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More (or Less)


Playing Cards 1 – 10

Paper Bags labeled 1-10

Bingo Chips (or other small counters)

How to Play:
Deal the deck of cards fairly between all players. At the same time,
every player turns over the top card of their deck. The player with
the highest (or lowest) number wins the hand and places the cards
in the bag labeled with the number matching the winning number
AND takes a Bingo chip. Winner is the player with the most Bingo
chips at the end of the game.

Things to think about…

What bag had the most cards in it at the end

of the game?

Why do you think some bags had more cards

than other bags?

Why did some bags have so few cards in

Standard 2: Number Sense and Operation
1. Number Sense
b. Compare objects by size and quantity (e.g., more than, less than,
equal to).