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Traffic Flow Characteristics on Borella intersection

Traffic has increased in recently years with urbanization. Within the recent situation traffic is
that the major consent for any developing nation. Vehicle crashes are a serious concern
in rapidly growing urban agglomerations. They even have attracted the eye of researchers,
academicians, and policy manufacturers. Increasing of population in these areas has been a lot
of rapid in recently, as a result of the saturation of population inside the urban area and
therefore the resultant large-scale industrial development within the peripheral areas. So it’s
necessary to grant attention towards transportation and study the
necessity for higher geometric style, capacity, signals, route marking, street lighting
etc. during this constant quantity study, level of service of various phase has
been much distributed for stretch path of Cotta road & Maradhana Road up to lady richway
hospital points and construct the flyover between borella and baseline road where are facing
heaviest traffic issues.

The studies help to determine the number, movements, and classifications of roadway
vehicles at borella junction. These data can help identify critical flow time periods, determine
the influence of large vehicles or pedestrians on vehicular traffic flow.

Manual traffic volume study method will be applied to do the parametric study of
traffic capacity. The process consist of different vehicle of different categories and will be listed
in the table .The analysis does during peak hours at morning and evening.

Expected resolution i tend to get from outcome is result in potential improvement of

traffic within the variety of either growth of breadth of roads, construction of fly over or by-
pass, improvement of signal style.