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PURPOSE: Perform routine accounting work in the disbursement and petty cash
custodianship functions.


Financial Accounting and Reporting

1. Prepares check vouchers and present to authorized signatories for approval.

2. Release checks to suppliers on a weekly schedule or as necessary. Maintain a record of weekly
check releases.
3. Maintain cash outflow projections for following week.
4. Prepare relevant financial reports to disbursement of Hulma Manpower payroll.
5. Ensure all expenses are appropriately approved prior to disbursement.
6. Ensure timely disbursement of approved expenses.
7. Maintain appropriate and auditable evidence of disbursements.
8. Research and recommend programs, policies and procedures to improve the effectiveness and
efficiency of the disbursing petty cash function, including new software, internal controls, new
electronic payment technologies, and customer service.
9. Work effectively with colleagues by practicing punctuality, respect for deadlines, collaborative
problem solving, and honest communication.
10. Build trusting relationships by acting with integrity, courtesy, and responsibility, even in the face
of stress or demanding workplace conditions.
11. Meet all required standards of confidentiality and safety.
12. Maintain work areas in a clean and orderly manner.
13. Assist with other projects as needed.


Petty Cash and Change Fund Custodian Responsibilities - Petty Cash and Change Fund Custodians are
responsible for complying with the following requirements, and are subject to disciplinary actions for

14. Providing safe and secure storage of the cash fund.

15. Keeping each fund separate from other funds or accounts.
16. Maintaining proper documentation.
17. Ensuring that cash handled by other employees follows company’s cash handling policies.
18. Ensuring that each transaction is allowable and for the purpose for which the fund was
19. Replenishing the petty cash fund on or before the last day of each month if disbursements or
before fund reaches P10,000, and on or before the last day of the fiscal year regardless of the
amount of disbursements made.
20. Balancing the fund each time a disbursement is made.
21. The sum of cash on hand, receipts, and advance forms (petty cash only) should equal the
amount issued at all times.
22. Documentation of balancing is to be maintained with the cash records.
23. Petty Cash advances should be minimized and should be made to company’s employees and
only in situations necessary to avoid disruptions in service.
24. A Petty Cash Advance Form that provides documentation and accountability must be used for all
petty cash advances.