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Question4&: What can be exposedin thecomponent interface of a Web dynpro component? Please choose the correct answer. Custom methods of the component controller, || Publicattributes of WINDOW controllers Context nodes of WINDOW controllers ‘Standardhook methods of the component controller: Question41:To which context objectis the attributeLEAD_SELECTION_INDEXrelated? Please choose the correct answer. Element ‘Supply function Attribute Node Question46:How can you adda session breakpointto your program? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Set.abreakpointin the ABAP ecltor and select Save. Execute command /h Set.abreakpointin the ABAP debugger and press F8 Set abreakpointin the ABAP editor Question47: Which ofthe followingis an implict enhancement? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Protected method Overwrite method Premethod Private method Question6&:Which controller typescan exist within a Web Dynpro component ?There are 3 correct answers to this question. User controller ‘View controller ‘Window controller ‘Component controller ‘Application controller ‘Question67: What process is used to establish the automatic transport of data between the view controller's contextattributes and the UI element in its layout Please choose the correct answer. Context mapping Data binding Data migration View assembly (Question69: Which hook method exists forall controller types? Please choose the correct answer. wddoinit() wddoonclose( ) wddoonopen() ‘wddobeforenavigation( ) Question102:Which objects can share data through context mapping? Please choose the correct answer Custom controllers and transparent tables Global classes and component controllers Component controllersand view controllers View controler and another view controller QuestioriL57: In which controller type can you embed a service call?Please choose the correct answer. View controller Configuration controller Interface controller ‘Component controller