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Ready, Set,

Go to Work!

Are you looking for a good job and a rewarding career?

If you are willing to invest your time and energy,
we can help!

Ready, Set, Go to Work! is a program through IowaWORKS designed to assist a select

group of job candidates find employment, working in partnership with employers and other
employment professionals.

How does it work? What advantages does

Each job candidate in the program will
it offer?
A personalized analysis of job fit Hiring agents will be assisting with
and assistance with career the training and giving job
planning. candidates advice on their resume
Work readiness skills training and interviewing skills.
(including soft skills that are vital Each person receives individual
for job retention). attention.
Assistance in networking with This is a dynamic, hands-on,
potential employers. practical training.
An Individual Employment Team Job candidates will create
of professionals to consult with resumes, develop a career plan,
each job candidate in order to help complete employment searches,
them succeed in their job search network with employers, and
after training. more!

200 Army Post Road

Des Moines, IA 50315 Page 1
Ready, Set,
Go to Work!
When and Where?

This training program will be held at IowaWORKS (200 Army Post Road in Des Moines).

March 12-April 20, 2018

Monday 9am-12pm Wednesday 9am-12pm Friday 9am-12pm

(Every Mon. Wed. & Fri. for 6 weeks starting March 12)
The enrollment period opens February 1st

Space is very limited, and you must be enrolled to attend, so contact us soon!

Employers, Human Resource Professionals, and Employment Specialists

We Are Your Partners!

Share your knowledge and expertise with our job candidates during training.
Join an Individual Employment Team.
Refer job candidates to this program.
Become an informational interview site.

More Information?
For more information or to participate, please contact Jason Stark (,
515-321-0676) or Diane Hernandez (, 515-725-3668)

Attend an Open Informational Session for Job Candidates

Two options, choose one:
Monday, Feb. 26, 10am-11am at IowaWORKS, 200 Army Post Rd., DSM
Tuesday, March 6, 6pm-7pm at the Evelyn K. Davis Center, 801 University Ave., DSM

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