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Timestamp What is your gender? What is your age? What is your ethnicity?

2/17/2018 18:59:09 Female 16-21 White

2/17/2018 19:08:21 Female 22-34 white
2/17/2018 19:11:25 Male 16-21 White British
2/17/2018 19:11:44 Female 16-21 White british
2/17/2018 19:37:20 Female 16-21 White British
2/17/2018 19:50:18 Male 16-21 white british
2/17/2018 21:55:56 Male 16-21 White
2/18/2018 0:35:15 Male 16-21 British
2/19/2018 0:02:58 Female 16-21 White British
2/19/2018 0:03:21 Female 16-21 White
2/19/2018 0:06:23 Male 16-21 White
2/19/2018 1:20:23 Female 16-21 white british
What town/city are you fro What is your occupation? IIf you do work, do you workAre you currently in educat
Stockport Cashier Part time Yes
york unemployed/ volunteer No
Manchester Unemployed. Yes
Stockport Unemployed Yes
Morecambe I work in a cafe lol Part time Yes
morecambe student Full time Yes
Lancaster Student Yes
Manchester Unemployed Yes
Birkenhead Unemployed Yes
Glasgow Waitress Part time Yes
Near Arundel (really fromStudent Part time Yes
blackpool childcare practitioner Part time No
If yes, what level of educatWhat is you household's a What are your hobbies? Exa
What are your favourite ge
Higher education Unknown Listening to music, readi Pop, Rock, Indie, Singer/
Unknown reading, blogging, writingPop, Indie, Singer/Songwr
College Unknown Listening to music, going Pop, Rock, Indie
College Unknown Listening to music, going Pop
College £11,500 - £45,000 Listening to music, watchPop, Rock, Indie, Singer/
higher education Below £11,500 film, music, concerts, foodRock, Indie
A-levels/Level 3 Unknown Watching TV/Netflix/YouTu Pop, Rock
College Unknown All of the above Rock, Indie, Singer/Songw
College Below £11,500 Listening to music, going Pop, Indie
High school £11,500 - £45,000 Listening to music Pop, Rock, Hip Hop
Higher Education (Bachelo
Below £11,500 Watching and critiquing fPop, Country, Indie, Music
Unknown music, concerts, art pop punk
Who are favourite music artDo you attend concerts? If yes, how often? What venues do you normal
5 Seconds of Summer, Emm Yes Every other month The Academy, Manchester
taylor swift, harry styles, Yes Twice a year smaller venues like the ri
Arctic Monkeys, LANY, blac Yes Twice a year Manchester Arena, O2 Ap
One direction, 5sos, aria Yes Once a year M.E.N and O2 Arena
Artic monkeys, catfish an Yes Twice a year Manchester arena, Manch
the wombats, the kooks, th Yes Every other month Manchester arena, local
Area 11, Austinn, dodie, No
Green Day, SUM 41, Good Yes Every other month Manchester Apollo
Declan McKenna, brockh Yes Once a month Manchester arena, arts cl
Brockhampton Yes Once a month Glasgow Garage, O2 Acad
Busted, The 1975, Taylor Yes Every other month O2 Arena, Wembley Area, B
lewis watson, ariana granYes Twice a year manchester arena
Are you interested in local Do you read music magaziIf yes, what magazines? What are your favourite co
Maybe Yes Kerrang! Red
Maybe No pink
Maybe No Blue, Green
Maybe No Red, Blue, Orange, Purple
Yes No Purple, Black
Yes No Blue, Green, Purple, black
Maybe No Red, Blue, Purple
Yes Yes Kerrang & Rocksound Purple, Black
Yes No Green, Purple
Yes No Burgandy
No No Blue, Green
No No Purple
When reading music related
What things do you like to Do you have anything else to add? If not leave box empty.
Informal instruments, natural feeling
Informal interesting location and outfits
Informal No instruments, Location wise: studio, urban/city locations or somewhere with flowers, Costu
Formal Depends on the genre like if it was something punky i would imagine them wearing leather and
Informal All of the above I prefer Formal and informal language, some magazines can be too in
Informal cool costumes/outfits
Informal I don't know
Informal Merch
Formal Location
Informal Location
Informal I prefer it to be a representation of their art, not an oppurtunity for the photographer to flex th
Informal props
leave box empty.

omewhere with flowers, Costume: anything their style that stands out or represents them as artists.
agine them wearing leather and a lot of black or if it was country them having an acoustic guitar and an american flag
some magazines can be too informal and it’s cringey

for the photographer to flex their muscles

n american flag