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Job Description: JHA No: R-DOK.

Tower Foundation Revision: 00
Job Location: Contractor Name:
220 kV- Tower Foundation from T1 to T44 DOKO Sh.P.K
Job Hazard Analysis Prepared/Revised by: (Name, Department, Signature) Approved by: (Name, Department, Signature) Date: 25.07.2015
HSE Lead Arber Dogani DPM Edison Barhani


 Wild life such as venomous snake, rodents, dogs  First Aid Kit will be available on site in each work place
1. Survey Works
 Sliding or falling of workers due to steep area  Clear all vegetation and shrubs away from the working area
 Stay away from dogs, snakes, rodents etc. and don’t touch them
 Keep secure distance from the excavator radius
 Wearing of proper PPE.
 Slope and slides during activities  All the excavation work must be done according to design
2. Excavation of foundation.
 Slope slips from heavy rain condition  Slope supports, shore supports
 Improper means (machinery & tools)  Only proper means should be used in this activity
 Operator mistakes  Only trained people must take part in this activity
 Barricade area.  All the excavated area must be barricade and warning signs must be
 Falling at height posted
 Existing Military or archeological Ruins  Barricades must be at least 2 m far from the foundation.
 We need to inform the Military forces if we suspect any military ruins
during excavation.
 We inform the commune if we suspect any archeological ruins during
 Falling from height  Usage of proper and certified ladders
3. Access and egress in to
the foundation  Usage of improper type of ladders  Never use homemade ladders
 Improper installing of ladders  Ladders installed according to the rule 1:4
 Fixed point of the top and the bottom of the ladders
 Falling materials during transportation  Secure the loads during transportation
4. Transportation of material
 Improper loading or unloading  Usage of proper equipment for loading and unloading
 Overturn of vehicles.  Speed limits on site
 Safe loading of vehicles
 Bad positioning of boom truck  Position of boom truck on solid ground and minimum 2m from the edge
5. Lifting operation with
 Overhead power lines and cables of foundation
boom truck
 Lifting gear failure  Extending outriggers on both sides when performing a lift operation
 Visual control by the operator before starting work
 Use warning sins
 Usage of certified lifting gear and in accordance with standards
 All lifting gear must be inspected before being put in use

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 Working at height  Only trained personnel will work in this activity
6. Stub fixation
 Material falling from height  Worker who will work at height will use safety harness
 Bad weather condition  Store materials and tools in a proper place, at least 1m away from the
excavation edge
 Work must be stoped when bad weather condition
 Wear proper PPE
 Working at height.  Only trained personnel must take part in rebar work installation.
7. Rebar installation
 Equipment for rebar installation.  Equipment used in this activity must be checked and approved for this
 Access and aggress in the foundation activity
 Hand and eye injury.  Access and aggress in foundation must be secure, identified and kept
 Housekeeping. free and in good condition.
 Improper type of PPE.  Safe working platform
 Housekeeping must be in good condition, all material must be stored in
good way to prevent slip and trips. Surface of the site must be clear and
free from ice and mud.
 Only CE marked PPE shall be used
 Working at height  Only trained personnel will work in this activity.
8. Shuttering Installation
 Improper storage of tools and materials .  Workers who works at height must wear safety harness
 Collapse of shuttering  Equipment used in this activity must be checked and approved for this
 Protruding nails activity
 Improper type of PPE  Store tools and materials in proper place and at least 1m away from the
excavation edge
 Secure shore support for shuttering
 Ensure all nails are removed and stored in a proper place
 Homemade ladders are not allowed to use, only certified CE/EN ladders
 Only CE marked PPE shall be used
 Site condition.  Only trained personnel must take part in this operation.
9. Pouring concrete for
 Traffic management  Traffic management must be present during the activities on site, access
 Skin damage by chemical agents such as and aggress fro mixers and other trucks must be managed from the site
cement and concrete additive. workers.
 Bad positioning of concrete mixer  Position the concrete mixer on solid ground and minimum 2m from the
 Improper usage of PPE. edge of foundation.
 Wear the proper PPE (hard hats, safety boots, hand protection, eye
protection, respiratory protection, long sleeve shirts and trousers) .
 hand cut due to grounding steele strip  Only trained personel will work in this activity.
10. Grounding installation
 Wear the proper PPE (Hard hats, safety shoes, gloves, eye protection ,
visible vest)
 Tool Box Talk

 Bad positioning of machinery  Proper location on site of machinery, minimum 2m away from the edge
11. Backfilling
 Compacting of backfilling material of foundation
 Only trained and qualified operators
 Wear the proper PPE (hard hats, safety shoes, gloves, ear protection,
respiratory protection, visible vest)

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 Improper equipment.  All equipment must be checked before performing on site
12. Equipment and tools.
 Checked equipment.  All equipment must be proper for the work that will be used
 Defected equipment.  All equipments must be used only from the authorized operator.
 Homemade tools  All equipment that is modified must be removed from the site.
 Only authorized and non defected equipment are allowed to use on site.
 Homemade tools are not allowed to use on site, only certified CE/EN
 Improper PPE  All PPE must be wear by all the personnel manual and non manual,
13. PPE
during all the time that they are performing works on site. gloves,
concrete boots, hard hat , glasses, high visible vest.
 Safety harness must be all the time used from all the workers that will be
working at height
 Only trained workers will work at height
 Only authorized personnel must take part in this work activity
 All the workers on site  Each team must have a first aider in case of accident or incident
14. First Aid. (Emergency
 Fire fight  All site must have a first aid box and to be placed in a place where
 Water flood everyone has access
 Wild life  Emergency numbers must be put in a open area and visible to the all
 Cold and heat stress crew members
 Transportation must be in each location in case of necessity of
transporting the injured person
 Fire training BUS (ALB)
 To be determines the assembled poin for every possible emergency at
 First Aid Box for all the equipments and vehicle working on site
 First Aid Personnel should be identified by a stick on the helmet
 Work site  Housekeeping
15. Environmental
 Oil spill on Public roads  All the waste and garbage will be dropped at Cerriu dumping area
 Oil spills at workplace  For any oil spill at site we will use sand and sawdust for the oil
 Waste and Garbage contamination. So every day at the Pick-Up we will have sand and
sawdust for any emergency.

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