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Section A 3.1.2 Able to write in neat cursive writing with correct spelling.

Write the sentences in cursive writing with the correct spelling.

1. Mowgli left the jungle.

2. Buldeo is an evil man.

3. Kaa fought the monkeys.

4. Baloo is a friend to Mowgli.

5. Shere Khan is a trouble maker.

(10 marks)


Betty___________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 4. Nora teacher. 1. school. legible print with correct spelling : (b) sentences Write appropriate sentences neatly and with correct spelling. Nora ___________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 2. Raju scientist.1. He works in a police station. Danial__________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ (10 marks) 2 . Ah Meng _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 5. hospital. Betty is a policeman.1 Able to write in a neat. Danial doctor. Lee Meng chef. based on the table and pictures. She works in a laboratory. Raju ___________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 3. restaurant.Section B 3.

My sister and I are playing with dolls. Amran is the __________________ runner in our school. They are __________________. (good) 5. My uncle ate __________________ rice than my aunt. It is ____________________. Those erasers in the box belong to my brothers. They are __________________. Asyikah goes to school very ___________________ in the morning. (expensive) 10. (comfortable) 2. These shoes are ____________________________ than those shoes.1. It is ____________________.6 Able to use adjectives correctly and appropriately: (a) comparative (b) superlative Fill in the blanks with the correct form of adjectives in the brackets. 4. ours his theirs hers mine 1.1.2 Able to use pronouns correctly and appropriately : (a) possessive Complete the sentences with the correct possessive pronouns. (5 marks) Section D 5.Section C 5. (happy) 3. My grandfather is a _________________ man. My sister got the _________________ marks for the English quiz. 5. (fast) 6. (much) (10 marks) 3 . Who is the _____________________ boy in this class? (naughty) 9. Example : This drink is ____sweeter____ than the juice. (rich) 8. This is my school uniform. 2. That is the __________________________ book I have ever bought. That is my father’s laptop. I am the _____________________ girl in the world today. The dolls are __________________. (sweet) 1. The books on the table are Annie’s. That building is ___________________ than the one next to it. (early) 4. (large) 7. 3.

Mother served the drinks _______________ so that they will not spill out. She saw a dog lying on _______ road. 8. The pupils waited _________________ for their UPSR results. Most boys like to play _______ football. I do not like to use _______ salt when I am cooking. (10 marks) Section F 5. 5. Can you tell me ________ time. Did you go to _________ beach yesterday? 6. The ballerina danced ________________ on the stage. 10.Section E 5. Alexander Graham Bell was ________ inventor of the telephone. _______ Mr. 2. The baby slept _______________ in the cot. Mount Everest is _______ tallest mountain in the world. Katina cried _______________ when she heard the bad news.8 Able to use adverbs correctly and appropriately: (a) manner Fill in the blanks with the correct adverbs as provided in the box below.7 Able to use articles correctly and appropriately: (a) the (b) zero article (-) Put in the article ‘ the ’ or ‘ . happily gently hungrily sadly carefully proudly gracefully softly soundly anxiously 1. The children played _______________ at the birthday party. 4. 6. The girls talked _________________ in the library. Husin is my grandfather. Ben ate ________________ because he has not eaten for two days. 8.‘. 5.1. 3. Where are ________ scissors you borrowed last week? 7. __________ Japanese people love to eat sushi. 7. 2. 1. please? 9.1. 4. 4 . 3.

tonight ). “( Now . ( Yesterday . (10 marks) Section G 5. Checked by.1. It slept soundly until the next morning.” (5 marks) Prepared by. tomorrow ). SK Seksyen 20 5 . there were many crocodiles. Sang Kancil saw many fruit trees on the opposite side of the river. “This looks like a good place to sleep ( tomorrow .9. _____________________ ______________________ (Pn Elinda Nisabury) Year 4 English teacher. “I am sure I will find something good to eat ( then . I held my mother’s hand ____________ because she was sick. Sally walked up the stage ______________ to receive the Best Student Award. ( Then . Yesterday ) I will count all of you.” thought Sang Kancil. Sang Kancil thought of an idea and said to the crocodiles. Last week ).” said Sang Kancil to himself. Tomorrow ) Sang Kancil could not find anything to eat.8 Able to use adverbs correctly and appropriately: (b) time Underline the correct adverb in the brackets. 10. However. just as the King instructed.