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List of Topics and IRS/Treasury Speakers Involved as of 9/21/07

Completed Benefits Conferences
20th Annual Cincinnati Employee Benefits Conference 2007 CEBC 6/14/07 - 6/15/07 Cincinnati, OH SWBA/IRS 17th Annual Employee Benefits 2007 Great Lakes 2007 Mid-Atlantic 2007 Los Angeles Conference for Benefits Benefits Benefits Practitioners and Conference Conference Conference Plan Sponsors 2007 GLBC 5/3/07 - 5/4/07 Chicago, IL 2007 MABC 4/26/07 - 4/27/07 2007 LABC 1/25/07 - 1/26/07 2006 SWBA 11/15/06 - 11/16/06 Dallas, TX

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2007 BCOS 9/20/07 - 9/21/07 Atlanta, GA

2007 Northeast Area Benefits Conference 2007 NEBC 6/7/07 - 6/8/07 Boston, MA & New York, NY

Philadelphia, PA Universal City, CA

IRS National Office Update Current Projects and Enforcement Initiatives Bellanger, Templeman, Zuckerman

Washington Legislative & Regulatory Update Zuckerman, Pippins and Holland

What's New at the IRS?- Current IRS Projects & IRS Voluntary Enforcement Legislative and Correction Initiatives Regulatory Update Update Templeman and Zuckerman Pippins, Hoffman (Counsel) EPCRS Update What Has Changed After Rev. Proc. 2006-27 Kahn

Washington Update Grant, Reeder (Treasury)

IRS National Office Presentation


Grant, Bellanger

How to Fix Common Errors (Case Studies in EPCRS) EPCRS Bond How to Conduct a Compliance Audit Bailey-Funk, Bellanger Kahn National IRS Examination Program Update Templeman Case Studies DB Plan Design & Operation After PPA Holland Welcome to the World of PPA Defined Benefit Style Holland

Voluntary Plan Corrections: IRS and DOL Perspective EPCRS Kahn


Bhagat, Masushige Bond EP Examinations and Enforcement Activities Patton DB Funding Issues After the New Legislation Holland, Kimlin

IRS and DOL Examinations Templeman PPA Funding, Deduction Limits and Other Issues Pippins, Milling

Exams Update McClernan

EP Examinations/ Audit Bellanger

Automatic Enrollment & QDIAs Pippins

Hot Topics for DB Plans Pippins Cash Balance Plans - Hybrid Vehicles that Get Great Mileage Pippins 403(b) & 457 Plans for TaxExempt Employers Update on 403(b) Exam and Guidance & Examination Regulatory Activity Update Architect Architect

Actuarial Session Holland, Kimlin Hot Topics for Case Studies Recent Guidance 401(k) Plans, DC Plan Design on 401(k) Plans Including Roth & Operation After 401(k) Plan Design and Roth 401(k) 401(k) PPA Overview Provisions Developments Mojiri-Azad Mojiri-Azad Pippins Hoffman (Counsel) (Counsel) (Counsel), Pippins Document Updates, FDLs and Related Case Studies Defined Benefit DB/Cash Balance Employee Funding Rules PPA - At Risk - Are They Really Communications Issues After PPA Plans Back? Holland Milling Holland Holland Welcome to the World of PPA Cash Balance Defined Plans: Post PPA Contribution and Recent Court Style Decision Analysis Pippins Pippins

Pension Plan Update - Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Plans after PPA 2006 Pippins

Welfare Plan Updates

Living with the (Relatively) New 403(b) Regulations Press General IRS Guidance Pippins, Mojiri-Azad (Counsel) Changes to 415 Final and Proposed

Purcell (Counsel), Knopf (Treasury) Holland, Kimlin

Plan Document Update (EGTRRA Restatements, Interim Amendments, Defining Groups in Cross-Tested Plans) Pippins

What's New with 409A 409A

EGTRRA Remedial Amendment Period Kieffer Current Issues under Code Section 409A Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Arrangements

Retirement Plan Issues from the PPA 2006 Pippins

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation and Codes Section 409A Compliance

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Developments/ 409A

Administrative and Design Issues Under 409A 409A Hogans (Treasury)

Hogans (Treasury) Hogans (Counsel) Schmidt (Counsel) Hogans (Treasury)

IRS Q&A Bellanger, Bond, Templeman, Zuckerman

IRS Local Office Presentation Fedders, Weber, Noe and Bell Ask the Experts Holland and Pippins

Hogans (Treasury) Hogans (Treasury) IRS Updates Local Initiatives, the Determination Staggered Letter Program Remedial and Recent and Amendment Periods and Other Upcoming Document Issues Guidance Zuckerman Jones, Pippins, Bell Health & Welfare Covering Tax and Title I Issues Including HIPPA Beker (Counsel) IRS Agents Hot Topics IRS Q&A Bhagat, Holland, Pippins, Mojiri-Azad TBD (Counsel) Ask the Experts Holland, Pippins

Living with the Remedial Amendment Period Pippins

Ask the Experts: Q&A Ask the Experts Dolce Pippins