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Eidetic reduction

Jose Rizal became known from what he had done for he country. He saw the filipinos during the
Spanish Regime in the philipines, thought of what was wrong and strived to do something about it.
He was a man for others and was always thinking about the country and the filipinos.

Jose Rizal is one of the many great people of the Filipinos. There are many things we can say about
him. From the life of his, to his works, up to his contributions in fighting for filipinos interests.
Many idolizes him for the things he had done for the country. We collectively known him as the
National Hero of the Philippines.

We can say many things about Jose Rizal but what is it that makes him, Jose Rizal? First, we elimate
things that can be detached from Rizal without any changes to him being Rizal. We take the things
describing him but still maintaining his identity of Jose Rizal. We will isolate him to his essence or
being as Jose Rizal. Let us start with Rizal having a middle class life within the society. His social
status is not relevant in him. It is not about his social class that he achieved what he is known for.
Next is his love interests. Rizal had many relationships in his lifetime. These include Leonor Rivera
and Josephine Bracken. We know Rizal for what he did and not for the number of his love interests.
Another one would be his physical appearance. Physical appearance doesn't concern about Rizal.
When we say his name, we don't think about his face but we think about his contributions for the
country and that he fought for the Filipino people. On the other hand, we now look into things we
can't take away from Rizal or things that identify and points to Rizal. First is that Rizal was a
reformist. He wants Filipinos to be equals with Spaniards. Rizal is a writer of great works. Rizal had
written many outstanding works in which Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo are the most
known. Lastly, Rizal died for the country. Rizal fought for the Filipinos and best exemplified in his
many written works, from the life of the Filipinos up to his farewell.

Jose Rizal is a Filipino, who created great works which describes the life of the Filipinos under
Spanish control. His works inspired many during his time and until now, his influence can still be
felt. He was a reformist rather than revolutionary that prefer writing to educate or spread the word of
filipino interests which inspired Philippine Nationalist Movement. He fought for the equality of
filipinos and spaniards. He was an icon of being a true Filipino who died for his beloved country.

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