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I. TRUE or FALSE. Write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if incorrect.
________________1. Bullying is common in schools.
________________2. Rape can only happen to females.
________________3. Accidents are considered intentional injuries.
________________4. Intentional injuries are injuries resulting from violence.
________________5. Nothing can stop a person if s/he is determined to commit suicide.
________________6. Domestic violence occurs in all cultures, communities and classes.
________________7. Alcohol and drug use are risk factors related to intentional injuries.
________________8. Involvement in gangs may lead a person to commit violent actions.
________________9. Knowing proper self-defense will not help in preventing intentional injuries.
________________10. A person who failed in his/her attempt to commit suicide will never try to do it again.

II. Multiple Choice. Choose and encircle the letter of the correct answer from the given choices

11. You are being bullied in school. What is the best thing to do?
A. Report him/her to the school authorities.
B. Get even with him/her by asking friends for vengeance.
C. Confront the bully and tell him/her that you don’t like what s/he is doing.
D. Do not do anything. S/he will eventually stop when s/he finds someone else to bully.

12. Which is a risk factor for suicide attempt?

A. Good problem-solving skills
B. History of trauma and abuse
C. Strong connections to family and community support
D. Effective clinical care for mental, physical and substance use disorders

13. You noticed that you are always being followed by someone whom you don’t
know. What will you do?
A. Nothing. S/he is just a harmless admirer.
B. Run away and hide from the person who is always following you.
C. Tell your parents or other authorities that you can trust about your stalker.
D. Make a scene to catch the attention of the public, then confront the person following you.

14. What form of violence is used for political goals which include putting the
public or a great number of people in fear?
A. Terrorism C. Kidnapping
B. Bullying D. Suicide

15. Which is not verbal abuse?

A. Words that are manipulative and controlling.
B. Words that can cause a gradual diminishing of self-confidence.
C. Words that are used to explain to a child his/her mistakes.
D. Words that are hurtful and usually attack the nature and abilities of the person.

16. Why does domestic violence happen?

A. The abuser is trying to control the victim.
B. The abuser is in a stressful relationship.
C. The couple don't have much money and this causes stress in the relationship.
D. All of the above.

17. Why do some victims of sexual abuse remain quiet and don’t report the incident?
A. The victim might not know that help is available or s/he does not know who to talk to.
B. The victim might be told that what is happening is normal and doesn’t realize that it is a form of abuse.
C. The victim might be afraid of what will happen to him/her if s/he tells someone, especially if the abuser has threatened him/her.
D. All of the above.
18. You heard your friend Ricky telling your other friends to shun Aaron because they recently had a fight. What will you do?
A. Nothing. No harm will happen from it.
B. Nothing. I do not want to get involved.
C. I will convince all of my friends to shun Ricky instead because he is a bully.
D. I will confront Ricky and tell him to stop what he is doing because it is bullying.

19. Which are not intentional injuries?

A. Vehicular accidents C. Suicide attempts
B. Fraternity hazings D. Suicide bombings

20. Self-defense is one of the best ways to prevent intentional injuries. Which of the following best describes it?
A. Physical strategies, such as learning self-defense skills
B. Mental preparedness, in order to be alert for the possibilities of danger
C. Emotional preparedness and having self-confidence
D. All of the above.

III. Read the news headlines below then classify them as to whether they refer to intentional or unintentional injuries .
Write your answers in table form on your worksheet.

A. 17-anyos na binatilyo, patay sa pagkakoryente habang nagwe-welding sa CamSur

B. Lalaki, patay matapos gulpihin sa Caloocan

C. Lalaki arestado sa paggahasa, pagpatay sa dalagita sa Davao del Sur

D. Natutulog na sanggol, patay sa tama ng ligaw na bala sa Ilocos; isa pang bata, kritikal

E. 7 sundalo sugatan sa pagsabog ng bomba sa Marawi

F. Hagupit ng 'Lannie' at 'Maring': Hindi bababa sa 3 patay; 6 nawawala nang maanod sa flash flood

G. Lalaki sa Aklan, ‘natuluyan’ na sa pangalawang beses na pagbigti

H. 6.5 magnitude na lindol sa Leyte, 2 patay at 41 ang nasaktan

I. 2 batang magkapatid, patay matapos pasukin ng kidlat sa loob ng bahay habang natutulog

J. 22-anyos na UST law student patay sa hazing

21. 26.

22. 27.

23. 28.

24. 29.

25. 30.