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SEPA  Pipeline  Logic  Model Outcomes

Problem Inputs Activities Outputs Short  Term Long  Term

Lack  of  diversity   • Develop  Academic-­ • Academic-­ • Change  in  student   • Increase  in  
among   Community   1. Student  mentorship   Community   knowledge of:   enrollment  in  
professionals  in   partnerships  to:   by  health/biomedical   relationships   health/biomedical   health  and  
health/   1)  Maximize   science  students   nurtured  (current   science  careers;;   biomedical  
biomedical   existing  STEM   (Medical,  Graduate,   partners)  and   STEM  curricula;;   science  2-­ and  4-­
science  fields resources PA,  etc) established  (new   social/cultural   year  higher  
2)  Create  new   partners) determinants  of  health;;     education  
program   2. Academic  Year   health  disparities   programs  among  
Need  for   components  to  fill   Education  to:  provide   • Culturally-­ research  in   underrepresented  
effective,   gaps academic  enrichment;;   appropriate   underserved   students  from  
STEM-­based   personal  development   STEM  curricula   communities Forsyth  County  
sustainable   MACHE/WFSM and  empowerment   developed • Change  in  student   area
programs  that   WFU   skills;;  college  planning   attitudes in:  pursuing  
enable  under-­ WSFCS resources;;  cultural   • Relationships   health/biomedical   • Increase  in  
represented   Forsyth  Tech competence  and   between  partner   science  careers;; entrance  into  the  
students  to   Business  Community cultural  health   high  schools  and   • Change  in  student   health/  
pursue  health/   education WFSM   behavior in:  enrollment   biomedical  
biomedical   established in  health/biomedical   workforce  
science  careers 3. Summer  Education  to:   science  2  or  4  year  
provide  a   • Students  and   higher  education;;   • Structured  
Carver  High  School Health/Biomedical   teachers  provided   entrance  in  health/   sustainability  plan  
North  Forsyth  High  School Science-­based  STEM   STEM  resources biomedical  workforce;;   developed  
Parkland  High  School enrichment   engagement  in   between  partners  
Reynolds  High  School experience  for   • Framework   community  health  
students developed/   promotion   • Community  
• Best  practices  for   modified   • Teacher  change  in:   ownership/buy-­in  
STEM  education;;   4. Teacher   knowledge  of  STEM   which  generates  
• Student  mentorship Health/Biomedical   curricula;;  self  efficacy   support  for  
Science-­based  STEM   to  implement   sustainability  
Education • Teacher  and  Student   efforts
program  satisfaction

Process  Evaluation Outcomes  Evaluation