IT Laws: IT laws govern the processing and dissemination of information electronically.

These are paper laws for the paperless environment . A short history of the IT act,2000 This law is based on the Model Law on electronic Commerce prepared by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law(UNCITRAL) A few features of the model developed by the UNCITRAL were: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. To facilitate electronic commerce among and within nations To validate transactions entered into by means of new information technologies To promote and encourage the implementation of new information technologies To promote the uniformity of law To support commercial practice To establish rules and norms that validate and recognize contracts formed through electronic means 7. To set default rules for contract formation and governance of electronic contract performance.

The IT ACT, 2000 has taken into considerations, the best legal principals available elsewhere in the world:
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ABA Digital Signatures Guidelines Florida Electronic Commerce Securities Act Illinois Electronic Commerce Securities Act Maine Criminal Code-Computer Crimes Malaysia Computer Crimes Act Malaysia Digital Act Signature Texas Penal Code UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Commerce Utah Digita

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