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Name of Person carrying out the Audit (Auditor):

Position of Auditor in the Organisation:

Date of Audit:

1. 1.1 Does the organisation have a trained corrosion expert?

1.2 Does the organisation have access to a trained corrosion expert?

2. 2.1 Are the conditions under which the product operates well known?
2.2 Do you review the corrosion performance:

(a) Of every new product?

(b) If a product is sold to new markets (i.e. customers who may impose
different operating conditions)?

(c) If customers specify any changes (no matter how small) to the product or
its operation?

3. 3.1 Are existing products regularly reviewed?

3.2 If there is a change of material, component or operational method, are the
potential effects of corrosion on the whole system reviewed?
3.3 Is corrosion controlled throughout the life of the product (i.e. from delivery of
parts, through production to final delivery and operation)?
3.4 Does the product maintenance schedule include inspection and control of

4. 4.1 Do you have an estimate of the impact of corrosion on the organisation in terms

(a) Costs?
(b) Safety?
(c) The environment?

4.2 Are the effects of corrosion considered at these stages in the process or producing
the product:
(a) Concept of product?
(b) Design of product?
(c) Sourcing of components?
(d) Manufacture of product?
(e) Delivery of product?
(f) Marketing of product?

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4.3 Is data on the performance of the product in terms of corrosion resistance
regularly reviewed?
4.4 Is a "weather eye" kept on changes to legislation that may require changes to
be made that affect the corrosion resistance of the product?

5. 5.1 Is the evaluation of the effects of corrosion carried out systematically by using a
checklist or procedure?
5.2 Are problems associated with corrosion logged so that information on the cause
and solution can be used to develop best practice?
5.3 If a problem did occur, would a standardised approach be used to investigate
the problem based on known best practice?

6. 6.1 Have you asked your suppliers to carry out this audit and share the results?
6.2 Do you have an agreement on sharing of knowledge with your suppliers and
6.3 Do you have an action plan agreed with your customers and suppliers to deal
with problems?

How to analyse the results

It’s simple. Best practice is indicated by answering "Yes" to every question, so all you need
to do is list the areas that you answered "No" to and prioritise them for action. You may be
able to group some of them, which will help.

If you need support to make some changes to improve your "score" please ring us on
020 8943 6142 or email We pleased to help in any way. The helpline is free
to UK organisations and we would welcome your suggestions on how we could improve this

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