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Hello my name is leonardo imbachi medina I am 24 years old, I am a student of the

university of Neiva Huila, I am studying bachelor's degree in physical education recreation
and sport, course 7 semester, my work experience has been as a contractor of white work,
I hope future This course of logistical management helps me to open new paths in various
fields of work. I am graduated from the school Gaitana de Timana Huila, I have ten
brothers, I am single, I do not have children, in my future I intend to create a construction
company where I can work in several fields, also to practice my teaching and put into
practice my technologist in logistics management.


I can conclude after developing the evidence of activity, that answering the
questions is something necessary thinking about the future that we are going to
have, whether long or short term, the important thing is to be prepared to assume
this future with all possible matures; the social and work differences of the
companions is diverse, very few have things in common, which enriches this
course with differences, the different presentations is something pleasant to get to
know each other in the best possible way and seeing the similarities and
differences that we have with each other.

These questions lead us to think beyond the moment and make us plan the future
in the best way. These are:

· Who are you?

· Who is your audience?

· Who are my competitors and market?