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by Eric R. Kandel, James H. Schwartz and

Thomas M. Jessell, Appleton & Lange,
Norwalk, Conn., 1991, $69.50, ISBN
Michael A. Henry
J Am Dent Assoc 1995;126;1614

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relevant to the field of dentistry MY LITTLE FRIEND GOES
11 II% are parts dealing with the
brain's sensory systems (includ- By Evelyn M. Finnegan,
ing chapters on the anatomy of Scituate, Mass., Little Friend
PRINCIPLES OF NEURAL the somatic sensory system, Press, 1995, 32 p., $14.95,
pain and analgesia, and smell ISBN 9641285-1-9
Edited by Eric R. Kandel, and taste), motor systems of the
James H. Schwartz and brain and the brain stem and Ohere is a considerable body
Thomas M. Jessell, Appleton reticular core (including the of dental literature on the sub-
& Lange, Norwalk, Conn., neuroanatomical organization of ject of managing fearful chil-
1991, $69.50, ISBN the trigeminal system, as well dren in the dental office. It is
0838580343 as clinical syndromes of the surprising that little mention is
spinal cord and brain stem). made of the use of picture books
Ohis book covers a wide vari- Each chapter concludes with a to introduce small children to
ety of topics pertaining to the summary and a list of selected dentistry. Evelyn M. Finnegan,

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nervous system. The currently readings, in addition to a list of a former children's librarian,
available edition, published in references that are somewhat and illustrator Diane R.
1991, is the third. Given the limited and generally confined Houghton have produced My
rapid advancements that have to landmark studies. Little Friend Goes to the
occurred over the last decade in The contributors typically are Dentist, an ideal book for this
the field of neuroscience, no sin- leaders in their fields. The edi- purpose.
gle textbook will serve as a com- tors, who are uniquely qualified The "Little Friend" of the
prehensive reference to any sin- to act as coordinators for such a title is a tiny doll that accompa-
gle issue or system; however, book, also have contributed to nies Katherine on her visit to
this book comes as close as pos- numerous chapters that deal Dr. Hills' office for extraction of
sible to providing the basics. with their areas of expertise. a loose tooth. The little friend
The textbook was written The contributors are primarily somehow gets lost under a scrap
mainly to serve as a broad refer- from the College of Physicians of gauze and almost disappears
ence guide for neuroscientists, and Surgeons of Columbia down the cuspidor before being
but it also is useful to the den- University, and each chapter was rescued. A real "Little Friend"
tist who wants to delve into critically read by various ex- bookmark doll is available for
basic mechanisms. Other text- perts throughout the world be- $3.95. Dr. Hills is Cheryl M.
books would probably better fore publication. Thus, the con- Hills, D.M.D., of Scituate,
serve as a general reference for tent of each chapter represents Mass., who contributed techni-
clinical issues, but if the clini- input from a broad cross-section cal advice. Houghton's colorful
cian wants to investigate the of the neuroscience community. full-page illustrations show a
basic science findings that are In summary, this book is not friendly office staff and realistic
relevant to certain issues, this for everyone-but practicing procedures.
textbook is an excellent one to dentists who have a keen inter- Both the author and illustra-
start with. est in broad topics dealing with tor have given careful attention
The textbook is organized the nervous system and would to detail and accuracy in depict-
into several parts, each covering like to own a single reference ing the dental visit; everything
a broad topic and containing a text on the subject may find is in compliance with OSHA
number of related chapters. The that this is the book they seek. regulations, and a glossary of
organization and content of the Reviewed by Michael A. dental terms is included. Many
book are excellent overall. The Henry, D.D.S., Ph.D., Assistant previous books of this type for
quality of the illustrations, Professor and Director, TMJ children have consisted only of
which succinctly summarize the and Orofacial Pain Clinic, the description of a dental visit;
main concepts presented, is es- University of Colorado Health the story line of a rescued doll is
pecially noteworthy. Especially Sciences Center, Denver a welcome addition and should

1614 JADA, Vol. 126, December 1995