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Character Profile Worksheet

The character profile worksheet is a tool to help you keep track of vital information about your
character. Not only does it help you to define your character, but it will also be a valuable tool
to refer back to when developing the story.

Basic Statistics:

 Name: Pine
 Age: 42 (equivalent to 21 in human years)
 Gender: Female
 Nationality: Some mythical nation
 Socioeconomic Level as a Child: Upper middle class
 Socioeconomic Level as an Adult: Upper middle class
 Hometown: The mythical forest
 Current Residence: The mythical forest
 Occupation: Forest guardian
 Income/Salary: Upper middle class wage equivalent of their chosen currency/trade
 Birth Order: First and only child
 Siblings (describe relationships): No siblings
 Spouse (describe relationships): Does not have a spouse
 Children (describe relationships): No children
 Grandparents (describe relationships): Were dead before she was born
 Parents (describe relationships): both parents were forest guardians that inspired her to
take up this vocation; were very loving and supportive of their daughter until their death
on the line of duty
 Grandchildren (describe relationships): Does not have any grandchildren
 Significant Others (describe relationships): Does not have any significant others
 Relationship Skills: Has very poor ones, she struggles with creating meaningful bond and
friendships with others, has no interest in romantic relationships

Physical Characteristics:

 Height: 4’8”
 Weight: 77 lb
 Race: Forest Elf/Elk
 Eye Color: Green
 Hair Color: Dark Brown
 Glasses or Contact Lenses?: No glasses or contacts
 Skin Color: Tan
 Shape of Face: Round
 Distinguishing Features: Elf like ears and elk like horns
 Manner of Dress: Very formal, almost always in fighting clothes
 Mannerisms: Constantly figiditing with anything on her person
 Habits (smoking, drinking, etc.): excessive tea drinking
 Health: Extremely healthy, just some injuries from fighting
 Hobbies: Exercising, making and drinking tea
 Speech Patterns: very stoic and rigid when talking about her work or while working;
stutters and more awkward when trying to hold casual conversations
 Disabilities: N/A
 Style (elegant, shabby, etc.): rough and rugged
 Greatest Physical Flaw: many cuts and bruises
 Best Physical Quality: Physical shape/very fit

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes:

 Educational Background: Gradated from the training academy for forest guardians
 Intelligence Level: High in areas of military combat but average in all other subjects
 Mental Illnesses (if any): N/A
 Learning Experiences: Currently she is learning to be a true leader for the first time by
being in charge of a new group of recruits
 Short-term Life Goals: To become a great leader to her first group of new recruits she is
 Long-term Life Goals: To become head over all forest guardians to protect the creatures
of the forest
 How does character see himself/herself?: She sees herself as a strong warrior but an
insecure person
 How does character believe he/she is perceived by others?: She believes others see her as
an intimidating, terrifying woman
 How self-confident is the character?: Not that much. She is confident in her fighting
capabilities but is not confident about herself as the newly appointed leader of a new
 Does the character seem ruled by emotion, or logic, or some combination thereof?: logic
 What would most embarrass this character?: Making a “fool” of herself while trying to
befriend others

Emotional Characteristics:

 Strengths: dependable, driven, protective, caring, hard worker, selfless

 Weaknesses: Has trouble displaying her emotions to others, can be kind of harsh, socially
awkward, stubborn, hot-headed
 Introvert or Extrovert?: Introvert
 How does the character deal with anger?: Expresses it through her combat and training
 With sadness?: Hides her sadness from others and waits to express it when she is alone
 With conflict?: Normally deals with using violence
 With change?: Adapts to changes very quickly due to her dedication (or at least attempts
 With loss?: She hides her sadness for the lost and waits until she’s alone where she
express her emotions by crying over the newly lost
 What does the character want out of life?: To create strong relationships with others and
become a strong leader who can protect her people
 What would the character like to change in his/her life?: Finding a better way to connect
with her subordinates
 What motivates this character?: subordinates along with becoming a more efficient and
strong leader
 What frightens this character?: Losing those close to her like fellow guardians and her
 What makes this character happy?: Seeing those in her squad succeeding and seeing her
kind safe from harm
 Is the character judgmental of others?: Kind of as she judges the skills of other guardians
and the ones she is over
 Is the character generous or stingy?: Very generous
 Is the character generally polite or rude?: She unintentionally comes off as rude to her the
members of her squad but is very polite to everyone else.

Behaviors and Mannerisms:

 Group Behaviors: N/A

 Individual Behaviors: stuttering when nervous, awkwardly smiles due to her insecurity
 Catch Phrases: Has none, but grunts a lot

Skills/ abilities:

 Inherent: Manipulation/Enhancement of forest ecosystem and environment,

 Will learn: How to be a true and proper leader

Spiritual Characteristics:

 Does the character believe in a God? Many gods? None at all?: Yes
 What are the character's spiritual beliefs?: She believes in the goddess of the forest like
most of her community
 Is religion or spirituality a part of this character's life?: Yes
 If so, what role does it play?: She asks for the goddess’ blessing for her and the guardians
she is over

How the Character is Involved in the Story:

 Character's Game Role (Main character? Hero? Heroine? Romantic interest? Sidekick?,
etc.): Supporting character/hero
 Scene where Character First Appears: During the introduction to the fairy guardians
 Relationships with Other Characters: Strained relationship with her the guardians she is
over but is constantly attempting to improve it


While the following scenarios are not specific to any game, they will help to further define your
character's persona.
 How does the character hold a baby?: Very awkwardly and apprehensively as she
wouldn’t want to hurt them or make them cry
 What does the character do when they are left in a room alone?: Train physically or
meditate on life
 How does the character act around the opposite sex?: She acts normal on them, treating
them like

Character Growth (How is the character different at the end of the game or story from
when the game or story began?):

She grows to become a true leader who can protect her kind and improve in her flaws. She
also learns how to open up to others and be more open and friendly with them,

Describe a small segment of a narrative that could occupy 20-30 seconds of a short
animation or cut scene from a game where your character does something that conveys
emotion: funny, sad, surprised, etc. An example would be something like this: A kid in a
karate gi stands in front of a board ready to attempt to snap it. The board is suspended
between two cinder blocks as the kid tries every move to break the board, but the board
will not budge. Finally, after falling on the floor, he sits up and leans on the board with his
elbow, chin resting on his palm with the look of frustration on his face. The board snaps
and he falls again with a thud and dust puffs up.

Pine finds an invasive species in the forest who is about to attack a little boy. She goes in
and grabs the child before he is hurt, then setting him to a place out of harms way. She
then proceeds to fight the creature with her spear, ultimately defeating it. Finally, she looks
at the boy, awkwardly smiles, and starts walking him home,

Additional Notes on this Character: