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Name: Dan Comșa

Student number: 16059816

Sales & Procurement

-Sales Assignment resit-

1. What are your objectives?

Firstly, the objective is to be able to close a deal with the buyer and sell them the briefcases.
The best result of the negotiation would be to gain an outcome where both parties win, a win-
win situation. This is hard to achieve because it is essential for the parties to be aware of the
other’s interests.

If we manage to reach an agreement followed by a win-win situation, then we can look

forward to developing a long-term relationship with our client and to becoming their supplier
in the future.

2. What additional information would be useful to reach your objectives? How

would you obtain this information?

In order to maximize the satisfaction and the revenue from reaching an agreement with the
buyer, we need to know if they are looking for alternatives and we have to get information
about our competitors’ products. The most important factor is always the price, but the buyer
may be mostly interested in a specific feature when looking for briefcases. Then, being aware
of another option that Mr. Forbes has, we can create a tailored offer for his company that will
be better than the competition.

However, it is hard to find out what other offers does Mr. Forbes have, but we are lucky that
we have an acquaintance who has business relationships with our potential client. We may
ask him to visit Mr. Forbes and to find out as much as he can.

3. What objections (at least 2) could the potential customers raise? What
would be your response?
The objections that could be raised by our potential client are regarding the price and the
quality. If they object about the price, our response will be that we offer a discount rate
depending on the total quantity of the order.

It would be easier for us if we would have any information about the other offers they
received because we will know how to approach the negotiations, especially when talking
about quality. Then, we can benchmark our products to our competitors’ ones to prove that
we offer better quality.