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Kimberly Mendoza 8 Period 8-4

Where Did My Clothes Come From?

Country Number of Clothing:
Where I got my Clothes
China 26
Honduras 4
Mexico 6
Vietnam 5
Indonesia; 6.86%Camebodia; 2.94%
U.S.A 4 China; 25.49%
India 4
Bangladesh; 14.71%
Hait 3
Egypt 6
Honduras; 3.92%
Guatamala 13
Thailand 6 Thailand; 5.88%
Bangladesh 15 Mexico; 5.88%
Indonesia 7
Guatamala; 12.75% Vietnam; 4.90%
Camebodia 3
U.S.A; 3.92%
Egypt; 5.88% Haiti; 2.94% India; 3.92%

I realized that many of my clothes come from many different places. My clothes come from different
countries because those other countries probably have more material and fabrics. China has made most of my
clothing because they have a lot more machines and supplies. Industrial Laws affect where my clothing is
made because most countries probably do not have lots of materials like China. Wage and labor laws affect
our clothing because some countries and states do not have as much materials as there countries. I was very
surprised when I found out that my clothes came from many different countries. Most of my clothing
basically came from China.