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Millennial men’s obsession with their hair is driving sales of male styling products ahead faster than sales Google Trend Analysis
of men’s skin care and shaving products. The “it” product on men’s grooming goes to…

Men’s Grooming
“Dyed Hair Men” “Platinum Hair Men”

Sales of men’s hair-care products With an estimated 6.1% growth last year, and While in 2015, sales of men’s skincare products
conquered 16% of the $4.2 billion sales reaching $665 million; it is the fastest- grew just 2.4% and sales of shaving products fell
men’s personal-care market. growing sector at a time when others are slowing. 2.9% as it is challenged by the popularity of beards.
Source: Mintel, 2016
“Silver Hair Men” “Grey Hair Men”
“Korean wave,” is used to describe the rising popularity of Korean popular culture. Over the past
decade, the Korean wave exploded in medias across the world generating a ripple effect. These Google Search Trend graphics from February 2014 until
February 2017 prove that men’s interest towards hair colouring
Fuelled by fashion, the Korean
wave is taking the world by storm and is considerably increasing.

driving the men’s grooming market.

South Korean culture significantly
influences the trend of:

Men’s hair colouring is

indeed an emerging trend, however
FOOD MUSIC what are the problems associated
with it?


A huge part of Korean Wave is Korean’s

men hair styling. Vibrant hair colours, -- The need for Time Long-term effect
pioneered by K-pop stars --are infectiously bleaching consuming of hair colouring
spreading to other parts of the world.
Hair Colouring
Want to colour your hair but are afraid of the long-term commitment?
Worry no more! Now, you can instantly colour your hair and transform
your look with our BOLD hair colours. Colorize in minutes and wash out
with just one shower!

Hair Styling
Sculpt your hair with our medium-hold high-performance wax and
achieve that clean-matte finish!

Hair Nourishing
Nourish your hair with our coconut oil and coffee-infused hair wax that
won’t dry out your hair even after repeated use!

It’s easy
to apply!
Target audiences: Primary target? Emerging markets!
Millennial men, aged between 18 and 25 Research has shown that men in emerging markets Men’s hair colouring is an emerging trend but there is still no
Image-conscious and metrosexual men are more image conscious that those in developed presence of a market leader that has a strong brand equity.
countries, put more effort into their hair care, and We believe that it is within L’oreal’s best interest to tap a new
Engaged to social media and technology savvy
seek more modern and trendy style. “untouched” market and SEIZE this golden opportunity!
Live in urban cities (Euromonitor, 2016)
Make the most of life by being more daring, audacious and BOLD. We invite men The campaign will be mainly delivered digitally as millennials are digitally connected.
to confidently reveal, state and affirm themselves to the world by having a strong Moreover, an increasing number of men say they buy grooming products online and
prefer online research from mobile devices over browsing in-store grooming aisles.
appearance. Be bold, stand out, make a statement. #TryBold, Be Seen! (Source: BCG Report and e-Marketer)


As promotional campaigns with celebrity endorsement is proven to boost men’s grooming SPONSORED LENSES (SNAPCHAT FILTER AD)
sales (Strategyr, 2015), we believe their involvement in our #TryBold campaign is essential. #DyeAnotherDay
We aim to seize the opportunity of collaborating
158 MILLIONS 60% OF USERS with the upcoming James Bond movie in 2018 by
daily active users are under 25 years old
launching a 007 edition product.

Sponsored Lenses offer a completely new take on brand

activation, giving men the opportunity to “play” with our
ZAYN MALIK PHARRELL GERARD PIQUÉ ads, #TryBold and share their boldness to the world.
: @zayn : @pharrell : @3gerardpique
: 20.1m : 8.8m : 11m
By selecting a number of influential men from different professional
backgrounds, we aim to further diversify our market.

We strive to engage men in our #TryBold campaign through

the integrated use of social medias, which encompasses these 007 EDITION
main themes:
What #TryBold means to them
Ways to achieve a Bold appearance
Product reviews and tutorials


Considering that men are more online researchers and shoppers,
YOUTUBE VIDEO SERIES AND ALSO BE FEATURED IN the availability of these products online is crucial. Thus, we believe
ONLINE FORUMS: that an cross-channel approach is the best approach.
& Tapping into men’s video-viewing is necessary to reach
them (e-Marketers). This video series will not only
involve male public figures but also everyday-men.