Eat that are tasty and hygienic


“Maharaj” known for lip-smacking dishes

Male of 40 yrs old of middle or upper middle class

A person fond of food, jolly, old-fashioned, down-to-earth, honest, wholesome, real and authentic

Image of sincere, experienced, skilled genuine and older brand

Well liked and respected member of the family

High quality & rich parentage


Restaurant business to cash in on its brand image. in Nagpur amd Delhi.

Restaurant at Nagpur: Innovative strategy for people travelling by train by sending a DD and provide

Focus on hygiene: Compete effectively with local restaurant chains

Encash on POP’s for venturing into RTC Categories with a broader frame of reference.


“To the consumers having inclination towards Indian meals, Haldiram’s offers ready to eat high quality
readily available Indian snacks, with excellent packaging which provides increased shelf life to its