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คือ Phrases ซึ่ งขึ้นต้นด้วยPreposition ตามด้วยกรรม
ของ Preposition นั้น และอาจรวมถึง modifier ของกรรมด้วย เช่น

Always begins with a preposition

and ends with a noun or pronoun.
They are formed like this:
preposition + optional modifiers + noun,
pronoun, or gerund

Example: over the rainbow

(over = preposition) + (the = article) + (rainbow = noun)
The man with the brown raincoat
come to see me.

The puppy in the shop window jumped up.

Prepositional Phrases
• In the beginning • Around the bend
• Before the fall • Down in the sand trap
• After the brutal fight • Into the dark woods
• At school • Against the wind
• Down the aisle • Near the mouse
• Across the street • Through the tunnel
• Inside your ear • To school
• Outside the house • Like Larry’s uncle
• Between two girls • Except my friend
• By chewing • Over the rainbow
• Behind the scenes • Up the rough river
• On the wooden table • Without a paddle
• By the sea • With anger
• Under the couch • Toward the door
Notice – prepositional phrases usually end with a
noun or pronoun, which is the OBJECT of the
• After the brutal fight

• Inside your wax-filled ear

• Outside the blue house

• Between two girls

• Beside you

• With me
Prepositional Phrase
Prepositional Prepositional
Phrase Phrase ที่ทำหน้ ำที่
ที่ทำหน้ ำที่เป็ น เป็ น adverb
Prepositional Phrase
ที่ทำหน้ ำที่เป็ น adjective

Prepositional Phrase ที่ทำหน้ ำทีเ่ ป็ น adjective

มีชื่อเรียกอีกอย่ ำงว่ ำ adjective phrase หรือ adjectival
phrase ทำหน้ ำทีใ่ นประโยคเสมือนเป็ น adjective คือ ขยำย noun
หรือ pronoun
Example. (ขยาย noun)

The man with the black cloth sing a song.

prep. ph
Kru.Mike help us find the meaning of the word.
prep. ph
ขยาย pronoun
Several of the students failed the math exam.
prep. ph
Someone in this class loves Lee jung suk.
prep. ph
Prepositional Phrase
ทีท่ ำหน้ ำทีเ่ ป็ น adverb

Prepositional Phrase ทีท่ ำหน้ ำทีเ่ ป็ น adverb มีชื่อ

เรียกอีกอย่ ำงว่ ำ adverbial phases เพรำะมันทำหน้ ำทีเ่ สมือน
adverb คือ ขยำย verb , adjective หรือ adverb
The child is skillful with the brush.(ขยาย adjective)
prep. ph
The scout marched over the hill. (ขยาย verb)
prep. ph
นอกจำกนี้ prepositional phrase ยังสำมำรถ modify
คำนำม ซึ่งอยู่ในอีก prepositional phrase หนึ่งได้ อกี

I went shopping at the plaza on Sukhumvit Rode

prep. ph prep. ph
A prepositional phrase can open
a sentence
Without help, Janie made this message
for Santa.

Notice: the
offsets the
A prepositional phrase can close
a sentence
• We ate hamburger and drank root
beer floats after the baseball

A prepositional phrase can split the main
subject and verb
• All the puppies, except those that
had been trained, pooped

Notice: commas
offset the
A sentence can have consecutive
prepositional phrases

• We saw this
holiday tree in the
mall, on some
guy’s head.
In the line provided beneath each word, underline
each prepositional phrase
Prepositional Phrases that Function
as an Adjective
The book with the tattered cover has been read many times.
All the passengers aboard the runaway train were frightened.
The present inside the big box is mine.
Our boss put out a memo regarding the new rule.
The clues within the first few chapters will lead to the
His is only one voice among many, but it will be heard.
The extra blanket is in the box under the bed.
The car beside the red one is the one I want to buy.
The area outside the boundary is dangerous to cross.
All rooms below deck are for sleeping.
Tell me the story about the dragon slayer
Prepositional Phrases that Function
as Adverbs
1.Racing toward the finish line, Sarah realized she just might win.
2.My shopping list needs to be put into my purse.
3.Without a GPS, we will lose our way.
4.Until today, I had never heard that.
5.The balloon drifted up the stairs.
6.Put the fresh flowers upon a high shelf.
7.Despite warnings, she tried to ski down Devil’s Run.
8.Against all odds, our team won the tournament.
9.The tiger crept slowly over the grass.
10.We will order pizza during halftime.
11.I will climb up the highest mountain tomorrow.
12.I love to take my jeep off the road.
1. The paper with the blue border is
floating through the air.
2. Jordan’s eyes sparkle like a sunny day.
3. With great ease, Michael jumped up
on the table.
Thank you