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For Walkthru:

Game is divided into Prologue + 5 chapters:

Path Split occurs at Chapter 1 boss

From chapter 1 onward, winning the final boss let you continue with the "normal" path, losing send you
down the "abuse" (dark) path.

Being virgin only impacts the normal path & its ending(s). This generally result in less quests per chapter,
less H, and boring end. There is no virgin path on the dark path

You are required to do a few quests per chapter before you can unlock the chapter end quest

7 endings total


- Straight forward, 2 quests (農村のお使い & 牧場の寄生虫駆除)

- No H until boss event (盗賊団「黒い翼」を壊滅させよ). Losing result in GOR + lose virginity

- Move on to Ch. 1 regardless

Chapter 1

- Quest 1.1: 珍味を求めて - This is the stupid Josef mushroom quest where you need to turn in to
someone in the big house on East of Map, rather than the guild master.

- Quest 1.2: 金持ちのアブノーマルな願望 (non-virgin only), virgin skip to 1.3

- Quest 1.3: 指名手配犯を討て!

- If you are virgin, you get ルース病に倒れる (Ruth has fallen sick), non-virgin gets 闇賭場の護衛
(Bodyguard duty for illegal casino)

- For ルース病に倒れる, talk to guy in the house of the 1st map. He will send you to kill the flower
monster at the top of the hill. Win or lose, go back to quest giver (Losing result in H with guest giver).
Proceed to Normal Chapter 2.

- For 闇賭場の護衛, winning = Normal Chapter 2, losing starts the dark path

Chapter 2 Normal Path

- Quest 2.1 迷子の兄妹を探して! (map ウェイブの森). Run the maze, and find 2 little brats at the

- Quest 2.2 炭鉱のオーク退治 Losing result in GOR

- Quest 2.3 聖なる種火を届けよ (map 氷の宮殿) - Losing as non-virgin will send you to Dark Path
(Virgin just get to re-fight them)

- Quest 2.4 求む! コスプレ店員 (Non-virgin only) H-Event

- Boss Event: テルマ村の悪しき風習 (map テルマ村). Talk to everyone in first map until you get a key
(hint, guy is in a house). Then go to cave in 2nd map. Win = Normal Path, Fail = Dark Path

Chapter 3 Normal Path

- If you had lost virginity, then see H-Event, and you can now masturbate

- Quest 3.1 武器屋の頼み (map エルダ洞窟) go pick up an Orichalcum in the cave

- Quest 3.2 悪徳新興宗教を潰せ!(map シュタルト街道)

- Quest 3.3 トレジャーハンターの助っ人 (map エルゴール遺跡) GoR for H

- Quest 3.4 酒場の地下でストリップ (Non-virgin only) Repeatable H-Event @ the Pub (night only).
From now on, you get 3 choices when you go inside your own house, select 2nd option to rest until night
(so you can go to the pub and have fun).

- Boss Event: 盗賊親分再び (map オルク海峡トンネル) Win = Normal Path, Fail = Dark Path

Chapter 4 Normal Path

- Quest 4.1a (Virgin Only) 【至急】エルフの里 オーク攻防戦 (map エルフの里) Go save the elves.
Get there before the orcs get there. Losing will GOR but only send you to the hospital. Only reason to
virgin run is to prevent the Elves from getting H...

- Quest 4.1b (Non-virgin only) エルフの里をオークから救え Almost same as above, H Event as you
enter... but losing send you to dark path chapter 4 + more H

- Quest 4.2 反国家組織アンデッドを潰せ! (map アンデッドのアジト)

- Quest 4.3 (Non-virgin only) ある女をデッサンモデルに! (In the city - art studio) You are going to
become a model for the artist... and you get a new toy to masturbate as a bonus

- Boss Event: 学校の闇 (in the city - go to the school @ night) Win = Normal Path, Fail = Dark Path

Chapter 5 Normal Path

- Boss Event:

- Win as virgin gets 2 choices. 1st choice = H (ending #1). 2nd = Pure Virgin, NO H (ending #2)

- Win as non-virgin = H Ending #3

- Lose = Bad End #1 (Ending 4)

It`s full of H, so fill free to indulge yourself whenever you fight, talk to various town NPC in each chapter,
and GOR on purpose (in fact, you want to GoR first before killing the boss/or simply GOR the mission),

Repeating this event will up your H count, which then change your H status as your chapter progress
(which impacts certain H)

Chapter 2 Dark Path

- Quest 2.1 トレジャーハンター駆逐 (map ポルチオ遺跡) Fight the 3 treasure hunters at the end

- Quest 2.2 逃げたキメラを保護せよ (map ベリアス山) Fight a chimera (immune to physical, so use

- Quest 2.3 聖なる種火を届けよ (Dark path version) (map 氷の宮殿) - This time you get to smack the
brothers or GOR for H

- Mandatory H Event: 【国王に呼び出される】 Go straight north in オルク街道 into the castle and
see the king...

- Boss Event: 変わり者の科学者を説得せよ! (map アイザックの塔). In the place where you have to
deal with the switches, find them in this order red -> green -> blue

Chapter 3 Dark Path

- Quest 3.1 魔物の巣を封印せよ! (map 魔物の巣) You get 2 封印の魔法石, go all the way into the
cave to the end and use it on the monument, then come outside of the cave and use it on the
monument outside

- Quest 3.2 エルゴール遺跡の邪神像 (map エルゴール遺跡) The other version of normal quest 3.3,
this time you can GOR for more H or smack the demon

- Quest 3.3 オルク国に新しい名物を! (map 産業研究所) This one is for oppai fan... remember to sell
your milk in the item shop back in town afterwards

- Boss Event: 脱獄者を抹殺せよ! The other version for ch. 3 boss event. *Make extra save here*
Winning or losing this fight has different H going into chapter 4.

*N.B. seeing the birthing H has impact on Ch5. starting event and final GOR

Chapter 4 Dark Path

- Quest 4.1 見習い兵士たちを1人前の男に Follow the same path you took to see the king in ch2.
dark path mandatory event

- Quest 4.2 フタナリ族の討伐 (map フタナリ族の森) Lose for more GOR

- Quest 4.3: 反国家勢力を制圧せよ (map アンデッドのアジト) Lose for even more GOR

- After 4.3 H event, report to guild master for chapter 5

*N.B. seeing the 2nd birthing H has impact on Ch5. starting event and final GOR

Chapter 5 Dark Path

- Starting H Event (2 versions) depends if you see either of ch.3 or ch.4 birth H.

- Quest 5.1 アイザック博士を守れ! (map アイザックの研究所) Lose for GOR

- Quest 5.2 凶戦士アランを倒せ! (map アランの基地) No GOR so just kill

- Quest 5.3 ウィザード ヴァネッサを捕らえろ! (map ヴァネッサの基地) No GOR so just kill

- Boss Event: 隻眼の魔獣を討て!

- Kill last boss for H Ending #5

- Losing gives you H Ending #6 if you did not see any birth events

- Losing gives you H Ending #7 if you saw either birth events