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Miah Lee

ELED 258
Professor Davola
SAMR/ ISTE Paper #2 & #3

Technology implementation in classrooms is essential to students' needs. With the

effective use of technology, students benefit in many aspects of education. Students develop a

motivation to learn, understanding, collaborative learning, and the development of critical

thinking and problem-solving skills. It is imperative for educators to instruct their lessons based

on the designer standards because it allows them to differentiate learning through their lesson

plan to meet the needs of students'. For instance, if an educator introduces the topic of

immigration, the educator can present how many immigrants traveled across the world to Ellis

Island by showing movie clips, creating fake passports, or use a virtual tour to give a brief

history on immigration.

This method would immediately spark the interests of students' because it is a different

and fun approach than teaching it through a textbook. It is important for the educator to facilitate

the concept of immigration to students by evaluating which students understand or struggle with

the topic. To evaluate students' knowledge of immigration, educators can use classroom

response systems in their instruction. It is a software that helps educators create questions such

as multiple choice, fill in the blank, or true or false to identify the levels of skill from recalling

facts through evaluation. Educators can use data collection tools such as "clickers" to provide

feedback on how students' respond to each question. It is vital in accommodating students'

learning needs because it provides an immediate and accurate response, and all answers of

students' are anonymous. Based on the students’ answers, the educator should have a summary
that identifies the incorrect answers by each student. Then, the educator can differentiate the

lesson on immigration by creating a personalized study guide for students to review together, and

encourage them to engage in class discussion on their thoughts.

It is essential for students to know about the ISTE standards because it shows how the

learning environment is more student-centered. The students play an active role in the classroom

by having the opportunity to learn through their own choices. They challenge themselves

cognitively by evaluating how they process the information. While the educator may create an

individualized instruction to meet students' needs, the students learn how to become more

autonomous by having more control of their learning. Integrating technology that aligns with

curriculum helps focus on students' needs by focusing on their strengths and weaknesses. They

have more access to the system of learning because technology allows students to personalize

their learning ability with instruction.

All students can collaborate with each other and the teacher directly with the use of

technology. Not only will students be able to collaborate locally, but they will be able to

collaborate globally, which will expose them to different viewpoints. It is also crucial for

students to learn the responsibilities and rights of a digital citizen, so their use of technology

would be safe, ethical, positive, legal, and respectful to their peers, teacher, and the online

community. Not only is it beneficial for students to learn with technology, but it also helps them

to prepare for their careers in the future. It is also essential for students to know the ISTE

standards because it teaches them how to locate resources. They have more access to their

research such as databases, clips of art, photos, media, and library catalogs for their future

information. Students can use their critical thinking skills when solving any open-ended

problems. They can generate their ideas by finding many creative ways to find the solution. It
gives them an opportunity to challenge themselves by analyzing information, and it builds their

confidence when they encounter obstacles they may be unsure of. Students can quickly identify

and collect any types of data for the appropriate instruction. Using technology in classrooms will

broaden their perspective on using different tools, formats, and styles in their work and learning

environment. The ISTE standards for students would be helpful to know because it gives

students the platform and the support they need for their learning process in education.

Integrating technology into the curriculum is beneficial for students because it enriches their

learning environment. Students will be more active and interested in learning if the learning

goals accommodate students' needs with different technological methods.